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  1. Thundercloud

    Looking for someone to help me

    Some time back I heard that KKU had run into problem with his laptop. Until he gets it sorted there is risk he won’t be visiting here much.
  2. Thundercloud

    Winter Holiday 2021 Reviews

    The idea for the story came from a line of dialogue in JayDee’s hilarious story You ( where a character complain about somebody treating her as an exposition fairy. JayDee’s story is a parody about AFF writing itself and IMHO well worth the time to read. Anyway, it made me start thinking about how fun it would be if having a fairy talking about sex toys instead. I am glad you found it funny, that was my intention. It is very much coming from a video game context. Invidia Red does in his review refer to Navi from the Zelda series. If you go looking for cosplay of Navi (and you don’t get stuck with Avatar examples) the likelihood is great the Navi cosplay will feature a text sign with some quote from the game. Tv tropes have a list of examples of exposition fairies in a number of computer games in case you want to educate yourself. Thank for the tip, I will look into the difference in the meaning for "lending" with "borrowing". It is easy to stumble into false friends when you write in a second language. BTW I am really glad you found just a few language issues. The work load of writing the story without a beta reader and the family suffering from sickness for a large part of the December was pretty much over the top. I am kind of surprised that I actually got it finished. *smiles* Maybe I should return to develop the setting more. An actual visit to the fairy court sounds like it could be fun to write.
  3. Thundercloud

    Winter Holiday 2021 Reviews

    It was a really good idea since somebody hacking the Nice List is an too obvious plot development. Twins in a threesome was likely the only way to raise the stakes for the elves scene. BTW...I think I might have missed a negation in my review. The thing I meant to say is that I am not into Anthro but found myself sad I could not see calendar.
  4. Thundercloud

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    You don’t seem to subscribe to less is more...anyway...if you ever get around to collect your string of stories into a full story arc I would not mind try reading it since the setting is cool. Until then I think I will focus on my own writing and exchanging reads with other authors.
  5. Thundercloud

    InvidiaRed's review responses

    Actually I think reading it is not need to remember it all also. ;- I have made the comment that your writing style is not really my thing, a big part of it is that I get an overdose ofthe guessing game. Having to reread an previous story to get hidden reasons why a certain character made a certain decision is fine...needing to cross reference with an earlier story to determine if something is really happening or if somebody is delusional and just rambling…not my thing.
  6. Thundercloud

    looking for a trophy.

    I agree that something shiny might be a good idea. A trophy kind of imply that it is something the owner would not like to part with. Exotic horn believed to come from a unicorn?
  7. Thundercloud

    Winter Holiday 2021 Reviews

  8. Thundercloud

    Winter Holiday 2021 Reviews

    Sounds like you liked it. Isn’t a shame that searching for erotic Navi cosplay gives you mostly Avatar hits instead of showing you scenes where Navi get what she deserves...
  9. Thundercloud

    Winter Holiday 2021

    I would say that you should not worry too much. It is not like there is much difference between any two average popular porn movies out there. Building on the expectations about good porn tropes of the public and getting resonance from the emotional context of the scene is not always easy, but the readers imagination will fill the gaps and make them enjoy the scene if it is your normal quality of writing.
  10. Thundercloud

    Winter Holiday 2021 has recovered from whatever it was (at least verified to not be Covid). This meant I could finally put some time to write and managed to wrap the my project for the Winter Holiday 2021. I thus present: The Exposition Fairy Story codes: M/F, Oral, Toys Summary: Peter is on a mission from the fairy king, but as solstice approaches, the weather worsens. Is it too much to ask for a night in the civilization to recover? The exposition fairy granted to Peter does strongly disagree. So is Peter in for a night of misery, or can he somehow find a way to make the fairy accept that he needs time to relax and recover?
  11. Thundercloud

    Winter Holiday 2021

    Things have not progressed for me...or rather it went very well until the family was hit with the flu. I will see if I can manage to find to time finish the story or if I must save it for later.
  12. Thundercloud

    Winter Holiday 2021

    Does this mean that you have a Winter Holiday that is one month long??? Myself I have just begun planning for what I possibly could write for the event.
  13. Thundercloud

    mythical monsters that kidnap people?

    Ratmen are an obvious alternative, but basically any race can match if you give the right culture. Pirate mermen that raid coastal areas and abduct slaves...
  14. Thundercloud

    AFF Halloween 2021 Revews

    Thanks for the answer. It was not such big issue that it disturbed my reading.
  15. Thundercloud

    AFF Holiday Party 2020

    We keep resurrecting this thread from last year...time to move to something new before the dust bunnies catch us?