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  1. When you get right down to it, an awful lot of scifi and fantasy stories are basically about someone breaking the established rules of the story's universe. In a way, that’s what sets these genres apart from all the others: They have their own rules, and those rules can be broken. Being completely original is overrated. Just as impressive, IMO, is putting a new twist on an old trope, thereby messing with readers’ expectations in a way that they will appreciate and enjoy.
  2. A few author’s notes about “Hot Yoga”: I deliberately wrote it to be different from my previous Phineas and Ferb fanfics in a couple of ways: It is light on plot and very heavy on porn. It features only B-list characters. (Stacy is the only arguable A-lister in the bunch, but I consider her an A-minus-lister at most because she doesn't appear in every episode of P&F.) Even though I wrote about a dozen Phineas and Ferb fics before this one, some of the characters in “Hot Yoga” don't appear in any of my previous stories (Dr. Hirano, Monty Monogram, Balthazar Horowitz, Melanie), and others make only brief appearances (Jenny, Coltrane). This is the first time I've ever written a full-on orgy. Although I've written stories involving threesomes, or multiple couples having sex at the same time, I had never before written about a group of people who all have sex with one another in various ways and combinations. Making this work required a huge amount of outlining -- not only to keep track of who was doing what with whom, but also to time events such that characters would be ready to switch partners at the right moment. Dr. Hirano has no first name in canon. I considered giving her one for the sake of this story, but given how many characters are involved, I didn't want to give readers one more thing to keep track of throughout the story. So the character is simply referred to as “Dr. Hirano” throughout. I kept the ratio of male to female characters low because, given that the incense seems to induce bisexuality along with horniness, I didn't want to have to do a lot of plot-gymnastics to avoid having any guy-on-guy action. Not that I never write that sort of thing, but for whatever reason, I'm generally only comfortable writing it for furry characters. Also, judging from the people who comment on my P&F stories, the readership seems to be entirely male and mostly straight, so I don't think many people were reading “Hot Yoga” in the hope of seeing some Monty-Coltrane action, anyway. That said, there was a time or two when I was writing this story when I wanted a female character to take on two or three guys at once, and I found myself muttering, “Damn it, there's not enough dicks to go around.” Overall, though, I'm pretty happy with the results. I hope y'all were, too.
  3. No, I’ve never used Chekhov’s gun. Phasers won’t be invented for another 200 years. Seriously, I think it’s an important concept, because nobody likes it when (a) a gun appears out of nowhere in Act III or (b) the gun that was described in detail in Act I turns out to have no relevance to the story. That said, relevance takes many forms. Sticking with the gun example, that gun on the table doesn’t necessarily have to be used in Act III; it’s function may be, for example, to tell you something about the person who owns it, like the medieval weapons on the wall in Deathtrap. (IIRC, none of them actually get used, but they tell you something about their owner’s fascination with deadly things.)
  4. Glad you enjoyed “Hot Yoga.” I’ve never watched Johnny Test. It’s not still on the air, is it?
  5. For anyone who is following this story, I just posted the fourth and final chapter this morning.
  6. When cookies go rogue, toss them. What do you mean, that’s not helpful?
  7. First, my apologies for the lateness of this reply. I did write a response, but somehow either I never posted it or I deleted it by accident. In any case, onward! From Jomahawk2694 on May 20, 2017 Okay, I clearly need to watch more of that sort of thing. You know me so well. Given that this was my first Miraculous story, I wanted to stick to the show's formula as much as possible, because that's part of the challenge and the fun. Plus, having a structure to work with gives me direction in writing the plot. Good one! The formula for fights on that show seems to involve lots of leaping around and very little actual violence, so I went with that. You make a good point. I couldn't really think of what to do with Miss Match after she bound the two heroes together, so I just had her standing there watching. Your idea might be better. I'll do my best. Thanks for another motivational review! P.S. I think I’ve just figured out what the problem was with my original reply: The forum software won’t let me post a message that has a “thumbs up” icon in it. I probably didn’t notice the error message when I first tried to post and then logged out without confirming that the reply had posted.
  8. I’m trying to fill a position at work, and today someone named Marcia Brady applied. Kismet?

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      That. Is. Perfect! :lol:

