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  1. Re: “Snow” Thank you and thank you!
  2. I had an MRI on my shoulder today, and I have to say, there is nothing like being held motionless in a tube for 35 minutes to get you doing serious mental work on your writing projects. Among other things, I figured out what the first scene of my next novel will be, and I worked out the details of the sex scene in the upcoming chapter of “Multiversity.” I should spend more time in tubes. :)

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    2. GeorgeGlass


      Is a flexini like a martini? :)

      I’m taking something called tizanidine. Makes me sleepy at the wrong times, but there are worse side effects to have.

      BTW, it’s my left shoulder, and I’m right-handed, so I’m afraid JD’s theory is incorrect. :)

    3. JayDee


      “Stranger in the tub!”


    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price



      “Stranger in the tub!”

      Sounds like an excellent start to a story.

  3. Just giving this another bump. DG must be extremely busy.
  4. Pippychick, if I end up writing a story called “Terms of Service,” it’s gonna be your fault.
  5. Maybe try writing something from a perspective you’ve never used before. I recently wrote a story in the first person plural (“We look down into the hallway and see...”), and it was a very interesting experience.
  6. Hi, Lunarsilver! I have, in fact, thought about doing a gender-bent version of “A Beach Like No Other” – not least because I’m curious about whether it could work. But I’m still letting that idea percolate to see what bubbles up. FYI, just as the Queen of the Beach is an allusion to straight-shota artist Glassfish, whose artwork inspired “A Beach Like No Other,” the King of the Mists (who created a paradise for men and girls) is an allusion to the lolicon artist Fogbank. (He read the story and enjoyed it, including that bit.)
  7. Not sure how you mean that. This isn’t Giffany. Giffany has pink hair that is tied with IDE cable; this character has blue hair that is tied with USB cable.
  8. Thanks! That depends on in what you mean by “similar.” You might check out “May’s Family” or “The Playground.”
  9. That sounds good, BW. Thanks!
  10. I want to rework my story “Eddie Forever” and try to get it published, so I have deleted it from the archive. However, when I Google the story, it still shows up in the “playpen” ( Is there a way to delete the story from that area, as well?
  11. 'kay. My friend and co-creator of this story, Eh Steve, came up with Mermadeline, and he and I worked out these bits to explain her accent. Who says exposition can’t be fun? Thanks! Specifically, a yuki-onna (snow woman). I've had a bit of a thing for them ever since I watched Rosario + Vampire. Mizore the snow-girl is hot. I'm going to have to remember “ambiguously-existent.” Nice. We'll see. That's really the only reason. Thanks again! If Ursula were involved, the accent question would be moot. Thanks for the review!
  12. Wendy is dating a burly manotaur with a red beard, and Wendy’s father is a burly man with a red beard, so Squatchie is commenting that Freud was right about girls wanting to marry their fathers.
  13. Because I just can't imagine Stan ever using the phrase "upside your head" with a straight face. That's part of why I like writing Stan. After Dipper getting tossed into what seemed like a good situation that turned bad (in the shotaverse), I wanted Dipper to next be in a situation that seems bad but turns out to have a bright side. Hey, I don't expect everyone to like it. Although this story contains something for everyone (well, almost everyone, but we'll deal with that later), it also probably contains at least one thing that a given reader won't like. Thanks! And don't worry -- we're all done with incest. On to even weirder stuff!
  14. I’d probably start with denial. The character would try desperately to think of alternative explanations of what happened.