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  6. Trifecta Review Replies

    Jan: Happy to hear from you again! Hope chapter five doesn’t disappoint! Not much happens, but we learn that the entire Weasley family is informed about Harry’s new status, and Harry gets to make a trip outside thanks to his new potions regimen.
  7. Dumbledore decides that anything and everything is acceptable for the Greater Good, including pimping out fresh young students (but most especially, Harry) to lustful adults in exchange for support. This should focus primarily on the Boy (or Girl, genderbend is fine) Who Lived and wealthy or powerful old men who want to get a pound of that famous ass. It could start at any time during his Hogwarts years, though the best times may be after Voldemort arrives or straight shota, with him in first year. Harry doesn’t know what Dumbledore’s doing at first or resists but eventually capitulates to the idea that this is the best way to win support for the Light. Maybe his Savior Complex comes to the fore and he reasons that this helps the most people while only hurting himself. In the end, Harry spends most nights spread on a table or bouncing on an old man’s cock, with Dumbledore serving as his pimp and handler. What I’d Like to See: Harry and Fudge- there’s not enough of those, where Dumbledore trades Harry in exchange for Ministerial support against Voldemort Harry and Parent of Some Classmate, where the man fucks Harry, is impressed by how tight and pliable he is, and teases that he’ll get his son to take Harry on as his cute girlfriend Submissive Harry, preferably sitting on a lap or holding onto a man’s arm at a function, like a trophy wife Dirty Talk, mild humiliation, maybe daddy kink If a girl, generous breasts and pregnancy talk. She doesn’t have to get pregnant but at least one of the men loves the idea of knocking the GWL up Dumbledore controlling every aspect of her life- from her school schedule to her finances to whether or not she gets into a Marriage Contract
  8. Sasuke Voyeur for Naruto

    I Spy With My Sharingan Eye fits most of it. Here’s the link:
  9. Hey, just wanted to say that I love this story. The last chapter was amazing, can’t wait for more!
  10. I'm looking for 2 fics. One is an e/b human fic. Edward was attacked as a teenager in port Angeles and ran away from home. His siblings and Bella find him later, he's a tattoo artist, and I think he has a cat? The next one i think is called feral blood. I was hoping someone could tell me if it still exists. I'm totally desperate. If you happen to have a pdf of either of these fics, that's much preferred. You can email me at
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  12. Few Fuu lemons idea

    I would love to see a NaruFuu lemon from all these ideas! Or at least the 1st and 3rd ones merged!
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  14. Magusfang's Corner

    @DA Update on you, Steve AND family please. B
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  16. Neighbourhood Whore Reviews Replies

    So sorry xD Glad to know you enjoyed it! There will be a bit of build-up before he loses his virginity, so it will be soon but probably not in the next two chapters. I can tell you now that this will be a long story, I have plans up to Harry’s second year, but the pace will pick up a little once he’s started sleeping around on the regular
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  18. New? Introduce Yourself!

    Thank you both!!! ^____^
  19. I am looking for this story where hermione time travels to the marauder era and is sirius. Then she fakes like she overcome a bunch of spells on her that changed her behavior to like a gryffindor.
  20. please help me find this story

    Hi! I don't know if this is the one you are looking for but it is a very good, enjoyable read. In a Nutshell: Harry because of surviving the Killing Curse becomes so attractive to Dark creatures and beings. He became a Dark Lord unwittingly. This was discovered by a werewolf working in the Muggle world (who incidentally is married to a Black squib) when Harry was five years old or so. He then told his packmates and they established a construction company and moved to Little Whinging, Surrey. The whole Dark community from Knockturn Alley followed thereafter. Title : No Competition Author : Evilgoddss ID : 11126195 Ta~ta.
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  22. Once upon a time ago I came across a fan fic of Kensi & Callen. Basically, Callen walks in on Kensi, in the shower, at the office, while she'd been fantasizing about him. Needless to say that's when the fun starts... I wanted to reread it but I can't remember where I had found it and I haven't been able to locate it. Any ideas?
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  24. Keep your fingers crossed for me, looks like I actually get a day off Thursday!

  25. She is the One

    You’ve got a point. Maybe it’s because Holly blew him off about hanging out together and then Jack doesn’t get paired with her for scene work. Lousy attitude all around. He needs to suck it up and stop whining. Considering that he just spent the weekend boffing Kayla, one would think that he’d be in a much better mood.
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  27. Help finding old Snape/OC story

    Links for above: “Don’t Lie To Me” by VeresnaUssep
  28. I'm looking for a fem Harry/Draco story. I remember she allowed him to brush her hair and that was basically accepting he would marry her one day.
  29. My Funny Valentine Out Now

    Congrats! Self published counts! I’m super happy for you and I hope you get to publish a shitload more in the future! <3 Rock on
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