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  1. Have you considered starting a review reply thread in the AFF forums? I do that for all my stories, mainly so people who review them won't feel like they're shouting into the void. I had no idea. Thanks! Did you review it anonymously? I don't remember getting any reviews from you before. That was really what I was aiming for: to immerse readers in the story and make them part of it. It was pretty experimental; I'd never even considered writing a story in the first person plural before. Thanks! Good to know. I was really trying to do the opposite -- to make the story partly a conversation between Lucy and the reader. But maybe that's just not doable (at least, not in the way I tried to do it). It was definitely fun (although the most fun parts to write were Lucy's comments and insights). It was also the hardest part, in some respects, because it's meant to imply that the order in which these five scenarios begin is also the order in which these different activities got started over successive Friday nights. (“Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny,” as the biologists like to say once they've got a few drinks in them.) So Lynn started it all with her sleepwalking-that-fools-no-one routine, which prompted Leni and Luna to start doing their silent lap dance thing, which emboldened the twins to unleash their pent-up desires on Luan, which inspired Lisa to start having regular rendezvous with her extradimensional fuck buddy, which put the idea into Lori's head to “borrow” Lily while that's going on. Thank you! It helps that all of the action in that scene takes place in one location -- the hallway -- so there's no need to switch from one peephole to another like we do throughout the rest of the story. Thanks! I completely agree that Luan is hardest to write. In canon, she almost never stops joking, and it's hard to keep that up over multiple lines of dialogue. But for better or worse, my dad had a similarly dorky sense of humor, and having been exposed to it for decades, I can drum up bad puns when necessary. There are some twins whom developmental psychologists describe as “over-identified"; each twin's identity is so bound up in the other’s that they don't know who they are as individuals. This vignette is based on the premise that Lola and Lana are scared of that happening to them, so they make a conscious effort to be different from each other -- but they still have the same underlying tendencies and urges. Thanks again. I wrote that before Luna's bisexuality was revealed on the show. I just figured that it seemed plausible. And Leni has a sort of naive open-mindedness that I thought would make this a believable scenario for her, too. Absolutely. It's a completely balanced relationship (which is why Luna will be dancing for Leni the next Friday night). I wanted it to be unclear until the end what was really going on with each of them. Despite having been at this the longest, they are also the ones most in denial. In fact, they may not even know what their sisters are getting up to during their liaisons -- let alone that they inspired it all. Thanks. I didn't want to sideline Lily the way I did in “Whoops,” and I have a mother-child incest fetish, so I thought this was the thing to do. I also love writing dirty talk, sometimes more than writing the action. Yes, I do. And I think there is a wide range of crazy that is plausible for Lori. We've seen her be the responsible elder sister, and we've seen her come completely unglued. For this story, I wanted to go somewhere in between, but I do see your point. Of the two big secrets that Lucy mentions at the end, the first (which she explains) is that the Loud kids inherited their horniness from their parents. But the second secret, which Lucy only hints at, is that all the Loud kids have a great capacity for love. We see that capacity manifest itself in a variety of ways in the final scenes. I see your point. It’s on a completely different level of plausibility from the rest of the story. I should note that I didn't quite manage to flesh out the idea behind Lovecraft -- not just that Lisa can control him, but also that she feels safer expressing her affection for him than for the human beings in her life. I wanted her to be an Alfred Hitchcock-type host. Which is why her first words to us are “Good evening.” I wrote that before I even knew that the show is set in Michigan. I just thought there was something Midwestern about Royal Woods. Thanks! Thanks again! Yes, I've gathered that. Or any cute girl for that matter (but especially his sisters, obviously: incest is the best!). Again, you know me. That's all besides the point though. Great work, man. Sounds like fun to me. You too! And if you’d like to send me an email some time, I’m at
  2. Category Name: Mighty Magiswords Section category to be in: Cartoons > +M through R Do you have any stories for it?: Yes. Comments: I can’t believe I’m making another cartoon category request. What am I doing with my life?
  3. I call it the Incestverse. Pincestverse is good too, though, because as they say, Pinecest is finecest. (I’m sure someone says that.) Thanks. I wanted readers to appreciate Dipper's discomfort, so...mission accomplished, I guess. We will definitely be exploring that, as well as the reasons why Aphrodite sent Dipper to this universe in the first place. I was going to end that scene with Wendy's comment about her brothers keeping her up all night, but then that bit of dialogue just popped into my head. What's really fun about writing this story is getting to put familiar characters in, not one, but a whole series of new situations. That creates a lot of opportunities to write funny dialogue. Thank you! I suppose you could call this approach “show and tell” (rather than “show, don’t tell”): Show some hints first, then explain the situation explicitly later on. Don't worry, we'll wrap up the Incestverse in the next chapter -- and move on to even more bizarre things. Thanks for the review!
