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  1. JayDee

    Title Ideas

    “Pumpkin Pie” would fit great if it wasn’t too old a joke. Turducken Fuckin’ I dunno we’re gonna need more info I guess to make an effort away from generic food references. Although my best ever story title idea sadly never got used.
  2. JayDee

    Title Ideas

    Sweet Potato Alabama
  3. JayDee

    JayDee's Review Reply Thread (Original Writing)

    I’ve only read Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamora but he built a pretty good world there. And even found a different use for barrels of horse piss. Which implied there was someone who had the job of collecting horse piss. I hope to read more of his stuff some day. I guess with the apple example it also tells us there’s an economy where a vendor can support theirself selling apples and some form of currency.
  4. JayDee

    An old Tomb Raider Fic

    Deathstalker removed all his remaining stories from AFF shortly after six were removed by moderators for linking his Patreon following This thread I cannot recall if the Tomb Raider story referred above was one of the six.
  5. JayDee

    Um. Oops.

    Thank you! I appreciate it.
  6. Story codes now amended on all my 100+ uploads so I no longer incorrectly appear to be the archive’s most prolific author of MC fiction. Also had to delete a lot of the old “language” tag from summaries and also a code “D/A” I have no idea what it was for, isn’t on the list now!

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    2. JayDee


      I think D/A must have been a trigger tag of some sort, which has since been renamed, as looking through google it’s on a lot of rougher stories. Can’t recall what it meant though. Other amusing things was the way the code moved “Tent” out of “Tenth” to leave my summary on a LOTR fic referring to a “h walker” – there’s a few others still with that in the domain and no tentacle content! – and also how it moved “Rape” out of “Raped” on just one story leaving it describing a character as “d and violated” which kinda still makes sense with modern internet slang around “Giving the D”. Overall though, still by far the better/only option than trying to do the stories manually.

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Scripts can be… interesting in their side-effects.

    4. JayDee


      JayDee: Still better than scriptfics!

      Scriptfic author: Ayyyy! Why you gotta bust my balls?

      JayDee: There was a CBT request.

      JayDee stops typing way before the 10 lines of story on forum limit just to be on the safe side.

  7. JayDee

    Um. Oops.

    So, when I first uploaded “The Taking of Felicia Hardy” there was only a comics domain, DC and Marvel went in together (can be seen on wayback machine!), and the only comics fandom with a seperate section were X-Men. During the big clean up/re-organisation years ago marvel stories under the old comics domain got placed in a subcat called misplaced stories presumably to eventually go to the repurposed Xmen-now-marvel domain but for obvious reasons very far down the list of priorities with limited admin/tech time. I’m currently going through my stories in dribs and drabs cleaning up the code isses from the big “story codes moved from summary to their own box” thing, updating MC to MCD, removing Herm from Hermione stories where she doesn’t have a penis (a shocking break from canon, I admit) and didn’t notice until I’d saved “The Taking of Felicia Hardy” that as users are not allowed to put anything in the misplaced folders the story manager had moved this story from misplaced to “little Orphan Annie” which is the top of the list of story catagories in the domain. There is no option to move back. I confirm I hadn’t changed the catagory at all, just deleted remains of tags from the summary box. I’ve dumped it in comics Misc instead since I don’t want to enrage the Annie fans who tend to be a small but heavily armed fandom. At this stage would it be best if I just deleted it with the sad loss of 36K hits and 12 reviews, and re-load it to Marvel domain and risk pissing off fans there with a repost, or if there is any option for one of the archive mods to shunt it back into misplaced for me since I have no access? If it’s something only one of the admins can do I’ll take the hit and delete/re-upload, as I know how busy they are, but let me know please!
  8. JayDee

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    This is part of why I am not a great beta. If I enjoy something too much I don’t think too closely about anatomy!
  9. JayDee

    JayDee's Review Reply Thread (Original Writing)

