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  2. Krissy, Honestly I tried so hard to make it subtle that the military was something he was interested in and maybe I made it too subtle! I mention it a few times (but over the course of 50 chapters and 400k+ words, it can be lost!), but never, ever directly. It’s mentioned in regards to when he writes his “what do I want to be when I grow up” paper early in the story, at Christmas when his uncle is being awkward about next year, and during the paintball scene when he feels like he felt so confident there. I’ve tried to paint him as one of those people who are a natural leader, who does best in these team scenarios. Also, Chase’s mildly submissive attitude and desire to be ordered around and told what to do also leans towards the type of person who does well in the military. Mostly, I’ve tried to show that as a character he has zero idea of what he wants to do or study in college, which is another reason why people tend to go towards the military. It is supposed to be a bit of a plot twist in that sense, but I tried not to make it to much of a plot twist to where people might feel like I randomly chose him to consider the military without prior support (my greatest fear is people saying any decision he makes is a dues ex machina). But I’m also glad you felt it was a twist, as it was supposed to be one! Ultimately, I really really hope you like the final chapter (and epilogue) and that whatever decision ends up occurring feels full and genuine
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  4. I came up with a summary for my new story today (not the halloween, not yet posted)…. “Alyssia opts for extended service after the repair guy shows up to fix her A/C in his underwear.” That ought to wet the appetite, I think.
  5. Meant to say…. that I would never come up with this one however this is NOt the one I am looking for. Stupid computer doesn't always want to type correctly and leaves word and/or letters out. Still looking for the correct story though!!
  6. OMG!!!!! Love you guys!!!! I would have NEVER came up with this!!! LOVE YOU!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
  7. Aw you’re welcome. I actually had no idea that he was thinking of joining the military, I still don’t. It wasn’t until I read this, “‘Yes, Carter, take it! I have no reason for it, right?’ asked Chase, breathless. ‘If I go to college, I have a scholarship. If I go to the-‘“. This was a huge plot twist for me because this whole time this whole time I honestly thought he was going to pick college. I thought his cold feet was just Chase being Chase, but now I’m not so sure. I can see him going and finally living his life the way he chooses to though. College isn’t for everyone and Chase as always come across to me as more of a hands on type of guy.
  8. So Much discussion so much potential I guess writer lost his Mojo or got stuck in real life or he was just trolling here…. hope someone picks up and posts atleast one shot
  9. Chapter Twenty-four
  10. I occasionally forget, too, but then I’ll check on it from time to time and try and make sure everything is responded to. Seems fair. ^.^ Reins and Bergman were built very differently – Bergman puts you inside the heads of each character and that does give a certain intimacy that Reins (and, by extension, Pride) lacks. With Reins, I wanted the nation of Parmistan to be as much a characters as Lara or Drasha or any of the others, so I locked the perspective on one character and let his view on what was normal touch everything. I was hoping to get people rooting for Lara (and I think some did), but the perspective was built to create both a connection with the villains and a detachment from Lara that painted her as a criminal. Samus remains one of my favorite characters in fiction, but I wanted to put her in a position where she was at the mercy of people that were so far beneath her notice that she really had no idea who they were. And, so you’ve noted, the theme here is identity and if she can hold onto herself if everything is taken from her (hint: she can’t, no one can) and what it looks like to rebuild an identity that’s been reduced. Should be fun for us and not so much fun for her. And no Ridley this time around, though I’ve got something in mind for… well, that’ll come later. We’ll have to wait and see.
  11. Hide_My_Sins Pounding Powerpuffs Powerpuff Girls PPG/RRB Any/all pairings It’s just a collection of different PPG/RRB pairings. They don’t have to tie into one another. The only pairings that happened so far are Bubbles/Butch, Blossom/Boomer, and Brick/Buttercup. There really is no plot to this, as they are just one-shot stories Just do the other PPG/RRB pairings, you can even do threesomes and orgies. If you want to take over, leave me a reply or PM me.
