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  2. I’ve checked again while logged out and it’s still showing reviews allowed. Funny thing, must have reset itself but seems to be retaining now at least.
  3. Anesor

    How do you go about developing a story idea?

    I don’t often use photos to help my stories. The images I have in my mind’s eye are usually not close enough to a real image to help the story, they frustrate. A photo can be both too close and too far and this cognitive dissonance is like chalk on a backboard. Most canon characters and events in fanfiction have plenty of images. There are two exceptions that come up in maybe 1 in 12 stories. A fan art can and has triggered a story or a scene. Or when I was trying to build up a cover art illustration for a story, I dug out a bunch of photo references. I went so far as to scrounge enough to pay for an illustration from an artist who paired representational and impression in that fandom whose style I like and had open commissions. They requested refs and then backed out. The money went to another bill then. My art skills are more photoshop than Michael Whelan. That image is very clear in my head. But only in my head. I see enough of my scenes that I forget to include important details. So looking for photos that match that is mostly a way to use the time I could be writing.
  4. Guest

    Naruto Min

    Far Cry 4 inspired Classic start: Naruto gets banished, but he’s not betrayed by Tsunade or anyone. Anyway, years later, Naruto has become leader of a country- use a minor one from canon or filler, make one up with Xovers, whatever you want. This is where Far Cry 4 comes in: some of the old guard and patriots aren’t happy with Naruto being in charge, so they form their own rebellion. So, when Naruto’s old friends come knocking when they hear Naruto is somehow in charge of a country, they find him in the middle of a civil war. Naruto, due to being disillusione by war, politics, and betrayal is a bit/lot like Pagan Min. From there, take it where you want and do as you please. I prefer minimum bashing and all that, but I’ll le you all decide how Konoha does/doesn’t get involved.
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  6. CloverReef

    How do you go about developing a story idea?

    You’re definitely weird AF. That’s what’s so great about you.
  7. Desiderius Price

    How do you go about developing a story idea?

    I’ll certainly use other pictures where needed. It’s just weird that my mind can only freely write when I’ve got an explicit picture up … it doesn’t have to be related, more like it just unlocks the mind. Maybe I’m just weird….
  8. CloverReef

    How do you go about developing a story idea?

    I do this too. Pictures for mood. Usually something setting related, I use focuswriter, which lets me put a picture as a background to write on. If I write a scene that takes place in winter, I’ll put in a wintery cityscape as the background. Or an angsty scene will get an angsty picture.
  9. BronxWench

    How do you go about developing a story idea?

    I will say my visual aids are largely not explicit. I find I like to collect images that feed a mood, or a facet of the world I’m building. For the Tales of the Seaborn Crown ‘verse, I collect steampunk images, mostly objects, Carnivale masks, costumes, and other things that flesh out the little details. I might save various bits of armor, or weapons that amuse. The explicit stuff doesn’t need visual aids, other than perhaps a pretty toy here and there. I like chastity cages lately...
  10. CloverReef

    How do you go about developing a story idea?

    I am definitely a pantser as well. As long as I have a spark of inspiration and some vague idea of what the main conflict might be, I'm usually good to go. Though I've done stories with less. I reverse outline. Once I have a couple chapters written, I go back and outline what happened in them and note down important details to keep things consistent. Then, if it's feeling aimless or something doesn't flow right, I'll jot down more specific things that could happen if the characters are kind enough to oblige.
  11. Sinfulwolf

    BronxWench's Review Replies - Original Fiction

    Mayhaps I will… just in what capacity… eh, I’ll figure it out.
  12. I was looking at your stories written section just now and I saw Claire's Misfortune in Games and thought “Hey, I remember that one, why haven’t I reviewed it?” And I clicked on the reviews and I did review it in 2010, so I remembered the story but not the review and I forgot where I was going with this.

