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    Chapter 8 posted. It is shorter than the other so far… As always, please enjoy.
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  9. Takes place after Shepherd destroyed the collector base but before she does the arrival mission all of her crew survived the suicide mission Shepherd decided to go see her girlfriend Liara aka the Shadow Broker after docking on the shadow broker ship Shepherd was enjoying her time with Liara when Shepherd received information from either Joker or Miranda that Aria had called her Shepherd answered it in her cabin as she and Liara was having dinner in there Aria told Shepherd that she heard from someone she has on the Citadel that Cerberus had been seen on Thessia in some ancient Asari ruins and Aria's person on a Citadel would like it if Shepherd would take care of Cerberus seeing how she was working for them not to long ago Aria gave Shepherd the coordinates then hung up before Shepherd could agree or refuse After the call Liara told Shepherd that the Asari that Aria has on the Citadel is obviously Tevos Liara then reveals that Aria and Tevos are secret lovers Shepherd couldn't believe it as she can't see the counselor and the criminal getting as lovers that is until Liara showed her proof in the form of secret cameras in Tevos bedroom that showed them having sex Shepherd asked why Liara brought that only for her to say that she wasn't just hunting for the shadow broker the last few years she was learning human history for when Shepard came back and found out that humans love watching other people's sex tapes and thought Shepherd would enjoy it Afterwards Shepherd and her crew was planning on going to stop Cerberus on Thessia with Liara wanting to go to on Thessia Shepherd and her crew defeated Cerberus and was trying to find out what they was after Liara found a secret room not found for who knows how long inside was a sarcophagus with ancient Asari writing talking about the daughter of the goddess Athame as Liara was examining the sarcophagus one of shepherds crew accidentally knock it open inside was an drop dead gorgeous Asari Liara guessed she was put in the sarcophagus (which form what can now was now obvious was a ancient stasis pod) at around the age of 130 to 150 From from the rest of the point of view it's the ancient Asari she woke up after finding out that the goddess was an alien after the experimented on her they gave her amazing abilities but the also modified her body her breasts was as big as a matriarchs and they modified her Azure to have a strange thing coming out (the Protheans gave her a dick) the first thing she saw was a sexy Asari she got up made her way to her and in front of strange aliens around them gave her kiss and was feeling up her body after that she learned at the Asari was in a relationship with the alien she was standing by she decided to go with them to help them prepare for these Reaper things that are coming because if they kill everyone she'll never make her dream a reality she wants a harem with this Liara in it she looks at her human lover and the other humans some of them look hot at least the ones that look like Asari (aka the women) she looks at the one in the suit she can't tell how she looks but thanks skin-tight suit she can tell that she has a sexy body and is going to get her to join as well The ancient Asari name is up to you and what happens in the story is up to you Shepard has always been attracted to other women and Asari never men and Liara has only been attracted to Shepherd but she only started being attracted to Asari after seeing Aria and Tevos sex tape The ancient Asari harem has to have Liara Shepherd Miranda Jack Tali Samara Kasumi Kelly If alive Ashley (Mass Effect 3 design) any one else is up to you a side effect of her dick she can't get pregnant but she can impregnate the women of her harem and her daughters can't be Ardat-Yakshi
  10. Review responses for "Splinter" [Steven Universe]

    Fairly close—I just need a block of time to finish it. Then my beta reader will need a few days.
  11. Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    Agree with all of you: When it comes to fiction writing, there can be no hard and fast rules. Yes, 98% of your sentences should have both a subject and a verb, but there’s that other 2% that are so much better if they have only one or the other, or neither. (“My name is Bond. James Bond.”) That said, rule-breaking only results in good writing when it’s done for a purpose, and not just because the writer doesn’t know the rules in the first place.
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  13. Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    Absolutely! I love writing tips in general. I wish more writers would follow blogs and stuff. I just bristle when the writing tips explicitly state rules like they’re set in stone.
  14. Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    I totally fucking love you.
  15. Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    Oh, yes! This! Seriously, if I need to zoom to read what you’ve written, I’m just going to click on by.
  16. Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    Don’t chew your arm off! Having some tips are good, especially when they’re word patterns that can indicate a more serious issue, but sometimes those words are the right choice.
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  19. So, my mum’s mini strokes can’t be made to go away permanently.  Well that’s just fucking dandy.  Anybody got a heart in good working order they don’t want anymore?

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    2. Melrick


      @GeorgeGlass Yup That’s what it is.

      Thanks everyone.  It’s just frustrating that I can’t make her problems go away so she can live out her golden years a little more golden and less black.

    3. BronxWench


      My mom also has atrial fibrillation, among other things. So far, we’ve avoided the mini-strokes, but she was diagnosed 18 months ago with Parkinson’s. I hate how it’s robbing her of those last bits of independence.

    4. Melrick


      It would be nice if the elderly could stay fit and healthy till the end.

