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  1. Starting a new Amazon tale, this one with a focus around the Festival of Motherhood. 

    1. CloverReef


      I legit can’t wait to read it! 

  2. Sinfulwolf

    Shadow and Lust

    Author: Sinfulwolf Title: Shadow and Lust Summary: When a storm knocks out the power to her home, Cassies heads out into the rain to get her generator working. But something alluring, deadly, lurks out in the dark, watching. Feedback: Always welcome Fandom: Original Pairing: F/F Warnings: Anal CR Dom Ds FF Fingering Hum MC Solo story or chaptered story: Solo, though connected to Blood and Lace through setting. URL: Review Reply thread:
  3. Computer been busted for 2 and a half months now. Had to get a chromebook to get some writing done and post, and have to use data. 

    So… that’s where I’ve been.

    1. JayDee


      Welcome back online! G’luck getting back in that creative groove.

    2. Sinfulwolf


      Thank you! I have written some stuff I really do need to port over here.

  4. Sinfulwolf

    The Handmaiden's Contract

    Author: Sinfulwolf Title: The Handmaiden’s Contract Summary: Olivia is invited to the Duchess’s palace, where she discovers the court of vampires is full of lust, and taboo reveled in. Feedback: Always Welcome Pairing: F/F…./F Warnings: Threesome, Blood Play, Incest, Oral. Solo story or chaptered story: Solo URL: Review Reply thread:
  5. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Halloween Party 2019!

    Now time to start reading… sorry I’ve not been reviewing folks.
  6. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Halloween Party 2019!

    Woo, it’s up
  7. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Halloween Party 2019!

    I mostly just got a sudden rush of inspiration one night. Yarps!
  8. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Halloween Party 2019!

    Well, seems mine is written and ready for posting.
  9. Sinfulwolf

    SinfulWolf's Review Responses

    Fair nuff. I felt the words themselves brought enough emphasis, but I suppose I could put some more ommph into it. And I did not know that particular rule about dialogue. I just use comma’s for a pause…. I usually throw a lot of grammar rules out the window with dialogue anyway. Just due to the way people speak. But… I suppose good to know.
  10. Sinfulwolf

    SinfulWolf's Review Responses

    So @Tcr has left me two reviews! I’ve got em here: First is for A Private Triumph, the Amazonian recreation of Rome. I felt showing would work really well here, vs. the typical telling. So I wanted to really show her in action, how she’s earned her accolades. Besides, I thought bringing it into the action right away would hook the reader. Now. I think I may have overdone it a bit, as others have wanted to know more about that character. But, this may be a mileage may vary moment. It’s still something I’ll have to ponder. And yes, I really tried to show some accurate Roman tactics at the century level. It is certainly a tricky balance. Especially in an AU world. To build and create a wider setting, without info dumping and boring the character. I thought about a few lines to mention the actual Romans, but I stopped myself. If I ever return to this with a proper story, I’ll mention what happened to the Romans. I think I might be getting a kink now for parties holding political machinations behind the curtains. But glad you got Rhoda’s discomfort. And glad the sex was hot! And the second review was for Blackburn Chapter 2 A few touches here and there to build some context, to build on the character. Cause as I always say “Context makes things hotter”. I’m, really not entirely sure what you mean here. I don’t think your own italics went in, and I’m not sure what commas you’re referring to. Heh, no, I imagine most don’t. But that’s the thrill of erotica no? Bring the fantasy to life. And thank ye. I think it might be my first main use of toys, but I can’t imagine I’ve -never- used em before. Glad you enjoyed.
  11. Sinfulwolf

    Blood and Lace

    Chapter 10 is up now. Kris and Derek venture out. Mia is on the run. Rasha is given no choice.
  12. Sinfulwolf

    AFF Halloween Party 2019!

    I’ll be in. Lydia will return.
  13. Sinfulwolf

    SinfulWolf's Review Responses

    A review on A Private Triumph from @CloverReef, thanks dear. I keep that more in mind now since you’ve mentioned it before. I guess it was always something I’ve kind of done, but now I’m a bit more aware and keep trying to work it in. I like that it works and helps sell the story and setting. Glad you liked the gore. I do like to think I can do gore decently. Good to know about the lack of a proper introduction. While opening with a bang is good for the hook, I do like decently lengthed battles, so perhaps I need to think of other ways to open. Even if with action, cause you are right: need to give the reader a reason to root for Rhoda, and leave those longer battles for later when you actually care about her. I added bits more in there, mostly cause it’s this central little display piece, but it’s moving, and it’s erotic. So I put more detail into the stuff than I had originally planned. Perhaps I’ll get more opportunities to explore her character, but yeah I did want to play with the stoic soldiery type, and part of me writing this was my fascination with the Romans, but also the debauchery they used to get up to. So I figured a dedicated soldier would be just as up for that debauchery. Plus, real soldiers often are Labda was fun to write, and interesting. Slavery is so frowned upon in today’s society, yet I had a slaver character who I wanted the reader to look at just like any other merchant. Well… a sexy merchant that really likes sex anyway. Glad you thought it was all hot. that’s pretty key for a short like this me thinks. And that the part was absorbing like that is pretty good to hear.
  14. Sinfulwolf

    A Private Triumph

    Author: SinfulwolfTitle: A Private TriumphSummary: As an Empire spreads across the Mediterranean and quells rebellions in Libya, an Amazonian centurion fights for her nation and is declared a hero. The party thrown for her afterwords is its own nest of vipers, but there’s wine. Feedback: Always welcomeFandom: Original – FemslashWarnings: F/F, Oral, some M/M with anal and handjobs.Solo story or chaptered story: Solo story. Might be more?URL: Review Replies:
  15. Sinfulwolf

    SinfulWolf's Review Responses

    A review on Blackburn Chapter 2 (or, the second short I did) by @CloverReef Glad you liked her. I based her off a character I saw in a video, with them big glasses and top hat. Besides, a tailor has to be well dressed. Glad you liked it, glad it was hot. And, immediate contradictions is fun. Especially when lust is involved.