  13. I do not know what it is called harry potter time travels and he is in a orphanage he acts like tom riddle in order to freak out snape and Dumbledore his a nice person around everyone else
  14. I don’t have a Final Fantasy story written yet, but I’ve started thinking up ideas as I’d like to get one done after finishing my current TV story. This is part of my quest to one day have a story on every AFF subdomain (with Celeb and NE probably being drabbles) Some of the other domains will also likely be prompt/flashfic onceshots, but for FF I feel I can do something longer. I played both FFVII and FFVIII on the original playstation, an FFIII on the SNES (numbered as FFVI in Japan… I think?) and viewed/heard footage and the like for other games. I think I even saw Advent’s Children, but wished I hadn’t. My main idea is for the FFVIII OTP of Zell and Angelo, having a little time out together in one of those big train meeting rooms. I figure Angelo goes into heat, catches Zell alone, and encourages him into sticking it in her. I mean, his defining characteristic was liking Hot Dogs, right? Some folks would say that it’s a barking idea, but I think it’s got legs. At least six. For FFVII, though, there’s also a story I could do with Aeris* and Cloud, but I suspect Cloud laying her body to rest has been done a bunch of times already. Otherwise sticking on FFVII, Barret getting a new gun arm attachment that has a mind of its own, and won’t… ahem, leave him alone. Anyway, once It’s done and up I’ll link it to this thread for any review replies, and it’ll be fun to see which one I got done. *I played the original mistranslated version so Aeris it is.
  15. That seems to be a popular opinion. I created a monster.
  16. T_B

    Money problems

    Not long after my 18th birthday I was driving when I saw a very hot woman was trying to get a ride seeing no one around for miles I gave her a ride home before I could leave she told me because I gave her a ride without even thinking about getting anything in return she wanted to repay me she took me to her room and we fucked after a few hours of fucking we heard some noise downstairs she said her husband is home then called him to the room where she introduced me to him she told him that I was the best fuck she ever had and told me he was a porn producer and got me a job in his movies I make good money but my parents don't let me help with the bills and they don't know what I do when my dad got hurt on the job he couldn't work for awhile when the money problems happened they still didn't let me help mom decided to get a part time job until dad got better unfortunately she wasn't getting lucky after a few days she finally got a job When I got to the set I was going to be working on my boss told me his wife got a very sexy 36 year old woman for me today and the scenario for the film is stepmom and stepson he took me to the meet her to my surprise It was my mom after leaving the two of us alone we asked what the other was doing here I told her that I've been working here for awhile and my mom said after failing to get a job she went to get a drink with some friends (their idea of comforting her) when some woman over heard her and offered her a huge amount of money star in a porn being desperate she agreed on the condition that it's only one movie and she only had to do it with one guy (she didn't want to cheat on her husband any more than she had to) She tried to get the producer to get charge me ( without revealing we are related) for someone else but he said it has to be me or she'll have to fuck more than one person in the film so mom reluctantly agreed to fuck me Afterwards mom and my relationship changed she hasn't made another movie she let's me help with bills until dad got better and the biggest difference is ever since the movie we been fucking behind dad's back Your choice what happens in the movie and a afterwards The mom has C cup breasts and she had to shave her pussy for the movie but kept it shaved for me anything is up to you
  17. Ideas for a story on a large family who worship incest and open sex in the same house. Moms, sons, daughters, fathers, grandfather and grandmother. Who has any?

    1. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      A police detective following up on something simple, say a truant kid who missed school, uncovers this?  (Edit: the young kid shoplifted a pack of condoms)

    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Something like this is best presented as being explored by an outsider coming into it.  That’s where the police detective idea can help, especially if a moral/social judgement is needed.    Another way could be, say, if they attend school, a different boy (non-family) falls in love with one of the sons, and it’s a “forbidden” relationship – strife could be had that way too.

      I’m simply the type that has difficulty writing pure PWP smut, because my mind insists on adding a plot, which usually means conflict in some fashion.

    3. InvidiaRed


      Keeping it in the family -Has a whole new meaning.

