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  1. Sinfulwolf

    How do you go about developing a story idea?

    I am very much a pantser. I’ll come up with an idea, a setting, and characters, and start going from there. I’ve had character arcs shift from original ideas and outlines entirely because it was what was working as I wrote. Current story I’m still not entirely sure what’s going to happen with one of my major characters and if she’ll be hero or villain. To me I find if I go too close to any kind of outline, things get a bit too wooden.
  2. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    It’s at the other site I write at, but I’ll likely upload it here for Christmas time. If I can be arsed, maybe a follow up chapter.
  3. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    Last time I wrote a Christmas story it involved the Krampus and weird shit happening.
  4. Sinfulwolf

    Halloween Party Reviews and Replies

    Heh, it’s all good. But that doesn’t surprise me. Like I said, it seemed like such a big world. And damn those multiple projects eh? I feel that pain. Ha. There is, I think it might be a slight different take… but honestly only slightly. But, more reviews have been put up. Thank you! I did want to go for dark and bloody. Think I hit it. Lydia I really liked, and she’ll likely return some day. Though as a protagonist of her own. Heh. I had pondered the “NoSex” thing for a bit, but I felt it worked better for what I was going for. There was a semblance of an idea to have the grove scene a sex scene as well, but it wouldn’t have felt crowbarred in. Asides, my other work has plenty of sex. And damnit!
  5. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    Problem with Thanksgiving is that it’s not nearly as widespread or international… for example, Canadian Thanksgiving is already done. Weeks ago.
  6. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    Aye, someone else posted a story, with a minor tag as Bronx pointed out, but it seems to be gone now.
  7. Sinfulwolf

    Halloween Party Reviews and Replies

    My original inspiration was Massilia in southern Gaul. I didn’t have enough time to explore a bit of marriage of Celtic and Greek, so only the Irish bit really came through. Glad you liked the Sluagh though, I pretty much just ran with a basic concept of them. I did do the research, but I wanted my own fantasy version that just had their roots from Eire. So glad it came across all well. And… I enjoy writing bloodbaths.
  8. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    I’ll try and whip something up for Christmas, but I can’t promise much.
  9. Sinfulwolf

    Halloween Party Reviews and Replies

    I don’t like how common it is for one side to completely demonize the other while completely elevating their own. I wanted to aim for some kind of balance here. Glad it wasn’t seen coming though.
  10. Sinfulwolf

    Halloween Party Reviews and Replies

    We can be sometimes can’t we? The mind is a deeply odd place sometimes. Especially among writers. It’s strange what we can pull out of ourselves. And yes, I remember you talking about that before. Perhaps all the more frightening in that it feels so damn plausible. Heh, I have an idea, as we’ve chatted about it before. But yeah, I have a feeling I’ll have the same issues whenever I get around to my M/M scenes. Tip toeing that line between cheesy and clinical and what’s actually sexy to those that enjoy the material I also have reviews of my own to respond to. Woo! I enjoy doing little things like that. I like describing little ticks and motions the characters do when they’re just talking or walking or whatever. I feel it breathes a little life into them. Kind of a reminder for the imagination that they’re not just standing that yammering at each other straight backed, or strolling super purposefully down the road. I find it also opens doors for little snipits of world building. Not much, but little bits of it. And yeah, once I thought of this idea earlier this week I hit the ground running and just went for it. Lydia was originally going to be the main character, but I felt it better for her just to have a cameo. I thought it would be better for the horror vibe if I had this noble completely out of her comfort zone. I often worry about the Mary Sue thing, especially with my typical archetype that I find coming into my stories. Them warrior lasses that I enjoy writing so much. But, this time it wasn’t actually I worry for me. I found it rather different to go for the noble woman who was physically weak, but could be a powerhouse in politics. She was a fun character to write. Why thank you. The one side was certainly inspired by Rome, and the conquered city in my head was drawn from Gaul, Brittannia, and Massalia. I had a lot more stuff but… didn’t want to drown in exposition since most of it wasn’t necessary for the plot. But yes, butchered by demons/undead isn’t the best of days.
  11. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    Awww, why thank you @InvidiaRed
  12. Sinfulwolf

    Count To Infinity

  13. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    Woo! Managed to finish. After about 5 scraped ideas, and a few starts and restarts, I finally got something I actually had a lot of fun writing. Title: Eve of Hollow Souls Summary: A noblewoman of a conquered land goes to visit her countryside villa, on the night of a outlawed religious festival. Warnings: Violence, no sex, F/F (sorta, but not really)
  14. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Halloween Party 2018!

    Still workin on mine...
  15. Sinfulwolf

    Making a website

    I’m part of one, and I’d suggest to allow people to post anonymously if you do want comments. Might be a bit more work to prevent spam stuff, but the site I’m a part of requires someone to have an account and to comment once and get it accepted before they can freely comment. This has resulted in very much a lack of feedback/commentary on our work.