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    The Detour

    A sex story from the TV show the Detour. So the story would take place after Nate and Robin have had there run in with Robin's twins sister Bj and Jareb and Delilah reunite at there grandmother's. So in the story BJ has snuck into the Parker's home looking to cause trouble for her goodie too shoe sister. BJ is going through stuff in Robin's and Nate's bedroom when Jareb comes in. BJ pretends to be Robin by asking what she thinks is normal mom stuff as Jareb closes and locks the bedroom door.Jareb then comes up behind BJ and wraps his arms around her with one hand squeezing one of her big tits and the other playing with her pussy.BJ stunned demands know what he is doing to which he replies that they are all alone and that it has been days since they fucked and he wants her. BJ is momentary stunned by this never thought her goody to shoe twin would engage in such as fucked up thing as underage incest but BJ is a kinky slut herself is more than happy to go along with it.So BJ and Jareb star kissing and quickly strip revealing BJ'S smoking hot body and Jareb raging hard on. BJ shoves Jareb onto the bed and then gives him a passionate blowjob all the while demanding that he say that it is the best blowjob he has ever had.Jareb happily say it is as the bedroom door burst open and the real Robin burst in demanding to know what is going on. BJ stops deep throating her newphew and smugly turns to face her twins saying that she was just showing him how a pro sucks cock.Robin furiously yells about how it is bad enough that BJ tried to steal her identity and Nate but now she is fucking her son.BJ says that she did not mean to but she did not know her twin was so kinky and that Robin must not have been fucking him right since he was just saying how what BJ was ding was the best he had ever had.Robin turns to her son and demands an explanation as to why he said that t o which Jareb helplessly shrugs aying he thought it was her.Robin says that she will prove that she sucks better cock that BJ quickly strips and starts blowing her son.BJ still horny quickly joins in and the sisters give him a double blowjob as they both demand to know who is better.They both are sucking on his balls when he cums.Now both horny and pissed off that they still don't know who is better complains that now they have to wait tell he is hard again. Robin comes up with an idea she says that they can make him hard real fast if they show him how they used to play when they were young.BJ happily agrees and Jareb watches as his mom and aunt start fucking each other. They start off 69 each other and by the time they are scizzoringhe is hard as a rock. BJ tells him that she has better boobs and titty fucks him. Robin contesters by letting him fuck her in the ass all the whilesaying what a dirty incest loving whore she is.Both sisters lay on the bed sided by side with their legs spread and tells him to fuck the one he chooses.Before Jareb can decides the door behind him opens and his twin sister Delilah comes in demanding to know what is going on.Jareb is right on the verge of coming turns around still jerking his cock and cums all over Delilah. So that is the end of the story. Maybe we can have a sequel where both sets of twins all fuck each their?
  3. A sex story for the CW TV show Stargirl. I would like the story to start with Courtney Whitmore / Stargirl and Yolanda Montez / Wildcat returning to Courtney's house after a mission trying to find info on the ISA. The house is empty and they are in Courtney's bedroom still in uniforms. Yolanda say's she thought she saw something and asks to see Courtney's phone since Courtney was taking pictures from the air on her cosmic staff. Yolanda grabs Courtney's phone from the bed even as Courtney tells her not to.Yolanda starts scrolling through the picture but suddenly freezes a look of shock on her face. Yolanda turns the phone to Courtney demanding to know why she has these pictures on her phone. The pictures are the nude sexy pictures that Yolanda had sent her ex boyfriend who then showed them to his friends who then showed them to the whole school and after that pretty much everyone in town had seen them. The leaked pictures had lead to Yolanda being shunned and disgraced by the entire school her church and her family. So Yolanda is understandably shocked and hurt by her new friend and teammate Courtney having them on her phone.Yolanda wildly demands an answer from Courtney who mumbles an answer which Yolanda can't understand.Courtney flustered finally yells that she has them because they are fucking hot and that she uses them to fuck herself.. Yolanda stunned asks her to explains. Courtney blushing say's that she knows that it is wrong but that Yolanda is so brave and smart and that she looks so hot in her Wildcat costume that she just had to see those sexy photos of her. Courtney finally stops talking saying that she understands if Yolanda does not want to be friends anymore. Yolanda stuns Courtney by lunging forward and eagerly starts kissing her and groping her. After a few minutes of this Courtney pulls back and asks Yolanda what she is doing? Yolanda starts taking off her Wildcat uniform saying that it has been 3 months since anyone has said that she is anything but a slut or that she has even been able to touch herself with out feeling shame but Courtney being attracted to her has made her horny as hell. Courtney aroused by looking at Yolanda's athletic nude body with nice sized tits and a hint of abs but asks if Yolanda really wants her or if she would want to fuck anyone who was nice to her. Yolanda now naked eagerly starts looking at Courtney saying that she has wanted to fuck her since she first say her in her Stargirl uniform that shows off her perky tits and amazing ass.Courtney upon hearing this grins and says that she is sorry for amazing Yolanda wait so long and says that she deserves a show. With that Courtney summons her cosmic staff and proceeded to use it like a striper pole and give Yolanda an amazing striptease. By the end both teen girls are naked and dripping wet. They then have sex with both girls eager from not having any sex in a while. It is Yolanda's first time with a girl so she is eager but new to lesbian sex. Courtney on the other hand used to have lot's of lesbian sex with her gymnastic teammates back in LA is more than happy show Yolanda how much fun it is. When they are done fucking they both agree that they are closer as friends and teammates.
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  5. July update Rationis is done :D

