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  6. Ok this is going to be a long shot for this story. I read this story YEARS AGO and I’m looking to find it to re-read it and see where the story went as it was unfinished when I first read it. The story goes, that this takes place after Naraku has been defeated and there is some struggles with girls (Kagome and Sango) and the guys (Inuyasha and Miroku), to the point that there respected relationships (Inuyasha/Kagome, Sango/Miroku) are falling apart. Inuyasha and Miroku go to a village together to deal with a lizard demon problem. The village gets mad because Inuyasha is with Miroku and they only wanted the monk to deal with the problem. Mirouk defends Inuyasha and that surprises him. The learn that the demon is kidnapping people from the village. When they get to the den they find a male villager still alive, as he wasn’t for food but pleasure. Miroku saves him and Inuyasha gives Miroku his sword to him and tells him to leave. Miroku gets out to of the den and makes it to a near by spring, and washes off the grossness from the den and help the villager. As he is bathing, Inuyasha shows up, cut up from fighting a dozen lizard demons and is full demon! Demon Inuyasha forces himself on to Miroku, who is hesitantat first but gives in. Demon Inuyasha marks Miroku as his mate and KNOTS him! (Major reason why I like this) In the morning Inuyasha dosen’t remember what happened, only that he gave Miroku his sword and went to fight the lizard demons. Miroku tells Inuyasha what happen, which freaks Inuyasha out but is releived when he doesn’t find is mating mark on Miroku… only for Miroku to show it on is inner thigh. The rest of the story is the fallout from all of this, with a over-protective Inuyasha and all. I think that the story was titled: Why Can’t We Be Happy? by Grey********* or Gray********* (I can’t remember the last part of the auther’s name)
  7. Guest

    Raikage: Kushina's slave

    After failing to kidnap Kushina when she was young, Kumogakure tried to capture her for the second time, but this thine she is in a mission away from Konoha and Minato is dead, so there is no one to protect her, also she only has half of the Kyuubi, the other half is sealed into her son. To prevent any failure, they sent A, their strongest shinobi and the Fourth Raikage after Kushina. However, A never expected Kushina to use one of the Uzumaki fuinjutsu to seal his chakra and take him back to Konoha as her sex slave. There is many stories where the Fourth Raikage take Kushina as a sex slave and break her, but in this story idea it is the opposite, Kushina is the one that turns the Rakage into her sex slave, she is shameless nympho slut and after seeing the Raikage she decided to take the Raikage as her new "husband”. Optional 1- Kushina invite some of her friends(Anko, Tsume, Tsunade...) to have sex with the Raikage. Some wants to have the children of the Raikage so they can raise their clan power. 2- Kushina has daughters(Karin, Tayuya, Naruko...), and they wants to have fun with their mother's slave. 3- Naruto doesn’t like the way his mother act by having the Raikage sleep and fuck his mother in his late father's bed, but still he is unable to do anything other than hearing his mother's moans.
  8. So, is eating a rabbi considered Kosher?  (Asking for...a friend :) cause ‘tis the season for questions.)

    1. WillowDarkling


      Not that I know anything about how that works, but I’d think, if the rabbi’s kept kosher for an x amount of time (how long does it take our bodies to entirely renew all its cells?) then he’d be considered kosher… :think:

    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      So, liberally apply the Kosher salt to be on the safe side?

    3. WillowDarkling


      Oh, absolutely! Rabbi’s aren’t known for their flavour, after all...