  4. Thank you. And we'll be on to other universes after the next chapter. Did you check out that Fairy Slayer story I mentioned?
  5. Oh, don't worry, all those kids are on birth control—parental supervision and all. And most of them grow up to marry other people.
  6. I love writing Grunkle Stan’s dialogue. And I hope the next chapter lives up to your expectations.
  7. Exactly. And that’s a good observation to make, because the similarity among Dippers will continue to be important to the plot. Thank you! She may not be in love with Dipper, but she certainly likes him, so she wouldn't just use him and cast him aside. She just assumed that Dipper was operating on the same set of assumptions that she was, and that after a couple more years of fooling around together, they would amicably break it off, and Dipper would go find himself a Mrs. Robinson. She didn't count on Dipper actually being in love with her. One thing I especially enjoyed in planning the shotaverse chapters was figuring out how social norms would differ if it was usual for older girls to date younger boys. Basically, it gives girls both more power and more responsibility. (For example, as we saw with Tambry and Chez, it's the girl's responsibility to make sure the boy is home by curfew.) And I really liked the idea that in the shotaverse, losing your virginity is a bigger deal for boys than for girls. She is kinda butch. The word Mabel uses to describe her, “lumbersexual,” is typically used for men. Thanks! Being on a journey of self-discovery, Dipper is going to be doing a lot of introspection in the course of this story, which provides plenty of opportunities for bits like that. I love writing Grunkle Stan's dialogue. My bad. I totally forgot about that line. Although, as you point out, it does rather concisely illustrate one of the down sides of life in the shotaverse. No spoilers. Yeah, I could see that. Except she’d probably break into a hacking cough halfway through the first line. Thanks for the review!
  8. Thanks! Certainly. It didn't even seem possible to begin Dipper’s tour of romantic possibilities without putting Wendy first on the list. I can never hear that enough. I would guess that even these days, 3 years is a big difference when you're talking about a 12-year-old and a 15-year-old. Even in canon, Wendy once told Dipper that she's too old for him, which is how I got the idea to send Dipper to a world where their age difference wasn't a barrier to dating. Exactly. That's another reason why Wendy comes first in the order of alternate romantic partners: Understanding that Wendy doesn't love him helps Dipper deal with his tendency to hold on to what he wants to believe despite the evidence against it. What's an omake? In any case, I'm not planning any additional Gravity Falls stories at this point. But if you want to read a hot Wendy/Tambry scene (with Dipper watching), check out Fairy Slayer's “The Secrets of My Sis.”
  9. Sorry--there aren’t any aged-up character scenes in this story. All of the characters are their canonical ages.
  10. Re: “Make It All Better” Thank you! That's fair. I tend to think of teenagers as being very flexible, but that may not be as broadly true as I think. If I had thought that far ahead when I originally created the character of Angie/Angela, I'd have chosen gymnastics or ballet as her after-school activity instead of soccer.
  11. That depends on your POV, I suppose. I've never seen anything on the show to suggest that Wendy has any romantic interest in Dipper; she just likes him and Mabel as friends (which is pretty nice in and of itself, given that a lot of fifteen-year-olds would probably consider themselves too cool to hang around with a pair of preteens). So even in the shotaverse, she's dating him because she enjoys hanging out with him (and fooling around with him), not because she thinks he's Mr. Right. That's fine. As for the spoilers, but this story may not take the direction you expect. Thanks!
  12. Thanks! Clearly, you are younger than Grunkle Stan.
  13. But what fun would that be? I loved writing CreepyMabel. Especially because her creeping on nine-year-olds is more or less harmless because she's so bad at it. It's not easy being Thompson. In any reality. Dipper's proneness to anxiety and to overthinking everything does have an up side. He's not one to walk blindly into a trap (unless he really wants to believe that it isn't a trap). It's named for Carl Spackler, the gopher-hating groundskeeper played by Bill Murray in Caddyshack. After I wrote the text of the chapter, I went through it looking for a line that would make a good title. That one won. We'll get more into the parallels between Dippers in the next chapter. At least some of this will be addressed in the upcoming chapter. But yes, in the shotaverse, it's generally expected that the girl will make the first move. Oh, you just HAD to put that in my head, didn't you? I am SO gonna get you back in chapter 4. Thanks for the review!
  14. Just go to the anime section of the archives and look for any story with the “OC” tag. You’ll probably find plenty of stories like that.