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  1. FairySlayer

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Uhm… How exactly did you interpret my comment there as meaning something different? To me, it's just a more complimentary way of saying the same thing…no? (Sometimes I seriously wonder if I've had a stroke and developed some subtle aphasia.)
  2. FairySlayer

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    I'm very sorry, man. Best wishes to you and all the others.
  3. FairySlayer

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    It makes perfect sense to me, akin to why we always have really good thoughts while in the middle of a shower or waiting in an elevator. Taking a break from thinking allows the "background processing" in the brain to chew on it before pushing it into the conscious level. (Some neuroscientists may be able to put it in better words.) Though the pandemic and quarantine doesn't make as big an impact on my life, it's still tough not to have an hour or two away from my computer each day, whether I'm filling my brain with lemons & podcasts or just running between errands. No doubt another part of it is that we kind of feel like we have to be working all of the time "because there's no excuse not to." Maybe a nap or just trying to relax and stop thinking for half an hour each day (very hard at first) will fill that time. Glad you're still getting some physical activity though, harrowing as it may be. Anyway, best of luck with it. If you stumble across something that works then be sure to share.
  4. FairySlayer

    Review responses for "Twist My Arm" [The Loud House]

    Hmmm, in what sense? It feels like I can feel my way around writing a story, but I don't know the names or proper applications of different aspects of Storytelling philosophy. Sure, I've heard of "Hero's Journey," "Man vs. ___" and all that, but there are so many things about pacing, structure, point of view, etc. that I can't name and can only clumsily feel my way around. Sure, it seems to work to a point, but when it comes time to deconstruct something so that I can use it more effectively, I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing. Kind of like life in general I suppose. No big Boobs!
  5. FairySlayer

    Fairy Slayer's Replies to Your Much-Appreciated Reviews

    re: The Dark Side of the Bright Side Okay, "fitting end" made me laugh harder than I have in a long time. So thanks for that. Anyway, I am pleasantly surprised that you checked this one out even after knowing the darker themes. Besides, reading/listening to your stories is always a pleasure. I'm glad you enjoyed it too. I'm glad that the characters mostly clicked with their behavior in the actual show. The big differences are because this story was requested by Tommy Simms, based on his "Working Girl Ruby" picture and the ficlet he made for it later (see below). With that to start from, I didn't try to come up with any reasons for Skull Boy's and Misery's changes. Someone quickly pointed out that an "Alternate Universe" tag was needed and that seemed like it should cinch it. In the end, for Misery I just drew on what I know about Major Depressive Disorder and thought how the volatile household situation would affect her, which could easily drive her to what Tommy had suggested. As for Skullboy, I'd hoped that "A witch did it!" and then him going way overboard would be enough of an explanation. (I mean, Skull Boy taking things too far is pretty canon.) I just don't want to come up with something too contrived (in yet another story ). Still if a better reason ever comes to mind I'll definitely run it by you. Now I just feel sorry for Boner Humerus since if he ever tried to move into Gloom Manor everyone but Ruby would veto that in a heartbeat. At least he should be happy knowing that there are ladies who would enjoy playing with his coccyx and sacrum as long as he lays off the vinegar. (In reality it takes several days for a bone to turn rubbery, but "cartoon physics" and all that.) Certainly he'd also be a lot nicer to Misery than Tino from The Weekenders was. (BTW the other boy with a funny shaped head was Arnold Shortman from Hey Arnold! while the other dudes were just random.) Thank you for giving this story a try, and for the kind comments on it.
  6. FairySlayer

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Oh no, I wouldn't beat them or anything like that. (…unless they really were acting under orders, but their flippant attitude really seemed more like they just were going to do what they wanted.) Punishments need to be constructive… and creative. There are way too many people who love to say, “My parents used to beat the crap out of me all the time and I turned out okay!” followed by *glug*glug*glug* before bitching about being fired from every job they've ever had and how their exes and children have permanent restraining orders against them. "Lothar of the Hill People" was a recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live back in '89-90, with Mike Meyers in the titular role. https://snl.fandom.com/wiki/Lothar_Of_The_Hill_People It looks NBC has managed to keep it off YouTube for now.
  7. FairySlayer

    Title Help

    "A Harem-brained Scheme" "The WHITE Stuff" "Loud and Proud" "I'll Show That Fucking Tortoise!" "Little Daddy" "The Human Shish Kebab Skewer" "The Sperminator" "My Absolute Mostest Bestest School Year EVER!" "The Incredible Fucking Machine" "It's Lisa's Fault, I Swear!" I hope you still feel that way after this.
  8. FairySlayer

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    I'm glad you're feeling better, even going back to making the world safe for pedantic people like me. Your newest project seems perfect for you, getting to work with multiple show styles in segments yet with the added joy of playing them off one-another. Great selections for pairings too. I'm especially happy to see Agent K and Riley in the mix, since they'll certainly give the others a run for their money, even if one would think Helen and Violet have the edge; yet I'm not going to count out any combo on that list. Perfect. Hmm SWp1, you did a nice job reminding me of Zoë Aves aka "Black Cuervo" ... She actually had some nice complexity , plus it's easy to have fond memories of her because Garabatoz did an awesome drawing of her "stealing a churro" for me. BTW, I don't know what possessed me last weekend, but I spent a loooong night cranking out the complete outline for my most-pressing story idea. Now just comes the hard part of actually writing it… or somehow tricking you into doing it instead. Best of luck; take care.
  9. FairySlayer

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Sorry to hear that you're not feeling great, but I'm glad you have a warm purry thing to make you feel better. Those are always good. On the other hand I'm glad you gave "The Happiest Girl in the World" and her precious kitty a chance. If you end up watching the later episode "Ubergloom" there's one joke that will probably raise your eyebrows in a good way. Anyway I hope you feel better soon – preferably by morning so you can actually enjoy your weekend. Take care.
  10. FairySlayer

