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  3. I like the show Rick and Morty and made a fanfiction about it. Please consider adding the category.
  4. I can only speak for myself, that if the story, plot etc are not engaging enough, I will walk away from it and not think twice because I got board. You can have some of the most intense sex in the top 10 stories, but if I dont care about the characters, why its so important that they have the sex, its just another Tuesday to me, its nothing special. BUT if they were both long time in love, did everything to keep away from each other only to be constantly drawn back until they admit their feelings that leads to the sex, I will probably stay and read more. but thats just me.
  5. Lol, i posted the challenge in 2014, and I don't think anybody took it!
  6. It’s all fun and games until you lose your mind Though I will admit, despite giving birth early, since I’ve been pregnant, gone through labor and birth, the aftercare, being a mother, it’s made me a better writer in that area, mainly because now I know what I’m writing about, I’m not second guessing it too much.
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  8. I am searching for a fic where Harry becomes a winged creature and mates with Snape. He passes on the same creature traits by biting him and they end up living in a cave and mpreg... I cannot find it anywhere. Thanks
  9. Well I guess I can try. But the emotional impact wouldn't be there as if ur actually with the characters the was it is in writting
  10. The way you described the stories to me. That’s your script. There was plenty of drama and emotion in it – and thats how most oral storytelling works, like a story around a campfire. You’d just need to edit it a little then read it out.
  11. I wish it just depended on the plot for me, @SirGeneralSir. I admire that. For me, though, I can be super inspired for a plot in a genre I’m not comfortable in, and everything I write will feel not-good-enough so it turns into a chore to write out. @Melrick I looove writing erotica. It’s funny, because I used to hate it, but now I love writing sex scenes. In my most recent stories, the sex scenes were the easy parts to make fun and interesting and the other stuff was tough lol. I have been trying to step away from erotica though because I was hoping to write something that I could show my friends and family, but that’s just not as fun, lol.
  12. Well Id still need to write that shit as like a script! I could just lay out the basic plot, but that's not really hard to do in writing ether. Maybe I could just babble on and on about a story and what it would kinda look like and stuff, but would that really be entertaining? I mean it wouldn't be artsy or emotional at all
  13. I think a lot of writers feel this way. Like it’s a little easier to say you write just for writing itself and don’t require feedback if you’re getting ample feedback, you know? Like rich and comfortable middle-class people saying money doesn’t buy happiness. Some writers, of course, might be perfectly happy just writing without feedback, but I think the majority are right there with you. And some are like me. I don’t write a lot. But I looove writing. And even though I love writing, and don’t feel like it’s a chore most of the time, I still write to be heard. I won’t mention graphic novels again… But I got a new idea! Podcasts! You should totally tell your stories that way!
  14. NO problem. That’s the thing about writing. Keep your eyes open and you;lkl always find something interesting to play with.. Even the story structures we see so commonly aren’t that way because that’s how it’s done, they’re that way because that’s what publishers can easily package and market. Inb fact you’ll find that accounts for a lot of trends. Take the old gem that you need a strong opening paragraph, chapter, page. That’s not something the readers decided. Nope. In truth, readers re quite okay with stories that take their time to start slowly and build. That rule is basically there to make it easier for publishers to comb through their submission piles. They can’t afford to waste time reading 3 chapters in. If you don’t grab them wiuthin 10 pages, they toss your manuyscript to one side and grab the next one in the pile. As for literary tools. Well , nowadays people call them tropes but i call them tools. The same way, grammatical constructs and punctuation are in fact tools It’s why they say a goiod writer is well read. Reading and thinking about the works of others, gives you insight as to how the various tools are used to different effect and how you might use them in your own work.
  15. Looking for a really old story, one of the first that I read on this site, so it is probably 8 to 9 years old if it is still around. All I remember of the story was that the main girl either died, or was kidnapped by death(main guy, possibly a death god?) and taken to the underworld/hell to be his wife. It's possible her parents had sold her to him? I don't think the story was completed, but had 10 + chapters. Would really like to see this story again!
