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  1. Sinfulwolf

    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    It was a nun? Oh dear oh heavens me!
  2. Sinfulwolf

    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    That’s fair. It's all what works in the context needed.
  3. Sinfulwolf

    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    Not necessarily. An accident in a substation, or from a transformer (the electrical devices, not the robots in disguise), can cause from very very serious wounds. However, I don’t know all the specific details of your particular case. I just wanted to state that electricity, even by accident, or perhaps especially when it’s an accident due to the massive amounts of power that’s in certain devices, can make messes.
  4. Sinfulwolf

    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    They can, from what I’ve learned from my father who works as an underground electrician. Not only can burns be nasty, but he’s had groundhogs get decapitated when they get into substations. Electricity moving through the body can cause both entry and exit wounds, and those wounds can go quite deep. While not always visible on the surface, it certainly can be.
  5. Wouldn’t someone who feels they are doing the right thing, and agree with what is happening even is it gets a bit “messy” actually be the people who believe the ends justify the means? Someone who’s more along the psychopath route, it almost feels like the means are the goal, and less about an end state.
  6. Sinfulwolf

    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    I write soldiers a fair bit, so guns are around often enough.
  7. Just to throw in some thoughts. A human antagonist will almost always believe they are doing the right thing. However, they don’t need to be sympathetic for it. There are many examples in history of people that were downright vile doing what they thought was a good thing. Beliefs of superiority due to race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. have led to many atrocities that were supposed to be for the right reason. While some of these people are universally hated, some are heroes or villains depending on who you ask. Winston Churchill for example. Often seen as a hero by the media, but I’m sure the Irish and Indians have much different views on him. Or Sir John A. MacDonald. One of the leading figures in the formation of Canada as a nation and the first Prime Minister. However an alcoholic and involved pretty firmly in the Residential Schools. If not human though, minds work in different ways. A few examples have been brought up such as Jaws, or the Raptors in Jurassic Park. These though are primal creatures acting on instinct. Slasher villains such as Jason Vorhees or Michael Myers are often supposed to be embodiment of evil but they are really mostly instinctual and primal. Characters like Pinhead from Hellraiser though have objectives and goals though they are clearly not of the moral variety. My current story my villain is a demon. He has plots and schemes that involve the destruction of many lives in one way or another, and he’s not sympathetic to the pain he causes as that stands in his way. However, he just just go off destroying things for the shits and giggles of it. It’s less evil, and more amoral from common society’s standpoint.
  8. Sinfulwolf

    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    Well I just hope I succeeded in an erotic horror/fantasy fusion. ] As @Desiderius Price has, death is part of life in my stories. I tend to go less simple. Even a gunshot makes a hell of a mess. I personally feel its what makes my stories mine. I’m curious though if others find that a messy death can make a character’s death less emotionally impactful. I don’t think so myself, but there’s always various opinions out there.
  9. Sinfulwolf

    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    I often get attached to my characters, and while sometimes might have trouble letting go I still can because it can make the story better. Granted my current story is an Urban Fantasy with stripes of horror, so there’s a decent amount of gruesome death. And I often have it on page to be read.
  10. Sinfulwolf

    Blood and Lace

    I’ve been working on this story for awhile, and it’s taken a much different shape than I originally envisioned. Originally just an exploration of different kinks through the lens of succubi (I use the spelling ‘Succubae’ in this particular story), by the second chapter it was twisting towards a dark fantasy tale in a modern setting. I enjoy writing it, my wife enjoys editing, and I hope any with interest enjoy reading. Author: SinfulwolfTitle: Blood and LaceSummary: Four soldiers no longer human, return from a combat tour in the depths of Hell. Turned into Succubae, they must deal with the new urges swirling through them, and the new hungers that fill their souls. But the threat of a new war looms over the Earth, and they may all be pulled back into conflict once more.Feedback: Always welcome. Constructive criticism and discussion helps to improve.Fandom: Original FantasyPairing: N/A Warnings: 3Plus Anal Angst BDSM Beast Bi BMod Bond BP CR Cuck Cuckquean Dom DP Ds Exhib Fet F/F Fingering HJ Hum Inc MC M/F MiCD M/M OC Oral Peg Rape Rim SandM Slave Solo Spank Tent TF Tort Toys Violence Voy WIP Solo story or chaptered story: ChapteredURL: Do enjoy.
  11. Oh, the story itself is in English, as is the story’s title itself, and the summary. It’s only the chapter titles.
  12. I’m glad the idea isn’t entirely out to lunch then. I’ve pondered that before, but it’s a good suggestion. I suppose I just need to think of how exactly I want to present it so it looks good.
  13. A question that offers a slight variation of the topic. What of different language in chapter titles? While I personally try to stay with English in the actual content of the story, I’ve been using Latin in the chapter titles of my latest tale. Mostly because I think it fits the Hellish themes somewhat. But I’m curious to think what folks might think of that.
  14. Sinfulwolf

    Avatar IMG link not working on Archive

    I’ve been having much the same issue. I’ve tried Photobucket, Imgur, and even this forum. The image is 250x250, and I’ve also tried removing the “http://” at the front, but to no avail. For some reason the image it attempts to display in my bio never matches the URL I put in the change avatar field.