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    I also like that kind of secret touching scenes. In this particular case I decided to run with the idea even if the foot part felt kind of silly since I wanted to show John how immature he is. He is taking a big risk for very little reward just because he cannot control his urges. Mikaela in an earlier discussion with Ronja revealed that she intended to end the black mailing since she thought Ronja was would soon stop care about any nudes spread around. Ronja take this as a threesome is safe without considering the danger Maria is placed will be fun when she realize her mistake. As for what Mikaela understand about Ronja there I have not really decided. Maybe she could take the view that Ronja must be masochistic because she obviously push herself on even when she seems to be really suffering, Maybe I should let Mikaela reveal that observation during the a talk with Maria…I need to give it a thought. I am actually in middle of deciding if shall continue with the theme about Jonathan abusing her or if I shall focus on other things. Jonathan messing around has been great fun, but I have been using Jonathan rather heavily for some chapters so perhaps now could be a time for him to restrain himself after realizing how he has messed up. Pretty much that he trusts Roy...on the other hand there is also the question of how many woman he knows that Roy would trust. Eventually he will of course realize that it was Ronja that offered herself to him... Interesting observation about the tone of the ending. This is basically the first chapter when I did not align the ending with a sex scene and it might be true that this combined with the Ronja’s thoughts drag the mood down. Possibly this might explain why this chapter has been kind of slow to attract attention. As for the upcoming chapter 7 you must not expect it to appear in the near future. With the Mirror Came.. is the one of my stories that take most time to write and each chapter takes months. Unless I find something more interesting to write in the meantime then chapter 7 will take quite many months. Probably it will be me collecting ideas slowly until I must start writing. A fun fact by the way is that I recently read an article in the paper about people living in the building of the asylum from the first chapter. The planned reconstruction of the building has thus during my work on the story actually been finished and people live there now. The train tunnel from a later chapter is also opened by now. If I get around of them doing more urban exploring I need to decide about taking them to exciting sites that exist today or if I should research places that existed five years ago when the story begun.
  3. Whatever the issue it, it appears to be happening to users who have Hotmail, Outlook, or email addresses. So far, I’ve not heard of any resolution, other than to reinforce my refusal to trust Microsoft to get anything right these days.
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    InBrightestDay's (Originals) Review Reply & Discussion Thread

    And honestly, even that might not do it. Actually the reason the US is so often target for demonic invasions is probably due to not having switch to metric…
  6. I had the exact problem and could never find a resolution, had to start a new account instead. Most likely the problem is Microsofts spyware detection that exist both in Exchange and their online services that will test any links before you see the actual email to verify that it is safe. If the AFF software monitor if the link has been used by if has been downloaded/visited you would end with exactly this kind of error.
  7. It's gonna happen. Decided to talk to HR and see what they can offer to me. I'm going to quit work and start my own business.

    1. JayDee


      Good luck with it!

    2. BronxWench


      Oh, good luck with the new business! It’s scary, but it can also be amazing. :2tubs:

  8. T_B

    Sexual fantasies

    This story is about the characters you revealing there sexual fantasy to their partner each character only get one chapter each the fantasies are Hinata wanted to have sex with Naruto in public and Naruto wanted to have a threesome with Hinata and another girl Sakura what she wants is up to you and Sasuke wanted Sakura to netorare him Ino what she wants is up to you and Sai what he wants is up to you Temari what she wants is up to you and Shikamaru what he wants is up to you Karui what she wants is up to you and Choji what he wants is up to you For each chapters the point of view is of the character who's sexual fantasy is being done Please don't make change the Canon pairings or having them cheat unless is part of the sexual fantasy like Sasuke for example if Shikamaru wanted to watch Temari have lesbian sex don't use the other girls or if Ino wanted to be gangbanged it has to be Sai and other guys don't have them ask Naruto to use his Shadow clones on Ino Free free to add more couples if you want You can do them in any order you want but please keep the couples chapters by each other
  9. Guest

    Naruko's Milk

    I hope someone picks this up and leaves a link
  10. Sablesilverrain

    A Prince in Lion's Clothing review replies

    Anaelyssa: Thank you! I hope this chapter doesn’t disappoint! Talliane: Only a hint of Dumbledore bashing here, but hopefully you’ll like it all the same!
  11. Guest

    Darth "Call me Daddy" Sidious

    had anyone taken the challenge it seems intresting
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    Billion Dollar Harem

