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  1. Sinfulwolf

    CloverReef's Review Centre

    Your welcome as always. But now I’m looking forward to Halloween!
  2. I grabbed Sinfulwolf way back when I was 18 to join some kind of porn forum, and kinda stuck with it since (30 now). I always get annoyed when I get to a website and find out there’s already a Sinfulwolf there… that’s my internet wide Username! In those cases I go with TheSinfulwolf.
  3. Sinfulwolf

    Female warrior classes

    Always lots of research to go into it. Even for fantasy. But I don’t think a list of insults should really be a high priority. It’s not usually insults that stand out to reader’s unless they seem forced and just bad/cringey.
  4. Sinfulwolf

    Female warrior classes

    Heh, I’ll check out the blog tonight when I return home. The Night Witches were an all female Soviet Fighter and Bomber (of a sorts) squadron. Had shite planes, and used to keep their planes shut off so the Germans wouldn’t hear them coming. And good luck with the derogatory terms/insults… try not to make it sound too forced just cause you want characters to make fun of other characters.
  5. Sinfulwolf

    Female warrior classes

    Nope, still says my account doesn’t have permission to view that post. There’s also the Night Witches for WW2 fight pilots. Little more applicable to what yer talking about originally. But the idea could certainly open up some interesting stuff.
  6. Sinfulwolf

    Female warrior classes

    That link wasn’t working. But look at the Scythians for some inspiration. They inspired the Amazons of Myth (and were called such by the Greeks), and did a lot of cavalry fighting and horseback archery, including the use of the famous Parthian shot. And there were many female warriors among their number. But if your looking for specific names used… you are going to have to make them up, outside maybe some of the ones I dropped earlier. There’s not many female only military units in history. Just a lot of units that had females fighting within them.
  7. Sinfulwolf

    Female warrior classes

    And modern battle kit can be upwards of 80 lbs as well, yet women still wear it. I’ve worn it (Canada has had female infantry since 1989). Let’s not go down that particular route if you actually want to discuss female warriors. Also you’ve been vague on the time period you want to heavily draw from. The “standard plate armour” you spear of wasn’t in use until the later medieval ages as well, yet you were mentioned Spartans and Amazons, who wore much less. “Pre-gunpowder” is a massive stretch of time. Thousands of years. There’s also images and accounts of women wearing chain and plate armour(Joan of Arc is the biggest and most famous one). So… while maybe not many women may be the same kind of warrior, that can also depend on a society and how much they expect their women to be battle fit. So, we can actually have a discussion about female warrior types in a world that clearly isn’t entirely historically accurate. Or we can used tired old arguments that people use to try and convince others that women shouldn’t be able to get into Combat Arms trades in the modern military…
  8. Sinfulwolf

    SinfulWolf's Review Responses

    I was inspired by a picture. Basically the scene on the couch. And this idea just burst into my head. I knew I didn’t have the time to really write out a full story, so I decided on smutty one shot.
  9. Sinfulwolf

    SinfulWolf's Review Responses

    A review for “Closing Time” by Clover Reef. Or Plague Clover… depending whether yer reading her library, or chatting with her. I can imagine the editing thing indeed. I’m glad you enjoyed the story overall, and that it was indeed HOT! As for the setting and characters… totally made them up on the spot for this one particular one shot. However, I do have a broader setting and a backstory for the world at large and Lili herself. Will I eventually put this down into a proper tale… maybe. I want to finish Blood and Lace first. As for the critique part. Please, let me have it. I’ve been a bad girl with them spelling mistakes and overlong sentence structure. The lengthy sentences is something I need to harp on myself more to be honest (almost typed “though” :P). Prevent that droning sensation from happening. As for the second point… I’m usually so hard on myself for ensuring that different words are used. Must have slipped in this one. Alas, and alack. Thanks for the points! And yes… Scottish accents always help.
  10. Sinfulwolf

    Female warrior classes

    Nordic Shield Maidens. Germanic Hex bearers. Britannic Hand-maidens of Andraste. Chinese Widow Warriors. I mean, if you’re bringing in fantasy and mythology there’s really no limit to what you can do. Most cultures that had female warriors had them fighting alongside men most of the time. Look at the Scythians (AKA. The real Amazons that the Greeks based their myths off of). There wasn’t a lot from history or myth that had female only, and alas most mentions of females fighting in conflict get swept gently under the rug to be ignored for the most part. Sometimes outright denied. The Amazons though are interesting. You have the Greek mythical versions that fought like Hoplites in modern retellings, but were heavily based off the Horse nomad culture of the Scythians that were more Egalitarian. A culture which bled into nearby Thrace as well, who also had warrior queens. Then there’s the “Libyan Amazons” much later in north Africa. And of course the female warriors in Brazil that attacked explorers, reminded them of old Greek myths, and had them name it the Amazon rainforest/river.
  11. Death may be death… but who here watches Vikings? That’s one way to pull it off.
  12. Sinfulwolf

    How does one go about promoting a story?

    Lol. Mostly?
  13. Sinfulwolf

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    I can see how what you wanted could have gotten swamped easily in a full on beach orgy scene fully written out, still I think overcompensated is a good word choice. It’s honestly a small point in the grand scheme of things.
  14. Sinfulwolf

    How does one go about promoting a story?

    Isn’t there themes and such though? How you starting without that? Or is it just: “Halloween! Go ghoulies!”
  15. Sinfulwolf

    How does one go about promoting a story?

    Fair enough. It sounds like a good fun time. And Halloween usually… usually… isnt too busy for me.