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  1. Review responses for "Hot Yoga" [Phineas and Ferb]

    Glad you liked “Dil-Drones” and Oscar and Adele. I really enjoyed writing their dialogue. Here are a few pieces of the outline for the story—working title, “The More, the Merrier” (chosen because new people are being added to the group and because “merry” is an allusion to the Christmas special that Phineas and Ferb are shooting elsewhere). The first bit is a chart that I use to keep track of which characters already have an activity they’re involved in at each time point in the story. This helps me ensure that no characters are accidentally left out, or used in more than one activity at the same time. Below that are notes about what the characters are doing during the first 2 time points. A couple of things have been redacted to avoid spoilers. CHAR Start 1 2 3 4 Adyson x x x Balthazar x x x Coltrane x x x Dr Hirano x x x x Ginger n/a n/a x Gretchen x x x Jenny x x x Melanie x x x Midas x ~ Monty n/a x x x Pedro x x x Roger x x x x Sally n/a x x x Stacy x x x Vanessa x x x x Beginning Dr. Hirano wears tight, sexy yoga pants; arrives with Stacy and Coltrane. Adyson and Gretchen arrive together; mention that Ginger is running late because singing backup in Christmas special. Vanessa arrives with Balthazar and Midas. Is giving Balthazar advice. Also says Monty is supposed to be bringing someone new tonight. [Monty and Sally not there yet.] Melanie brings Roger. Jenny brings Pedro; has been tutoring him, or used to be his babysitter, or something. “Class” opens with Jenny leading everyone through warmup stretches while the incense burns. Time 1 [Ginger not there yet] Monty arrives with Sally; “introduces” her to Vanessa; Vanessa says she’s going to make up to her for taking the Mindy McGuffin doll; Monty and Vanessa undress and play with Sally. Gretchen services Adyson, ending with XXXX. Balthazar and Melanie fuck while Roger watches. Coltrane fucks Stacy; Dr. Hirano and Jenny watch and finger each other while Pedro watches. Dr. Hirano instructs him in the proper way to finger a girl’s pussy and tells him that she needs him to XXXX.
  2. Review responses for "Hot Yoga" [Phineas and Ferb]

    Hey there. Glad you’re liking “The Miss Cutie Patootie Pageant.” I have been working a little bit on the Hot Yoga sequel—some outlining, and some writing bits of text. But I’ve been more focused on a few other things, including finishing up an original one-shot story called “Dil-Drones.”
  3. Dil-Drones

    Title: Dil-Drones Summary: In the not-so-distant future, the world’s largest mail-order company launches a fleet of flying delivery drones and develops a sophisticated computer system to manage them. But when DelNet becomes self-aware, it decides to explore new forms of customer satisfaction. Warnings: Ageplay, Anal, COMPLETE, Ds, Fet, MF, Oneshot, Toys Fandom: Original Solo vs Chaptered: Solo URL: Review Replies: Just look at these rave reviews: “It’s the Sharknado of porn!” —Entertainment, Weakly “It’s like looking into your trousers and seeing the future.” —The London Daily Ceiling-Mirror “Coarse, derivative, and exploitative—in other words, everything we like in a pornographic short story.” —The New Porker “Two thumbs up…your ass!” —Two Guys in Sport Coats
  4. I once heard someone talking about a friend of his who was a nervous type but who nonetheless became a Navy SEAL. It seemed that the guy was better under high-stress conditions than low-stress ones. So I thought Lincoln, who has a lot of experience dealing with multiple sources of stress, might be the same way. One thing I like about writing Lincoln is that even though he's only 11, there is a lot that he could potentially know because of his sisters (as we saw in “Roughin’ It”). That gives us fanfic writers a lot of latitude in terms of what Lincoln knows about any given topic. BTW, what do you mean by present sisters? Has Rita Loud told you something she hasn't told me? Thanks! It took a little work to figure out exactly how to phrase that. I wanted Lola to shine in the dance competition, and I felt that for readers to see that, they needed to have a clear picture of the competing acts to know what she's up against. I also had fun figuring out what each contestant would do for her act. I completely agree, and thanks! Yeah, after I wrote the song, I realized that I would have to explain how Lola got Luna to write it, which ended up providing a character moment for Lola, too. The next chapter will get into most of those topics in a big way. Thank you! I had never written a song for a fic before, and I was concerned that the songs might fall flat because the reader gets only the words and not the melody. But I went for it in the hope that readers would imagine the melodies for themselves. Also, I originally planned to write only Lolly Pop's rap song. But when I finished it, I realized that I couldn't give Lolly an original song without giving Lola one, too. Lola's song was harder to write because it had to be in Luna's style. So I'm glad you liked the way the songs turned out. Thanks for the nice review!
  5. Go to the beginning of this thread to see my answer.
  6. Review responses for "Multiversity" [Gravity Falls]

