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    Ok, so I’ve finished Chapter 2, and am sort of figuring out how to write the review for it, but it occurs to me that there’s a question concerning Chapter 1 I actually forgot to ask. I’m not going to ask about how the theocracy works in general, since you explained a decent amount of it in the post above, and the question of how we got here may come up later (or, frankly, might not actually be important), but I will ask about this: the theocracy is referred to as Christian, and it is, in broad strokes, but throughout the first chapter you seemed to be dropping hints that these people aren’t a denomination of Christianity as it is practiced today. During the baptism scene, for instance, the reverend says to Joe that it’s been x amount of time since his brother “was given angel wings”, and says that said brother is watching over them. While you do sometimes hear this from laypeople, it would be somewhat odd to hear it from an actual minister. In Judaism, Christianity and Islam, angels are a very different form of life, and humans do not become angels when they die. Later, during the shared birthday, you had one of the boys given a “Saint James Bible”. So far as I can tell, no such translation exists, which suggests that the theocracy has its own version of the scriptures, likely edited for its politcal purposes. I thought this was actually really clever, but it did catch my eye that the gang is attending what’s referred to as a Baptist church. The theocracy has practices that don’t align with Baptists (a toddler is being baptized in that one scene, and the Baptist denomination doesn’t practice infant baptism, instead waiting until the child is around seven or eight years old), so what’s going on there? It’s possible that Southern Baptists were allowed to continue worship as they do (though a lot of Christian denominations would end up opposed to this theocracy, and would likely have been driven underground), or that this church used to belong to the Southern Baptist Conference but now belongs to whatever denomination the theocracy is. I was just curious about how it worked out. Examples of the “driven underground” thing above:
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    So a woman asks her mom not to bring a dangerous man who was convicted of a homicide in 98 (the grandpa) around her kids, the grandma does it anyways and the mom is surprised when the grandpa takes a sledgehammer to the 12 year olds head! cuz the grandpa thought the kid stole money from him! (my neck of the woods)SMH https://www.fox6now.com/news/milwaukee-man-accused-of-killing-grandson-charges-filed