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  1. sumeragichan

    Temporary Science Fiction Beta

    Then you might be my saving grace. I have a work in progress that is science fiction with touches of the giant Mecha in it as well as maybe a mix as it started off a message board to. If you are interested, I can give you the link. It's called Moonlight Sonata.
  2. sumeragichan

    Experienced Writer Willing To Beta

    I have a small smattering of stories up, but beta would be very helpful. I’ll admit I’m a very slow updater mostly due to real life issues but… XD Any help is appreciated if you’re willing.
  3. Back in class again. Save me… Oldest in here. Why is fundamentals of speech required again? I’m going into nursing not business. I have to take a leadership course anyways… >-<;;

  4. I live!!! Currently should be paying attention in class…. Speech sucks. So uploaded a chapter finally!!:Banana:

  5. Author: Hopebringer-Jem Title: Moonlight Sonata Chapter 9 Short Sighted Goals Summary: Running for their lives, Xan tries to get Madalayne to safety while being gunned down by an infiltrated Aegis ARMS battalion while the ARMS personnel get closer to arriving at Astral Gate for the ongoing crisis. Can Kai make it in time to save his brother? Will Havilar cause havoc in his attempts to get away or will his desire to get rid of Xan get the better of him? Feedback: Feed back, constructive criticism, and general thoughts always appreciated, welcomed, and desired! XD Fandom: Original Warnings: Chapter specific warnings. Violence appropriate to battle situation, references to disabilities, sci-fi themes with mecha battle Chaptered story: Chapter 9 up URL: Story Notes and Review Reply thread:
  6. What all would you bring with you and would you go? Personally, I'd be getting a lock pick set for every place I went to, rope, a GPS unit, string, chalk, clothing, and running and hiking shoes.
  7. Attempting to run D&D with two very drunk players, one mostly drunk guy, and one sober guy who is "that guy". Been trying to get this started since 8:30 pm est.

    1. Melrick


      I'll be starting D&D soon, the first time since the mid 80's that I've played it. Looking forward to it!

    2. sumeragichan


      It's a lot of fun. XD

  8. sumeragichan

    Server upgrade is complete!

    I wish you good luck. I just noticed the problem and someone told me about this glorious thread, so.... Yes. It's still happening as of 1/13/16 at 12:08am est if that helps you on the fixing any. I don't know if you're testing new implement or not. It's the best I can do on my end to keep you upto date. Again, good luck with the coding.
  9. Well, San had her first court date. Time has been given, she is well and her children are good. All is well with the world.

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    2. DemonsAngel


      Wait, what happened?!

    3. sumeragichan


      only good things DA, only good things.

    4. RogueMudblood


      Tell her she's in our thoughts. *hugs*

  10. How does one little ol' lady cause more physical pain without really trying or meaning to than most people combined when they try? Especially with a UTI......

  11. San update. San, Angel, Demon, and Dragon are away from the Jackal. They are safe, they are well. San is getting help from the gov.

    1. BronxWench


      HOORAY! That is wonderful news, Jem! Thank you and give her and the littles my love!

    2. sumeragichan


      Several of us are attempting to get the independent planners together for the "you are finally fucking away from him" party. It may be a bit. But they are helping with everything.

  12. Everyone is alright, but there was a fire in San's apartment building yesterday. All are fine, but internet access may be wonky.

    1. sumeragichan


      Also, they are going to be in a different apartment for three weeks.

    2. BronxWench


      Dear gods! Give her my love, and tell her I'm so glad they're all safe.

    3. sumeragichan


      Will do. So far, everything is good but I don't know if her laptop survived yet.

