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  2. Draco carries him around. Rubs a potion on Harry's teeth so he won't bite. No one stops Draco in the school.
  3. Have you considered starting a review reply thread in the AFF forums? I do that for all my stories, mainly so people who review them won't feel like they're shouting into the void. I had no idea. Thanks! Did you review it anonymously? I don't remember getting any reviews from you before. That was really what I was aiming for: to immerse readers in the story and make them part of it. It was pretty experimental; I'd never even considered writing a story in the first person plural before. Thanks! Good to know. I was really trying to do the opposite -- to make the story partly a conversation between Lucy and the reader. But maybe that's just not doable (at least, not in the way I tried to do it). It was definitely fun (although the most fun parts to write were Lucy's comments and insights). It was also the hardest part, in some respects, because it's meant to imply that the order in which these five scenarios begin is also the order in which these different activities got started over successive Friday nights. (“Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny,” as the biologists like to say once they've got a few drinks in them.) So Lynn started it all with her sleepwalking-that-fools-no-one routine, which prompted Leni and Luna to start doing their silent lap dance thing, which emboldened the twins to unleash their pent-up desires on Luan, which inspired Lisa to start having regular rendezvous with her extradimensional fuck buddy, which put the idea into Lori's head to “borrow” Lily while that's going on. Thank you! It helps that all of the action in that scene takes place in one location -- the hallway -- so there's no need to switch from one peephole to another like we do throughout the rest of the story. Thanks! I completely agree that Luan is hardest to write. In canon, she almost never stops joking, and it's hard to keep that up over multiple lines of dialogue. But for better or worse, my dad had a similarly dorky sense of humor, and having been exposed to it for decades, I can drum up bad puns when necessary. There are some twins whom developmental psychologists describe as “over-identified"; each twin's identity is so bound up in the other’s that they don't know who they are as individuals. This vignette is based on the premise that Lola and Lana are scared of that happening to them, so they make a conscious effort to be different from each other -- but they still have the same underlying tendencies and urges. Thanks again. I wrote that before Luna's bisexuality was revealed on the show. I just figured that it seemed plausible. And Leni has a sort of naive open-mindedness that I thought would make this a believable scenario for her, too. Absolutely. It's a completely balanced relationship (which is why Luna will be dancing for Leni the next Friday night). I wanted it to be unclear until the end what was really going on with each of them. Despite having been at this the longest, they are also the ones most in denial. In fact, they may not even know what their sisters are getting up to during their liaisons -- let alone that they inspired it all. Thanks. I didn't want to sideline Lily the way I did in “Whoops,” and I have a mother-child incest fetish, so I thought this was the thing to do. I also love writing dirty talk, sometimes more than writing the action. Yes, I do. And I think there is a wide range of crazy that is plausible for Lori. We've seen her be the responsible elder sister, and we've seen her come completely unglued. For this story, I wanted to go somewhere in between, but I do see your point. Of the two big secrets that Lucy mentions at the end, the first (which she explains) is that the Loud kids inherited their horniness from their parents. But the second secret, which Lucy only hints at, is that all the Loud kids have a great capacity for love. We see that capacity manifest itself in a variety of ways in the final scenes. I see your point. It’s on a completely different level of plausibility from the rest of the story. I should note that I didn't quite manage to flesh out the idea behind Lovecraft -- not just that Lisa can control him, but also that she feels safer expressing her affection for him than for the human beings in her life. I wanted her to be an Alfred Hitchcock-type host. Which is why her first words to us are “Good evening.” I wrote that before I even knew that the show is set in Michigan. I just thought there was something Midwestern about Royal Woods. Thanks! Thanks again! Yes, I've gathered that. Or any cute girl for that matter (but especially his sisters, obviously: incest is the best!). Again, you know me. That's all besides the point though. Great work, man. Sounds like fun to me. You too! And if you’d like to send me an email some time, I’m at
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  5. If Beth gets killed I will be very pissed off since she’s my favorite You feel me, Jashley? But seriously, I agree that Ms. Cartwright’s death would affect Jack deeply. It would be just as bad— if not worse— than Coach Walburn’s suicide. Jack would mourn for the loss of a friend, but it really doesn’t affect anyone else in the story. Now, Grant dying would send Amanda over the edge and that strikes to the heart of Jack’s family. So, maximum damage results.
  6. Did anybody see the eclipse (besides me?)