    I’ve always been on board with your reasons to not have some sort of competition. Namely, normal people don’t just willingly have hot, public lesbian sex with a randomly chosen person. And this story is very grounded. So it would seem out of tune with the rest of the story. Also, it would be weird to have two characters who’ve had relationship drama just turn that off like a switch and go to being very intimate in front of everyone. On the other hand, many of the girls are getting to a point of depravation where they would be willing to do whatever Alex told them to. And you’ve done a great job getting them there. Like the original five would all be willing to do this on a whim (at this point in the story). And, of course, you have quite a bit of time to break the newer girls. So a competition might be a way to have a plot spike of sorts like the pool orgy/ to spice things up. After all, this is a fantasy series where the goal is for you to have hot women do whatever you want them to do. That said, I feel more strongly against a competition than for it (to keep the story as grounded as possible). So my vote goes for option number 2 (Standard Poll), though I’m guessing many people will vote in favor of something as hot and wonky as a competition. Thanks Mal!
  14. JayDee

    Mafia story

    This has come up a few times before, I think. Supposedly she’s on AO3. A quick google and…
  15. Tcr

    Last Full Measure

    Chapter 8 (Nothing Short of Hell and Nightmares) is posted. Woo!
  16. Guest

    Mafia story

    Looking for the author Twisted or JennaMarie? She wrote 3 m/m stories about the Russian mafia.
  17. Guest

    Skyrim fic info It was a skyrim/elder scrolls fic featuring frostbite spiders. One day I went to re read it and it was gone. I would be grateful for any information redarding what happened to it and where I could find an archive or the author. Thanks.
  18. Guest

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Hi, it’s me, I just wanted to say hi and say that I’m doing a little better, however, it wasn’t easy the past couple of days, because I had to get lots of treatment to help ease my pain, but luckily, I don’t too much pain anymore but I still am resting to help ease all of it. So anyway, I heard that you are asking for ideas for the penultimate chapters of ‘Country Summer’ and maybe I have an idea, I haven’t exactly read the story from the very beginning but maybe for the next chapter you can have the kids have a all day sex day activity like in the latest chapter of ‘Aunties Home’, let me know what you think of my idea, oh and by the way, I have a question, if you’re stuck on what to do on a chapter of a story, do you sometimes focus on another story to help pass the time, and maybe get an idea in your head? Oh and how are you doing with ‘The More, the Merrier’ ? I wonder who Melanie will partner with next let me know when you have the time, anyway, hope you’re doing well, good luck with your stories and hope to hear from you again soon, bye and have a nice day.
  19. BronxWench

    Definition of "Celebrity"

    Any real person who would appear in the public venue, like a politician, sportswriter, musician, chef, YouTube personality, et cetera falls under the “Celebrity” umbrella. I’ll add that in that subdomain, we are scrupulous about tagging, since the stories involve real persons. Because there is always the possibility that a friend or family member could come across the story, our disclaimer requirements are very specific as well. You can find those here:
  20. Mal

    Billion Dollar Harem

    Hey there gang! I just wanted to pop on real quick because, as Joe pointed out, Billion Dollar Harem has just hit 150,000 dragon prints! I won’t go into a lot of mushy stuff this time around, but, I do want to thank all of you guys for reading along and offering up your comments, criticisms and suggestions over these past few years. I also want to especially give a shout out and a huge thank you to my editor, you know who you are! Thanks so much, my friend! I also wanted to announce there will be a fan poll in the works for hitting this milestone! But, before that, I thought I should clear up the resolution to the last poll. I never officially announced it, but I closed the voting on it a while back after it seemed most of you had cast your votes.I wanted to quickly share those results with you guys. The winners are: Newcomer: Ariana Grande (by one vote!) Veteran: Emma Watson (won by 3 votes) Scene: The winner was scene 5 (by an overwhelming 11 votes!) Just a reminder, scene 5 was: As a gift to their master, the veteran asks the newcomer for their help giving him a present he’ll never forget in a scene featuring a “moderate” to “hard” fetish of my choosing. I can’t of course say how long it will take to work this scene into the story, but I honestly could see it happening within just a few chapters, depending on how long it takes to wrap up the current day/events… My guess would be within 3-4 chapters. Now, here is my plan for the new poll. Since it seems at least some of you really like lazyninjas idea, and I know I think its pretty cool, I want to try and incorporate it. But, here is the caveat, there is no way I could write a smut scene(s) depicting the entire sex competition. Mostly, this is because it would probably take 2-3 chapters just for that one thing. With 5 pairings, then the grand finale that right there is a serious page commitment. I’m simply not willing to commit that much of my time for what would basically amount to a small side plot. But, I want to stay true to what lazyninjas proposed. So, here is my idea. I will generate 5 random pairings (this won’t occur until after the final two ladies are announced. Which will, by the way, delay the implementation of this poll at least until a few chapters after all the ladies have arrived in the harem. Which could right there mean that this scene won’t happen for 8 or 9 maybe even 12 chapters... (Random pairings will be determined by me using dice) I’ll have you guys vote on which pairing should win the competition. (Those pairs which didn’t win will receive a much shorter synopsis of their attempt to seduce Alex, which I would feature as part of a different chapter.) The winning pair will get a featured section of a chapter where I detail how/what they did to win. Then that lucky couple will be included in a second scene with Alex being more intimately involved. I would imagine this scenario right here would take one entire chapter to put together. Alternatively, if you guys don’t want to wait that long for the next poll to be featured in the story, I could create some different scenarios similar to those I’ve created in the past and just have you guys vote on those. So, for the first stage of this poll, here is what I want you guys to vote on: Sex Competition (assuming the caveats I’ve detailed above) Standard Poll created by me In a month or so, I’ll announce the winner and then create a poll for you guys to vote on. (keep in mind if option 1 is selected, this poll will not be posted to the forum until after the final two girls are announced). As always, please do email me with your votes if you don’t feel comfortable posting them here in the forum. If you have any questions, email me or post them to the forum. I will be more active here this next month in an attempt to resolve this poll. Once again, thank you guys so much for 150,000 dragon prints! You guys mean the world to me and have fun with the voting! Till next time, -Mal
  21. Billion Dollar Harem has just surged past 150,000 Dragon Prints! I knew it was going to happen, I went to sleep needing around a hundred more and when I woke up, it was almost 80 prints over! I’ve spent the past few years working on this project and I still cannot get over the amazing response this story has had. It seems like every week I get an email or a forum post asking me about it or just some wonderful person telling me how much they loved it. This is a huge milestone, and I have you guys, my fans, to thank for it. Without your comments and your support, BDH would have died off a long time ago. But its because you guys give me the motivation to continue on that has allowed this story to shine. Remember this guys, Billion Dollar Harem is your story as much as it is mine because without you it never would have gotten this far. Thanks again so much to all my fans out there, and now, lets push forward to 200k!!!