  18. Strange_idea

    Spyro's first vacation

    straightforward but gimmicky idea for a spyro story in honour of his reignited trilogy. While this can be done any way you like i personally see the characters in this story as either anthropomorphised or mostly humanised, but still with their traits lile spyro's horns and elora's legs.  as a reward for saving avalor yet again, elora has decided to arrange an actual beach vacation for spyro with herself coming along to show him to his accomidations and help him settle in. It turns out, spyro’s never actually relaxed before, due to being too focussed on his warrior goals (going by his ‘great warrior falls to love thing’) and dragonfly upbringing and while doing so he starts to notice things about elora…. like the way she sways her hips and juts out her rear (since most depictions of her tend to emphasise her "i’m a faun pose")….. and elora like how this is going, playing it up. Elora decides to stay a while longer, and we get a chapter or two of her flirting and him flustered.  you can leave it at here, and have him figure it out and pair up with her, ending with their first night OR you can have his old friend cynder at the hotel, at a self-discovery retreat to recover from her brainwashing and evil, and quickly realises spyro’s suddenly taking an interest in her….. noticing things like the way her broach lays in her cleavage (if anthropomorphised or humanised) or the arch of her neck. then he introduces her to elora and it turns out spyro (being new to noticing girls) is TERRIBLE at hiding his interest and the girls realise this is a rival with a history right away. so cynder sweet talks spyro into inviting her to join them and invite spyro to joing her at the retreat, which elora joins as well. what follows is a series of holiday activities where one, the other or both use it to entice spyro away from the other and grab his attention. examples include asking his opinion on swimsuits, beach volleyball (where he gets to watch elora crouch and leap and cynder ‘bounce’ in the air. A tie for his interest) watching them waterski (in soaking clothes and hair with glittering skin/fur/scales (mostly a tie, but elora manages to hip-check cynder off-balance since steadying herself with her wings backfires) pool and reef swimming (cynder is a much better athletic and fast swimmer and pulls of a poolside look but elora sneaks spyro off and signs up to explore a reef) or yoga classes (where they brush up against spyro. elora’s legs give her difficulty so cynder outlasts her). spyro has odd dreams, sensual about the girls he doesn’t understand. but each of them manages to confess and acheve a special first time night which he isn;t dense enough to ignore. elora while on a forrested observatory outpost and cynder while spelunking. you could have a keijo match between them to entice spyro….. during which they both land breast (cynder) and butt (elora) first on spyro If anyone's interested in writing or has suggestions how to continue, please let me know. I'm aware cynder wasn't in the trilogy, my current explanation is that the portal summons him from the legends world in this universe, so he alternates bewteen the two settings and spending time with the two girls.
  19. Desiderius Price

    How do you go about developing a story idea?

    Creating stories can be a perplexing/confusing topic since everybody seems to have a slightly different way of going about it. For trivial details, I’ll use random generators/pickers, to get a list and see “what fits”. I’ve got a database which is close to the “lore bible” for my originals. I’ve written small programs to help my writing (date generator, that random picker from a file, database management, map aids, etc). I’ve drawn crude maps, both on paper and in drawing programs. I’ve experimented with 3D programs, mainly for layout of major locations, just to give an idea. I’ve got a bunch of spiral notebooks for my potter universe – which has turned out to be highly useful when returning from a decade “on-hiatus”. I’ve got a myriad of small text files for my potter universe, with backstory (also useful after that long on-hiatus). A three-ring binder with loose paper for the original universe. As to actual writing, I don’t write a super-fine outline, just a crude one. Write a few key scenes, if needed – just so I’ve got an idea of where I’m heading. Bring up the “inspirational” pictures, and start writing. I’ll write notes which I’m about to end for the day, so I can pick up where I left off. I’ll jot down a bit of an outline for a chapter, when it’s important. And I’m not afraid to cut/cull material or alter the outline if the characters aren’t agreeing with it. I also try to keep a spiral notebook handy for that occasion when I hear something, or come up with something, or even after a talk with a coworker – I’ll jot those ideas down, which gives things a better chance of being remembered. And I’ll typically find my brain the *most* creative, coming up with the *best* ideas as I’m trying to get ready for work after a long weekend….
  20. Happy Birthday DG!   :bday:

    ( @BronxWench spilled the beans …. )

  21. The happiest of birthdays to our very own @DemonGoddess! I hope you at least get the day off today, or get to go home on time so you can celebrate! :hug: 

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      Yeah, Happy Birthday to DG!

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      Happy birthday, @DemonGoddess. Hope you have a great day, and get to relax a bit. :hug: 

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Celebrate by reading some birthday smut!

  22. Hi, I’ve written this up for deletion. You do have quite a few stories posted between these two accounts. Those will also be deleted as well.
  23. I essentially have no way to access those two old accounts to delete them (which should make this relevant to tech support?) so please help.
  24. Desiderius Price

    Count To Infinity

  25. Everyone writes Harems like they are a huge loving family. But what if Harry over time gained a Harem of women who were with him not out of love initially but out of Mutual Interest. Many of the Women would be uncommon or rare women to pair Harry with, women like Rita Skeeter, who sleeps with and backs Harry because He gives her exclusive interviews and soundbites as well as a ton of Orgasms. Lavender gets a ground floor on a ton of Harry Rumors as well as a power to influence the Hogwarts Rumor mill, The Carrow Twins get to wield the power of 'Back up or Harry hears of this' and the ability to flee a family poisoned with the Incest pill (despite enjoying Harry together)
  26. Melrick

    Count To Infinity

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