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  1. I still writing. I don’t, however, miss editing for spelling and grammar errors.

    1. BronxWench


      I miss writing. :D

  2. Zombie Charles Perrault is still pissed.
  3. You’ve got higher standards.!
  4. Elijah did some the voice about 10-12 years ago. I don’t know if he’s done newer, or indeed if there’s been any newer since then! It certainly wasn’t him on the original playstation game I’ve written scat! Like rimming, I guess it is a matter of taste. Sticking your tongue up an ass isn’t that terrible. Especially if you’ve bought food from a late night burger van. One thing I did write about outside of my usual tastes that lost me a lot of long time readers and generated a lot of both anger and concern was a story with loving consensual sex within marriage. To this day the only review is of a “What the fuck did I just read” nature. I doubt I’ll make that mistake again. I can’t see me ever writing a Minor1 story. I doubt I’d even feel comfortable writing minor2 characters under 16 (that being the all-genders age of consent in my locality and, for some reason, Rhode Island, USA.) I had a request once that made me feel pretty ill. And found out that “Toddlercon” isn’t a gathering of parents of young children in the same way that “ComicCon” is often a gathering of portly gentlemen with unshaven necks and well-tipped fedoras comics fans.
  5. I’ve done the occasional risque story too. I’ve written some things that didn’t appeal to me specifically just because that was the request/story exchange. I suppose the biggest example was probably three or so Spyro the Dragon things (one full story, and a couple brief scenes) for a fan. I just don’t see the appeal of him as a sexual character at all. Not even when he was voiced by Elijah Wood. In terms of getting off anyway It seems like a lot of us would rather read someone else’s stuff even with themes we like.
  6. Yet another FanFiction Net user uploaded one of my utterly unsuitable for that site pornos. When it comes to there, I’m less bothered about the lack of credit than the increased chance of younglings stumbling across it. I got an email about it so then it’s finding time to report etc which I’ve just about done.

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    2. GeorgeGlass


      It’s not just basic education that falls down; I have the plagiarism problem with adults who have advanced degrees. In any case, sorry for the plagiarism and the inconvenience of having to deal with it, JayDee.

    3. JayDee


      Thanks! Like I say, I am not even so bothered about te plagiarism as I am by the “porn on kids site” thing.

    4. GeorgeGlass


      Oh, yes, I certainly understand. I don’t want the kiddies reading my stuff, either.

  7. I totally should have quoted Desiderius Price from the previous page as, reading back this morning, without that quoted the above post looks like I just like ass.
  8. I realise this is an old thing but I don’t get around here too much now… anyhoo just wanted to say I always figured there ought to be a section under real people for wrasslin and a section under TV with the difference being for stories based on storylines and personas and the one under celeb just being for stories based the the folks portraying them. It’s like… years ago I did a story based on the storyline version of the late Balls Mahoney from ECW/WWE, but if I’d posted here it would’ve been a celeb story. That never made no sense to me because I didn’t know anything ‘bout Jonathan Rechner who played the character. Pro-wrasslin/sports entertainment isn’t any different to any other soap opera. Expect there’s probably more unexpected pregnancy storylines in the wrasslin. Ahh well. Some folks like the performers, some folks like the characters. Me? It was always the characters.
  9. It’s true! While cocks, fingers, tongues and toys in assholes are appreciated the most, assholes on their own doing what assholes do are also popular.
  10. One thing, whenever I see “Lol, I suck at summaries just read” or similar I don’t. Because if you can’t even put that effort in to write something then it doesn’t bode well for the story. And now I must fly off mysteriously.
  11. ...fuck, that hit me right in the aging.
  12. I’ve never seen a video game character so relieved as Link was when Ruto had to go be the Water Sage instead of marrying him. I mean, his heart clearly belonged to Epona. Well… the Firefly universe is half-Chinese*, and Mal ended up married to yo-saff-bridge with a dance and accepting wine and flowers. Although how much of that was actual local marriage tradition and how much was the devil wumman conning ‘em… eh. *Nobody told the casting director, admittedly.
  13. I tried adult roleplay once. Instructions unclear. Had a hell of a time getting the 20 sided dice out of my ass.
  14. “I’d like some food brought from a time period where people wash their hands after going to the privvy.”
  15. Now I feel terrible because LL actually responded and said thanks to y’all. I feel like I’m in one of those “...he’s right behind me, isn’t he?” moments. Clearly a thoroughly decent and alright young man after all, and C) was completely wrong. One day LL will find this, if they haven’t already, and think JD is the needlessly offensive and rude one. Which is actually true, so fair enough there. But thanks for helping ‘em, I mean I wouldn’t have asked here normally if it hadn’t been bugging me too after my initial assumption.