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    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      I saw totality,’s different from partial.

    3. BronxWench


      Oh, I know, and I wish we had been able to see totality in real life, and not via the NASA feed.

    4. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Cameras, or at least mine, don’t have the dynamic range to do it justice.  At least I did get a couple of decent pictures though.  :P

  7. Running Red: Turn the Moon
    Chapter 47
    Title: I am...
    Outline: finished
    Rough: finished
    Edit: 50%
    Review: 0%

  8. I want to say just Jack, but am betting Alan will be a part of it considering how “things”, for lack of better word, have been going with the twins since Amanda tried to do to Alan what he did to her in chapter 28 (when Alan went into her room naked. I’m guessing Amanda tried something similar but approached it like she did Jack in the beginning chapters of the story-with the handcuffs. Just a theory.). Now, a possible idea I have for someone who could die in a crash could be Ms. (is it Ms?) Cartwright. Why? Don’t know, it just popped into my head and could have some impact on Jack, considering the last encounter he had with her, as of now, was her talking to him briefly about relationship issues, again for lack of better word.
  9. We’ve always been a text archive. Given the nature of the archive content, NOT hosting images actually protects us from certain things, surprisingly.
  10. Running Red: Turn the Moon
    Chapter 47
    Title: N/A
    Outline: finished
    Rough: 50%
    Edit: 0%
    Review: 0%

  11. Last week
  12. I’ve made a little progress on the first lemon, specifically at the point where Ben takes Fem!Aang and Katara’s virginities (I’m not overlooking that, unlike some people). And sure, what’s the idea?
  13. So any progress on that Ben 10 x Avatar harem fic? Also, do you like to hear a idea?
  14. Thank you!!! That´s the story!
  15. Author is corvusdracois all of the stories by this author are worth a read Story is One Step Forward, Two Decades Back
  16. I want to put something witty, upbeat and positive here, but this is me, so…

    (insert swear words of choice)

    You may have noticed I’m never online. Sorry about that. I’m really ill. Can’t even read atm. I've restarted Matt Haig’s latest about half a dozen times now. Still haven’t got past the first four pages. Goldfish have better concentration and mental agility than me right now.

    I can’t even do you any politics…

    Well, except to say to all: Fight fascism, with everything you’ve got. But then, that’s not really politics. That’s just basic humanity. I still have some of that left in me.

    So, apologies if you’re waiting on me to reply to emails/admit I’m alive/do something I’ve forgotten. I honestly don’t mean to be ignorant. I just have zero energy. I have no idea when normal service will be resumed.

    This status update is the most writing I’ve done in weeks. 

    1. Desiderius Price
    2. JayDee


      I hope your health improves and you get back to your old self.

    3. BronxWench


      You know I am here, always. :hug:  :wub:

