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  1. Thundercloud

    Thundercloud's Review Responses

    Thank you encouragement. I am planning to eventually write the next chapter, but other stories have been stealing the attention of muses.
  2. Thundercloud

    Not secure

    I am just a user here, but my professional opinion is that if you are paying customer, you have good reasons to demand the site to be really secure before you enter sensitive information. For services that is offered for free on the Internet, you should not enter sensitive information at all. This lowers the impact of AFF not being secure since the consequences of failure is less. With this said is is also my recommendation that the AFF staff plan make a plan for eventually making AFF more secure since there is constant arms race between the browser developers and the bad guys. Things that work today in the browser can be turned off permanently if the security professional determine that it used by too much malware. For instance, you can look at the list where they are considering 57 security issues for Chrome, many of those will break older sites that not keeping up with security development. No reason for any of the current proposals to break AFF, but new additions happen on the list constantly. It is a bit like owning a car...most of the time it just works, but eventually you need to do emergency repair if you avoid doing regular maintenance.
  3. Thundercloud

    Looking for a co-writer

    Since I wanted to check it out to see what you write...did not understand why you didn’t write the penname. I suppose you meant it to be fantasyking9000 and not fantsyking9000. A bummer to get the wrong spelling for the pen name.
  4. Thundercloud

    Looking for a co-writer

    What is your username on Hentai Foundary?
  5. Thundercloud

    AFF Holiday Party 2020 -- Review Responses

    Your reaction when you recalled Avalanche’s real name was pretty much priceless. I think one of the things that worked in my favor is that the you read the other story pretty recently and there is nothing that in that story that really show that it takes place in 1999. The G.S.P. story is bound to happens before 9/11 since else that event would been a natural comparison to the challenges of New York in the G.S.P. story. This makes the 20 year time jump to this story very subtle. I suspect Anya might have reason to be a bit upset when she realize how easily professor Stevens could have helped her after the first encounter. Like professor Stevens said she has quit being a superhero. Considering how muchthe heroes sleep around it won’t be an issue...he will probably want to join when he learns about Anya. On the other hand the possible G.S.P. sequel that I consider writing might include the professor needing to find her husband that gone missing for longer than usual. Now when she has a baby sitter it might be time to design a new costume so to stay. Thanks for reviewing this and additional thanks for the proofreading effort.
  6. Thundercloud

    AFF Holiday Party 2020 -- Review Responses

    I think it is kind of logical that settings with lots of mindcontrol will have the practitioners that start policing rough users that draw too much attention. Combine this with how often superheroes in the comics are mindcontroled and I think those heroes who not have mindcontrol powers have good reasons to make sure the public knows about the dangers of mindcontrol. The step to making heroes who deal with mindcontrol government funded is not very long. My G.S.P. story that is set in the same setting explores the implications of evil and good (read shady) mindcontrol to quite some detail. Yep, he deserved what he got...especially after doing so bad research before picking his intended victim. To be fair, she had crush on the professor even before she ran into this mess.
  7. Thundercloud

    AFF Holiday Party 2020 -- Review Responses

    Thank you! The proper response in Swedish here would be “God fortsättning” when you want wish the Christmas and New Year mood to continue. If I had you worried I am glad...I had to do a number of rewrites before I got foreshadowing working but still subtle enough. I think that it is part of the job description when dealing with mind control in porn stories. Originally I thought it would end with Greg coming in a disturbing things when they were spooning, but when I tried to write it I could find to good reason why the professor would unleash hell on him when he disturbed them like this. The new ending also had the great benefit of allowing me to include the second sex scene to give better context on what kind of creep Greg was. I had a friend who complained that in my stories you could tell who the superheroes was because they were hung like felt a bit unfair until I checked the record. There must a super power to avoid for true pieces is nothing compared to stepping on a D4 dice. Yep she could...but unfortunately for her, it is a different setting.
  8. Thundercloud

    AFF Holiday Party 2020 -- Review Responses

    Review by GeorgeGlass Thank you for the review. It seems like story worked like I had hoped it.
  9. Thundercloud

    AFF Holiday Party 2020 -- Review Responses

    Hope you will manage to get story done when the muses align for you. Maybe there is plot piece missing that you need to add to make it work. The stories with the gang IMHO works best when you combine their personalities and anxieties with them doing important stuff. The detail with the magically warded windows sound like a perfect reason for Lupa to make an extra effort for it to work. Quite some time until The Woman in the Statue will happen….or are the timelines not synchronized? That is the thing with can almost always find ways to improve the scene later. I think the level you chose for this story was just about right considering their Ocarina plans. Your You! story is already on my planned reading list after halloween...but now I have even more reason to read it. Thanks for heads up about how the story connect. Sounds like a good idea for a story.
  10. Thundercloud

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    For the record the ikea-style sex thing I wrote was meant as a joke...maybe we should give InvidiaRed the forum thread back and go and do our sex scene comparison stuff somewhere else…
  11. Thundercloud

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    Is this some kind of reverse psychology when you are teasing the swede about having written ikea-style sex? I think you would be more than able to crack good jokes about vampiric gynoids and similar. I am pretty sure that we in JayDee’s catalog of stories will find much similar things than what can be found Thunderclouds. As for doing collaborations...I am generally open for such, but right at the moment I have pretty much going on so I might need to think twice if need to happen in soon-ish.
  12. Thundercloud

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    Seems there is lot more to the fog in your other stories than what was presented in the Holiday fic. I assumed it was something like that but could not really know. Thanks for explanation. Quite possible...I think there is a potential there for it to turn out rather funny without but you version worked good also. I can totally understand going for the no sex variant given limited time. It is not like you have been idle besides writing story. If you change your mind in the future you can always revisit the concept if you feel like it.
  13. Thundercloud

    AFF Holiday Party

    Lots of time left until the New Year...maybe a parody flashfic based on things/bugs happening in Cyberpunk 2077?
  14. Thundercloud

    AFF Holiday Party 2020

    Great that you could remove it. I posted my own chapter as a new entry when I did not find any mechanism to reuse the one you had posted.
  15. Thundercloud

    AFF Holiday Party 2020

    I have now posted my story The Danger of Dicpics.