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  1. Review responses for "Splinter" [Steven Universe]

    Fairly close—I just need a block of time to finish it. Then my beta reader will need a few days.
  2. Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    Agree with all of you: When it comes to fiction writing, there can be no hard and fast rules. Yes, 98% of your sentences should have both a subject and a verb, but there’s that other 2% that are so much better if they have only one or the other, or neither. (“My name is Bond. James Bond.”) That said, rule-breaking only results in good writing when it’s done for a purpose, and not just because the writer doesn’t know the rules in the first place.
  3. How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    On a related note, here’s something I’ve started doing when I feel stuck or lack inspiration. I go through my entire list of stories (in alphabetical order) and try to do something to make progress on each one: write a couple of paragraphs, figure out a plot point, do a little research, etc. Worst case scenario, I make a little progress on all 20 stories. Best case, inspiration strikes when I’m partway through the list and I finish a whole story or chapter.
  4. Review responses for "Hot Yoga" [Phineas and Ferb]

    Hey there. I consider a story active if it has made it beyond the “idea” stage and has actually been outlined or written to any degree. Although some of these projects take years to finish, I plan to finish each of them eventually. Just for the heck of it, here is my list of currently active stories: In progress and partly posted (multi-chapter): 1. Country Summer 2. Delta Delta Delta 3. Make It All Better 4. Multiversity 5. Splinter 6. Auntie’s Home 7. The Miss Cutie Patootie Pageant In progress, not yet posted (multi-chapter): 8. Bad Mother 9. Keene’s College Weekend 10. Little Rose 11. The Power Arcane: An Erotic Anthology 12. The More, the Merrier 13. Untitled dick girl story In progress, not yet posted (one-shot): 14. Goldilocked 15. The Happiest Place 16. Imaginary Tokyo 17. Untitled sequel to “Miss Match” 18. A Sweet Little Girl Like You (Raffle story) 19. Apprentice In progress, collaboration: 20. Tales from the Glory Wormhole Actually, it’s “Splinter” that I’m writing the final chapter of; “Multiversity” has 3 chapters left to go. The next thing I expect to post, though, is the next chapter of “Auntie’s Home,” which is currently in beta. Sorry—I meant to answer that question the first time you asked it. The answer, though, is that it’s almost impossible for me to say how long it takes me to write a chapter, because I’m always jumping from one story to another. (I have ADHD, and that’s the only way I can manage to be consistently productive.) I even jump among chapters of the same story; for example, I’ve written at least a little bit of text for each chapter of “The More, the Merrier.” Of course, I preferentially work on earlier chapters, but if a scene in a later chapter has written itself out in detail in my head, I strike while the iron is hot and write it down. Have a good one.
  5. How Many Active Stories do you Have?

    I have 20 active stories. And God help me, it's only 20 because that's the maximum number that I allow myself to have at any given time.
  6. insane sexual fantasy

    Oh, you sick bastard. Modded, you’ll need to be more specific.
  7. Review responses for "Hot Yoga" [Phineas and Ferb]

    Hey there. Had a lot going on in RL lately, but I have finished outlining “The More, the Merrier” (except for some of the denouement, because I’d rather figure that stuff out while I’m writing the earlier parts). Will probably start working on this one regularly once I finish the next and final chapter of “Splinter.”
  8. Review responses for "Multiversity" [Gravity Falls]

    Glad you’re enjoying “Multiversity.” I’ve been a bit stuck on that one since chapter 8, but I recently had a discussion with my friend and collaborator Eh Steve that I think will help me with the next couple of chapters.
  9. Review responses for "Multiversity" [Gravity Falls]

    It’s in the works, but it’s slow going because I don’t get to use most of the canon characters in this chapter. I have to create a lot of new ones.
  10. We don’t know what Lolly’s fetishes are. But being semi-mouth-raped apparently isn’t one of them.
  11. Review responses for "Splinter" [Steven Universe]

    Glad you’re liking it. And your comment gives me an idea, although maybe not the one you’re thinking of. Thanks for the note!
  12. Review responses for "Hot Yoga" [Phineas and Ferb]

    Glad you liked “Dil-Drones” and Oscar and Adele. I really enjoyed writing their dialogue. Here are a few pieces of the outline for the story—working title, “The More, the Merrier” (chosen because new people are being added to the group and because “merry” is an allusion to the Christmas special that Phineas and Ferb are shooting elsewhere). The first bit is a chart that I use to keep track of which characters already have an activity they’re involved in at each time point in the story. This helps me ensure that no characters are accidentally left out, or used in more than one activity at the same time. Below that are notes about what the characters are doing during the first 2 time points. A couple of things have been redacted to avoid spoilers. CHAR Start 1 2 3 4 Adyson x x x Balthazar x x x Coltrane x x x Dr Hirano x x x x Ginger n/a n/a x Gretchen x x x Jenny x x x Melanie x x x Midas x ~ Monty n/a x x x Pedro x x x Roger x x x x Sally n/a x x x Stacy x x x Vanessa x x x x Beginning Dr. Hirano wears tight, sexy yoga pants; arrives with Stacy and Coltrane. Adyson and Gretchen arrive together; mention that Ginger is running late because singing backup in Christmas special. Vanessa arrives with Balthazar and Midas. Is giving Balthazar advice. Also says Monty is supposed to be bringing someone new tonight. [Monty and Sally not there yet.] Melanie brings Roger. Jenny brings Pedro; has been tutoring him, or used to be his babysitter, or something. “Class” opens with Jenny leading everyone through warmup stretches while the incense burns. Time 1 [Ginger not there yet] Monty arrives with Sally; “introduces” her to Vanessa; Vanessa says she’s going to make up to her for taking the Mindy McGuffin doll; Monty and Vanessa undress and play with Sally. Gretchen services Adyson, ending with XXXX. Balthazar and Melanie fuck while Roger watches. Coltrane fucks Stacy; Dr. Hirano and Jenny watch and finger each other while Pedro watches. Dr. Hirano instructs him in the proper way to finger a girl’s pussy and tells him that she needs him to XXXX.
  13. Review responses for "Splinter" [Steven Universe]

    Thanks! More is on the way.
  14. Review responses for "Hot Yoga" [Phineas and Ferb]

    Hey there. Glad you’re liking “The Miss Cutie Patootie Pageant.” I have been working a little bit on the Hot Yoga sequel—some outlining, and some writing bits of text. But I’ve been more focused on a few other things, including finishing up an original one-shot story called “Dil-Drones.”