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  1. Hush

    The songwriters knew what they were doing, it ends with some cunning linguistics.
  2. Hush

    “Bunnies, bunnies it must be bunnies!” I don’t know that I have a favorite individual episode anymore, but overall the third season was my favorite season. (Think this might be in the wrong forum section? As no challenge? Edit: Now moved from challenges to aimless babble so ignore his line!)
  3. I’m not discounting the rest of your post, but as a twitter conditioned person this really spoke to me! AFF, give me a heart to click!
  4. JayDee's Review Reply Thread (Games)

    A review for the Undead Legions: A Homage to Deathstalker collection of vaguely connected zombie feeding frenzy oneshots I wrote set in DS’s zombie city (with permission!), and, hey, DS did a bunch of fantastic stories with the further adventures of my character Gogedheh from Five Women. One Night. so it evened out Thank you for your review! I see I first loaded the story to AFF in 2011 and so it only took 7416 hits for someone to comment which is pretty good going for one of mine . I am afraid I don’t think I’m likely to continue writing that series, though I may do further zombie stories at some point outside of the Deathstalker city setting. I think DS is still writing them elsewhere on the internetnets so they might get onto Timesplitters sometime – bit of a blast from the past that, I remember Timesplitters 2 on the original Xbox like 15 years ago! I don’t think I played the others though, guess it’s probably due the whole HD reboot thing sometime. Thank you again! I really appreciate the review.
  5. Have completed the first draft of a flashfic, hoping to finish and post it so I can say I wrote something this year too! Worked for 2017…

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Could always work on a holiday fic, post that to the 2017 round robin … :)


    2. JayDee
  6. http://neil-gaiman.tumblr.com/post/169084845106/i-am-genuinely-sorry-to-bother-you-with-this-but Just thought I’d share this here because it’s pretty cool!
  7. I'm a landlord now

    Every previous one devolved into a screaming argument over what music to play within two paragraphs.
  8. General thanks to the moderation team for taking on board and implementing a suggestion. Hopefully won’t add too much to workload.

  9. Suggestion: No hotlinked porn pics

    ...For some reason I didn’t see any posts after Melricks when I posted so was replying to that post. The one time quoting would’ve been useful to me… bah,
  10. Suggestion: No hotlinked porn pics

    Yeah, that’s what I was describing. With the exception of the profile pic, pretty much all the hotlinked pictures so far have been offsite that I’ve seen anyway. I see where you’re coming from but if was likely to be a serous problem then what’s to stop them doing that anyway as things stand? Because there’s already links posted for things other than hotlinked pics – eg saying it’s a politics/legal story link in politics, or something on the wall of ads forum or just even “My request was inspired by this event” or similar links? I don’t know if the occason that already happened involved a supposed picture or something else, but certainly the capacity to claim something else is already there. For dead links especially, I don’t know how many previous URLS on the story searches sub forum are still valid – I know an old Harry Potter archive that used to get story links is gone, so there’s probably more dead links there than anywhere else.
  11. Suggestion: No hotlinked porn pics

    Thanks. Guess I got a little ranty myself. So sorry from me too!
  12. Suggestion: No hotlinked porn pics

    I don’t… I don’t even… what? Ok, Really, I’m not and I don’t think anybody else is suggesting porn pics should be blocked here, I’m just saying URLS that folks can click save lot of hassle for folks who don’t want to see it. Just because the porn isn’t embedded anymore doesn’t mean it’s gone or blocked, or something. I’m not going for a “Take your porn from your cold, dead, sticky, calloused, hands” first-amendment challenging moment here, man. Just suggesting a compromise to help out some of us because lately I’ve clicked a few threads (and in one case a profile with animated lets-hope-thats-a-skinny-dwarf porn) that have content that could get quite a few of us in a world of shit in a way that text doesn’t yet manage unless it’s supporting terrorism or something equally unpleasant. I’ve had to quit other sites completely because of this issue – not in a flouncing way, I just deleted my profiles without comment and moved on, because they were geared heavily towards art and some of the art would probably flag with ISP check lists.. This is a story site and doesn’t need embedded images. URLS work just peachy and politics and all the rest don’t really have any other impact on it. I feel kind’ve like I am repeating myself or getting a little pissy here so I apologise if this is the case or if I’ve caused any offense with my suggestion.
  13. Suggestion: No hotlinked porn pics

    Eh, with URLs still there nobody would actually miss out on pictures they want to see. Just an extra click per picture. I’d favor a stricter content rule on that basis because there’s very few situations on a fic forum where a picture literally needs to be embedded right there, and because the whole reason for suggesting it is the stricter content rules applied in my jurisdication :(. As for enforcement, editing a post to remove image embedding tags ought to do it – more work I know, sadly – or removing ability to embed pictures if a user keeps posting embedded porn I guess. No doubt this is the kind’ve thing that gets thrashed out in the private admin/mod forums… ...and off topic, I just had a flash back to the mystery room subforum. Needed a pass card from the old forum shop to get a password. I remember the password being strumpet at one point. Think all the old threads from there got moved to aimless babble when it shut (Yep – Here was one )
  14. Suggestion: No hotlinked porn pics

    Generally positive reception to the suggestion then! Anybody else agree or want to disagree?