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  1. Iggy_lovechild

    'Women can't write male sex scenes...'

    Please no spankings for using necromancy on this thread. I've been writing slash for a long time now and I am female. Honestly, I don't think it's gender that's the problem but inexperience. Especially where it concerns slash writers who read yaoi/shounen-ai manga as gospel. Many of those comics are poor examples of the male perspective as well as sexuality. I think a lot of slash writers need to put down the manga, close their fanfic book marks, and do some research. There is endless amounts of info on the Internet if you look for it. ...and just an addendum for the sake of being ever so slightly snotty and pretentious: Maybe it's not a matter of women not being able to write from a male perspective. Perhaps it's just a matter of not being able to write from any perspective but their own narrow one. When I write, the gender is always secondary to the character's personality.
  2. I will never know who loves Rufus Shinra more: My Reno muse or me. Ahh...just aquired Advent Children Complete and fell head over heels all over again.
  3. Iggy_lovechild

    Old? Re-Introduce yourself!

    Hello! *waves* I'm a periodic fanfic writer. Though I have written for many, many fandoms over the years, lately it's been mostly Final Fantasy 7. I write slash for the fandom (but I promise it doesn't suck), mostly Reno/Rufus.
  4. Iggy_lovechild

    Reviews anyone?

    I've also noticed a lack of reviews in the past few years. I took a long break from posting fanfic anywhere but my DW blog (even then it was few and far between). When I started getting interested in cross posting again, I noticed a cold reception from journal comms if it wasn't for the pairing du jour. Media Miner died at some point in 2007 (it's still up, but traffic is low and reviews non-existant). FF.net gets decent traffic and reviews, but I don't have the same content freedom there as I do here. Though I resisted it for a long time, it appears Tumblr is the place to go for fandom. You still don't get a lot of feedback, mostly just because of the way it's set up, but I have noticed people reading and liking fanfic posts. What's truly puzzling is that it's not like writing fanfic is passé. Maybe more people started reading fanfic on blogs and blog comms. They got used to interacting with authors. By comparison the simple review might seem...quaint?
  5. Iggy_lovechild

    Uhm favorite game character?

    Hm... Rufus Shinra, FF7 Albel Nox, Star Ocean 3 ...much honourable mention to Reno, FF7.
  6. Iggy_lovechild

    For the FF7 Writer....

    A couple awesome sites for fact checking canon events, reading up on expanded canon (ie: novels, scripts for Before Crisis and Crisis Core), or just brushing up on good old ogc: http://ffviinovels.lhyeung.net/ff7synopsis/ http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_Wiki This is all you really need at the end of the day. I use both quite frequently!
  7. Iggy_lovechild

    Need a New Beta

    Though I'm loathe to do this, I desperately need a new beta reader. I'm going ok on my own, but it's always good to have someone give it another pass over. Things you need to to know: -I write for a lot of different fandoms, but usually only one at a time. Most frequently, I write for the FF7 fandom and that's what's caught me up right now. -My preferred FF7 pairing is Rufus/Reno (Renoru). I also write some less explicit romances/genfic for ff.net. I'm a Turks/Shinra fangirl (as you can probably tell from my name tag) and my vision is pretty much solid at this point. Such things can be discussed privately, of course. Mind you, constructive criticism is welcome, but I think we should at least see eye to eye when it comes to fandom/fanon outlook. -I need someone who is willing to look not just for typos or spelling errors but awkward word smithing. Though I have learned to edit things down for myself, my first draft of a story always has some twisty phrasing and sentence convolution. I'm extremely verbose and I need someone who can say, "ok, not bad, but hey, let's dial down the pretension a little." -I'm not difficult to work with, but I can admit to being old and set in my ways. Let's talk a little first. I must confess that my last beta reader and I were very close and eventually pretty much became each others muses. Time and real life separated us and anyway, I don't think I'll ever be able to stop writing erotica and he's since sworn off of it. You know how that goes....
  8. You know...I don't remember how I got my nametag. XDDD I mean other than being Rufus's bitch.

  9. With very short fics, yeah, I tend to just free write. You know like with word prompts. I have been putting a lot more effort into my stories. I'd like to think it's because I've become a better writer, but it's probably because of my phone's notebook function. I can write literally anywhere I want and not have to try to hold that thought.
  10. Iggy_lovechild


    Author: Iggy Lovechild Title: Covet Summary: A brief interlude before the storm. Feedback: Yes, please. Fandom: Final Fantasy 7 Pairing: Rufus/Reno (Renoru) Warnings: Explicit gay sex, anal, fingering, you know the drill. Solo story or chaptered story: One-shot URL: http://ff.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600083186 It's been quite a few years since I've written erotica. I wouldn't say I'm out of practice, but you know...it's a bit like losing my virginity all over again. I love reviews and would love anyone forever if they could just drop me a line.
  11. Iggy_lovechild

    What rewards you as a writer?

    Since I write yaoi sans bullshit stereotyping or femenization, I'm always pleased to get positive feedback. It's nice to know that not everyone who likes m/m erotica buys into that uke/seme garbage. Being able to read one of my own stories from an outsider's standpoint and pick out really good lines or imagery is also very rewarding. I'm very picky and hypercritical of my own writing so when I can say something good it's pretty much a fucking miracle. I's alive!
  12. I love your nametag, it's hilarious! XD Kudos for whoever did it! So~ what's it like being Shin-Ra's property? Say hello to Reno for me~! X3

  13. Iggy_lovechild


    Let me perfectly frank here before I put in my two cents: I abhor the uke/seme stereotyping that is so prevelant in yaoi. It is positively unrealistic to think that every single homosexual relationship works in that manner. From what I've heard from actual gay men, it's much more common for a healthy sexual relationship to be a bit more switchy. If you can make the situation work with Seph on bottom, I encourage you to do so. By making it work I mean keeping him in character and having the situation be marginally resonable and believable. However, I can admit that it's hard for me to imagine him being a constant bottom or any such thing. Eh...to be perfectly honest I'm probably not the right person to ask since the concept of Seph in a sexual situation makes my head hurt. I'm sorry, I really can't get into the Sephiroth pairings.
  14. Iggy_lovechild

    Anyone here use Live Journal?

    Much as it annoys me, it relieves me to think that I'll be able to continue posting my stories at lj with minimal paranoia. And as I told a friend of mine recently, content filtering is better than content blocking, all things considered. Waaayyy better than lj deleting journals with "offensive content".
  15. Iggy_lovechild

    Lines you're particularly fond of

    Oh god this first one is sooo old but it still makes me giggle. I swear I have to preserve this line in the re-write: (includes context for you know who the hell is saying what) Oh how I do loves me some banter in the midst of sex....