    You! So I was reading a chapter of a first person story recently (GeorgeGlass’s Mia: Confessions of a Dickgirl, which I need to also put a review on the site for now it’s loaded!) and it worked really well. Thinking more than ever about taking the I! sequel idea mentioned above, and actually going for it. I think the biggest weakness I have with it would be trying to make all five characters sound unique in languague rather than just interests for the narration for their parts. And also whether I’d be able to get enough humor out of Kate chewing on her own ass to deal with an itch in first person because I’d probably have more of that kind of thing than “noble wolf hunting through the forest” Thank you for your comment! I realise this was a little on the nose for Mary Sue fanfiction titles, but I’ve seen some that were pretty fucking close to it! Although Sarsa was lying to and manipulating You! she is a genuine Suethor who really lucked out by getting released by someone with knowlege of the modern fanfic world as opposed to the much more restricted old school “Writing for yourself/fanzines” world. I’ll have to finalise a real name for Sarsa at somepoint, with “Sarsa” or “Sarsa Parilla” just being her pen name. As well as those demon style titles “The earliest records describe this demon as “The One Who Writes.” They say she was shipping Odysseus with her OCs before the fall of Troy! They say she burnt the place after a bad review…” And thank You! again for your comment :)
  10. JayDee

    JayDee's Review Reply Thread (Books)

    A Song Of Forgotten Beauty… I really should have plumped for that "Beautiful Plumage!" title. I mean, it’s not even a song. “A Flashfic of Forgotten Beauty” would have been more intellectually honest. Thank you for your review! I always appreciate the feedback. With the ‘Dribs, Drabs and Doggy tales’ prompts I always felt a big part of the challenge/appeal was fitting a complete story or chapter into 1000 words for the flashfic option. I thought the change to the rules to remove a word limit kind’ve killed the spirit of it for me, but by that point I wasn’t doing them regularly and everyone else seemed happy with it so s’just me! Absolutlely there are some prompt stories where it worked better than others, because some of them could have been much improved with more in depth description and characterisation rather than just a flashed captured scene. With at least one story that had flashfic prompt chapters I also did some longer chapters to put more detail in and do things it was hard to do well in 1000 words. In this case, yep, a long detailed threesome as well could have been genuinely hot! Ahhh well. At least there’s no golden showers, and while there are wings they aren’t attached to randy god-swans. You’re probably right about the hyphen. I think I’d have put it in if I was concerned about the clarity of the line but it seemed to flow ok. I’ll make a mental note to go back and update it when I’ve finished my big ol’ code cleansing program (changing all the MC’s to MCD again!). Thanks once again!
  11. Have just noticed that when the program was run (or however it worked!) to move tags from the old place in summary box to the new place in their own box, it moved all my “MCD” tags as “MC” and left the D behind. This isn’t the first time I’ve unexpectedly had the D in the wrong place. I’ll get ‘em updated in a few days as very busy today, and apologies to any searching MC fans who hate character death.

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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Didn’t realize you did that.  Though I supposed a spurious [nosex] tag mixed into the lot would raise some suspicion.   More practically, a wall of tags can be intimidating to potential readers, so there’s no real incentive to overtag (this was part of the impetus for me to adopt my current approach, helping the reader figure out which tags are the very important ones to pay attention to, ie, my stories tend to feature a lot of [exhib] and minor1/2).  

      * My autocorrect wanted to make that “1/2” into ½.  I don’t know if I want to know the meaning to [minor½]

    3. GeorgeGlass


      If Minor½ were a tag, I’d probably have used it by now. (I’m sure at least some readers would agree that in utero sex deserves its own trigger tag.)

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Could be twins in the womb… I mean, do we really know what twins are up to in there?   Especially the evil one?

  12. JayDee

    Your writing over time

    Me? With fear, loathing and the occasional chuckle at a forgotten joke that came out quite well when I look at it again. Also trying to work out what the hell kind of obscure reference a name was likely referring to or punning on. Sometimes I think “hey this wasn’t so bad” and sometimes I think “Eh, s’ok.” With my re-writes of some of my old stories there are bits I’ve felt should have been expanded on more than in the original, so expanded ‘em, and also bits I’ve felt were needlessly mean spirited (in rape/snuff fics! It took some doing!) almost as if I 2007/2008 me was trying to provoke non-perverts who probably were not even reading rather than entertain peverts who were. Long time ago now. If you do go back you can certainly make something worthwhile out of the half-finished, or take scraps and turn them into something new. Good luck if you do! I really don’t remember everything I wrote at all. Sometimes someone says something to me about something I wrote or an old story and I’m like “Really? Ok!” When I had a review on an old original oneshot recently I had literally forgotten everything about it except that I had thought it was terrible at the time, and why I wrote it, and I finally re-read it after the review. Sympathy for the reviewer there. Another thing, reminded by your home-brew experience, a few weeks back I was looking at an old file full of bios and scenery descriptions I wrote for a non-erotic play by email type RPG game in like 2000-2001. Some of those characters were pretty engaging! At least one is like a proto-Kizurial with an alcohol problem.
  13. JayDee

