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  1. Why have I never met a female electrician? I get that carpentry and plumbing require a certain amount of upper-body strength, but does electrical work? Or is that profession just an impenetrable boys’ club?

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    2. JayDee


      There’s a domestic and industrial firm near me that advertises itself specifically as “female electrical contractors”. Definitely some out there! Our regular plumber’s a woman too.

    3. JayDee


      Ooh! Has anybody done an electricians romance yet and called it “Sparks” or similar?

    4. Praetor


           I thought I saw one when my neighbour’s apartment had a blow out but it turned out to be a costumed stripper and they were having a frat party or something.  I am sure there is a very boring answer involving trends in education and gender disparity in the work force.  I imagined it would level out since things are getting so complicated even car mechanics are now basically electricians and need degrees to keep up with the space ships they’re rolling out nowadays.  I remember my mind being blown when I got a new car that only had 1 key and could open and start the car from my house.  I imagine electricians are also having to become highly educated.