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  1. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Holiday Party!

    Why thank ye. I’ve not been tempted to kill off Lydia just yet, but we’ll see if any future stories bring her to a demise. I wanted the dark aspects of the story to more be background, and focus on some sexy fun between these two. Thanks for the review!
  2. Sinfulwolf

    Illyria's Masquerade

    Author: Sinfulwolf Title: Illyria’s Masquerade Summary: The Necromancer Illyria is hosting a Masquerade Ball in her castle. Many are invited, but there is one in particular that the sultry sorceress has her eyes upon. And the mistress always gets what she wants. Feedback: Always welcome Fandom: Original Warnings: F/F (main focus), M/F, some transformation. Solo story or chaptered story: Solo, all done now. URL: Review Reply thread:
  3. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Holiday Party!

  4. Sinfulwolf

    SinfulWolf's Review Responses

    Two reviews for my Krampus story! Woo! The only reason I don’t have it listed as complete is in case I ever want to return and play with Lea some more. The connections to Blood and Lace itself are pretty minimal, but I certainly felt that the setting opens up a lot of possibilities for fun. Thank you kindly for the review! I really don’t like to hold much back with anything I have slapped the “Blood and Lace” setting over. Suits the darker themes of the world as a whole really. But writing the Krampus was certainly fun. I looked through a bunch of the lore, but at the same time tried to think of how something like that might actually be. So he was fun to write, without letting too many of his motives shine through. And that you sympathized with him, well… that’s a feat I’ll claim happily. Your welcome for the tale, but thank you very much for the review. Very glad you enjoyed it!
  5. Sinfulwolf

    Exhaustion and Writing

    More that I resurfaced here later than Christmas last year. I have it posted elsewhere as well.
  6. Sinfulwolf

    Krampus Tale

    Author: SinfulwolfTitle: A B&L Christmas: Krampus Delights of PainSummary: Lea has found herself on the naughty list. But with the portal to Hell opened, there is more than jokes and coal as consequence. A visit from the Krampus will show her the depths of her own lust, and a thrill for the ecstasy of pain.Feedback: Always welcome. Constructive criticism and discussion helps to improve.Fandom: Original FantasyPairing: N/A Warnings: Anal BDSM Bond CR Cuck Dom Ds MF OC SandM Spank Tort Toys ViolenceSolo story or chaptered story: SoloURL:
  7. Sinfulwolf

    Exhaustion and Writing

    Well… now I’m posting a story I wrote last year.
  8. Sinfulwolf

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    Thank you very much for the review (almost wrote reveal for some reason… brain still awakening it seems) But, since this story was so firmly from Varia’s point of view, I thought some of the descriptions and such would be a sleek way to world build a bit too. It being fantasy, I’m on the back foot for making the world feel real and lived in, so I do all I can to get that sensation for the characters and setting. Sometimes it works, as it seemingly did this time. Thank you again. Also, I do love my FF sex scenes. As that was the meat of it all, glad it was hot.
  9. Sinfulwolf

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    Hmmm, that’s definitely something to keep in mind. I certainlly wanted there to be connections to the Halloween story, but I did mostly want this one to stand on its own. May have been a bit heavy handed with the connecting threads. As to the fade to black, heh, sorry about that. I think my thought process was I wanted to cut the scene while it was still good and sexy, and before I started to just get a bit repetitive. Thank you for the review!
  10. Sinfulwolf

    Exhaustion and Writing

    I find I get a little bit more done around now because I get time off from work. Sure there’s all the holiday prep that’s gotta happen, but without the work portion it’s fairly low key.
  11. Sinfulwolf

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    Ha, that it does, I will admit. The world is much like that, so it fits for what’s our near future.
  12. Sinfulwolf

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    @Desiderius Price That’s fair. I wasn’t overly lost through it, which is a good thing, and impressive seeing as how connected all your stories really are. Surely more impactful for those that have read everything, but I could still easily follow the story only missing the more subtle cues. @CloverReef Well, I’m a little sick in the head, so even that hard left turn was fun. I’m glad you love it. I want to work more in this world at some point. Whether that means a fully fledged story, or keep showing Lydia’s journey through side characters. I also have the soft spot for witchy characters, and I don’t write them enough (I say that about a few things...). But thank you about the comments on the writing style. I could always use a few ego pumps.
  13. Sinfulwolf

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    I do have a lot of fun with the Roman elements and bringing them into a fantasy world. I’ve actually been trying hard too not to make the Clergy and the religion of Ilimm the too typical overbearing Catholic knockoffs. I did throw Varia into a different kind of situation, and I had fun with the play between the two. I’ll be revisiting this world again at some point. Thank you very kindly for the review! I think that was the one big thing I wanted to tackle with this setting, is not having light and dark equate to good and evil, even if the two do sometimes treat the other that way. I’ll have to explore Lyxa a bit more in the future though. And glad you thought the characters were ‘delightfully human’. Also, good quote.
  14. Sinfulwolf

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    @BronxWench the challenge is always fun. See how often you can do it without starting with bodies… though… can always end with many. @Desiderius Price It’s always fun to try different things. I find with one shots and shorts I often try to bite off more than I can chew. I think the best way to do it is look at a singular event and really double down on it. Of course, this is writing, and there’s many best ways
  15. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Holiday Party!

    Had a typo on my letter to Santa… Be careful with that N placement, else you’ll get something entirely different.