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  14. Looks good Clover
  15. Y’all are only supposed to review when it’s Tahn’s turn to do the replies, didn’t you get the memo?!?! LOL Just kidding, you know we love you and your reviews. Okay, so here it goes: From HideAndGoSeek on October 13, 2017 Oh man I feel so guilty reading more of your amazing work becauze I'm such a shitty editor/beta/helper/friend but omg you have a gift and I'm addicted. This story is so good (like I knew it would be) and I can't wait to see how this one plays out. I hope everything is going well with your publishing! No worries! We’re glad you like this one and I’m all over here that you like my stuff. Publishing is going good, two more books coming out this year with three scheduled already for next year. It’s exhausting but I’m having fun doing it. Oh, and I’m going to send you an email so be on the lookout! Thanks for reviewing, you know they are the only thing that fuels us! From QueenAyame109 on October 11, 2017 Ahhh I'm loving this! I can't wait for the next update!! ❤️ Ahhh we’re so happy to hear that! Next chapter’s up, thanks for the review! From Lisa on October 10, 2017 I'm so glad Jeff finally apologized for acting like such an ass. It must be such a relief for Alan that he doesn't have to avoid him anymore. I think Jeff is lonely and he wants more friends, but he doesn't know how to make them. I think he scares them away before they can become friends. Jeff knows Alan's the only friend he has now. As for Alan -- good for you accepting that date with Seth! I am sure Jeff is NOT going to take this well. I'd be curious to find out how their threesome-prom date with Sarah turned out. This was another great chapter, CL and Tahn! Yeah, he’s a moody little sucker but I think it’s because he’s going through some stuff. Oh, you bet Jeff isn’t going to love the idea of Alan on a date. The prom went great, they danced and partied into the night and Jeff wasn’t even terrible to Sarah. Thank you for reading and reviewing! From MonaMina on October 10, 2017 Oh NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That girl better not be fucking with them...He said she was always nice but asshole friends can pressure people into shit and if she was dating an asshole before and friends with people that were assholes...Maybe she has the asshole gene in there somewhere? And I wish something would happen with Jeff already!!! They are so in love and now this other guy is moving in on Jeff's territory...He seems nice but I already love Alan and Jeff together! I'm hoping something happens where Jeff has to come to Alan's rescue and...I don't know...Finally let me know what the fuck is going on with him!!! Anyway...Update soon please❤️ Nah, Sarah was a nice girl, it’s rare in high school, I know, but she was just nice to them. Don’t worry, I’m sure everything will work out in the end. And you’ll soon find out what’s up with Jeff. Thanks for the review and we’re so glad you’re enjoying the story! From Dedicated Quill on October 10, 2017 This is so much fun! I love the slow build and am dying like everyone else to know more about Jeff. I also really love their characterizations and the flashbacks. Flashbacks can be tricky, but they work really, really well here. The tone is perfect, it reminds me of old Amelia Atwater-Rhodes books, like this would fit right in along side hers in the world she created. Can't wait to read more! First off, have to say, we might have squeed a little after seeing your review. We both love Loser so it’s kind of cool that you’re reading Cold Blooded and don’t think it sucks. Flashbacks are hard to do right but this story couldn’t really be told any other way. The big reveal is coming soon there are only a couple of chapters left. Thanks so much for the review! That’s all for today, folks! Thanks for reading and reviewing! Chapter 5 is up now!
  16. Cheeseburgers...drools...
  17. Link is posted, story is up. Read it if you like. Comment if you like.
  18. The power to make vegetarians run away in horror but then on the flip side, you’d mesmerize the meat eaters and that would probably give you mind control powers.
  19. Hi! Is this your account? Athlantis Since you last logged in, the archive code has been updated a couple of times. What we need is for you to re-validate the account as described here. (The images are not available, but the text is pretty clear, and the links work.) I strongly recommend making sure you clear all old AFF cookies first, however, since we’ve also had a domain name change. You also need to use the email address which was used to create the account. If you can’t access that account, let us know, please, so we can update that first. You should be able to reset your password as part of the re-validation process, since the new requirement is for 8 letters/characters. It’s still case sensitive as well. If you have any problems with the re-validation process, let us know so we can help you resolve those issues. And welcome back!
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  21. You get to be Mayor of McDonaldland.
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  23. Honestly, I was hoping to avoid having to do this, but at this point it seems unavoidable. I’m terribly sorry, but I am going to have to put my work on BDH and my other erotic stories on hold for the time being. I just have too many things going on in my life right now to be able to reasonably manage doing even a single chapter a month. I know this runs contradictory to my previous statements but… After I finished training with my new job, I began to get a bit of overtime here. Then a little more there… and now, well I’m doing much more than I care to be doing… However, that being said, I went so long without a job I can’t really afford to not work, so I’m kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place, and unfortunately, my work on BDH is the thing that is going to have to give. Couple this unforeseen overtime with a multitude of RL trickery getting in the way and right now my life is just very busy. I don’t really like making excuses for things in my life, but it is unavoidable at this point. I just don’t have the time to devote to making this story what it should be at this time. I may find time to work on it here and there… I cannot, however, make any predictions on when or how often I’ll be able to update, but I really doubt at least for the next few months it will be very often, if at all… I am very sorry for this and I know it will upset some of you, I wish there was something else I could do… It is my hope, (just a hope mind you), that in a few months I’ll be able to get to a point where I can do a chapter a month or so again. Right now I can’t even commit to that. I’m writing this so that we can all be on the same page, and so that no one will wonder where I’ve gone. (I haven’t gone anywhere, I’m just too busy to work on my writing). I will likely check in on the forum occasionally just to see if you guys post anything, but I doubt I’ll be posting anything until I’m ready to more frequently update my stories again. Rest assured that when I am ready to return I won’t forget the two big fan poll items. (The fan selected celeb, and the fan selected smut scene). I can’t say how long it might take to integrate them, but I can say with certainty that they will eventually be done. Hopefully sooner rather than later, but again I really can’t commit to a time frame. I guess, that’s it... Reluctantly saying goodbye for now, Mal
  24. Hi I’d been ages since I logged in and I tried again today. No luck. I tried to reset my password but it says it’s no longer valid please help me!
  25. Never done this before so if I make mistakes, I will blame someone else. That being said, I’m totally in. Gonna copy your details format DP. I trust you. Title: Blue Eyes Tags: MCD, SH, Violence, m/m Summary: A strange body comes into a funeral home to be prepped for burial, but the lonely mortician designated to do the honours doesn’t think it’s quite dead. Halloweeny theme: death and zombies! Oh and my penname on the archive is same as here. CloverReef.
  26. What power do you get if you’re dressed like a hamburger?
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