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  1. Gotta continue taking a break for a while, I’ll be back to catch up and finish reading some ongoing stories when I can. Stay strong everyone.

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Wish that’d work with the bosses at work….

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      I wish you good luck.

  2. JayDee

    Introducing characters

    Small voice from the back: “Couple of large jugs…. of wine please.” As a disgusting pornographer with almost no fictional morals I say ‘No problem! Go with whatever makes ya happy Porn boobily and make the breast of it!” but I feel like reddit’s MenWritingWomen subreddit and possibly wider groups would react to the above with much the same level of hospitality showed by the maenads to Orpheus. You could alway counterbalance it with description of the man, “The sot’s undersized cock twitched in his breaches like a distressed otter, spraying his fear from a tiny slit shaped strangely like the dry lips of the old preacher. An jagged scar near the base told of the time he’d tried urinating in a Pike filled river, meanwhile his alcohol-damaged testicles hung loosely in a hairy sack that grew damp in the voided trickle.”
  3. JayDee

    How do you know if people like your story?

    “Fuck you, you cunts!” “Gosh Harry, you’re talking like a local already.” “CUNTS!” “Yes, you are too Luna.”
  4. Thank you for your comment, I’m really glad you found it fun! The character show up in some of my other stories if you’d like to read more of them. I always felt this one needed a final ‘cap off’ chapter to finish it properly, but never got around to it. Thank you again!
  5. JayDee

    Mortuus Orbis Discussion Thread

    I also agree with this comment! I know it’s been a year since y’all did anything, but hopefully you’ll get back into it. I guess I’d take a break from the main bunker and follow the Doctor’s adventures for a chapter or so, establishing a new base, finding new shoes, maybe meeting some wacky out-of-their-depth victims friends.
  6. JayDee

    Mortuus Orbis Discussion Thread

    I agree with this comment!
  7. JayDee

    How do you know if people like your story?

    It is! Sometimes someone’s emailed saying how much a particular gutting or whatever got them off and I go “...ok then.” Mostly I just get “I loved your story [no details]. Could you write [Random fetish I’ve never heard of involving illegal, illogical, and occasionally physically imposible acts] featuring [random fandom characters] and Hinata out of Naruto?”
  8. JayDee

    AFF Holiday Party 2020

    I dunno if I’ll manage anything. I only did last year by re-working a half-assed story I’d already started on, and I’ve barely done anything writing-wise since January. Good luck to all who do tho’ and I’ll check out any without the minor1 tags!
  9. JayDee

    How do you know if people like your story?

    My first playthrough was the same big-axe good-guy Orc I try to create for all of them – responding to dark brotherhood recruitment attempt by twatting Astrid and so on – but i played the stealth archer build everyone was on about later for sure!
  10. JayDee

    How do you know if people like your story?

    When you start praying to the Night Mother for a contract on the heavy footed fuck alerting every Falmer in Blackreach that you’re there to loot their shit.
  11. JayDee

    How do you know if people like your story?

    They’d treat him worse than the Argonians up in Windhelm!
  12. JayDee

    How do you know if people like your story?

    I’ve commented a few times that multi chapter stories seem to get more hits overall because they get a boost from being pushed back to the front page each time the oneshots don’t get. If you guys mean Skyrim: Plaything as the Skyrim story – that’s had 36 chapters for 12k hits which works out (average only!) 333 hits a chapter from folks clicking on the front page which is still impressive and more than most of mine ever did but possibly not as intimidating a comparison as it looks. ...I gotta do a Skyrim story sometime. I got Morrowind, I got Oblivion… including Jar Jar Binks crossover request bah.
  13. JayDee

    How do you know if people like your story?

    I wish to apologise to everybody if reading my porn is what causes SkyNet to try to exterminate us all.
  14. JayDee

    JayDee's Review Reply Thread (Harry Potter)

    Flicking through Unleash the Beast comparing the above has had me thinking a second part would be cool, Hermione back to Hogwarts not long before her 17th Birthday, ends up spending the night in Hagrid’s hut and seducing the cowardly Fang, who for the purposes of the pwp would have some magic in his bloodline is still frisky at senior dog stage… eh. Got this idea of some dogs of magic infused that breed litters of puppies with witches, a secret group called the Union of the Knot, with only one or rarely two puppies out of each little also able to carry on a magical rather than non magical bloodline. There should have been a witch with Fang back in ‘89 or so, but the candidate turned out not to be able to get through his basica cowardice, perhaps scaring him due to personality conflict. Hermione’s the second effort, having been unknowingly observed with Saxon in part 1, they arrange for her to find herself alone with Fang for the night, and then the next morning one of them is making breakfast when she wakes up caked in dried sperm and strongly smelling of dog sex, and explains she’s now likely pregnant, that the pregnancy enhances her own fertility – maybe a suggestion that Fang’s grandmother was Molly, another member of the Union... Yes, this is some fucked up shit, but the first story was popular and turning it around a bit so Hermione is the seducer rather than the other way round, and adding in the pregnancy angle (some kinda magic to hide it while she’s carrying I guess) would be something new. I dunno, I feel like I probably won’t get it written but it’s nice to plan stuff and feel ideas form…
  15. JayDee

    How do you know if people like your story?

    Oh, yeah, those rating bombs were not great. Only happened to one of my stories – went from like 4 stars/30 votes where it had been for months to over 100 votes overnight and 1 star. I tended not to pay a lot of attention to ratings, but it still kinda sucked. A like button would be pretty good -might need to be tied to accounts tho’ like on Twitter, to reduce fake boosting (probably not all the way but some of the way!) I feel like it’s unlikely