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  1. It’s like a horror film when someone thinks it’s a monster… and it was! I used to lurk on the old Godawful Fanfiction forum, since just about every story I’d written at the time was linked there. There was a lot of stuff posted that was worse than mine, sure. I know my way around the barely readable bullshit! And I meant in terms of content and themes rather than terrible grammatical constructions :p Feel free to use it! Ya know you’re welcome to use anything you need from my stuff anyhow. I’m sure readers would love to see Kevin smashing a necromancer’s box. What’s weird is I have the ideas, it’s getting the phrasing down, constructing the sentences so they flow and hold the interest and read good. I’ve managed it before, but it’s kicking my ass trying it again.
  2. Asras' Abomination may be the first of a series of prompt oneshots showing the effects of dark magics and demon dealings. If so I’m tempted to change part one to an index page, move it into paranormal general, and lump them in together given the connected themes and recurring characters that’ll no doubt show up.I seem to recall that’s allowed *Checks guidelines* yep – specific exception for Table of Contents for oneshot collections! I’ve finally realised putting ‘Flashfic’ in the summary is a good way to let folks know how damn short it’ll be too, to avoid folks getting over excited by the story codes. Anyway @InBrightestDay has kindly reviewed it, due to what must be the site’s highest tolerance for my barely readable bullshit. Thank you for revieing this! I’ve always said tentacle porn is one of my weaker areas, keeping it real short may have helped me hide the deficiencies but absolutely is gonna leave it too short for anybody to really enjoy as porn. I’m actually kinda surprised there is any hot imagary, so thanks for that, but thanks also for the frank appraisal of why it’s got negatives. S’all good feedback. I almost feel like this is meta humor about people ignoring the tags or bold face Turn Back Now warnings you put on your snuff stories. The link to Sarsa only makes me think of this more. In addition, I kind of like the fact that spells here are apparently named like some of the ones in D&D ("Asras' Abomination" would fit right in with "Bigby's Crushing Hand," "Evard's Black Tentacles," etc.) and that instead of being named after Sarsa, it's named after her Mary Sue. Heh, I’ve said before I’m not great at subtlety. You’ve nailed it there with some of the folks I was thinking about- ya see an evil summary, ya know it’s wrong, don’t damn well read it! Asras is no Mary Sue! Just because her magic is the strongest anyone has ever seen and even Voldie loves her for it… Oh, wait a sec… I literally burst out laughing at this. I can't even fully explain why. In Slumberverse America, Box X you. Initially I was going to have the box require the old backwards speaking reh ckuf etc, but I felt that might actually need explaining within the story and there wasn’t the word count, so eventually I just decided the spell was dumbed down enough to only need ‘Box’ for the commands. Oooh! This one was waaay overthought. Basically, Octavia’s a shoes fan. She goes in the room, everyone is wearing in dancing shoes on that expensive wooden sprung floor, so not worthy of comment in her thoughts. Then in stomps Kizzy wearing totally unsuitable boots… and stomps right through a box onto that expensive floor. Kizzy wearing docs got a mention in another story somewhere. Quite why she favors them is a bit of a mystery, I suspect they were a present. Heh, thanks. I liked it! I figure another time I can have folks get the vampire/werewolf mixed up too “Lupa? So you must be the werewolf?” “Oh sure! Yeah, when I was born they said ‘This kid? She’s gonna be a werewolf some day!’ Fuck you, I’m a bitch but I’m not a bitch.“ They got some great stuff on that internet. Thank you again for your review! I don’t do the prompt fics really expecting reviews, but it’s nice at least to get something down and created and of course to make something of DG’s efforts in setting the prompts. I wonder now if I can get the damn re-write done or if I’ll just end up doing another prompt fic.
  3. JayDee

    Week 203 - 28 September 2014

    Pen Name: JayDee Story link: Asras' Abomination Review replies link: Review Replies -Original Type of fic: Flashfic Rating: Adult+ Fandom: Original Pairing: Tentacle demon, buncha OCs, Warnings: 3Plus AFFO Anal ChallengeFic COMPLETE Contro CR DP MC MF Rape Tent
  4. Quadrille. Ok. I do a flashfic using this word as nothing else seems to work. I can’t even get the darn re-write to work! bah. 

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    2. JayDee


      One pairing a part after the intro sounds like a good balance! Chapter 5, with an encore all character fourway would probably be a step too far and leave Ken in a "The spirit is willing but the flesh is spongy and bruised" situation.

      (Yay, Futurama ref...)

    3. InBrightestDay



      Chapter 5, with an encore all character fourway would probably be a step too far and leave Ken in a "The spirit is willing but the flesh is spongy and bruised" situation.

