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  1. FairySlayer

    Review responses for "Whoops" [The Loud House]

    Sure, Lincoln may just be lousy pedophile, but with a lot of practice he could be a fantastic pedophile.
  2. FairySlayer

    Fairy Slayer's Replies to Your Much-Appreciated Reviews

    re: "A Prisoner's Tail" [The Simpsons] I'm happy you enjoyed this (originally) simple little tale of revenge and reconciliation. Glad it hit a few sweet spots for you. A couple of the themes were a bit out of my comfort zone, but the reason for those kinks being included was to kick the humiliation up a notch. If these things felt like they had an actual purpose, then all the better. Thanks for your kind words, and I really hope you find some of my other stories entertaining as well. Meanwhile, I wish you an awesome Christmas and an excellent new year.
  3. FairySlayer

    Review responses for "Whoops" [The Loud House]

    I like to believe that she wears them all the time, specifically for Lincoln. Oh yeah. "Tell me I'm pretty!" is her catchphrase. It's always my pleasure.
  4. FairySlayer

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Oh… I didn't even realize, and I'm kind of surprised. But now I see that the previous review was only for "Darla's Dad." People need to check the series. As for "Candy, Little Girl," heh yeah, I've gone to dark places, though writing "My Absolute Mostest Horriblest Day EVER!" is what really twisted my brain beyond repair.
  5. FairySlayer

    Fairy Slayer's Replies to Your Much-Appreciated Reviews

    To be honest, I was just really happy to actually get a comment on one of my old stories. Let us wear our Sicko Badges with pride! (…under our assumed names, of course.)
  6. FairySlayer

    Fairy Slayer's Replies to Your Much-Appreciated Reviews

    re: "Cheeky Girl" Honestly, I'd love to know how far you read into the story before coming to that conclusion. Ideally I'd have added a custom warning to the tags about how Maggie was involved with Lisa's compulsion, and I can definitely understand why – relatively tame as it is – that's still going too far for many people. In any case, sorry that the story bothered you. I hope you can find plenty of others here which will suit your tastes better.
  7. FairySlayer

    Review responses for "Whoops" [The Loud House]

    I meant especially in the context of the pheromones' ever-increasing effects on Lisa as the story goes on, even though I know it was meant (and understood) like you say. I should have been clearer that I found it menacing in the face of her being not just an underestimated super genius but a potentially sex-crazed super genius. And yes, a lemon antidote would be an irony overload, and perhaps even more ironic since lemons don't have that much iron in them.
  8. FairySlayer

    Need your ideas re: a sex-comedy story I'm working on

    Talk about the ultimate computerized fulfillment system! Anyway, I like the suggestions so far, especially DirtyAngel & BronxWench's idea that it could distribute aphrodisiacs (perhaps embedded in sunblock, drinks, etc. because it thinks that's what people want Hell! It knows that people want sex but just doesn't understand all this repression business). dafdes makes a great point too, though I can already imagine that after a few months of that the Daleks would happen to pick that very beach for their invasion fleet to land and demand total surrender. Best of luck on it, and as always I'd be happy to beta (if you aren't considering replacing me with a certain Nurse with a much sexier imagination ).
  9. FairySlayer

    I'll Review Your Story

    Perhaps not one of my stories: Recently I'd answered Nomadic's request for someone to proofread the latest chapter of her story, and even though I'm not so much into the genre I offered. However and I'm heartsick about it I just wasn't able to get into it enough to give it the kind of attention it needed. So if the description of her "Eye of the Storm" has any appeal then maybe she could really use the encouragement. The short & long of it is that I kind of suck and am hoping that the universe will make something nice happen for her to make up for my complete failure.
  10. I like Darkalley_Muse's idea that most of the story is indented a bit to the right (but still left-justified) with Lincoln's narration fully on the left. Also, you may want to pick a different typeface for those interactions if you can make it look good. (In the dark ages of the '90s it was standard practice to use serif for one type of text and sans-serif for the other, but see what looks good of the available standard fonts if you're posting in-line.) Italics could work, but colors and such may be a bit overkill, IMO. (Actually, this reminded me to fix the centering and asides for my "Hex-ican Fiesta" advertisement and Yang's commentary in Payback's a Pussy, which is a similar thing though only for that bit, not the bulk of the story as you're doing.) In any case GeorgeGlass, I'm really looking forward to what you come up with.
  11. FairySlayer