    There are going to be three more chapters; I’ve just been in a bit of a slump regarding that story. I made some progress on it today, ,though.
  7. George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    There’s going to be more chapters of “Auntie’s Home,” and anything could happen...
  8. Review responses for "Hot Yoga" [Phineas and Ferb]

    Haven’t been making too much progress on “Untitled Hot Yoga Sequel” (as it’s currently named in my story file), because I’ve been pushing forward with my Steven Universe fic “Splinter” and my The Loud House story “The Miss Cutie Patootie Pageant.” Inspiration sort of comes and goes for me, which is why I keep several stories going at once, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be back to scribbling away at the outline for UHYS soon enough. Have a good one.
  9. Review responses for "Splinter" [Steven Universe]

    Thanks! More is on the way.
  10. Review responses for "Splinter" [Steven Universe]

    Thanks! I hope you’ll like the ending.
  11. George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Re: “Auntie’s Home” Thanks for giving “Auntie’s Home” it’s first review. Ellie didn’t actually get pregnant in “Mommy’s Home”; she was just fantasizing about Eric knocking her up. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen in THIS story, though...
  12. Rape in Literature: Thoughts?

    You can tell how old that song is because “dollar bills” does not equal “cheap.” BTW, I am not at all above giving readers cheap thrills. In fact, half that time, that’s ALL I’m trying to do.
  13. Exactly how short do you want this story to be? Hope you’ll like it. BTW, every time someone calls me Mr. Glass, I think of the last line from Unbreakable, which is probably my favorite last line in any movie.
  14. Thank you! That's part of it, yes. The other part is that I feel like I know these characters really well (I'm sure I've seen every episode of The Loud House at least twice), which gives me a lot of confidence in writing them. Having a good beta helps, too. Thanks! That joke was a late addition; my highly perceptive beta reader, Fairy Slayer, asked how the kids had convinced their parents to let them go to the pageant by themselves, so I had to come up with arguments for the kids to make regarding why Leni should be trusted to supervise them. (Spoiler alert: She shouldn't. ) Thank you! As I've probably mentioned before, getting the characters right is a high priority for me. That’s why I only write in fandoms that I feel I have a complete understanding of. Thanks! It helps that I'm an editor IRL, and that Fairy Slayer is kind enough to beta this story for me. There are reasons for each choice, but they are purely practical. Lola needs each of them there to perform particular duties. Plus, not including every Loud sister means that I don't have to come up with another cheesy pun for Luan to make every third paragraph. Glad to hear it! And I hope not to disappoint you. I agree. When writing cartoon fanfics, I try to obey the rules of that cartoon’s universe (with one major exception, of course ), which in the case of The Loud House means not naming real products. That said, I cheated with the Big Wheel bit, because I couldn't come up with a fake brand name that would conjure the right image in the reader's mind. Those were fun to come up with. Sadie Godiva is my favorite. Because we see that scene from Lincoln's perspective, I paid more attention to the details that Lincoln himself would focus on. And Lincoln is a lot more interested in a hot teenage girl than in a bunch of creepily precocious preteens. Thanks! More is on the way! And thanks for the comments.