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    You'd definitely rule at it. Besides, Isabella's naughty diary entries aren't going to write themselves. #Tri(State)Curious …unless the boys create a device to read her mind and do that for her.
  11. FairySlayer

    Fairy Slayer's Replies to Your Much-Appreciated Reviews

    re: Spazzgirl Letters @GeorgeGlass Perhaps to get comfortable being tied up so much, Penny started thinking about more fun things she'd rather be doing, and before she knew it the two concepts had been conflated into a fun fetish. If only the MAD henchmen knew what they could have had… But now Penny will occasionally take out the panties and think about how rewarding her work can be (before gagging herself with them and schlicking herself silly). That episode had a lot of great stuff and seemed like a perfect situation (and girl) to take advantage of. Hmm, perhaps my shoddy color vision makes me think Candace's top is more orange than red. Maybe her pen name should have included the word "busted" somehow, and I'll rationalize that inside the costume her top looked orange to Trixie. (“Yeah, that's the ticket!”) Trixie Tang was chosen because she's tied for #1 on that list, though her name has always been a source of additional glee. Especially since Candace deserves some happiness, it seemed more fun if the two closet fantasy fans could stay in touch – while staying in the closet. Not sure if Candace would be comfortable sharing her secrets with Jeremy… but if she asked him to come help babysit "that sweet boy" and Trixie gave him the full reverse-trap treatment then it would probably all work out somehow. Many Grojband episodes feature oddly-named events where the band wants to play, so I made up a nice descriptive name for this one. Seemed appropriate, just like Trina being so uptight that tight up there too. As for poor Mina, she should have realized that Trina gets off on matching an equal, as dominating subordinates is pretty much just habit. IIRC Grojband being broken up never happened in the show but it seemed unavoidable here: The show's basic formula is that Trina's younger brother Corey (the band's leader) can't write good lyrics to save his life. So in most episodes he and his bandmates secretly work to make Trina so hyper emotional that she literally flies up into the air and madly scribbles into her diary (very henshin-like, hence the objects and whatnot); then she collapses to the ground, drained, and Corey quickly grabs her diary and blindly sings whatever she wrote. So I doubt (most of) the adults would be pleased with a song about a teenager ravishing a ten-year-old girl. I hadn't been planning to do any more of these: Again, it was only supposed to be a one-shot, but then I decided to run through Evil Fairy's top-six list for fun. Since these were pretty much for EF I decided to skip the spazzgirls she didn't care for, though I suppose now there are even more great spazzgirls who could be paired with the best cuties. (Let's see: Helga Pataki, Reggie Abbot, Leni Loud, Webby Vanderquack, Babs Bunny, Luna Girl, Pinkie Pie…) So maybe? If I can't get a good start on any of the three stories in my notes then maybe that would be a good start. Thanks again for reading and letting me know what you liked… as well as what didn't quite work. Both are greatly appreciated.
  12. FairySlayer

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Actually you did a great job with Paa's voice in Quiet, though I suppose you're talking about canon characters. Again, doing Ruby Gloom's voice for a long slog probably taught me how to get into a character's mindset, even if not perfect; but writing in Pinkie Pie's voice actually made it fun. If you decide to try it, my only suggestion is that you don't start with Ferb Flynn… could be a little limiting. Thanks again for the kind words, and I'm really looking forward to your adventures in parenting story.
  13. FairySlayer

    Fairy Slayer's Replies to Your Much-Appreciated Reviews

    re: Spazzgirl Letters Woo-hoo! I finally get to dust off this old thread – and for an anthology that hasn't gotten any attention since 2015. It was supposed to be a one-shot after Mabel's had mentioned this periodical in "The Secrets of My Sis," but then I saw a certain other fairy's top-six list and decided each one of them should have a nice tryst too. Yes, the unreliable narrator aspect helps to embellish a bit and let each writer focus more on the feeling of it all instead of those pesky fact things. I'm not sure how I managed to pull off the voice, as it was pretty taxing when writing just Ruby's voice in "The Bright Side of the Dark Side." I think the bus thing was mostly to establish Mabel's way of thinking, but maybe some "background color" as well. In retrospect I think she is a bit more perceptive than I gave her credit for, but it seems to work. Dee Dee is too innocent to ever say certain words, even when they're on the tip of her tongue. Play bites are a thing with me… but I try not to overdo it. Same with Star Trek references. The first two seasons of !Atomic Betty! were fantastic… the third, eh. I think in Canada a lot of cartoons lose government subsidies after two seasons and that hurts them a lot. !Dave the Barbarian! is just a bunch of super fun nonsense akin to !Yin Yang YO! (for which I wrote My Absolute Mostest Favoritest Story EVER!) I hope you enjoy them. Number six has at least one character you're pretty familiar with. Thanks for the kind words @GeorgeGlass.
  14. FairySlayer

    AFF Holiday Party 2019

    Heh, when Greta explained that "Elf magic" is what allowed her to do that – you know, the same way the elves in the shop could keep refilling Santa's sack – I imagined Rudy's cock popping out of some other elf girl's vagina; then maybe a third elf girl would tribb her so that Rudy had an elf-kabob thing going on. Yeah, I'm weird.
  15. FairySlayer

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Nope. Ruby Gloom is the happiest girl in the world: an odd yet sweet little redhead who lives in a big house with her friends: a Goth Loli banshee, a loli cyclops, a two-headed boy(s), a skeleton, a raven, a bat, her pet kitty, and her favorite doll. She's quite a doll herself… especially according to one popular fan theory. Maybe you're thinking of The Buzz on Maggie?