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    Still hoping to get back and read! There’s a new Thundercloud chapter fer wossnames sakes! If I end up reading the christmas stories same time as halloween so be it, but I’ve either been busy, away walking, or had no internet. Bit of a shitter. Away again after today for a while.
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    The definition of irony is wanting to scream at your cats, “Just live in fucking harmony goddamn it!”
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    Death penalty for spammers, anybody got an issue with this?
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    What I say: "He was a stallion in the truest sense." What my phone hears: "He was a scallion in the truest sense." So keep an eye out for my upcoming story about a sexy green onion.
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    I FINALLY got the time to fix my computer issues, so I can access everything I haven’t been able to for a few months. Now to get work under control, and I’ll be golden!
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    For everyone celebrating today, Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Looks like I finally got around my browser issues. Now to reset up email
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    A big Happy Birthday shout-out to the one and only @DemonGoddess, my fellow cranky old broad. Here’s hoping for a good year!
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    That glorious fucking delicious moment when my groove suddenly returns… ! Holy fuck, I’m happy
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    I have never been so insulted as when a cousin brought vegan turkey to thanksgiving. I woke up at 4 to get started and this person brings vegan turkey… And no no one is vegan in the family. Words were said.
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    Thanksgiving turkey recap: It was tasty/delicious, didn’t bother with gravy based on the QA taste test Being single & celebrating by myself, I opted for a turkey breast (which is less than a full bird). Started this on Monday, when I let the thing soak in a bath of orange juice mixed with sugar, salt, & spices. Yesterday, fired up the propane meat smoker, used cherry wood chips, let it sit for four hours inside. (Also had some chicken thighs along for extra meat to enjoy later.) Only mistake, didn’t fully dump all the OJ bath out, so it was still in the cavity at hour three, dumped that then … so at that exact spot, it was a tad under cooked despite the rest being well-done (I’ll get it with the microwave on leftovers). All in all, quite pleased with how it turned out. Quite moist, tender, and bursting in flavor with every bite, hence the decision to skip the hassle over gravy. Carcass is now in the freezer, I’ll take it out once I’m inthe mood for turkey soup.
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    Make yourself feel better, go back and re-read the reviews you do have for your stories.
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    It really does look like they stomped all over my poor hands...
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    Well, having failed all conservative treatment options, I’ll be setting up for chemotherapy for this oddball immune system of mine. Wish me luck!