    The Unreviewed

    Ahh, well to be fair in 2007 or whenever I originally uploaded it streaming was still in its infancy even for porn and broadband still not as widespread. A lot better than downloading 30 second clips on dial up though I guess! He just said it would be through the power of love, as I recall. Probably something like the kid from Captain Planet with the power of Heart, backed up by Hughie Lewis. Anyway Eparlegna got bested by a human champion at the end so no doubt someone could write a story where his magic got overruled too – my policy whenever anyone asked to write something based on my stuff was “Sure!” I remember getting one review about six-seven years later along the lines of “I’ve been enjoying this story for years and I only just got Eparlegna’s name.” It’s never too late! I absolutely understand the difference between fantasy and reality. Lotta weirdo stalkers out there don’t though and some of the feedback I got on my celebrity stories was pretty worrying. I’ve said it before but for me I guess the overriding factor today is pretty much that it is so so easy on the modern internet for someone to show the celebrity of their family/friends the story featuring them as a person. It’s nowhere near as bad if, say, it’s “This is the story about me holding hands with X!” but I find thinking about how they might react to “This is my story about raping the shit out of X.” when it’s something I wrote unpleasant, and feel for them too. I think there’s a degree removed with portrayed characters – I’d even argue a number of, say pro-wrestling stories could easily go in TV rather than celeb because shockingly Papa Shango had no magical powers so any story about him with magic is based on the character rather than the wrassler. Another factor is that there was an obscenity trial in my jurisdiction that only happened because the writer wrote celebrity fanfic – they weren’t convicted or anything, but it still fucked their life up. Plus, you know, I am a big ol’ hypocrite myself. That helps with decisions on content I read and write and while I don't read or write celeb fics now, I don’t critise folks for writing it or go around leaving flames or whatevers. While there is an absolute shitload of Harry Potter works, there’s also a load of fans, many of whom seem eager to read anything in the setting. I literally have an unfinished one chapter scat fic with near 20K hits and 3 reviews. I did a necro story with a rampaging sex dwarf in one part and got 31K hits and 16 reviews.16! Big numbers for me. These are niche topics. You get into something popular like harems and you’ll be beating off the fans with a broomstick. You might even hear some readers beating themselves off with a broomstick. Swinging back round onto topic, you’re pretty much guaranteed they won’t go unreviewed! I don’t know much about the Amazon market so cannot comment there – there’s a few users who have followed the road of AFF originals to Amazon or other epublishers and do make a bit of a go on it though, that could be a topic for another thread if it isn’t one already! I know there’s some pretty extreme stuff on there (Black Melt by Indy McDaniel comes to mind) but I dunno how much money it makes tbh compared to the tamer stuff. Good luck with whichever path you take and if I am around and on here I’ll absolutely take a look!
  14. Can confirm. My latin lessons at school were hellish.
  15. JayDee

    Before the Storm: Review Responses and Other Nonsense

    The thing with fanfiction is that 99% of the readers are going to know the scenery and the characters as much as you do. If I did a Buffy story in The Bronze, I wouldn’t explain it the setting either. You have enough scenery there for people to put in a mental image of the rest, I was just kind of saying that my mental image is going to be different to the cartoon. I definitely saw one of the movies but I can no longer remember which one! Re-working absolutely can be fun – a few of my stories are heavy re-write/re-workings of my older stories which kept most of the themes/sex but heavily changed setting, characters and even in some cases endings. For a new story though I sometimes find it hard to keep teaking and will stick it out there knowing I’ve probably missed a typo or two. I guess it’s different for different writers.