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  1. You know the whole world is having a rough day when even the entertainment news is awful. Roger Moore died, but okay, he was eighty-nine and had a good run. But 22 people getting killed at an Ariana Grande concert? Zack Snyder having to quit directing Justice League because his 20-year-old daughter committed suicide? Jesus H.

  2. You know you’re a total dweeb when you keep having to go back to Wikipedia for more information about stars, black holes, and particle physics for your porn stories. Maybe I should write a book: Everything I Know About Astrophysics I Learned From Porn.

    1. BronxWench


      Fourth century CE Wales… just saying…. I have a physicist friend who helps me with the rocket science. 

  3. I thought folks might enjoy seeing some author notes about “Whoops”: “Whoops” contains the longest continuous sex scene I've ever written. This was not my original plan; I had intended to gloss over some of the encounters and focus on others. But in the course of writing the story, I couldn't bring myself to shortchange any of the Loud sisters (except Lily, but most readers are probably okay with that). In the original draft of chapter 1, I had Lisa say that the menstrual cycles of women who live together tend to synchronize (something even my wife believed was true). But Fairy Slayer, who betaed “Whoops” for me, pointed out that that's a myth, so I rewrote Lisa's dialogue as appropriate. (This was not the first time that FS pointed out a scientific inaccuracy in one of my stories; he also noted a fallacious statement about black holes and Hawking radiation in “Dark Dreams, Forbidden Fantasies.”) The idea to make Lisa's comment “I can do a lot of things” a recurring line also came from Fairy Slayer. The “Amazinger T action figures” that Lincoln plans to leave to Clyde in chapter 2 are a reference to the Mazinger Z manga, anime, and toys from the 1970s. (I included this line because Lincoln seems to have a fondness for toy robots.) Boyz Will Be Boyz, whose members’ voices Lisa uses to lure the other girls away from Lincoln's door, is the band from Lori's first concert in the episode “For Bros About to Rock.” Lincoln uses a different position with each of his sisters: Lori, cowgirl; Leni, missionary; Luna, on their sides; Luan, sixty-nine; Lynn, various (as they wrestle for who will be on top); Lucy, sitting on Lincoln's lap; Lana, reverse cowgirl; Lola, sitting on the dresser; and Lisa, doggystyle. Lincoln's discovery that Lucy has blue eyes was a cheat on my part, because on The Loud House, none of the characters’ eyes have irises -- just pupils and whites. This style of drawing eyes was also used in Gravity Falls. Lisa's comment that “most lagomorphs do not have an estrous cycle” (in response to Lana shouting “Fuck my butthole! Fuck it like a jackrabbit in heat!”) came to me because of a Zootopia fanfic I had read in which Judy Hopps goes into heat. At the time, I thought, “Rabbits don't do that, do they?” so I looked it up, and indeed, they do not. Rather, female rabbits ovulate whenever they have intercourse, which is how they can crank out so many little rabbits. The lordosis reflex that Lisa mentions in chapter 6 is a behavior common among mammalian species, in which the female gets into a sway-backed body posture in preparation for intercourse. Humans don't actually have this reflex, but given both Lisa's substantial experience with lab animals and her desire to have sex “in the fashion commonly associated with Canis familiaris,” I figured she might enjoy including it as role-play. In chapter 6, when the girls start to freak out upon realizing that they didn't use any birth control when they had sex with Lincoln, Lisa replies that “There's no need for hysterics.” This is a bit of word play on Lisa's part, as the word hysterics comes from the Greek word hystera, meaning “uterus.” My initial reason for making Pythagoras a mouse (rather than a rat, which, to my mind, seems like a more appropriate subject for a study of intelligence) was that there was going to be this bit of dialogue at the end between Lincoln and Lisa: “So, how did your project with Pythagoras turn out?” “I'm afraid the experiment had to be terminated. The research ethics committee wouldn't approve it, on the grounds that hyper-intelligent laboratory mice always try to take over the world.” As amusing as this Pinky and the Brain reference might have been, the implied killing of Pythagoras seemed like too much of a downer for the ending of this light-hearted fic, so I didn't include it. Finally, if you liked this story, stay tuned: I've got a new fic in the works titled The Loud House After Dark.
  4. I found ways to make it work for me. I softened the effect of the main character being a reptile by making her two clients anthro wolves (‘cause I like furries with actual fur). The prostitution thing I dealt with by making it fun for all concerned, instead of the prostitute being jaded and all about the money, or else being degraded by the act. The footjob I combined with the other male character getting a handjob. As for the double anal knotting, I didn’t like the idea of it being painful (and I didn’t think that was what the contest winner was looking for), but fortunately, the character has the ability to transform into a full-size dragon, so I had her do that before the double knotting. Figured she could easily take it then. And it made for a pleasant surprise for the contest winner, who hadn’t expected me to use the transformation ability in the story. (Which is called Leilaya’s Evening, in case anyone’s interested.) I think it was a serious challenge for all concerned. When it was over, I recall one of the other contestants saying, “Let us never speak of the vanilla again” (which is ironic, because her story, “Very Vanilla,” is hilarious). Some things are definitely better implied than shown. I don’t do that as often or as well as perhaps I should.
