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  1. I was a dead star shone red into the infinite dark I bled

    A dying city my inhabitants long dead

    maintenance kept me just shy of that envied flat-line

    My roots dug deep

    your branches mixed with mine and my roots together entwine with thee and thine

    Until I could no longer tell were you me?

    Or was I mine?

    Did I bleed out? Or did you bleed in?

    A death that lasted yet was not mine

    But was thee and thine

    Here at the end

    Time’s Den

    To see with Dead and Dying sight

    A strange mix of you and me

    and through thine blooded light

    A stranger’s might.

    Impossibly bright.



    1. Strange_idea


      Dying star, burn still bright

      Cling to Life with all your might

      The ampitheatre's long abanroned

      The city's gone and left you stranded

      Your empty audience lies dreaming strange

      You stand, unheeded on it's stage

      But somewhere else your light has travelled

      The darkness that it's touched unravelled

      Some will will drink your crimson light

      Some won't know the subtle light

      But out there, somewhere, your light will find

      Another soul to touch and guide

      Even unseen, your beauty shines

      And will be treasured, by all who find. 

      So stand tall and proud, and enjoy the show.

      Your life has reach you'll never know.