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  1. Glad you like it. Not sure when me and Swindle will get back to it but we do have several more ideas for it.
  2. Thanks. I’m glad people are still enjoying these older works of mine and I hope to have more for everyone in the coming months.
  3. Ah, well that answers that then. Thank you
  4. I have not been able to get text to embolden in my stories. Is that an issue anyone else has had?
  5. Son of a bitch! Yeah, they’re gone. That’s a shame because the latest chapters of Smooshed and Depravity were real good. When we can post again, I’ll try to recall all that I said and put them back up.
  6. AFF is back baby! Go check out the latest chapter of A Charmed Life!
  7. I have actually finished a new chapter for A Charmed Life. It can be found on AO3 but I, as others have pointed out, thought it would in poor taste to post a link to it from here. I look forward to updating it here once the site finishes emerging from its chrysalis.
  8. It does have a recommended reading area. Regardless, thanks so much! I promise to get the latest chapter finished eventually.
  9. So, just curious and not trying to take shots at quality of content, but can a story be considered a troll post? An Owl House piece in Cartoons is barely comprehensible and the author reviewed their own story in the self-wanking-iest way possible that also manages to be barely comprehensible. Posting a link to the story just in case. https://cartoon.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600096825
  10. The more the merrier I say, Hiro deserves to get it on with as many as possible for all the work he’s done.
  11. Review for Ears to You, Luz Noceda Thanks again for the beta, George. It was nice to have someone else’s perspective. The fact that Gus is stated to be younger than the others is the reason he hasn’t been included yet. The way I am developing the lore for how ears work means that at this point in his life, he hasn’t reached the stage where he would be susceptible to the effects. Doesn’t mean we won’t see him included somewhere down the line. I’m glad the intensity of this chapter hit the way I wanted it to. The twins are very interesting characters and it was fun putting a spicy spin on their dynamics. I love extrapolating ideas and expanding on details that aren’t fully explored in the show. It’s so nice when others appreciate my efforts to “color inside the lines” so to say, when it comes to making porn out of non-porn material. That said, in future chapters I might diverge from the established storyline more than a little because of an idea I have for Lilith. Looking forward to working with you again.
  12. http://cartoon.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600096551 Some others are under the AU and Femslash categories of the Miscellaneous section. Should I link them as well?
  13. Subdomain: Cartoons Category Name: Owl House, The Section: +M through R I have a five chapter piece for this category and I’ve seen others for it as well.
  14. I can honestly say I did not see the inspiration for Rashomonster being such a piece of high art, then again I’m woefully uneducated about classic cinema. It never really occurs to me to model stories on things like that and if my works happen to share similarities to things like that it is usually pure coincidence. Still it was a fun story and I admire your ability to do concise work. I have a tendency to snowball a story as I go.
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