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    InvidiaRed's review responses

    From GeorgeGlass on October 26, 2021 Re: "Clucking Doom" by InvidiaRed John Madden once said, "Don't do anything great if you can't handle the congratulations." Looks like Berta earned herself the last job she'd ever want. Oh yeah she got boned big time without a doubt. being transformed by an angel into a house sized cockatrice was one thing. She managed to maintain her sanity despite not being human anymore (even if I thought I put too many details to the contrary) Even if she consciously didn’t know. Being adopted by primal and feral monster deities is the second. Hundreds of different perspectives all at once is not healthy. They were the first deities to arise on this world spawning monsters to war amongst themselves until the second weaker generation came. Being weaker the second generation banded together and with their sapient creations and civilization they took the world by force. Yet, the monster deities refused to lose their world and turned back to their monster crafting skills. They aren’t friends but reluctant allies to one another and together they took back islands and eventually a whole continent Now they’re just under half a world. The civilized gods had to fall back to their holdings leaving one last temple a temple the MD’s couldn’t touch but a mortal could… A temple that Berta destroyed and by doing so erased the last outpost of the civilized gods. The fog of war protects boths sides from each other. This half of the world is well far more timeless. There are no civilizations there because the MD’s will not allow civilization or the civilized races any chance to take root excising all invaders with incredible prejudice. Its beauty and its bounty are for the monster deities and their creations to enjoy alone. As the CEO of Recess+ Playtime and Themeparks! Found out to her brutal jungled demise a few days after leaving the safety of Head Quarters. I did almost put in Berta finding her corpse. But had to scrap it because the deity of the island of giant insects did not leave a body. These deities are a different breed from my more common ones. In that population is what contributes and limits their power. So as greater monster population density increases = the more influence, more sight and more power in the mortal world for the monster deities. Conversely, the more people there are, and the more civilization there is the more powerful the civilized gods become. Part of the reason these lesser iterations of angels are so powerful because all the civilized gods collectively pool their power to make their messengers. Quite the imaginitive world you have here: science and magic in what would appear to be a postapocalyptic setting, made all the more amusingly bizarre by Wudy the Wabbit. I will expand upon it but the reason its not postapocalyptic is because this story takes place in the distant past. 10,000+ years to be exact. The CEO’s of the megacorps all have one thing in common. They’re all half-elven siblings. Recess+ Playtime and Themeparks!’s CEO is Cybernetics& Consorts Industries CEO’s little sister the last of seven. She stole various time displacement protoypes from her siblings a few years before the last war and panicking activated them rather than allow her sibling’s agents to take them back or allow her siblings to exploit it. Partially, out of not wanting to be erased from existence and partially because she knew her family would abuse such tech and likely doom everyone. She and her HQ simply vanished and might have very well be the catalyst for the war happening in the first place. She was environmentally friendly, well loved by the public and the voice of reason of the family. Then she was gone, it comes out that assassins from other corps were closing in on her and well the rest you know. Xmas story will expand on this storyline. In Vampire Gynoids From The Future
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    AFF Halloween 2021 Revews

    From GeorgeGlass on October 26, 2021 Re: "Clucking Doom" by InvidiaRed John Madden once said, "Don't do anything great if you can't handle the congratulations." Looks like Berta earned herself the last job she'd ever want. Berta definitely got the short end of the lollipop. Quite the imaginative world you have here: science and magic in what would appear to be a postapocalyptic setting, made all the more amusingly bizarre by Wudy the Wabbit. Thank you. I’ll go more in depth on my own review thread. Rudy kinda just popped into my head one day. A wholly benevolent theme-park mascot animatronic with a lovingly developed company AI. Much Closer to Delta than say murder ‘nonfunctional inducing’ happy Gestalt Close, but not post-apocalyptic. You know how cutthroat and thieving global corps can be and even subsidiary companies aren’t 100% transparent with the main one when it comes to R&D top-secret prototypes and tech.
  13. if you have not yet chosen any of the stories that were suggested, I would like suggest to you a story that I would like to read and that for me is quite interesting would be one based on the "arranged marriage" discussion where naruko is forced to marry a man who fucks and humiliates her. Arrenged marriege
  14. Guest

    Harry/Snape Mpreg hurt/comfort
  15. Hi I'm looking for a fic where Harry decides to marry Severus but has to get him pregnant. He treats Sev really bad during his first pregnancy but once the baby is born and sev nearly dies he starts treating him better. I also remember that Kingsley was with Draco and all the other slytherins had been made into slaves and Sev and Harry save them. Any help is much appreciated
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    Stop teasing us Sensei! Discussion page