  16. Any ideas you want to spitball to get some feedback?
  17. The lion’s share is characters and organizations, including family trees and membership rosters. (Each character has things like birthdays, deaths, religions, parents, occupations, notes, etc….) Obviously, MCs will have more details in their notes than, say, a great grand parent. For more noteworthy events, I’ve got those, and some place names too. I try to keep it simple. Each character/org/etc gets an XML file, describing that character, including parents, organizations they belong too. Then I run my (custom) tool that creates a folder full of HTML files, generating the family trees, rosters, etc from those character/org XML files. My current tally is 2186 characters and 305 organizations in this database – this is collective across my entire work in the SR universe. I’ve been trying to expand into 3D modelling using blender/unreal with limited success.
  18. Lol shut up Ya got any tips for world building? I'll probably keep it as close to normal as possible cuz I'm lazy... But I could be convinced to do it the hard way if it's worth it... What do you keep track of?
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  20. For the first question, I think most of us have faith in Nick and Kayla. Well, much more than Jack at this point. For question two, I don’t think he did (?) as they’re still acquaintances (rather distant as the only interactions they’ve had recently are at the lunch table). Could be wrong. For the third sentence, that theory makes a lot more sense than (again, could be wrong and would be shocked cause Kayla has not been characterized up to this point to be that kind of person) Kayla cheating on Jack with Nick (once more, she’d tell Jack if they were done. And I’m betting that it’d take her time before she moved on). If that theory (sentence three) proves to be true, the reaction from Nick and Kayla to Jack’s conclusion as to why Nick was leaving Kayla’s house would be,well, for lack of a better word, stunning. Kayla would, if she didn’t break up with him, pull further away from him and become more frosty towards him, thus negating what little “progress” there has been in repairing the relationship (the only progress has been Jack wisely giving Kayla space and not being, well, Jack), if not going several steps backwards beyond (even more silence from her, her father noticing her hurt and deciding to warn Jack to stay away from Kayla until she wants him back, being some of the reactions I’m envisioning). As for Nick, well, what little camaraderie they had would probably be gone, with Nick also being rather cross with Jack. Now, as for if Jack actually decides to “do something” about seeing Nick leave from Kayla’s house, I’d say he should, if he couldn’t stop himself (who am I kidding? It’s Jack), actually confront Kayla about it. Not go after Nick like he did Ted, but confront Kayla. Yes, she’d be hurt and pissed at his having the gall to not trust her (when, frankly, she has more reasons to be wary of trusting him-voyeur and demons sagas being the reasons), but I think (could be wrong) she’d not be as angry and hurt than if he were to go after Nick about it. One final point before this screed is done. I’m guessing what happens in this chapter (mainly the whole “confront Nick and/or Kayla about the thought Jack had of her cheating on him” (yes, the “she’s cheating on me” is implied, but Kayla would figure it out in, like most of us, around two seconds)) is what’ll finally get Jack to fully realize what Rhona said (and what others have mentioned, in different ways) about him putting himself first is true and from there, he can actually make some progress on fixing the damage he did with him in Kayla. Though, frankly, he’ll end up having to make up a lot more ground if he actually does do anything about the whole “Is Kayla cheating on me with Nick” thoughts in his head.
  21. World building’s easy…. bbl, need to work on that database tracking mine….
  22. LOL!!! So, yeah! I think fantasy is one of the hardest genres to do... We all agreed history wasn't easy, but... The world building and the very fact that I'm in charge of all the crazy rules terrifies me! More than history! Kudos to you @sweetmamajama Aww! I don't know tons about the Naruto universe but I spent lots of time in Harry Potter Fandom... The kind of stories you describe are my all time favorites. The ones with deep plot and love and attention on character development... I didn't mind having to wait until chapter 10 to get a sex scene, and it was fucking intense when they finally hooked up too, because WE'D ALL WAITED SO LONG! very cool, man
  23. its all about the plot, why is A doing this, what does B have to do with it and how does C appear to be connected to it all? I could write a Trek fic, one set in the LOTR ish world or even one set in today with normal settings and problems. the different worlds just give me more things to play with, more technology to explain it, magic to create it and so on. I dont write full out sex stories, my Naruto story only has 3? chapters that have actual sex in it, and its currently 33 chapters long with a thick plot, detailed OC characters and staying as close to canon but still an AU of the world.
