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  1. Melrick

    CloverReef's Review Centre

    Dying for the Devil, that’s a damn fine title for a story. Must have been a freaking genius that came up with that title! ;-)
  2. Melrick


    Oops, been forgetting to do this… Chapter 7 is now up! Story:
  3. Melrick

    Pippychick Original Fiction Review Responses

    Regarding the daddy stuff, that’s no problem! It’s just that we’ve both come across reviewers that will read something in a story that they hate and complain about, yet will keep reading future chapters and continue to complain about it, and it just leaves you scratching your head wondering why the hell they’re continuing to read something they don’t like. lol And no, no offence taken! I just thought I’d explain that because many people – including a surprising number of writers – really don’t get that concept. So that wasn’t just for you but for anybody else reading that post who might not quite grasp that people can (and should) write for themselves first, even if that limits the number of readers you’ll get. It’s not like we’re professional authors that feel the need to write to a target audience, after all, so we’re free to do as we wish. One bonus of not being published authors, I guess! Not becoming rich and famous authors is the downside though. ;-) Anyway, we do appreciate the fact that you’re a diligent reader and reviewer! Not many people out there that are both, that’s for sure!
  4. Melrick

    Pippychick Original Fiction Review Responses really worked for me... Come on, my girl, he thought, come for daddy. ...and sometimes it didn't. Still, even when it wasn't working for me it never stopped me from reading, and like I said, this was still a really hot chapter. Actually, just what the hell is pre-cum, and what the hell is its purpose? He hadn't really thought about it before. *Also Sprach Zarathustra begins playing* There comes a time in everyone's life, a time when the stars align and the heavens open, a time when their knowledge is finally called upon. At long last, my Biology degree has paid off, because I KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION! So, for the curious, sperm cells are very sensitive to acidity. This is sort of a problem, since semen has to pass through the urethra...which is also where urine, containing uric acid, is expelled from the body. Therefore, in order to protect the sperm cells, two small organs called the Cowper's glands produce a clear fluid (pre-ejaculate or pre-cum) that is flushed through the urethra before ejaculation in order to neutralize any lingering acidity. I realize that was the least sexy description of anything sex-related ever, and you have my apologies for that. Thanks again for your review! Right off the bat, I’d like to point out that if the daddy part bothered you then we wonder how worthwhile it would be for you to keep reading, since there’s going to be plenty more of that to come over the following chapters, many of which we’ve already written, and right to the very end, which we haven’t written yet. We just thought we’d warn you to give you a more informed decision, and to cut off any ‘well that really turned me off!’ complaints, because… well, you were warned. Anyway, it’s entirely up to you, of course! Also, I just thought I’d give you a bit of an insight into the reasons behind us writing this story. We wanted to write something that really appealed to the both of us, something that we would really enjoy writing and exploring, and that’s very much what we came up with. We love the story and we each love both of the characters – so much so that it’ll be a bit of a wrench when we have to leave them behind. We decided to upload it as well since maybe others might also enjoy reading it, but it’s first and foremost for us two. But we’re both firm believers in writing to appeal to ourselves first anyway, which we feel every writer should do!
  5. That’s not a sight you want to see.
  6. Melrick

    LM/HP/SS story

    In case anyone is confused, someone made a request for a copy of the story to be sent to them, that post was hidden and I then deleted it, as I will with all such requests.
  7. Melrick

    Pippychick Original Fiction Review Responses

    Thanks for your review! We like a good cliffhanger, keeps you coming back for more… hopefully. lol
  8. Melrick


    Chapter 4 is now up! Story:
  9. Melrick


    Chapter 3 is now up! Story:
  10. Melrick

    User MarshalMarmont1812

    We always appreciate people coming to us with suspected plagiarism, because we always take it very seriously here.
  11. Melrick


    Chapter 2 us now up! Story:
  12. Melrick

    Pippychick Original Fiction Review Responses

    Thank you for your review! I expect we’ll be posting the next chapter soon so I hope you can stick with it. :-)
  13. Melrick

    Melrick's Review Replies - Original Fiction

    For They Bounce I wrote that story right after my dad died of lung cancer, so there were a lot of emotions going around my head at the time. I have to say, it’s perhaps one of the favourite things I’ve written, even though it’s so short. Thank you for reading and reviewing.
  14. Melrick


    Authors: PippyChick and MelrickTitle: AwakeningsSummary: Ray moves to an Australian country town to get away from his old life, and becoming a school bus driver is about as far away as he can imagine. His first passenger, Nina, takes him even further away.Feedback: Yes, as always.Fandom: OriginalPairing: N/AWarnings: AFFO, AgePlay, Anal, Fingering, HJ, MF, Minor2, OralSolo story or chaptered story: ChapteredURL:
  15. Melrick

    Bug With Reviews

    If you have a question then you need to start your own thread.