  6. Thundercloud

    With the Mirror Came...

    Chapter 8 has now been posted. If you review it the likelihood I review some of your story increases a lot...
  7. nightdarksoul

    A Blossom of Many Thorns

    Author: NightDarkSoul Title: A Blossom of Many Thorns Summary: The young Princess Lisette is initiated into life's painful secrets at a tender age. Forced to walk a path she doesn't want, she learns to grasp what she needs, however much it hurts. Feedback: Comments and feedback would be grand. Fandom: Original Story Pairing: N/A Warnings: FF MF Fingering Incest Minor1 Other warnings noted per chapter. (note that this list may be edited as future chapters are posted) Solo or chaptered story: Multi-chapter fic. URL: Review Reply thread: I’ve just posted chapter 2, so thought it was time to promote the story a bit. Thanks for taking the time to check it out, and hope you enjoy it.
  8. Last week
  9. Any cursory sweep of Interracial Porn will reveal a LOT of “BLACKED”, “Big Black Cock”, and “Black Owned” stories and artwork. How about something a little different; B'wana Beast (Michael Payson Maxwell) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The series is infamous for its portrayal of a Caucasian saviour in Africa; the character's first name, "Bwana", is a Swahili word for leader or "master". He uses an elixir to gain superhuman strength, speed, agility, senses, and hunting and tracking abilities. And his helmet lets him control any animal telepathically and to merge animals together to create chimerae. Do a story where B’wana Beast merges strong black superheroines and supervillains with animals to turn his victims into curvy and docile bitches who are addicted to his white cock. Make it very racially charged, with him justifying it as putting these black women where they belong. Include degradation and public humiliation, with B’wana Beast getting his victims to tell people they wanted to be Bleached bestial black bitches for Big White Cock. Have fun!
  10. Guest

    Searching for a fic

    I am looking for a story where the light wins the war and the ministry decides as punishment they will sell death eaters. Harry and several of his year mates are trying to stop the practice. In the mean time they buy some of the death eaters to save them. Harry buys snape and Lucius Malfoy.
  11. I will be very happy when July 31st gets here.  That’s when the extra $600 a week for unemployment finally expires.   That may sound horrible, but I’m on the opposite end of that.  I have worked through this entire thing, and the only applicants I’ve gotten for my critically short staffed store, have been applying for the unemployment requirement that they do so.  Have only had one day off since November 14th.  ONE.  Plus, I’m already on schedule for a minimum of 80 hours a week, and if anyone calls off, I get to cover it.  Because I don’t have enough staff.  So my average work week is more like 90 hours or better.  Awful damn tired of people working the system.

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    2. WillowDarkling


      Dear gods… :hug:   We need to clone you, or something, so you can get a day or two off, DG. I’ll root for July 31st to get there fast too. 

    3. InvidiaRed


      Seconded, picking up the slack for people who should know better than abuse the system when they know for a fact they’re screwing over their fellow coworkers has rendered me cynical but that just might be the exhaustion speaking.

      July 31st can’t come fast enough.