  17. I´m searching a story with Hermione and Severus pairing. I think both are phoenix animagus. Dumbledore has hidden phoenix eggs for his purpose only (bad/evil Dumbledore). Hermione and Severus discover several eggs and they are hatching them. I don´t remember if the story is complete.
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  19. I’ll defer to you on this one, Bronxie, since this is an Archive question, really. So, I’ve deleted my first post about moving this thread, since it’s irrelevant now.
  20. This is more appropriately a category request/request for category modification, and not a general staff question, since the moderators don’t assign category names. I’d rather not ask for this to be deleted outright as inappropriate to this thread, so I’m moving it to the correct thread.
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  22. Hi! I’m Dignitias. I’m pretty new here, and I was looking through the categories to put your stories in and noticed that the category for S.T.A.L.K.E.R doesn’t exactly look right. Don’t get me wrong, the spelling and the way you made the title is right, it’s just….why just Shadow Of Chernobyl? I thought that maybe instead of using the title for the first game, why not just S.T.A.L.K.E.R? It seems like a small issue I know, but it always irked me a small bit each time I saw it. The way it was for me, was that it takes place specifically in this part of the game’s universe, rather than just calling it S.T.A.L.K.E.R! Sorry if this is a small kind of suggestion, but I thought this way, it’d look nicer just to call it S.T.A.L.K.E.R, rather than using one of the three game’s titles.
  23. Hey kanzen^^ So, there is an orgy? yay Have them some love^^ Though I Lesbian actions is always enjoyable. I must admit I like the action Barret or Red has with Tifa and the other girls. Especially Red seemed like wanting to actually impregnate her haha. Maybe Cid should have his turn too. In any case I`m excited to hear and read from your story. So keep up the good work and let us have some arousing experiences and painful boners^^
  24. This is definitely a unique idea and one that would be great to read. With how much time it spans, the writer may have to summarize the first two years and expand on the third and fourth. Again, never read a fem!Neville before so I would love to read this.
  25. I somehow don’t believe that it will be anyone in the core group. The Saga that just ended was about ‘rebuilding’ the group. Jack has made progress with everyone except Amanda. If Grant dies in a crash then she will be distraught to the point of withdrawal, just like she was when Sam cheated on her. Guess who will be the focal point of Amanda’ anger and despair?
  26. For this challenge Hogwarts must begin at thirteen. During the Christmas of his first year, to distract his mind from the Mirror of erised, Harry wanders in Hogwarts’ Library in search of one or several books, when suddenly a glow, from the most secluded part of the Library, attracts his attention. Harry discovers a book that seem intemporel and not in his place at Hogwarts. Curious the boy who lived takes and opens the book, only to be engulfed into a flash of light and for the book to be absorbed by him. After a little time to recover his senses, Harry quickly discovers that his life is now a game, but not any game, his life is now an Eroge that give him the goal to befriend, seduce and conquer as many witch as he wish. Other detail: No instant conquest of all witches than Harry sees, he must work to gain the affection of his girls of choices and pass the stages of their relation, the game give him just a little help and speed up a bit the process. Physical, mental and magical progresses must be worked naturally, the game transform any action into skills but cannot give him a instant skill but a bonus into a skill as reward for an objective is possible. In reason of the game some actions and decisions of Harry change (by exemple: he choose another solution for Norbert and thus don’t lose any house 's point over it; or he manage to be present for the last game of the year which results to a early cup for griffondor) and thus little by little the plot must change. If he can gain affection from older witches, none of his lovers can be more aged than Tonks who is the older person with who Harry has sex. His final Harem, not including the casual lovers and other sex friends, must be composed of : Katie Bell, Ginny Weasley, Hermionne Granger, Rose Weasley (As ginny’s twin or as alternate niece from an aborded reality), OC Dursley (magical little cousin), Daphnee Greengrass; Tracey David, Susan Bones, Luna Lovegood, Grabrielle Delacour ( who is the same age than the cousin), Fleur Delacour and Nymphadora Tonks. When Harry bonds with his last witch at the end of Fifth year a magical effect destroy the horcrux in his scar. It is all I can think for now, have fun.
  27. Cold Snap Chapter 8 Thank you, Anon! Since you didn’t give your name, I’m gonna name you. And since I’ve been around cats all day, it’s probably gonna be a weird cat name… Pineapple? Thelma? Greg? Acorn? Thank you for the review, Acorn. It gives me a tingly feeling that my story is giving someone a tingly feeling. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! New Chapter will be up on the 25th! Hmm, maybe I should put that in an author’s note… Thank you, Missy! A simple yet encouraging review; I appreciate it! Have a great week LOL Thanks anon-ish. Your review made me laugh and I sorely needed that. “I’m kinda digging the politeness of the monster” that was awesome. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. And the name you signed with amused me as well. I like you.
  28. Long time ago I saw a story on here I believe about Sylvanas and Lana’thel. Lana’thel had been found and brought to Sylvanas and she’d been a prisoner for a while before Sylvanas started falling in love with her.
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