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    Request new category

    Category added
  2. Story Author This is circa 2005.
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    Helping Out With Site Layout

    Oohhh, I’m going to tag our tech admin, @DemonGoddess for this! We did implement some tweaks to the site to make it somewhat more mobile-friendly, although I couldn’t attest to that since I prefer using my PC or laptop to access AFF. But it’s not perfect, and maybe fresh eyes and ideas can help!
  4. BronxWench

    looking for a trophy.

    Nah, just the guild seal on its own, because no trader would part with it willingly and lose the only proof of his membership in the guild…
  5. BronxWench

    looking for a trophy.

    Actually, I kind of like the trader’s guild seal…
  6. We have a great FAQ on how to post a story to our archive right here: If you still have any questions, or run into any issues, let us know, and we’d be happy to help.
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    Fanfic about a famous historical figure

    Definitely Celebrity Misc., and what an interesting choice!
  8. BronxWench

    Fanfic about a famous historical figure

    Who is the historical figure? Most probably, the story would go in the Celebrity section, in the Misc section. I’d hate to make a firm recommendation without knowing the person in question, though.
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    Can't Change Avatar

    Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be a way at the moment to add or change an archive avatar. Mine vanished as well, and I haven’t been able to get one to load, at all. I suspect it will be a while before the code is tweaked to let up post our avatars again. *sighs*
  10. BronxWench

    looking for a trophy.

    I go Celt and opt for a Wicker Man.
  11. BronxWench

    looking for a trophy.

    Now that’s my kind of bloodthirsty, and yes, THAT would be a warning!
  12. Happy New Year to all my AFF friends and family! :party::beer:

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      Same to you, BW! :)

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      Happy New Year, Bronxie :hug:

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      Happy New Year to you and all!

  13. BronxWench

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to everyone! Let’s hope 2022 brings us all some much needed joy. We’ve all had a lot on our plates with the pandemic, wildfires, floods, workplace upheavals, and just about everything you can imagine going on. But as a community of readers and writers, we can always fall back on the worlds we love to bring us some much-needed comfort. So find a good story to read, or write something that’s been tickling the back of your brain, and let’s see if we can find a bit of joy and peace in words.
  14. BronxWench

    looking for a trophy.

    Fred: What’s with the trader’s pack on the wall? Bartender: Oh, some wandering trader thought he could have his way with one of the girls. She beat him half to death with his own pack and tossed what was left out of the window. Without opening it first. That came out of her wages, let me tell you. Nope. Still not enough of a warning, unless the pack still has some blood and maybe a bit of skin on it.
  15. BronxWench

    looking for a trophy.

    As a frequent player of CRPGs in the sword-and-sorcery genre, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say a wine skin would not serve as much of a warning to me. Well, not unless you are looking to warn visitors to the tavern against bringing in their own beverages, which would be completely antithetical to the whole idea of going to a tavern in the first place and would make the tavern owner surly, to say the least. Because I am largely bloodthirsty, I’d say a scalp or perhaps a body part like a hand would serve as a better warning against touching the tavern girls. Anything else just seems to border on farce. “Oohh, see that sock on the wall? Stupid git touched one of the girls, and she walloped him so hard, he lost his sock, he did! So take my word for it, mate, unless you want your sock, or maybe even your breechclout hanging there for everyone to gawk at, no touching!”
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    You can search a subdomain by category, which will let you choose pairings in a category that has subcategories for pairings. As an example, in the Harry Potter subdomain, clicking on Search Archive and then on the Category dropdown field will show the various pairings as you scroll down. As for story tags, that has its own field as well, although it will only let you search for tags you want to read, rather than filtering out tags you might not care to read. I actually don’t recall us ever having the ability to filter out tags, to be honest.
  17. BronxWench

    Category requests

    I’m not the coder, or tag wrangler, but as one of the archive staff, I suggest for the time being you use the Fet (fetish) tag for those if you are the author. You could also make a note at the top of the chapter indicating the additional content if you feel it requires specific mention or clarification. Thanks!
  18. BronxWench

    Obtaining my Old Account

    The reason you can’t log in to the archive account (this is the wrong place for an archive issue, actually) is that you have two accounts with two separate email addresses. If you’re mixing up the email address and passwords, you won’t be able to get in. This is the url for your original account: It uses a gmail account consisting of a three word name. This is the url for your new account: It uses a two word name gmail account, with a numerical suffix. We’ll need to do a couple of things. If you want to retain the original account, I will delete the new account, which has no stories posted under that url. If you need me to update the original account’s email address, I can do that as well. I would ask that you email me at from the email address you want to use, to avoid spambots harvesting your information from this forum. You can always reach the archive moderators at the email address provided in the previous paragraph. I check that inbox throughout the day, and try to respond promptly, real life permitting.
  19. BronxWench

    Delete account??

    Say it isn’t so! *sadface* There are no stories left, so I’ll delete the account for you.
  20. BronxWench

    Clothing in Stories- Descriptions and Tastes

    I guess for me it really does depend on how necessary the detail is for the story. I tend to like to leave a good bit to the reader’s imagination, so if I’m talking about a male character in an everyday setting, I might mention that he wore a blue linen shirt, open at the throat and with the sleeves folded back, over a pair of tan chinos. (Yes, business casual, sorry...) It’s a pretty generic description, and the reader can imagine the shade of blue they like best, whether or not it’s a buttondown collar, if the tails are tucked in or hanging out, or if the chinos are pleated or flat-front. Now, if I was describing a bondage collar, I might say it had a black leather gorget, lined with silk, with a gleaming d-ring for a leash on the front, and so on. That sort of kit really does need more detail, in my opinion, if you have a certain position or image of the bound character that is crucial to the story. Or you can just go for the wrists tied to the headboard with an old school tie, or the belt from a bathrobe, if you want fast and dirty, and get teh characters naked as fast as possible to avoid having to describe clothing. Women’s clothing, unfortunately, tends to be ridiculously fussy when it comes to suggestive/revealing/sexy wear. The dress you linked above? It could be described as a clinging, highnecked sheath with cutouts down the front, or perhaps with strips of fabric criss-crossing her taut abdomen to reveal tawny skin. Google fashion sites, like Des suggested, and try to find ones with descriptions of the clothing to get an idea of ways to get it across to a reader.
  21. BronxWench

    Clothing in Stories- Descriptions and Tastes

    Have you considered that this is George’s phone? Trust me, its web-browsing history is legendary. Rather like its spell check and predictive typing.
  22. BronxWench

    Chi-chi's alternate life

    Thank you for the clarification.
  23. BronxWench

    Chi-chi's alternate life

    Is this a challenge, or story request? If not, please note that story content is not permitted in the forum, and this post will be removed.
  24. BronxWench

    Looking for harry/draco

    Shigure-san removed their works and account from AFF a couple of years ago.
  25. BronxWench

    Having Trouble Registering

    Glad you were able to log in!