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  6. Maybe I just have unreasonably high expectations for myself. In fact, I’m certain I do. I don’t know if I’ve ever written a sex scene that I was truly happy with. I always feel I could do a lot better. And I’m glad I could make you wet. lol
  7. While I don’t avoid this genre, the one I’m least confident in is erotica. I don’t think I’m all that great at writing sex scenes. I think I’m better at all the non-sex related stuff. Still, I give it a red hot go none the less.
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  9. I think that’s when we really find out exactly where our writing level is at, when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. Staying in your comfort zone is safe but I personally think your writing can stagnate if you do that. Writing for different genres forces you to think differently, approach things in a way that you wouldn’t have before. My biggest Achilles Heel is coming up with plots that I’m happy with. I find it very, very difficult, which is frustrating. I’m glad you enjoyed my story. And you should definitely have a go at writing horror one day. It’ll be good experience if nothing else.
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  12. I don’t restrict myself to any genre, nor do I deliberately avoid any. I only normally write original fiction though. I do like to challenge myself and push into different areas. I’ve only lightly dabbled in sci fi once so I’d like to do that again one day (sending unwanted plot ideas my way will be appreciated ), but my favourite genres are horror and fantasy. I’m open to any genre though.
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