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  1. Part 3 of the re-write that is An Actor Abducted was supposed to be posted by tonight but I am still not quite happy some of the phrasing changes, hopefully by be done by Tuesday, then the final part might be a couple weeks because I need to make bigger changes to the ending as I am unhappy with the ending for one of the characters in my original (the one who became Gabrielle in this version), but I won’t have any free time for a couple weekends.
  2. If both Sinfulwolf and TheSinfulwolf were taken would you go for TheRealSinfulwolf and make a pack of Sinfulwolves, or try something else? Or just not joint with a buncha wannabes on there?
  3. JayDee

    I Can hentai

    “What we've got here is failure to communicate.” The Captain, Cool Hand Luke. PointMan – what’s a G/L story please?
  4. Sorry, I don’t really know the Pokemon world well enough, Last time I paid attention it was still on the original Game Boy.
  5. JayDee

    BronxWench's Review Replies - Original Fiction

    It’s not too late to put a note in the summary :p If you ever do get around to the next death I’ll read that, too!
  6. JayDee

    Naruto The Cluck

    Please can someone write a story where Naruto is turned into a chicken. Thank you for your time.
  7. Chapter 11 is when the readers file for moral bankruptcy.
  8. JayDee

    Female warrior classes

    You just have to make all of the sub’s users into your harem. It’s the only language they understand.
  9. Has the benefit that there’s unlikely to be someone else with the same name think it’s theirs!
  10. If you’d done a co-authored fic with a Dragon Albus, you could have put it out as DVDA.
  11. Ooh! I used Kizurial for fanfiction.net because all the variations of JayDee that I could be bothered trying, like three of them, were already taken. Yes, I have written fanfiction that was acceptable to FF.net’s guidelines. Took me a while though.
  12. Obviously promoting archives that are still out there would be for the ‘Great Wall’ forum, but those that are dead, well, we can have a chatty rememberence thread. Pour out some booze. That kind of thing. I was going to call it ‘forgotten fanfiction archives’ but realised that asking people to reminice about things they could not remember wouldn’t work well. This was inspired by realising that the stories of the Grey Archive, around since the late 90s, were no longer online and recently another thread where I recalled an old star trek fanfiction archive called something like trekslash.ca. They both had some great authors back in the day, and some stories I remember still that I may never get to read again. Sure, some of the authors moved on and posted to other archives – but others were one shot. one dirty story in them, types. So there’s two dead and gone archives. What do you recall?
  13. JayDee

    How does one go about promoting a story?

    I don’t really promote mine! Good luck with it tho’
  14. Fair enough! Darkfic > General it is. Thanks again for your time. Edit: I’ve moved the old story to Darkfic from erotica as well.
  15. Not a Dragonball question but a “Where to stick it” question – for Originals this time- and I figured it probably didn’t need a new thread. So, – if a four part story has a brief MF fantasy-by-character and a brief M/Transwoman HJ paragraph in the first chapter as well as an MM fantasy-by-character and MM brief scene, then the next two chapters are MM with the Transwoman cuffed up and not involved beyond the odd ‘reaction shot’, and ending the fourth chapter with a bit of threesome would this be best to put in an Originals MM subcatagory with just the codes (+plus trans etc) on the for the other stuff? I figure it’s that or general, as if it didn’t fit under MM it would likely not fit under threesome/moresome for the same reason of being mostly MM. Also, with it being pretty much all rape should it go under Darkfic or Erotica? It’s been ages and I can’t remember where the line is drawn. It looks like my older story “Mike Rapes a Dyke” has been in erotica for a decade, but I’ve other rape stuff under darkfic, (well, where demons or whatever weren’t involved putting it supernatural) and there does seem to be a fair bit of rape goes in erotica. I realise I totally overthink this stuff, but, well, better to get it right, I guess. I’ll be posting part 1 to start with as still working on re-read/re-editing on the re-write. Thank you for your time.