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  1. GeorgeGlass

    AFF Holiday Party!

    Finally got around to reading and reviewing the rest of these. Now the holidays are officially over.
  2. GeorgeGlass

    Shota x Loli

    Can you be more specific about what you mean by stories like that one? You mean stories where a shota semi-coerces a loli into sex?
  3. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Re: “Quiet” From have_a_little_feith on January 02, 2019 What Quiet has is something like Asperger’s or autism, but not exactly like it. I figured that people living in the paleolithic era, where the environment is completely different (different chemicals, different viruses, and some minor physiological differences from modern humans) wouldn’t necessarily have exactly the same neurologic issues that modern people do. Well, you don’t actually have to sign in to read the forums, but I guess you won’t know that unless you happen to try.
  4. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Hey, all. Sorry for the prolonged silence; I’ve been traveling for the holidays and had limited internet access. What’s more, Microsoft went and changed Hotmail so that I can’t access it from my phone anymore; thus, I can only check my Hotmail on my laptop, which I means that I won’t always be getting alerts about new reviews in a timely fashion anymore. Anyway, on to news. As SWP1 observed, chapter 3 of “The More, the Merrier” is posted, and at ~8000 words, it’s packed with orgiastic goodness. Probably the next thing I’ll finish will be chapter 8 of “Country Summer.” I’m also going to try to finish one of my one-shot stories to make room on the List of 20 for – and I’ll preface this with “God help me” – a She-Ra and the Princesses of Power story. SWP1, with regard to your comments about the TMTM chapter: I don’t know about the next chapter, but we’ll probably see it at least once more before the story ends. In the initial draft of the chapter, I kept having Midas think of Gretchen as a “bitch” in the sense of a female dog. But Jomahawk, who is betaing this story, thought the repeated use of “bitch” came across as too crass. I thought he had a point, so I changed “bitch” to “female” in Midas’ thoughts. Adyson still used “bitch” in her dialogue, of course. There are only a couple of other choices besides Stacy, so odds are good that you can guess. Sally is an innocent (up until now, at least), so I wanted to capture that in the story. Believe it or not, that scene was purely the result of Adyson and Dr. Hirano being the only characters left after I decided what to do with everyone else. I was forced to get creative and figure out why those two would pair up, and I had to go through a few drafts of the scene before I was happy with it (because I was refining the nature of their interaction with each draft), but I had fun doing it. Hope you had a great Christmas, and Happy New Year!
  5. GeorgeGlass

    Review responses for "The Loud House After Dark"

    From The Evil Fairy on December 26, 2018 Thank you! I wanted somebody who could do the Alfred Hitchcock "Good eeeevening" thing, and there Lucy was. I really wanted to do a "the twins get creepy" thing, and having them gang up on a sibling seemed like a good way to do that. I had plans for pretty much all of the other characters except Luan at that point, so she became their victim-turned-master. Then I became enamored of the idea of showing a bit of what lies beneath Luan's constant joking. I don't always get a chance to go for maximum sensuality in a scene, but I really tried for it there. So glad you liked it. It's pretty twisted, but I loved writing it. "In character" is always high praise to me. When it comes to fanfic, I live for authenticity. Thanks! I thought about making it 2 chapters, but Fairy Slayer (who betaed) and I agreed that it would work better as a oneshot, with nothing to break up the flow. Thank you!
  6. From Nick on December 21, 2018 My apologies for the slowness of this reply. I’ve been travelling for the holidays and just haven’t had a chance. Thank you! (I think.) I hope there's no real-world version of this pageant, but one never knows. I figured Lynn would be okay with it as long as (1) she was able to personally ensure Lola and Lana's safety (which she was), and (2) there was the possibility that Lynn would get to kick someone in the face. Thanks! In writing fics like these, I've had to come up with a lot of ways in which normally unacceptable behavior can become acceptable, and one of them is taking on an alternate persona like Lincoln did. I felt like the story didn't really need that. The periodic revelations about the nature of the contest and Lincoln's responsibilities seemed like twists enough. I wrote this story after finishing two incest-intensive ones -- "Whoops" and "The Loud House After Dark." I wanted to set incest aside this time around. (Of course, there's more of it coming, as in my upcoming story "Enter the Sandboy.") Not planning a sequel at this point, but more Loud House stories are in the works. Thanks for the review!
  7. GeorgeGlass

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    That’s certainly possible. I tried to make his speech pattern age-appropriate, but he could always be pretending to be younger than he is.
  8. GeorgeGlass

    Holiday Party 2018 Review Replies

    I figured a lot of people here would probably be skipping this one. I appreciate your willingness to read parts of it, at least. Honestly, I mainly wrote "A Visit From Shota Claus" for the holiday story contest on Lolicit. But I was so excited to have finally managed to write something Christmas-themed that I went ahead and posted it here, too, even though I knew it wouldn't be popular.
  9. GeorgeGlass

    AFF Holiday Party!