      I have actually thought about ending it with a foursome, but I keep waffling on whether or not to try it.  I’m not planning on it for now, but I’ll see how it goes writing the rest of the story.  If the 3Plus tag should suddenly appear on the story, you’ll know what I’ve decided.

    4. JayDee


      What if you decided to go with “Ken cloned himself twice so he could have a threesome with himself”? 

      I see the next week’s prompts are “reviled, repulsive, revolting” so I guess that one’s gonna be an autobiography for me…

  5. JayDee

    Posted a chapter this morning, now it's...NOT THERE?

    Firefox is pretty good for me with AFF, but I always try and type stuff into a doc before posting. Even reviews. The last long review I wrote I didn’t and lost it! Had to re-write it. Gotta be much worse with stories.
  6. JayDee

    Excuse me while I gush a bit

    Alright, but how impolite and unpleasant is it to take a positive, upbeat, cheerful and indeed outright gushing thread of praise to the forum and selfishly make a negative comment about oneself? Exactly! Real unpleasant and downright rude. What kind of toxic asshole would do such a thing? But, yes, other people are just great. Much praise for the admin team, the mod team, and that unquiet spirit that keeps trying to communicate through the black diamonds. JayDee, genuinely awful person (for further evidence, see An Actor Abducted)
  7. JayDee

    Excuse me while I gush a bit

    There’s an old forum thread where someone said I really hurt their friend’s feelings! It’s from over a decade ago but even so…
  8. JayDee

    Excuse me while I gush a bit

    People are real polite here. Other people, I mean. I’m pretty unpleasant.
  9. JayDee

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    But you had to wait for season 3 for the legend that is Reg Barclay, played by none other than "Howling Mad" Murdock himself Dwight Schultz!
  10. JayDee

    NC cho fanfic

    ...and now I am logged in and can give links: http://hp.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600014620 http://hp.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600021707
  11. JayDee


    Wait… Sonic isn’t real? Then who the hell keeps taking all my rings?
  12. JayDee

    InBrightestDay's (Books) Review Reply & Discussion Thread

    See, there were have it! Doing the math makes the original even worse. Goes from entirely undeserved to “What the fuck were the seraphim thinking?” It’s a good thing that the Creator got involved in the new continuity I guess, and Kevin ended up in the right place at the right time with the right urge to go picking at a statue. No doubt The Creator took some kind of action to ensure the damn seraphim didn’t do it again. It’s all kindsa awesome! This is the guy threw the Seraph Lucifer outa Heaven, and he’s still just as badass nearly 14 billion years later. I’m sure it’ll be a good story when you write it! You do great battle scenes based on the fights shown so far.
  13. Lupa’s parents are both sadly deceased (Her Mom’s fate got a mention in Jude’s Tale part 4) – That’s not Lupa’s fault, but it is very related to her currently being a vampire. Lupa might well know the full background to her name, the problem is that I don’t beyond the “parents liked alliteration” thing Honestly, Kate’d be more likely to google it. Maybe your wife’s parents are covering for something with their curious forgetfulness? Some deep, dark family secret...
  14. Haha! Azrael (to himself): “Think I got away with it… fly casual….” Yeah, in this case I’ve gone with it because it’s too much effort to establish them as majorly different before the current time! Dead Soul 1: “On my Earth I was slaughtered by an Id Construct summoned by this demon, Eparlegna.” Dead Soul 2: *Too traumatized by reading the epic “Sarsa’s Mpreg Adventures” to respond* No worries! Thanks! Does sound like a pretty good take on it, nice to see the ol D&D folks putting in some non-sinful sex. Unlike what Elfstar did to Black Leaf’s corpse in my yet to be written story “The Real Power of Necrophilia” “Angel of Passion” has a nice ring to it! Although a quick google shows it’s a 1995 porno. So Shannon would approve. Sadism’s very much a human concept. I doubt any deity thinks in such terms! But then I turn on the news and am reminded we live in the same world as the Jonas Brothers.
  15. I’ll leave it as a nice surprise for them! It’s a few years since I did it, but I’m fairly certain it’s to do with how really simple things amuse me sometimes, like if there’s four girls, one of them’s a werewolf and it’s not the one with the name meaning she-wolf. In story when Lupa’s parents named her they had no idea she would one day be a vampire who had a werewolf friend. They just wanted an alliterative first and last name as a homage to some of the comics they read, and Lupa’s the one they chose. Possibly she had a relative of the same name, or it had some additional meaning to her parents – if I do write the story I can come up with it then