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    Ok, so last time the news was nerve-wracking, but I’m happy to report that things have improved substantially. My little brother is fine (his symptoms never got worse than the mild ones I described last time), and my middle brother’s wife has tested negative several times now, so it seems she was never infected. Still sort of nervous about my aunt, but that’s two out of three COVID-related things that have turned out well so far. With all that in mind, I have some reviews to catch up on. I know Invidia has started reading Mortuus Orbis, and of course JayDee has left reviews of every chapter, and @Sinfulwolf has left three wonderful reviews on the finale of WitS, so over the next few days I’ll endeavor to respond to all of those. As for what’s coming up next, I have at least two things to work on in the near future. Both of them are science fiction stories tied to another work, one that’s not on AFF and I don’t really want to describe here. Suffice it to say I make weird friends for who I am. Then again the first friend I made here was JayDee so maybe not that weird. In the case of the longer one, my co-writer has asked if she could just start writing, so I have to make an effort to keep pace lest I be left behind (as well as work out precisely which of us will be writing what scenes). I know Sparrow may be concerned at the moment, but I don’t quite know what the co-writing process with her will be like, so it may not eat up as much time as one might fear, and after the weekend, I will endeavor to be on Discord more often. I have another idea for a story called Below, but that doesn’t have anybody waiting for it, so it can be placed on hold until other things get done. Bringing it all back to the beginning of this post, thank you to everyone who wished my family well and offered prayers and support. You have no idea how much I appreciated all of that.
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    Our dauschund is so proud of his wolfie provider prowess: he caught and killed a mouse!
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    Pondering an angel corruption story… oh why can’t I just keep on track with my WIPs?
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    Sending a funny to you guys <3
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    @JayDee You got a theme song haha

    @JayDee You got a theme song haha
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    (follows you around the forum)

    (follows you around the forum)
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    Roofers finally making noise overhead. It took NINE months minus a week for the insurance to stop dragging their feet and low-balling ripped roof deck and hail damage. The first month it poured in, later it ‘only’ dripped. Maybe we’ll all stop having problems sleeping.
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    walk outside and get immmiedately hit with kidney stones. smh sometimes I really shouldn’t get out of bed. How the hell does even get internal bruising? Now everything hurts.
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    I must be sick, I haven’t written for a week and even stopped reading...