  9. I don’t generally like to age up characters. I feel like, if I wanted to write fanfic about of-age characters, then I would pick some who are already of age in canon. (Come to think of it, Milo’s mom is awfully hot...) That said, there could be some interesting time-travel stuff with the young characters’ future selves. More food for thought.
  10. There are actually three chapters posted already. I estimate that the fourth and final chapter will be ready to post in about two weeks. Glad you’re enjoying it!
  11. The trouble is, the characters are still going to act like themselves in those situations. If Zach or Melissa lose their clothes, they’re just going to hide behind the nearest curtain, trash can, or pistachio cart until somebody gives them something to wear—probably Milo, who will have a spare change of clothes, rain poncho, and/or radiation suit in his backpack. As for heroic rescue, are you talking about the “You saved me, how about some thank-you sex?” scenario? If so, same basic problem: I can’t really see these characters getting it on without some really far-out reason. Now there’s always the “strange foreign substance that makes you horny and/or uninhibited” device, which could easily come about if Milo’s bad luck causes the wrong two trucks full of chemicals to crash. But I feel like I’ve kind of been there and done that with “Whoops” and “Hot Yoga.” One thought occurs, though: The one other potential source of plot devices on MML besides Murphy’s Law itself is all the time travel that goes on. I will think on this.
  12. An addendum to my reply to Nautiscaraider's comments: One of the chief reasons why I haven't taken a crack at writing a Milo Murphy's Law fic is that MML doesn't have a handy plot-driving (or smut-driving, if I'm honest) mechanism like Phineas and Ferb, Miraculous, or The Loud House have. I'm not sure how to make anything sexy come out of Milo's disaster-magnetism. Plus, the kids on MML actually act like kids; they show little of the precocity that characterizes a lot of the young characters on the other shows, which makes it more difficult to believably portray them doing anything sexual. I might have an idea for a short, non-lemony MML story, though.
  13. You know the whole world is having a rough day when even the entertainment news is awful. Roger Moore died, but okay, he was eighty-nine and had a good run. But 22 people getting killed at an Ariana Grande concert? Zack Snyder having to quit directing Justice League because his 20-year-old daughter committed suicide? Jesus H.

  14. You know you’re a total dweeb when you keep having to go back to Wikipedia for more information about stars, black holes, and particle physics for your porn stories. Maybe I should write a book: Everything I Know About Astrophysics I Learned From Porn.

    1. BronxWench


      Fourth century CE Wales… just saying…. I have a physicist friend who helps me with the rocket science. 

  15. I thought folks might enjoy seeing some author notes about “Whoops”: “Whoops” contains the longest continuous sex scene I've ever written. This was not my original plan; I had intended to gloss over some of the encounters and focus on others. But in the course of writing the story, I couldn't bring myself to shortchange any of the Loud sisters (except Lily, but most readers are probably okay with that). In the original draft of chapter 1, I had Lisa say that the menstrual cycles of women who live together tend to synchronize (something even my wife believed was true). But Fairy Slayer, who betaed “Whoops” for me, pointed out that that's a myth, so I rewrote Lisa's dialogue as appropriate. (This was not the first time that FS pointed out a scientific inaccuracy in one of my stories; he also noted a fallacious statement about black holes and Hawking radiation in “Dark Dreams, Forbidden Fantasies.”) The idea to make Lisa's comment “I can do a lot of things” a recurring line also came from Fairy Slayer. The “Amazinger T action figures” that Lincoln plans to leave to Clyde in chapter 2 are a reference to the Mazinger Z manga, anime, and toys from the 1970s. (I included this line because Lincoln seems to have a fondness for toy robots.) Boyz Will Be Boyz, whose members’ voices Lisa uses to lure the other girls away from Lincoln's door, is the band from Lori's first concert in the episode “For Bros About to Rock.” Lincoln uses a different position with each of his sisters: Lori, cowgirl; Leni, missionary; Luna, on their sides; Luan, sixty-nine; Lynn, various (as they wrestle for who will be on top); Lucy, sitting on Lincoln's lap; Lana, reverse cowgirl; Lola, sitting on the dresser; and Lisa, doggystyle. Lincoln's discovery that Lucy has blue eyes was a cheat on my part, because on The Loud House, none of the characters’ eyes have irises -- just pupils and whites. This style of drawing eyes was also used in Gravity Falls. Lisa's comment that “most lagomorphs do not have an estrous cycle” (in response to Lana shouting “Fuck my butthole! Fuck it like a jackrabbit in heat!”) came to me because of a Zootopia fanfic I had read in which Judy Hopps goes into heat. At the time, I thought, “Rabbits don't do that, do they?” so I looked it up, and indeed, they do not. Rather, female rabbits ovulate whenever they have intercourse, which is how they can crank out so many little rabbits. The lordosis reflex that Lisa mentions in chapter 6 is a behavior common among mammalian species, in which the female gets into a sway-backed body posture in preparation for intercourse. Humans don't actually have this reflex, but given both Lisa's substantial experience with lab animals and her desire to have sex “in the fashion commonly associated with Canis familiaris,” I figured she might enjoy including it as role-play. In chapter 6, when the girls start to freak out upon realizing that they didn't use any birth control when they had sex with Lincoln, Lisa replies that “There's no need for hysterics.” This is a bit of word play on Lisa's part, as the word hysterics comes from the Greek word hystera, meaning “uterus.” My initial reason for making Pythagoras a mouse (rather than a rat, which, to my mind, seems like a more appropriate subject for a study of intelligence) was that there was going to be this bit of dialogue at the end between Lincoln and Lisa: “So, how did your project with Pythagoras turn out?” “I'm afraid the experiment had to be terminated. The research ethics committee wouldn't approve it, on the grounds that hyper-intelligent laboratory mice always try to take over the world.” As amusing as this Pinky and the Brain reference might have been, the implied killing of Pythagoras seemed like too much of a downer for the ending of this light-hearted fic, so I didn't include it. Finally, if you liked this story, stay tuned: I've got a new fic in the works titled The Loud House After Dark.