  5. Almost all of the “risque content” I write is stuff that turns me on. If it didn’t, I probably wouldn’t be writing it. That said, there are exceptions: --Occasionally, I write about acts that don’t do anything for me but that seem necessary to the story or to portraying the characters the way I want to. For example, I don’t really enjoy writing about a man performing oral sex on a woman, but there are times when I feel the need to depict that because, say, the male character isn’t the type to receive oral sex without reciprocating. --I’ve held a couple of “story raffles” in which the winner gets to choose the subject of a story that I will write. One of these winners wanted a story about his anthropomorphic dragon character, who is a prostitute, and he wanted the story to include footjobs and double anal knotting. I’m not at all into reptiles, prostitution, footjobs, or double penetration of a single orifice, but I found a way to write the story that satisfied both me and the contest winner. You’d better smiley-face when you say that, pardner. How the heck did that story generate anger and concern? You mention in the disclaimer that it was for the “Very Vanilla” contest, so it’s not like readers weren’t forewarned. (BTW, I think you deserved extra points for making it about a married couple; I didn’t go that far with my own entry.)
  6. Fair enough. A lot of fic writers out there say “Write for yourself!” but don’t always seem to take their own advice. It’s good to see that you do.
  7. Thank you! And thanks for your review in the archive, too. Yes, the way that magic works in the Miraculous universe gives pervy fanfic writers like myself a lot of room to twist things up without violating the basic premises of the show. I would very much like to write a Milo Murphy’s Law fic. I’m just waiting for the right idea to come to me.
  8. When you post the first chapter of a story, you are given the option to allow other people to post subsequent chapters. (This is used for things like round robins, where multiple people contribute short stories as separate chapters of one “story” with a common theme, like Halloween.) The default setting is No, so this author must have had some reason to change it to Yes (or did it by accident).
  9. Thank you! Being faithful to the characters is always a top priority for me. I tried to make this story as much like an episode of the show as I could (partly by including all of the typical elements: an akumatized villain, the use of the heroes’ powers like Cataclysm and Lucky Charm, etc). I think that helped me make the dialogue sound genuine, because the characters were in a kind of situation that they often encounter on the show (albeit with an erotic twist). For example, it was easy to think of what Cat Noir might say to taunt the villain, because taunting villains is kind of his thing. I only write fanfic about shows with which I'm very familiar, because I’m kind of compulsive about getting the characters right. And because speaking in their voices is part of what makes writing fanfic so much fun. Thanks for the review!
  10. I'm totally fine with leaving certain things a mystery, especially in a horror story, but this felt like it was getting into plot-hole territory. I mean, when one kid goes missing, well, he might have run away. A second kid vanishes, and some people may start to think that something's up, but maybe the boy was just copy-catting the first kid. But when a third kid disappears (only 2 weeks after the second one), just about everybody is going to be thinking that there's a serial killer on the loose who targets boys in their early teens. For months, it will be all anyone in town talks about, it will be all over the local news, and even if nothing can be proven in a court of law, people are going to be suspicious of the kid who happened to be friends with all three of the boys who disappeared. Parents will tell their kids to stay away from him, and Erik will be the subject of gossip, cruel pranks, and maybe even bullying for the next 5 years, until he finally leaves Westlands. And then there's Erik's parents’ reaction: Even if they don't suspect him of being involved in the disappearances, they might put him in therapy or get him some other form of help to deal with the loss of his friends. Put all that together, and that's huge number of memories to block out selectively. An easy fix would be to have Erik's parents move the family out of town, or send Erik away to school, after Travis’ disappearance. They'd have plenty of reason; clearly, Westlands isn't a safe place for a boy in his early teens. That way, Erik's memory-suppression would only have to cover a few weeks of his life, rather than years. I’m also wondering if there might be away to make the skeleton attack more ambiguous—that is, make it unclear whether it is really the bodies of the three boys attacking Erik, or just roots and vines, such that the reader couldn’t tell whether it’s the vengeful spirits of the boys, or the swamp itself, or Erik’s own mind playing its final trick on him. This is all meant as constructive criticism, BTW. I wouldn’t be giving it if I didn’t think “Ripples” was worth it.
  11. Long ago, someone put together a sort of “magazine” of Simpsons erotica, to which I contributed a short story about Lisa getting some surprise buttsex from Santa’s Little Helper. (She ultimately decides that breaking taboos—like underage sex and bestiality—is a fascinating and liberating experience and decides to break more of them in the future.) The magazine was eventually posted as a PDF, but I no longer have a copy of it or of the story itself.
  12. Maybe that explains why my latest Phineas and Ferb story (“Hot Yoga”) has garnered relatively few reviews. It’s been almost 2 years since the show went off the air; maybe the fanbase has moved on. Ironically, I feel like I can do more with the characters now that the show itself is over.
  13. Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else.
  14. Either way, I'm extremely flattered. Thank you!
  15. Yeah, I might have to check out “Ripples,” too. I definitely have a couple of stories that I’m quite proud of but that haven’t garnered much attention (“There’s a New Seraph in Town,” “Backward Glance”). Maybe it’s because they are original stories that are heavier on plot than on porn, and because what sex there is involves unrelated, consenting human adults. But I have other stories that I’m proud of that have gotten quite a bit of attention (eg, “Quiet,” “Activation Day”), so I can’t complain too much.