  13. Ditto to that. Toothpaste... Such a wondrous and useful thing with so many unexpected uses. XD
  14. I live! Back from AWA, had a blast... Only a few little fuckers I would like to slap. No drama at least. XD

  15. sumeragichan

    Labor of Love

    That's a shock. XD Well, seems something is at least not completely a pain for once. XD YAY!
  16. sumeragichan

    Labor of Love

    So how will the DMCA be affecting the site? I've had suspicions it might, but I thought I was being paranoid; I can be accused of this on occasion when it comes to regulatory bs like DMCA and Copyright situations. Still, glad to hear you had a great time at D*Con. XD
  17. sumeragichan

    Little red riding hood story

    Little Red by Dancing Grim. I think this is the one you're looking for.
  18. sumeragichan

    Give authors the ability to let others download their work.

    Just to be fair, I do see where you are coming from Gamernerd. To be honest, many feel very strongly about this topic. I've never been considered decent enough at either art or writing to be plagiarized or copied from yet so I might be a bit more easier for me to deal with. The nasties are the biggest concern more than those who make a quick copy for a book reader. As long as you aren't redistributing them... I'm not too worried. Then again, my deviant page might show my own views on copyright vs. copyleft. I'm usually all about choices on my end. Then again, there are a few stories whose formatting is unreadable on my laptop if I don't attempt to do something. Usually not good for lappy.
  19. Especially with the Doctor about. XD
  20. sumeragichan

    Favorite Quotes

    Deadwood Be in my joint in two hours, we're forming a fuckin' government.-Al Swearengen I'm drunk. Correct. What the fuck is it to you?-Calamity Jane Al-You listen to me, hmm? Listen. (Tugs ear) I (hand shadowing eyes, turns head side to side) find cocksuckers (Points to drawing). I find. (Repeats hand eye motion) I find dope (holds dope bag out) and cocksuckers (points to drawing) who steal (pulls dope bag to chest) fuckin’ dope, huh? (Throws dope bag down) Mr. Wu: Cocksucka. Al: Oh, yeah. (Walking Wu down the stairs) I’ll find those fucking cocksuckers. Now get the fuck out of here, Wu. The back way, you understand? The back way, or we’ll start getting people having the wrong fucking idea of things around here, huh?
  21. sumeragichan

    Look out world!

    Congrats! Just ignore the parallel parking spots and we're all good. Just pullin' ya leg a little bit.
  22. San has a new laptop... It must be sets up for use... Then we have a San again. Whee~! XD

    1. DemonsAngel


      Best news I've heard all week! ^^

    2. BronxWench


      ::does the happy dance::

  23. sumeragichan

    the chick fil a discussion

    It was his opinion, now to be honest I'm looking up the context in which it came out. Just because it's not a popular opinion doesn't make it invalid or wrong per say. You don't have to like milk or a color but that's not the end of the world. Yes, it seems some people were offended. Good, they do need to exercise that right but they can't police the thoughts of others. If you choose to not support a business because of company policies fine. If because of how they feel, that's your prerogative. Although, I sadly feel that the majority of the LGBT protesters have in the past been their own worst enemies. To want to be equal in the eyes of the law is good. Forcing everyone to like you and what you do behind closed doors is another thing. There's nothing wrong with not agreeing with everyone. It seems that the world has forgotten that at times. That freedom goes both ways. EDIT: Okay, seems that the original statement came from an interview for a religious publication. Yes, it was in context for the values the owner upholds. Bully for him, don't be afraid to think and feel what you will. However, it doesn't mean you won't get served or hired if you don't completely agree with him. Guy has an opinion. I have an opinion. I also have an asshole. I do believe most human beings do... They all stink. "I may not agree with a word you say, but I will defend your right to say it." That should sum it up. Can we get that quote republished across the country again? It's obvious they need to read it.
  24. I just found out an old friend of mine just died of a sudden heart attack, his funeral is on Thursday...

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    2. WillowDarkling


      *huggles Jem* my deepest condolences, Jem.

    3. DemonsAngel


      *hugs jem* Sorry for your loss hun. And making a book for her daughter is a wonderful idea. You should include and photos you may have as well.

    4. pittwitch


      so sorry for your loss. :(