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  1. “Any god that demands worship is by definition a tyrant”

    going through my 1st year college stuff and its cringy

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    2. Strange_idea


      jewish lore on this one is actually quite fascinating.

    3. InvidiaRed


      @Strange_idea oh? Fill us in.

    4. Strange_idea


      The jewish people believe in debate. A LOT. To the point where there's an old joke that if god himself joined in a debate between priests, that'd only make the vote two to six.

      They emphasize things like moses whittling the commandments down to ten (which is also in muslim tradition) and Abraham bargaining to find ten honest men (although some argue that's so that he can see for himself how futile it is). And in a famous story (have to track it doen, sorry), the rabbis actually beat god in a talbot debate and he celebrates his 'childrens' accomplishment.

       To them, the relationship with god is a pact, one where he has to fullfill part himself. Theyve succesfully argued terms of worship a number of times, within reason because god needs to get something too. And yes, he asks for worship, but it's closer to a parent wanting to be in your life, if im understanding it righr. Does that make sense?