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  1. I feel like there is a whole untapped subgenre of what happens when a zombie apocalypse gets worse.

    *Werewolf howls*

    or demons escaping hell or vampires going crazy as they try to find the last living humans before they go totally feral.

    or even suddenly it goes disaster movie.

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    2. JayDee


      @GeorgeGlass Max Brooks*’ short story The Extinction Parade and the comic miniseries adaption pretty much matches that.

      *The World War Z guy.

      Edit –

      “As humans wage their losing fight versus the hoards of the subdead, a frightening realization sets in with the secretive vampire race: our food is dying off. This is the story of the vampire's descent into all-out war with the mindless, hungry hordes of the zombie outbreak as humanity tries to survive them all! “


    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Suddenly, the thought came to my head… “The Zombie Dating GAME SHOW!”  I must be very disturbed.

    4. InvidiaRed


      I kinda want to write a zombie apoclypse that happens during a dating game show. hahaha