    Fairy Slayer's Replies to Your Much-Appreciated Reviews

    For "Candy, Little Girl," Part 7 Unfortunately, it's going to be hard enough to finish the tale without slipping in any more fantasy scenes; also, while I can imagine Lawrence fantasizing about some of that, his belief that Stacy is "too dangerous" would keep him from even fantasizing about her. Isabella and Susie are a good fit for his dreams, of course, but Linda isn't. (Poor thing. ) On the plus side, I am glad that the story got you thinking about different fun possibilities too.
  12. FairySlayer

    Fairy Slayer's Replies to Your Much-Appreciated Reviews

    For "Candy, Little Girl," Part 7 While input is appreciated and sometimes very helpful, it all depends on what kind of thing you're thinking of. Right now this story is at the point where I really need to start tying together all of the loose ends, especially now that Isabella has come out of the closet. (I figure that has to be a great big WTF! moment for those who've been following along, though hopefully many of my clues are starting to click into place.) So if it's just a scene or encounter that you'd like to see, then sure you can post or send it via private message and I'll consider it. However anything that interferes with the overall plot or outcome won't be used. I hope you understand.
  13. FairySlayer

    MAJOR software update

    I didn't think this was worthy of a new tech support post so... As of a few days ago the archive story listings shows the misspelling Conntent Tags for each story. (The extra N in the middle is for Niiiice upgrade! I think. ) Also, if this layout isn't final and you're looking for input then I'd add 2¢ worth of suggested tweaks, but no big changes by any stretch. It looks good the way it is, and putting emphasis on the content tags' placement is a great idea. Thanks again for all of your hard work and dedication throughout the years to make this place the awesome haven it is. :hugs:
  14. FairySlayer

    Fairy Slayer's Replies to Your Much-Appreciated Reviews

    Quick Note: This single thread will now hold all of my replies to reviews and announcements of new chapters and stories (if I ever post any again :|), so if you subscribe you can get e-mail notifications of all that. re: "Cheeky Girl" (The Simpsons} Oops! I'm not sure why I missed replying to this back then, and even worse I should have replied the story you had posted at the time as well. My very bad. Oh yes, I know what it's like to find mistakes even on stories I've written ten years ago had "fixed everything" every year. I know I've been through this one a few times since and even used text-to-speech to clean it up. (It's super effective.) Not sure if I've put the cleaned up version here yet, and DUH-ME I didn't check the last-edited date before changing the reply link in all of my stories yesterday. Most of all though, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's very kind of you to take the time for a show you're not into, so much thanks for that alone. Just don't feed my ego too much, y'know. Anyway, I'll have to remember that you like some certain things. If I get off my ass (which is on my hands) then maybe I'll do The Loud House fanfic that has more of at least one thing.</fanservice> As for Jessica, I definitely wanted to keep her slippery (in more ways than one) while retaining her bad-girl shell best I could, but after all they went through together she and Lisa had to develop some kind of bond. (Maybe even with ropes etc. eventually. ) Thank you both for such detailed reviews! re: "The Secrets of My Sis" (Gravity Falls} Thanks for the encouragement. Hopefully the mood, spirit, muse, or bolt of lightning will hit me soon and I'll write something. Not sure about more GF for now since the series is over, but then again I wrote a few Hey Arnold! stories long after the show ended. (And now it's coming back! Oh, not that I'm claiming any kind of correlation or something )
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