  24. What genres/categories do you play in? Mostly fantasy. I think its called low fantasy? Like more realistic fantasy I mean. And I like historically inspired stuff. I also dabbed a bit into scifi. And of course u gotta have some romance and erotica mixed in all of that! I did write a few supernatural, and kinda horror-ish stories in the past but I just don't find it very interesting currently. What genres/categories do you avoid? Anything that requires too much research. Writing is already too much work! And I'm a lazy cunt so yeah… I do have a love for history and find a lot of inspiration from it but the idea of writing in an actual historical setting doesn't appeal to me much. I guess that I'm kinda intimidated by all of the research and lack of freedom. That being said I wouldn't rule it out completely, maybe one day I feel confident to try. I also avoid any modern day slice of life. I guess it feels to real and boring for my taste. And honestly idk if I will ever write anything without romance or sex. That doesn't really mean I write romance/erotica, I just like to combine it with fantasy for example. Why? Well I think I explained myself pretty much. But I guess I could say a bit about why I like fantasy. I like to worlbuild and I like an environment where I have complete freedom to make whatever type of shit I want. Its pretty fucking awesome and u can get creative. But sometimes it is kinda tiresome that u have to do some things from scratch and with a detail obsessed nitpicker like me things can get ugly and take forever.
  25. Takes place during the Fairies' Christmas OVA Erza during the Guild Master Game orders the girls to have sex with the other girls in front of everyone the pairings that have to happen in the story are Lucy with Levy Lucy with Juvia Lucy with Erza Levy with Juvia Levy with Erza Juvia with Erza This story only has lesbian sex.
  26. You know guys, I realize that we often do the whole “the guy always has a huge dick” thing in our stories, but I also realize that pretty much almost everybody does it in their fanfics and erotic stories anymore. Not saying we shouldn’t or should, just observing that it’s practically so common among erotic stories that it’s practically a standard. The website TV Tropes calls it this: Bigger is Better in Bed – The bigger the penis is, the better the sex is. At least, that’s what most people seem to think, although that in and of itself is subjective. The website also offers up some ways on how to play with the trope. Played Straight: – Bob, the hero of the story, has a great sex life because of his huge penis. – Emperor Evulz has a lousy sex life because he has a small penis. But the deconstruction of the trope caught my eye: – Bob is unable to have sex because his penis is horrifying and extremely uncomfortable to his partners. – Bob feels like he's just being objectified and used like a glorified sex toy. – Emperor Evulz gets so obsessed about the size of his penis he completely ignores all the other ways to improve his sex life and makes the life of his harem miserable. – A young virgin, believing in this trope, decides to pursue a partner with an especially long penis, making her first time a really painful memory, perhaps turning her off from sex for a long time. However, they did offer up reconstructions for the trope as well: – Bob has plastic surgery to reduce the size of his penis to a more convenient size, and is able to enjoy sex in a whole new level. – Bob finds a girlfriend who by innate biological features (alien with bizarre features) or sheer dimensions (tall or giant girl) is able to comfortably accommodate his penis. – Emperor Evulz realizes that penis size has nothing to do with how well he can pleasure a woman, and gets to it. All I’m saying is that in the future, it might not hurt if we consider the above scenarios if we want to use the trope even a little seriously or realistically.
  27. Mostly working on the last (?) chapter of L&PD. I have stubs and ideas for the other fics but nothing substantial. I lost a lot of interest in Game of Thrones after it failed to really go anywhere. Stuff happens, people die, characters are moving around but nothing is really changing. Anyways, if I could do the usual super hung and mega busty themes again then I can consider doing a GoT Overlord crossover. Finding an artist to draw characters and scenes for my works is something I am interested in doing but haven’t looked too deeply into. If I ever got a Patreon or something it would be primarily to commission art for the works but that’s technically illegal.
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