  20. Rukia wants Kurosaki dick

    Set after Yhwach's defeat Rukia realized she had feeling for Ichigo so she went to Karakura Town to confess she decided to surprise him by going in though his window only to find Ichigo and Orihime naked and having sex Ichigo was embarrassed Rukia was disappointed that she was apparently too late in realizing her feelings but she doubts even if she confessed before Orihime he would still choice Orihime because her body is sexer and more womanly then hers (aka bigger breasts a batter ass and better figure) Rukia decided instead of causing trouble for the young couple tell them that she just wanted to visit she even teases them about their relationship then Orihime said something that shocked both Rukia and Ichigo Orihime said to thank Rukia for all she did for her and Ichigo why not join them once Rukia acted like it was no big deal but agreed to Rukia's joy Ichigo was fucking her but to her disappointment you refuse to come inside her pussy years later Rukia had settled on marrying Renji and having her daughter Ichika Abarai while she Renji and Ichika Karakura Town she couldn't take her eyes off of Ichigo and Orihime's son Kazui Kurosaki and she decided if she can't have Ichigo's dick again (the three-way was a one time thing) she'll just have to seduce Kazui with out any one knowing
  21. Orihime's practice

    Orihime is nervous about her and Ichigo's first date (mainly because her friends convinced her Ichigo will try to have sex with her something she became excited about but was worried if she wasn't good enough Ichigo won't want a second date) so Orihime came up with a great plan a practice date/sex with one of her friends unfortunately all of them was experience in both then she thought if her human friends won't work why not a Shinigami/Soul Reaper (you can call them whatever you like) The first one she asked was Rukia unfortunately was busy (Rukia was getting ready for her date with Renji) she then tried Rangiku who agreed That night Rangiku went to the see Orihime she even gave Orihime some advice on what to well to look sexy on the date Orihime was wearing a mini skirt a shirt that showed off her breasts and a thong after the date Rangiku walk Orihime home and the part that that Orihime was nervous about the sex Rangiku asked if Orihime knew how to kiss too which Orihime revealed that she and Ichigo have been kissing she not sure if either of them all (the reason is that they have kissed is their first date was supposed to be earlier but both of their jobs/having to fight Hollows kept having to push the date back and Orihime wasn't sure if she or Ichigo was good at it because she only ever kissed him and he only ever kissed her) As Orihime was making out with Rangiku they was feeling each other up Orihime thought she felt something weird but thought she imagined it until Rangiku was naked Rangiku had something that Orihime never saw the other times she seen Rangiku naked and that was a dick Rangiku noticed Orihime's confusion and explained that this is a experimental gigai that she agreed to be the test subject she was supposed to seduce a human but after Orihime asking for help she decided to have Orihime help test it for her Rangiku then asked Orihime if it's a safe day for her confused Orihime said yes Rangiku then said that she won't be needing these throwing a box of condoms to the side and telling Orihime that the gigai the Rangiku was using was design to allow a woman to impregnate another woman for some reason (it was Suì-Fēng how asked the 12th Division in hopes of using it on Yoruichi) Orihime wasn't sure about letting Rangiku use the gigai to take her virginity as she wanted Ichigo to have it but Rangiku touched Orihime's hair pins and told her that if she wants Ichigo to fuck her as a virgin she can just use her Shun Shun Rikka to return herself to being a virgin After hearing that Orihime reluctantly agreed to let Rangiku use the gigai on her Orihime and Rangiku then proceeded to practice having sex all night long Rangiku just don't fuck Orihime's pussy she fucked her ass taught her to give blowjobs and titty fuck What else happens is up to you but I'd like it to end the day after Orihime and Ichigo's date with Orihime being disappointed because Ichigo didn't try to have sex with her (he told her he didn't want her thinking all he wanted to do was have sex with her) and telling her friends that she didn't need to practice having sex with Rangiku which leads to Chizuru getting a nosebleed and fainting with a lustful look on her face
  22. Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    What?! No! Not as long as I have something to say about it! Okay… Content warning: I swear. I actually raged about epithets before. I don’t remember where. People just acted like it was just inane – like I just pulled a random, nonsensical pet peeve out of my ass. I get this reaction whenever I tell people that helper verbs are passive. Yes, I am still on a crusade against overuse of ING verbs. But one of my major pet peeves, and this I have developed recently, is something I see in a lot of writing tips articles. It never used to bother me, but I find I get pretty pissed off when I encounter it now. Professionals telling amateurs not to do something. The word lists apply to this. “Don’t use gimmicks”, “Don’t use intensifiers”, “Don’t put rape in there”, “Don’t chop your arm off and eat it” (I couldn’t remember any more...) Of course there are some things that are best avoided, but when you tell a budding, insecure writer not to do something, like BW said, they’ll twist themselves into a pretzel to avoid shit when maybe, just maybe, it would have been fine. There’s a time and a place for everything. To me, when I beta, it’s more important that you’re conscious of your word choice, and when you make iffy choices, like throwing in a ‘very’ (outside of dialogue) that you did it intentionally and well. Plus I really fucking hate it when someone tells me not to do something.
  23. Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    Font that’s too small.
  24. Never Would I Ever Write this Tag...

    I would say scat too, but then I think I put the scat tag on my first story just because of one instance where feces does appear even if not in a sexual fashion and so better safe than sorry when tagging.
  25. Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    He was wasted when he wanted to waist holster his right to bear arms?
  26. Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    BW: He grabbed at her bare waste only to find a thick-waisted bear?
  27. Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    Bear and bare. Oh, and definitely and defiantly. Really???
  28. Pet Peeves-What can't you stand

    I actually tear at my hair when geniuses confuse waste with waist. I can’t even roll my eyes hard enough anymore!
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