    Finished and posted. Whew! Now I’ll have time to see what the other holiday sickos wrote.
  10. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    “A Visit From Shota Claus” seems to be coming along nicely; I expect to have it ready by the weekend. When I took a break from that, I unexpectedly finished chapter 7 of “Make It All Better,” a story that has been in progress for three and a half years now. I have to be in a particular frame of mind to work on it because the characters are so complex, and a lot goes on under the surface. Yet, at the same time, the story is relentlessly pornographic. Trying to be deep and shallow at the same time is tricky, but I love making the attempt.
  11. GeorgeGlass

    AFF Holiday Party!

    Title: A Visit From Shota Claus Tags: MF, Minor1, not sure what else yet Summary: When Ellen finds herself struggling to assemble her child’s gift on Christmas Eve, she receives some unexpected tech support – and more – from Santa’s young son.
  12. GeorgeGlass

    A Girl and her Wolf

    It would be helpful to potential readers if you added the plot summary and the content tags to your post. That will give everyone a better idea of whether your story is their kind of thing.
  13. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    I am pleased to say that my laptop is working properly again, not least because of the substantial efforts of a nice fellow at the Knowledge Bar at Micro Center. Also, a surprise announcement: Earlier, I wrote that once again, I would not be writing a Christmas story this year because I had no good ideas for one. Then, a few days ago, such an idea struck. So if I can finish it in time, and if they do some kind of holiday story jam here on AFF, I’ll post “A Visit From Shota Claus” there (although as the title implies, it will have Minor1 content, so a fair number of folk won’t read it). Otherwise, I’ll post it on its own in the Originals section. SWP1: Some answers to your questions: The next chapter of “Little Rose” is about two-thirds written, but right now I’m trying to spend the majority of my writing time on “A Visit From Shota Claus” in the hope of getting it done in the next week or so. Once I’m done with that, “Little Rose” will be back on my priority list, along with my various other in-progress multi-chapter stories. Christmas prep is going well. We don’t have a full-size tree this one, but we have a cute little fake one that looks very festive and that we put in the front window so people can see the lights at night. How is yours? I appreciate your enthusiasm for this idea, but I just have too many other ideas that I’m excited about to pursue that one at this point. And my excitement is renewed now that I don’t have to do everything on my phone.
  14. I was reading the comments on a news article today, and someone mentioned that in Greek mythology, the male gods (chiefly Zeus) often lied for sex with women or raped them outright. Then another poster asked, “What if the version of Greek mythology that was passed down to us was the rule 34 fanfic of its time”?

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    2. InvidiaRed


      The streets will run slick with entrails.

      For the glory of the eternally hungry wyrm demands the blood and organs of your enemies for its cocoon. 


    3. JayDee


      Please, I can only get so aroused.

    4. FairySlayer


      *whistles innocently* Zeus never could resist... (I’m pretty sure their wording was intentional.)

  15. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Hello, all. I haven’t been posting much lately because my laptop has been on the fritz; the power supply isn’t working right, which is slowing the whole thing down. (Makes me extra-glad I wasn't trying to do NaNoWriMo this year.) Hopefully, the new adapter I ordered will fix the problem. News: Chapter 3 of “The More, the Merrier” is now in beta. (I had to finish it on my phone.) It is huge – 8000+ words – so the beta could take a while. BTW, my friend who lost his father and grandfather is the beta on that story. He asked for a distraction, so I hurried up and finished the chapter to provide him one. SWP1: Of the movies you mentioned, the one I’m most interested in is Aquaman. Although if it gets terrible reviews, I'll probably just wait and watch it the next time my cable provider has a free-premium-channels weekend (which is how I watched Batman vs. Superman and Justice League). I’m iffier about Bumblebee because the recent Transformers movies haven’t been great, but focusing on one character might make for a better movie, so I’m keeping an open mind. Last night, I watched Murder on the Orient Express (the new one with Kenneth Branagh), and now I wish I had seen it on the big screen. Lots of magnificent vistas. The story is good, too (I guess you can't go too far wrong with Agatha Christie), and the movie is chock-full of good actors.