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    Message 007

    No. The archive is limited to the fonts available in the Rich Text Editor.
  2. So, it’s been a rough few days. My mom is in hospital with congestive heart failure, exacerbated by COPD, atrial fibrillation, and Parkinson’s. It’s been one step forward and two steps back for the past 4 days, but at least I’m allowed to see her for a couple of hours each day.

    So, if I’m a bit more absent, or crankier than usual, I apologize in advance.

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    2. BronxWench


      Thank you, everyone. You all are my AFF family, and I truly appreciate knowing you’re all here. :hug: 


    3. kagome26isawsome


      i am sorry to hear this! I am sending virtual hugs straight at you! i hope she pulls through this! take all the time you need hun!

    4. Ghost-of-a-Chance


      Sorry to hear this, Hon. :( I hope by now you’ve had some good news… For what it’s worth, you come across as a strong, capable, and patient person, and I know you can handle what’s thrown at you. Your mother is a lucky woman to have you at her side, even with the social distancing restrictions.

      Take care, BronxWench; I wish you both the best, and hope for the same for you both.

  3. Hi, Per your request, the account has been deleted. All the best, and stay safe!
  4. BronxWench

    element magic vs element magic

    Sickly green for Hellfire, definitely. Think 1960s-type neon acid green. It always induced a strong desire to tear my eyeballs out and soak them in a cooling bath, that color…
  5. BronxWench


    Is this your account? cashewQueen If yes, it is a email address (I’d rather not post an email address on a publicly viewed forum). In the event you no longer have access to that email address, please email us at with the correct email address, and we can update that for you.
  6. BronxWench

    Possible bug with author

    Ah, thank you. The non-story is gone.
  7. BronxWench

    Need to change password

    If you have an email account with a Microsoft client like Outlook, Hotmail or, we are aware that there is a conflict between our password reset function and Microsoft’s new(ish) security protocols. If this account is yours, then that is the issue. We have been able to sidestep the issue by changing the email address to a account. Once you are able to reset the password, and regain access to your archive account, you can change your email address back to your preferred client in the Control Panel. If you want to try this method, we strongly advise you to email us with the new email address for the account. This is a publicly viewable forum, and we all get enough spam without making it easier by publishing email addresses here. You can email us at with the new email address.
  8. BronxWench

    Question marks replacing quotation mark in stories.

    In Chrome, there is an extension that will allow you to change encoding to either Windows-1252 or Western, either of which should remove the black diamonds. It is called “Webpage Default Encoding Changer” and replaces the encoding features removed with the Chrome 55+ upgrades.
  9. I have not gotten a Google alert myself, but I am checking with my admin regarding any data breach here at AFF. I do not have access to passwords. That level of access is reserved for our admin only. I do know there has been an issue with the password reset function and any Microsoft-based email client such as Hotmail, Outlook, and Members using email addresses from those clients have been unable to access our password reset. A temporary switch to a gmail address has resolved the issue, and allowed for a password reset. If you are using one of those clients, and would like a temporary email address change, I can do that for you. I do recommend that you contact us via email rather than post anything here on a publicly accessible forum. You can reach us at
  10. BronxWench

    Saving a story

    The story ID is the number at the end of the story url. The author ID is the number at the end of the author profile url. As far as I know, there’s no author certificate.
  11. BronxWench

    Saving a story

    Are you referring to bookmarking a story? If yes, you can add the story to your Currently Reading section of your profile via your Control Panel in your archive profile. We have a FAQ on how to do that here:
  12. BronxWench


    Well, I didn’t want to post it in an open forum
  13. BronxWench

    Need to change password

    For the archive, here’s the FAQ with a handy link: For the forum, go to Account Settings under your profile, and you can update your password there.
  14. BronxWench


    I’ve emailed you at that address, and WELCOME BACK!!!
  15. BronxWench

    non villain bad guy

    Trust me, the first time he manipulates a woman, he’ll be deserving of being killed.
  16. BronxWench

    The Goldbergs

    It would help if we knew what subdomain this would be created for, like Movies, or Television. Thanks!
  17. BronxWench

