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  2. Meant to say that Draco and Lucuis are veela . may be on fanfiction.
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  4. I wrote a little Christmas story about magic, grief, and banging. Enjoy! Author: PlagueRat (Me)Title: WishSummary: A year ago on Christmas Day, Caleb watched the love of his life go down in a plane crash. Now he’s a broken man, doomed to spend the holidays alone and crippled with grief. That is until he stumbles upon a strange little boutique where he finds a doll with the most haunting eyes. Fandom: OriginalPairing: M/MWarnings: Anal Angst COMPLETE MM Oneshot OralURL:
  5. That is dark but I can see that happening
  6. Welcome to the Plague! [Cue images of filthy gears churning, heavy smog, and shit-soaked cobblestone streets] Now that I got it all atmospheric for you, let’s talk reviews. Or not. I’m being optimistic here. Maybe let’s just talk about the weather or something? Hello…? This thread is intended for review replies, Q&A, and anything else related to PlagueRat’s stories.
  7. Chapter 10 (The Thunder of Death's Approach) is up. Hope everyone's enjoying it.
  8. This is dark, but part of me what the father to catch them having sex, and he so shocked, he gets a heart attack and dies.
  9. Looking for a story about Harry potter getting a creature inheritance. Is the mate of Draco/Lucuis/Shape. Draco and Lucuis are break. Snape is a vampire I think. They court harry into becoming their mate. I also remember a chapter that Lucuis snape and Draco use some sort of spell to turn up the sounds of love kaking. Yes Lucuis and dravlco are mates. Weird I know but still a good story. Could also be on archive of our own or adult fangiction sites. Thanks in uadvance.
  10. While I would like to, and have some ideas on how to start it, I can’t at this time.
  11. That's a lot better than what I thought thinks for the suggestion did you want to write this challenge
  12. So, instead of aliens in this world, Earth has a secret society of magic where elves, orcs, and vampires roam? The plumbers are a society of people fighting for peace between the mundane and magical? And all the enemies ben faces are either magical, interdimensional versions of themselves or just hyperly advanced instead of aliens?
  13. I like this idea, but I can’t see having 29 different sets of women. As far as I can see, The Mother and Daughter The family lawyer woman could also live there Two sisters A lesbian couple using Jake to make a baby The widow The single woman The college girl The girl that makes “internet movies”, and has you “appear” on her show. Maybe a smaller apartment, or a complex I could see for the setting. As for Jake, I could see him acting an a handy man, possibly studying online. That way he has a reason to them when they call. The lawyer woman helps handle any of the financial stuff.
  14. This request idea was inspired by, and kind of fits, Guest T_B story requests. The main character is an 18 year old male. His mother is 36 years old, having him right after high school. Every week your mother either goes to or invites her book club to talk about the latest book they are reading. The son suggests a book that is really steamy, and catches his mother pleasuring herself while reading it. He then slowly seduces her into having sex, and gets her into more erotic books. Soon he starts having his mother suggesting these book to her book club, and invite them over. There, he, along with his mother’s help, seduce all the other members into having sex, than an orgy. How it all ends is up to you. If you want the mother to have the son when she was younger, please make it a reasonable age. The mother has D cup and a shave pussy. How the other members look is up to you, but keep it reasonable. Also, you can choice to have all, any, or none of the women married.
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  16. hopefully someone knows the name
  17. Im getting it done, its just hard getting this right.
  18. Okay, thanks for the reply. Let me know when an idea comes through your head for the sequel, and have a great holiday.
  19. Chapter 6 (Who Threw The First Punch?) Is posted. Comments and reviews welcome
  20. i don’t really want t sound like a dick but i don’t care about naruto getting love. i like samui but i’m here for kushin not for naruto i’m ok if he gets samui as a gf but i don’t really want naruto sex scenes. there a lot of them already. i prefer naruto over sasuke every day of the week to get pussy cuz he really deserves it. but this is kushina’s story. well at the end of the day is your thing Lust your decision...
  21. No one else interested?
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  23. Hey, I’m currently looking for two stories 1: It starts with Hermoine who has recently been dumped by her boyfriend and now faces a birthday party where she drinks a bit to much and Harry takes her home, it evolves from that and spans over a longer time (not just that evening) 2: Harry likes BDSM but this results in his relationship with Ginny failing and while Hermione is together with Ron she get’s attracted towards Harry and it goes from there
  24. Chapter Thirty-seven
  25. Wow… these settees looked a hell of a lot smaller in the shop. Now I have to rearrange again. Already did it twice before they got here. Can’t move for settees. Send help!

    Plus side. I have two happy dogs, who tried them out first. I swear the greyhound was there almost before the blokes put them down. :lol:


    1. JayDee


      I remember reading an erotic horror story a long time ago called “The Couch Monster” hopefully these aren’t the possessed kind!

    2. Melrick


      We once bought a recliner that I swear grew the moment it was delivered, because it certainly didn’t seem that big in the shop.

  26. The quality of the latest chapter was not as good as the rest seemed out of the way..... Sex scene was not long enough nor was rock Lee the right choice.. Was hoping an anal scene.. And nor was Kushina judging her actions of her first anal experience.......... The wait was not worth it...... Hope you improve...... And what a coincidence the Dragon print reached 200000 and you updated... Hoping you get well soon seems
  27. General thanks to the moderation team for taking on board and implementing a suggestion. Hopefully won’t add too much to workload.

  28. Pictures will now only be allowed to be uploaded to the Art Room section of the forum, which can only be accessed by Members. Any pictures that are uploaded to other forums will be deleted. Pictures that can be considered to be pornographic in nature are now no longer allowed to be used in Signatures, Cover Photos or Profile Pictures. If you’re unsure if a picture you’re using in your profile or signature is safe or not, just ask a moderator. The FAQ here goes into more detail.
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