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    2. JayDee


      Fingers crossed nuclear armageddon or global climate catastrophe doesn’t wipe out humanity before you reach the end of your story!

    3. Mal


      Yes, that would be tragic indeed!

    4. BronxWench


      Many congratulations! It’s wonderful to see an author getting recognition and support from readers, and I’d love to see lots more authors being able to enjoy this as well! :wub:

  22. Guest

    Billion Dollar Harem

    Congrats on going over the 150k mark, Mal! That's a whole lotta views.
  23. WillowDarkling

    Definition of "Celebrity"

    I moved this to a more appropriate forum, since this is a question about where to post a story. Willow Darkling, forum moderator.
  24. Writing a dark lord is hard Dx

    When they are the main character.



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    2. JayDee


      There’s that famous old list of important Evil Overlord tips too:

    3. InvidiaRed


      xD I was already using that list as a reference. xD

      Maybe I’m being too harsh on myself.

    4. JayDee


      Sometimes people say I’m too harsh on myself. Then they read one of my stories and say I’m not harsh enough.

  25. FireDragon400

    Definition of "Celebrity"

    Dunno if it would go here or in the Celebrity forum. If it goes there, I can remake the topic there. Is Celebrity just a blanket term for “real people” or only about Hollywood celebs? There are a few non-con stories I made on my old Tumblr that I was thinking about porting over here, but only one of them actually has an actress involved. Some have politicians, one’s a sportswriter, etc. Do they go in the “Celebrity” section, or are they something that should be shuffled off to Archive of Our Own or something?
  26. So does “Duchess”! [/angry class warfare reaction.] Wait, yeah, that’s basically what I thought about it, and she’s no interest in the Earth version of plain “Your Grace” and sees letting Jude talk to her like an equal, given his own sense of superiority, works in her favor. Whoohooo! For once, no sloppy writing! I think the Duchess found that leaving a couple more things virtually hanging out also worked at holding Jude’s attention. I bet Shannon’s been keeping an eye on her ‘study’ of the mystery too. No doubt gifting a back massager because “You seemed tense.” When they supply an actual definition for an obscure prompt word I try and use that meaning in the story. If there’s multiple defintions I’ll sometimes try and work more of them in – like when the prompt was Frittle, I ended up using about three defintions. Think that was the one where I had a talking badger fuck a talking horse. Bit furry really. I have thought up a way around using the entrails definition though, so it’s all good I gotta say this has been a really helpful suggestion because it’s got me thinking that the next part ought to be as near as possible entirely from the Duchess’ point of view as part 1 was from Kizzy (excepting sloppy writing, others’ direct thoughts were being either read through phsyical contact or assumed) and part 2 from Jude.
  27. DoctorYnot

    Bug With Reviews

    Thanks so much for the prompt attention! I’m glad anonymous reviews are still allowed. Thanks again. I just checked while not signed in and anonymous reviews still aren’t allowed on any of my stories.
  28. I do remember this story as well. I can’t search for it for you because the author took it down.
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