    Do you have a Discord where we can talk more about this? Either way, here’s the link to my server so that we can have faster communication. Funny enough, after all these years I barely got started on the project, unfortunately, due to college and my other projects. (More details will be given out.) I planned this story out to the point where it included a sensei arc, but again, I never got to finishing it. >.<
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    AFF Halloween 2021 Revews

    From @InvidiaRed for Samhain Night Amusingly, it was meant to originally be far darker. But, I kinda wanted a happy ending for Ravyn so I switched gears a bit part way through. It was fun to write, though it took me the better part of 2 months to do so. Still, thank ye! Glad the succubus came across well. I will read the other tales posted thus far, tomorrow!
  21. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Transparency Thread

    Hey there, SWP1! Glad you liked the ending of “Anything That Moves.” Now that I'm finished with that story and with "Night of the Were-Bimbos," I'll be focusing mainly on the final chapter of "Weekend at Waltney World" and on the various one-shots I'm working on, including the "Little Rose" sequel. I haven't yet seen the new Bond movie, but I did see Dune over the weekend. It's pretty impressive, particularly because of the attention to the design of things. The ships, buildings, and costumes all really reflect the different planets and cultures they come from.
  22. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Re: “Anything That Moves” From Dixie Freelove on October 25, 2021 Glad you liked that “surprise.” I had a feeling that line might appeal to you. Thanks for reading!
  23. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Re: “Anything That Moves” From Bilboswild on October 25, 2021 Thanks! "Covering all aspects" was my main goal in writing this story, as I wanted to do something wider-ranging than the niche-type stories I usually write. Yeah, older brothers' porn stashes were a great source of, um, education, back in the day. You too!
  24. GeorgeGlass

    George Glass' Review Responses -- Original Fiction

    Re: “Anything That Moves” From ANON - Herman on October 25, 2021 Gosh, and there I thought that finishing the story with a chapter about the mom would make people LESS inclined to ask for a sequel. Glad you enjoyed it.
  25. BronxWench

    PornEater's Tomb Raider stories?

    I’d really like everyone to think a little before posting a request like this. You’re asking for the name of the doujinshi that caused PornEater to pull his stories. That’s utterly baffling to me, both as a moderator and as a writer. Why would you support the work of a plagiarist—a thief, to put it plainly? So, here’s the moderator portion of this post: ANY POST WITH THE NAME OF, OR A LINK TO THAT DOUJINSHI WILL BE DELETED.
  26. Guest

    PornEater's Tomb Raider stories?

    Do you know what western style doujinshi it was?
  27. JayDee

    JayDee's Review Reply Thread (Movies)

    You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Moisture Farm… Thank you for your comment. It’s definitely not the best written Star Wars storyline. Though possibly still better than anything in The Phantom Menace with Jar Jar. I wrote it as a request for someone. I don’t think they ever reviewed it. Incest between consenting adults with no difference in power or control levels (and not having kids because jesus christ look at some of the aristocratic families) oughta probably be nobody’s interest but their own. Not that that’s what is shown here of course, this one’s rapey.
  28. JayDee

    JayDee's Review Reply Thread (Harry Potter)

    For the Honour of The Slytherin Well… this is an odd comment. I’m certainly going to Hell if such a place exists, and I am disgusting, but I’ve no interest in children and have never written minor1 stories, or any minor2 stories with characters under 16 –and as I’ve got older I’ve tended away from writing stories with even 16-17 year old characters, although this one was written back when I was a lot closer in age to the characters. I can only assume that this comment came from someone who masturbated so furiously over a story featuring actual children that, having blown a prostate-punishing load into their own eyes, they accidentally clicked the wrong story to comment on during the waves of post-orgasmic guilt.
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