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  1. JayDee

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    ˙˙˙ssǝlu∩ ˙ʇᴉɯɹǝʞ ʎllɐǝɹ ʇ,usɐʍ ʇᴉ ʇɐɥʇ ʇoƃ I ƃuᴉppᴉʞ sɐʍ I
  2. JayDee

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    *Nodding* Gotcha. Kermit’s the power behind the power.
  3. JayDee

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    *looks at puppets* K-Kermit?
  4. JayDee

    JayDee's Review Reply Thread (Harry Potter)

    For the Honour of The Slytherin Danke sehr aufmerksam! Es gibt zwei weitere Geschichten – For the Profit of The Slytherin Revenge Of The Ravenclaw Entschuldigen Sie bitte meine schlechten Deutschkenntnisse.
  5. JayDee

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    If Glykon turns out to secretly be the villain behind all the bad stuff I’ll be dead disappointed.
  6. JayDee

    The Unreviewed

    People read it and wonder why it feels so short, anxiously unaware 1.1m of the recorded words are fnord.
  7. JayDee

    The Unreviewed

    It’s a toss up as to whether it’s 1200 extra people who thought it too fuckawful to review, or one person going back that many times in disbelief at the sheer amount of typos.
  8. JayDee

    JayDee's Review Reply Thread (Movies)

    You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Moisture Farm.. Nah – Palpatine’s Granddaughter’ll team up with the old but still tough Ahsoka and fuck everyone up! Coulda been worse- he didn’t kill any younglings or sandwomen at least :D Thank you for your comments! Much appreciated and made me smile :)
  9. JayDee

    The Unreviewed

    I wrote more on the first page of this thread than I have in the last 12 months.
  10. JayDee

    Looking for a website

    A link on reddit that doesn’t go to Rick Astley singing “Never gonna give you up”? It had to happen sometime! Thanks! And it’s never too late to leave copious reviews :p
  11. JayDee

    Story Codes Clarifications

    They’re over there, shaking their fists at George R R Martin.
  12. JayDee

    Looking for a website

    Had a quick google – this reddit thread suggests they got a DNS issue. Guess it’ll be back when resolved – https://www.reddit.com/r/eroticliterature/comments/m6t86r/has_asstrorg_shut_down/
  13. JayDee

    Story Codes Clarifications

    Sometimes they just need cleaning up a little, hence the expression “Bring a bucket and a mop for this work in progress.”
  14. JayDee

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Definitely an interesting way to go about it -I hope it didn’t seem like my thoughts were negative/critical on the theme – I’ve written gangrape stuff myself after all!– but a testament to your writing skills in making the tentacle monster really sympathetic! I’ll have a look at the other one at some point, possibly not today “Do you have any books on the supremacy of the aryan race?” “...step into my parlour.” *puts lunch break sign out* No probs!
  15. JayDee

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Damn it all! Those malware injected old sites are why we can’t have nice things At least there’s still the Sexy Losers strip that partially inspired it which is very NSFW – https://www.sexylosers.com/comic/016/ Edit: 22 years since original posting! Where the fuck did that time go?