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  1. Praetor

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Not yet. Haven’t gotten back to writing anything substantially yet.
  2. Praetor

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Not that I am aware of. Everything is fine. I’ve been busy in real life but things are starting to settle now and I can get back to leisurely activities like writing fan fiction, working through the Netflix backlog and playing all the games I’ve been downloading but not touching.
  3. I dunno, I feel like the entire neighbourhood can claim the coffee is theirs with reasonable doubt. My name in real life is hard to spell and been said to be painful to pronounce, so that won’t do. I had another name for regular diet off brand but have since forgotten what it was since I never used it. I’ll likely have a more real sounding pen name by the time I become a real published author [weeps in dark corner]. For this sight, I was logging in a guest at the time and happened to be playing Rome Total War 2 in the background at the time and chose a Roman title at random. I just kind of stuck with it.
  4. Praetor

    Link vs...

    I don’t actually think Soul Calibur is entirely ‘better’ than Soul Edge, being at least as caniving and power hungry as its opposite, but I do like that train of thought.
  5. Praetor

    Link vs...

    The issue with Mortal Kombat is I am already toying with a different premise by Booblover for that game. My big issue is Link doesn’t really fit the MK setting, or at least not as much as the Soul Calibur theme, though I wouldn’t be averse to it. I’ll see how things are looking after the Soul Calibur part and maybe spin it off into MK. Maybe even add in Street Fighter, Tekken and DOA, who knows.
  6. Praetor

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    I haven’t watched any Adventure Time and don’t see it happening anytime soon, so probably not.
  7. Praetor

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    It’s a lot more tedious than it sounds. The scene is also running kind of long, I haven’t even finished the foreplay yet.
  8. Praetor

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    I need to redub the dialogue for consistency and finish the scene.
  9. Praetor

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    After her summer games costume, I think most of the bulk comes from her clothes but sure. I want to write a rough anal for Mei anyways, because she’s an overly specialized character in game that is very annoying to deal with.
  10. Praetor

    Link vs...

    Incidentally, I started a Link/Soul Caliber crossover project I hope to have out by the time the next game hits the shelves. Navi appears to him (either returning from a long absence or for the first time to him, time is weird in Zelda) warning of a great evil in a different world that unchecked, would threaten hyrule. The either take the wind waker and King of Red Lions boat, orcarina or combination of all to warp to the new plane. Harem ensues. Bodily fluids doesn’t extend to spit, cum right? Because those are standard and in abundance in my works. Measurements up to the writer seems to mean I can do my usual horsecock dwarfing heroes and beach ball chested heroines. The usual ban on futa is missing, so maybe Soul Edge shards can give Link hyper cocked women to help him with his harem from time to time...
  11. Praetor

    The Big Question

    I am lazy and would like the ability to bestow upon others superpowers. I’d go around and find wounded warriors, upstanding citizens and other downtrodden champions I suspect would make good heroes and give them powers, making a super powered vigilante team that could do good in the world and double as a personal Praetorian Guard/hit squad. and because I am a jerk, maybe also deliberately make villains for my own amusement. I dunno.
  12. Praetor

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Mad Love is one of the next fics to be updated. I have half of an Omniharem, a third of Naruko's, a fifth of L&PD, the start of a Mad Love and a smattering of snippets for others.
  13. Praetor

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Not 'you wouldn't think', it's the law. Drunk people can't consent. That's the whole point I am trying to make with Mad Love. Also, heavy drinking to cope is just sad and this is supposed to be a happy fic.
  14. Praetor

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    If she can be pleasured into cooperating then why resist at all? I also find it lazy, just having people meekly resist and then go down for anal. It's also a little rapey since one 'No' should be enough to stop any sex act.
  15. Praetor

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    That's another thing. Now there's a tv series apparently that I need to watch. It's more a thing of I don't want to miss anything. A bunch of the new failed characters were SJW type feminists that could make for ironic harem members. Like the much loathed America Chavez I plan to have fun with. She was origonally bi and an okay character when introduced but the launch of her own line was hilariously bad. It's good to see Rexfan is still around. I thought I annoyed him away when I asked for someone other than Ben for a fic. I decided to have the mom be as flirty and promiscous as the rest of the women in the fic since I can't figure out how to have her be rational and still decide to have a threesome with Ben and her sister in law.