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    We ordered Chinese tonight, and got a broken fortune cookie. My husband’s response? “Now that’s a misfortune right there.” I’m choking on my chicken, people.
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    Out Fayed

    Out Fayed
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    Geologists beware!

    Geologists beware!
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    Working on the next few weeks of schedules and hoping like hell I can manage an actual sane and normal schedule for me instead of 2 weeks on, 1 day off shit I’ve been doing.
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    Honestly, I had a weird dream about being abducted (Thanks X-Files) and wrote down three sentences about it. The ship looks like a piranha The pilot is a pirate Somehow I’m abducted but I’m already on the alien planet? Then my mind wandered. I had an outline. I had a start of a story. Today I’m feeling like I’ll have this little story actually finished by next month. And none of it has anything to do with the notes I wrote. (Jaquorra kind of looks like a pirate.)
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    Now is that time to start thinking about those Halloween one shots!
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    Apparently the code is not generating the reset link as it’s intended to. So Manta is looking at that code snippet to see why, and to fix it.
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    We are working on the password reset thing. Now, as to the weirdness with the news, that was a corrupt table entry. Both Manta and I were thrown by the exclamation point that displayed, as we thought it indicated code issues. it was actually in the database, and is now fixed.
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    Sending out wishes for a very happy birthday to my very dear friend Melrick. Unfortunately, they won’t let me ship you a Key Lime pie from JG Melon’s!