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  1. Ten questions I'd ask various superheroes if they were real:

    1. Squirrel Girl: What are you going to call yourself when you're forty?
    2. Black Panther and Aquaman: Shouldn't you guys be, like, at home settling trade disputes instead of running around in tight pants?
    3. Martian Manhunter: Suspenders with shorts? Is that a Martian thing?
    4. America Chavez: If you just gently poked some cookie dough with your finger, would it make star shapes?
    5. Iron Man: What do you do if you have an itch?
    6. Beast Boy: So, when you turn into an animal, is it always a boy animal?
    7. Wolverine: If you and Vandal Savage got in a fight, which of you do you think would get bored and go home first?
    8. The Flash: Do women actually like the speed thing? Because, you know...
    9. The Thing: Do you think the right moisturizer would help?
    10. Violet Parr: Have you ever searched your own name on a site called Rule34?

    1. Strange_idea


      Can i guess some of the answers?

    2. WillowDarkling


      I want to add to this list… I don’t know exactly if he counts as a superhero, being a demi-god and all, but I want to ask Loki, “What was it like when you turned into a horse and had to carry a foal to term?”. Followed by, “And how was it when the foal was born with eight legs?”

    3. JayDee


      Dogwelder: Why are you welding that dog to m-ARGGGGGHHH


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