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  1. Saw someone complain that women characters only ever get written to the Virgin, Mother or Whore archtypes. It’s a fair point about poor characterisation and representation in a lot of media. I am glad to see I avoided that by managing Virgin, Mother, Whore and Lupa.

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    2. InBrightestDay


      I agree that just writing the archetypes makes for poor characterization, but personally I think you’ve done a good enough job, at least when it comes to Kizzy, Shannon and the gang, that they exist as more than just the archetypes.  Heck, while the Hecate Sisters are the best fit (Shannon is the Maiden, Kizzy is the Mother and Lupa is the Crone) Kate doesn’t even have an archetype she lines up with.

    3. JayDee


      “This is Shannon. She’s our maiden.”

      “Just ignore Kate and Lupa. They’ll be rolling around laughing for the next 10 minutes or so.”

    4. GeorgeGlass


      Hey, I’ve been writing the underserved Loli archetype since before it was cool. :)