    4. InvidiaRed
  12. I am searching for a couple different Harry Potter slash stories quite some time ago. Story one: Due to strange circumstances, Draco is sent to stay summer at the Dursleys with Harry. While there he learns and becomes close to Harry. By time summer is over and they head back to Hogwarts they are both a bit built from working out. Eventually something happens (whispers from the students) and it sets Harty off and in his rage he tells them that if they wish to see what he does in terms of Voldie here you go. He does a spell and the great hall is filled with on of his horrendous visions. Draco rushes over and helps calm him down. (I hope this is enough to go by XD) Story two: Draco comes into his creature inheritance and surprise it's Harry(bottom). Oddly enough, Dracos friend accept him with open arms and soon learn he came from a house of abuse. The Gryffindors turn against Harry, Ron included and try hurting and attacking him at various times. I do recall that Pansy and the others took Harry out on a shopping trip for new clothes and such. (Sadly, this is all I can clearly recall since it's been a while XD) Story three: This one is a Lucius/Draco/Harrh creature inheritance story. I believe they are some type of bird-like creature but I don't believe it's Veela since Harry is one as well. So Dumbledore is evil in this story and sees Harry as a powerful weapon to be used. During the whole mating/bonding thing, Harry becomes pregnant (mpreg) and eventually starts to make a nest up in one of Hogwarts towers where he would give birth. It's very secretive and both Malfoys are not allowed to even be near due to Harry being so feral during the process. He has I believe 3 babies and Dumbledore sneaks in and grabs one of the little boys and tries to steal him. He is caught and attacked and the baby is dropped. At first Harry wont accept the child back, but eventually does. I know it ended happily. (That's all I can remember for this one. I hope it'll help someone) I hope someone out there will be able to help me out in finding these stories again. They were all very good and I've been wanting to read them again!!
  13. I found it! It is 'A Time For Changes' by Faufuru46 in case anyone else was interested!
  14. I'm officially 24 now

  15. JayDee

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Really sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is super hard.
  16. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Re: “Keene’s College Weekend” From DreamWorlds on June 29, 2020 Thank you! The third and final chapter is in the works. And other stories, too, of course.
  17. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Thanks, guys.
  18. CrossroadsMk2

    CrossroadsMk2 - Ideas for next story

    Hi Lammo, thanks for the comment. I'm thinking about doing an I♥️Delta Pie tattoo with the Greek symbols for delta and pie (although giving Lara an I♥️DP tattoo might be funnier, and then watching her get embarrassed trying to explain how it stands for her Sorority, and not for double penetration). I'm leaning towards a tramp stamp on her lower back, but it could also work on her upper thigh, integrated into a garter style tattoo, or on her butt cheek. You're the second person to vote for nipple piercings, so they'll definitely go in (now to decide between barbells or rings. Ah, the agony of choice). The glory hole will be the final part of Lara's Sorority hazing, but there will be a gangbang in the Dean's story arc, although it'll start out with some more public humiliation first.
  19. Guest

    CrossroadsMk2 - Ideas for next story

    The tattoos and body writing would be hot. A tattoo/bodywriting on her lower back or thigh would be sexy, it can remain hidden most of the time but if any was to look close enough theyd be able to see it, especially if she was wearing a short skirt or low cut pants. A tramp stamp in the shape of a thong is always hot. Or one lableling her a slut, cumdumpster, buttslut, etc. Nipple piercings are always hot, and always draw attention, and make guys think bad things about the wearer. A perso. In laras position would be embarrassed to be wearing something so sexual and attention grabbing. Especially in a room full of male students. I much prefer professor croft, i was into the beginning of natlas revenge but it got too much and i kinda lost interest, but hey if its your thing... Looking forward to the glory hole, its great because youll still be able to hide her identity and reputation but itll be hot at first when lara is reluctant and indignant about the situation but then she would lower her guard and be able to submit to her base desires because she realises that no one would know its her. Of course id also love for and gangbang scene or multiple guys but i wouldnt know how youd be able to fit that in without revealing who she is.
  20. FairySlayer

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    I'm very sorry, man. Best wishes to you and all the others.
  21. Guest

    Billion Dollar Harem

    Its the best news this year that you are back. Thank you. I love that fact that you are putting more of the history of the drug. Did Taylor take it alot too? How about a night clubs in one of the rooms and how about abc party?
  22. Guest

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Hi it’s me, I just wanted to say hi and say that I am very sorry for your loss, I will make a prayer for your cat, I’m sure that she is resting peacefully in heaven now, playing with other cats as well I hope you are not too sad about your loss and always remember that your cat will never truly be gone
  23. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    This was kind of a rough week. One of my cats (who was FIV-positive) went from seemingly fine to deathly ill almost overnight and had to be put down. She was a feisty, troublesome, high-maintenance little thing, but I loved her. As usual, distracting myself with writing has been a helpful coping mechanism. I made fair progress on several things this week, including chapter 9 of “Flesh.” I would like to finish that one soonish, as that story has gone the longest without an update, but the chapter still needs a fair amount of work. Meanwhile, Chapter 1 of “Creek Dreams” is still in beta, but I’m expecting it back any time.
  24. WillowDarkling

    gerard and emmy

    Moved to the right subforum. And we do have a Gerard Butler specific category in the Celebrity archive, which can be found here: Willow Darkling, forum moderator
  25. Giving World Anvil a try hahah.

  26. Sage of Discord

    She is the One

    Damn. Jack can’t catch a break. :/
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