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    Can't log in

    I’m glad you were able to log in!
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    Can't log in

    You have two archive profiles, created a day apart, both with the same email address. I’ve deleted the first one (which has no stories posted under it) so you won’t have duplicate accounts. This is the surviving account: However, it’s entirely likely that resetting your password will not work since your email client is Hotmail, and Microsoft email clients don’t like our archive code. If you run into the password reset issue, and need to make a temporary change to a gmail account, please email me at (so spambots don’t crawl the page and get your email address) with the gmail address. I can change that in the database, you can reset your password, and then you will be able to access your Control Panel to change your email address back to your preferred account.
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    Can't log in

    Your profile is showing the hotmail address at the moment. Were you able to change the email address on the account itself, or did you just have the password reset link sent to the gmail address?
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    Registering did not work

    Hopefully, he’ll respond later when he’s online—he’s Down Under, so he’s here when I tend to be gone.
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    Registering did not work

    Our forum administrator, @Melrick would be the one who would approve all registrations. If there was a problem with the registration, he would be the one who could let you know what’s wrong.
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    Looking for the Umbrella Academy

    As far as I can tell, we don’t have a category for that series yet, but you can request one in this thread:
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    The problem is the hashmark and the hyphen. Passwords are required to be between 8-12 letters and/or numbers ONLY. No punctuation or special characters are allowed.
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    How to delete account?

    You can email us as from the email address linked to your account, and we’d be happy to take care of that for you. Thanks!
  9. BronxWench

    Delete my account

    And done!
  10. BronxWench

    Delete my account

    Just to confirm, is this your account? If yes, I can take care of that request for you.
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    Maid to Serve: A Darker Tale

    Please keep in mind that any story written in response to this challenge cannot use anything unique to the offsite story. Incorporation of any element of the offsite story would require permission, in writing, from the author allowing any portion of their work to be used, in addition to the usual fandom disclaimers. Failure to obtain permission will result in the story on AFF being warned, and may result in the story being deleted if permission is not given. If required, permission should be sent to AFF via email, to by the offsite author. This will avoid any future accusations of plagiarism.
  12. BronxWench

    can't log in

    Hi, Can you give me a little more information? Where does the process hang up?
  13. Hi, At a glance, I think the issue might be with your email address. Some ISPs have certain security protocols that don’t play well with our code. We have known issues with Microsoft’s email clients: Hotmail, Outlook and Members using those clients have been unable to reset passwords because the links simply won’t function. One thing that has helped with ISP email client conflicts is creating a gmail account to use with our site. Members have been able to temporarily change their email address in order to reset a password, and then can change the email address back to their preferred client after they are able to access their account again. I’m not familiar with your particular email client or ISP, but it may be worth a try. I can change your registered email address in our database. I suggest, given that this forum is searchable by spambots, that you email me at with the email address you want to try. If it doesn’t work, I can contact our tech admin who can look into the details I can’t access.
  14. Hi! We have a list of story tags that we use, and encourage our authors to use. When you input one or more of those into the search field for “Tags” your search should be filtered properly. If you want a story, for example, that is male/female pairings and incorporates oral sex, you would search for MF and Oral. The “and” means you want both tags to appear. If you wanted a male/female pairing but no rape, your search would look more like this: +MF -rape. If you don’t use any modifier, and searched for “MF Oral” your search would turn up ALL stories tagged as MF and ALL stories tagged Oral, so modifiers can help to refine the search. As is pointed out in our search FAQ, you should navigate to the right subdomain before searching. The search page will allow you to further navigate to a category within that subdomain, such as Black Butler within the Anime subdomain. Every subdomain will have that ability, even single fandom subdomains like Harry Potter. Using that to further refine your tag search will give you better search results. If I search the Harry/Ginny category in that subdomain, and also use the tag search for Preg, I get only stories with that pairing and which also are tagged for pregnancy. I hope this helps!
  15. BronxWench

    AFF Holiday Party

    I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try for at least a flashfic.
  16. BronxWench

    How to delete account?

    I’ve deleted your archive profile, and put in a request for our Forum Administrator to delete your forum profile. I had moved your request to the General Staff Questions thread, where it should be posted, rather than as a FAQ request. Link to the original post and my response:
  17. BronxWench

    How to delete account?

    Account deletions need to be done by the staff. I’ve deleted your archive account, and I’m tagging our Forum Administrator, @Melrick to delete the forum profile for you.
  18. BronxWench

    Delete Account

    I’m referring this topic to @Melrick for any forum profiles. The archive deletion will be processed at once.
  19. BronxWench

    Delete Account

    Just so I can confirm that you’re the actual account owner, is it possible to email you at the email address we have on record?
  20. BronxWench

    Can you help me find a story

    Now See Here! and See if I care! by Wynja
  21. I’ll second what WillowDarkling said. We’ve always accepted donations from our members, although we’ve never required anyone to pay anything to read or post stories on AFF. We’ve always been free to use, and we plan on staying that way. Our advertisers—the wonderful people who purchase banner ads on our site—help us cover the costs of hosting the site, and the staff is entirely volunteers. Donations have helped us pay for code rewrites and updates over the years, and we’re eternally grateful for that. I’ve been moderating here nearly ten years now, and I’ve heard absolutely nothing about AFF closing. As an author on the site, I’d really miss it, since this is my favorite of the fiction archives.
  22. BronxWench

    Cold Snap.

    Congratulations!!! I’m off to preorder it now!
  23. Because I think we need wondrous things in our lives, I decided to donate to help purchase JRR Tolkien’s home to help create a Tolkien Centre:

    I don’t know if anything will come of it, but I feel like I should do some little thing for all the joy he’s given me for all these years. 

  24. We don’t have a function for downloading stories like some other archives do, largely because we have found it encourages the theft of stories by people who post them elsewhere under their own pen names. We take a fairly dim view of plagiarism here at AFF, and do our best not to facilitate it. We have also encountered instances where an author has taken their work down from the Internet, only to have fans of the stories reposting them without permission. So, the answer is that we don’t encourage copying stories for offline reading, but we’re well aware that people will copy stories. No archive that I know of has found a way to prevent it entirely. We won’t explain how to do it, though, simply because we respect the rights of our members with respect to their intellectual property, even if that property is fan fiction and not something that would bring them monetary gain.