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  1. 108F is not the sort of temperature I want.  I want winter temperatures, or at least our version of winter.  Come on winter!

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    2. DemonGoddess


      aw man Melrick that sucks to not have a/c

    3. pippychick


      Awww… you are right, though – you are not missing that much. Once you’ve done with the snowman building, and the falling and playing, and the sledging, and the tickling touch of snow on your face and eyelashes there’s not much left that’s good about it. As soon as you need to go to work, or go anywhere for any reason, you’ll find the public transport system has ground to a halt. The roads are full of idiots who’ve taken the car out and got stranded, making it all but impossible to get around for people who <i>do</i> know how to drive in it. So you walk, but the pavements are covered with compacted ice four inches thick (and that is not nice to fall on!). The hospitals fill with people who’ve broken arms and legs. The entire world turns into a giant freezer for weeks while it melts into filthy sludge, even if snow doesn’t fall again. No matter how many pairs of socks you wear, your feet are always freezing (your toes to the point of pain). Your hands are cold and your fingers hurt, so you wear gloves which don’t really help, and as you go about your business it’s like wearing a bundle of candy floss on each hand, making it impossible to do things like eat, write, go through your wallet to pay for a hot drink, hold a hot drink…

      Having said all that… heat without aircon sucks :( A few years ago I went to Spain where they had a similar temperature and the AC was broken in our villa. I spent the whole week in the villa, out of the sun, wearing a succession of frozen tea towels on my head, interspersed by endless cold showers. My hair was wet through for the whole seven days. You have my sympathy. *pets*


    4. Melrick


      I know only too well what your trip to Span was like, because I do stuff like that every summer. lol  And I only want to visit snow, I sure as hell don’t want to live in it!  You can keep all that crap to yourself. lol