    The Sídhe's Apprentice

    Thank you!
  18. BronxWench

    The Sídhe's Apprentice

    Author: BronxWench Title: The Sídhe's Apprentice Summary: Alistair Brady just wanted to be a wizard like his grandfather, which meant studying magic with the prickly and dangerous Sídhe. He never planned on falling in love, until he looked into the icy gray eyes of his new tutor, and discovered another kind of magic. Feedback: Yes, please! Fandom: Original Fiction Warnings: Anal COMPLETE Fingering MM Oral Solo story or chaptered story: Solo URL: Review Reply thread:
  19. BronxWench

    BronxWench's Review Replies - Original Fiction

    For The Sídhe’s Apprentice: Thank you! I have a lifelong fascination with the Sídhe, being mostly of Irish ancestry, and it’s always fun to lay in their world. I will confess, since this was a story that was published, it benefited from the attention of an excellent editor, who always makes me sound far more accomplished than I really am. But I’m always happy to entertain!
  20. Review responses for AFF Challenge Prompt Gamma: Almost Home From JayDee: Thank you! It's always fun to try something new, and I'm glad you enjoyed my little venture into space! From anesor: His raider was already damaged, hence the reason he did not survive, and he was locked onto the hull, so his ship could be scavenged for parts. Tierney, however, took a perfectly good raider with her...
  21. BronxWench

    non villain bad guy

    Speaking from the increasingly uncomfortable vantage point of being female, let’s toss Logic on its long-suffering head, please, because Logic is standing there with hands on hips and insisting that sex is 90% mental for most women. If the head isn’t into it, it’s not ever going to be earthshattering, or wonderful, or even remotely addictive. Yes, hormones are involved, but not in the way you seem to think. While estrogen, progesterone, and especially testosterone have an effect on causing a woman to desire sex, increasing those hormones doesn’t have the end result of increasing sexual desire. Estrogen makes you look feminine, and progesterone is essential to carry a pregnancy to term. Testosterone can affect sexual desire, and yes, women make and use testosterone. Increasing it would however have some nasty side effects, unless you like very masculine, hairy, infertile women. Unless you want to dabble in the feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin, which makes you happy, or dopamine, which makes you feel good, or oxytocin, which seems to induce cuddling, I’m not seeing a way to use hormones in any logical manner. There isn’t a way to medically/neurochemically/biologically make this happen without taking that leap in the fantasy this truly is, and try to create something that will allow readers to suspend disbelief long enough to not want to skillet into insensibility both your character and you for creating him.
  22. BronxWench

    non villain bad guy

    Sorry, not a neurologist or biochemist although I’m gaining some expertise in endocrinology. But you know, if he’s using magic, what else does he need?
  23. BronxWench

    Can't Add Tags to Story

    You should be able to add tags, but once the story o is posted, you need to add them manually. The dropdown works only when the story is initially posted. The field should allow you to click on it, and type in the story tags. If you’re having trouble, let me know what tags need to be added, and I can do that for you. As a side note, you will need to remove any reference to making money on spinoffs from the disclaimer. It sort of invalidates the whole point of not making money off someone else’s copyrighted materials when you contemplate profit from a fan-adaptation of a fan fiction, since it’s still not your intellectual property.
  24. BronxWench

    New Category Request in Anime Section.

    I think posting them as General or Misc would be best for now, and we can move them when the category is created.
  25. BronxWench

    Sess/Kag fanfic Kryptonite

    We do not allow, and never will allow solicitations to download hard copies of stories pulled by authors, nor will we allow offers to distribute hard copies of stories pulled by authors. We respect both the author’s ownership of their intellectual property, and their decision for removing a story. At the very top of this and every other Search request category, we clearly state the following: “If you know the piece of fiction that someone is searching for is removed from the site, but you retained a personal copy, please do not pass the story around. If the story is taken down either by the Author or Moderator staff there is a reason behind it that must be respected.” Those are not idle words. Any further requests for copies will be deleted, and could result in account deletion for registered users.