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  3. Revenant93

    A Chance Encounter

    Author: Revenant Title: A Chance Encounter Summary: A lone sellsword drifts through Faerun searching for a purpose, until a meeting with a kobold changes his life. Feedback: Constructive criticism is much appreciated! Fandom: Dungeons & Dragons Warnings: Fingering Hum MF OC Oral Solo Violence WIP Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered URL: Hello! New writer here. Never thought I’d be writing a racy story, but here I am. It was an idea that stuck in my head one day and I had to write it down, strange as that may seem. Fair bit of warning: I am not intimately familiar with the Forgotten Realms setting and characters, so please excuse any flubs. I wanted to see if I could write something focusing on only a few characters, which is something of a challenge for me. Please enjoy!
  4. Coworkers were talking about cricket at lunch, how they dould last five days, and all I could think of was it'd be even better if the players were naked while doing so...

    1. Arian-Sinclair


      Welp, I know what’s gonna end up being in my weird arse dreams tonight.

    2. CloverReef


      That’s how I feel about basketball… but that’s mostly because I hate jerseys. 

    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Tis the season for naked's always in season for nude sports!  Thogh, gotta be careful, plot bunnies might lock on and swing on by.

  5. JayDee

    A New Take on Celebrity

    Similar to BW, I think celebrity because it’s still, ultimately, about the celebrity – just nested a level down – I figure the robot is effectively a fan work of the celebrity within the story universe, and then the story is about this celebrity fan work. I’d say it would be the same with fiction, if you had an eccentric billionaire genius comics fan create a Life Model Decoy of Nick Fury to fondle, you’d put it on Marvel rather than originals. Robots definitely seem like a lot less hassle for the kidnapper/rapist of leisure tbh, unless they have the ability to grow and learn and go all SkyNet and then, suddenly, eccentric billionaire wakes up to find his harem has broken their programming, taken control of his security systems, and want to play 3D Monster Maze with him. Would be one outcome. You could definitely have a lot of fun with the concept I’m sure. Wind up all your readers with an april fools update with “My god! They were robots all along! And so was I!” Or maybe not Hey, Spike tried the “robot version to fuck” with Buffybot! [off topic] And from that, and it being Mal’s topic. I remembered the memory of a story I read a long time ago of a Buffy/Firefly crossover with BuffyBot being found ad reactivated in the far future by Jayne. It was short but funny and didn’t linger on how the fuck Jayne would manage it. Shit, I hope I reviewed.[/off topic]
  6. BronxWench

    A New Take on Celebrity

    It’s a very interesting spin on the notion of celebrity, and what that encompasses. Is it the actual person, or the persona we’ve assigned to them which is famous? Speaking as a moderator, I would still ask that the story be placed in the Celebrity subdomain, simply because the androids will have the appearance and names of the actual celebrity. That’s the entire point of the android, after all—to replace the actual person with something which can be owned and manipulated without fear of arrest for unlawful imprisonment, assault, et cetera. If the android resembled my neighbor, an attractive young woman of no celebrity or notoriety, there would not be the same level of interest from the eccentric billionaire, I suspect. His attraction is to the actual celebrity, and he’s found a work-around to let him have his cake and eat it, too. As a reader, and as a writer. it’s a fun concept because it does explore what we mean by fame, and what it is we expect from those we have chosen to make famous. I wonder if at some point his interest would expand to those we deem notorious—famous for all the wrong reasons. That would be as fascinating, really.
  7. I woke up this morning with what I think is a very intriguing question for the awesome group of readers and writers here at AFF. So here goes: Recently TV shows like HBO’s Westworld, and video games such as Bethesda’s Fallout have been exploring themes such as AI (artificial intelligence) and synthetic robots that are fully capable of emulating human behavior and appearance. This morning, I had the thought what if the protagonist from my story, Billion Dollar Harem, an eccentric billionaire, was also a genius with advanced degrees in programming and robotics. He then used his brilliance to instead of kidnapping celebrities used it to build a synthetic robot harem with androids who were designed to look like and were programmed to believe they were celebrities. So, instead of capturing and imprisoning someone like Emma Watson, he built a robot who was identical in appearance to her and who believed she was her. This would allow for vast differences in personality and mannerisms than the actual celebrity. But also, it would allow for some separation from the problem of dealing with actual celebrities. I imagine the story could have fun little problems where the celebrity android’s AI acts up causing them to behave in odd and unexpected ways and the protagonist’s sometimes rough handling of them would require him to occasionally replace pieces of their hardware. Thus the story could focus just as much on them being androids as it does on them being recreations of celebrities. While I think a story like this could raise some interesting questions, my biggest question is in what archive would a story with these parameters be placed? On the one hand, it features an original character and is set in the real world as opposed to a fictional one. On the other, it does feature “celebrities,” albeit robot ones designed to appear real. So? Original or Celebrity? Discuss.
  8. 10k!!  :yahoo:  10,000 dragon prints to Jefferey... wow.

    1. Mal


      Congrats man, I know this is a huge accomplishment! I’m so happy that you reached your goal! I hope you reach the next one even faster! :yahoo:

    2. JayDee


      Congratulations on your milstone!

    3. CloverReef


      That’s amazing! Grats dude! Party!

  9. Desiderius Price

    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    End of the (bus) line....
  10. BronxWench

    I cant log in!!

    This is the url to your account: You need to log in using your email address, which is the one you indicated, and your password, which should be letters and/or numbers only, at least 8 characters but no more than 12 characters long, and is case sensitive. So, if you used a capital letter anywhere, you always have to use a capital letter. If you forget and type that letter in lowercase, the password will not be recognized. If you can’t remember your password, you can request a password reset here:
  11. Arian-Sinclair

    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    Where a daemon sucks someone off just before that poor sap(the someone) gets hit by a bus.
  12. BronxWench

    Archive tag search.

    Our tech admin will see this post, as will our coder. Database access, as you correctly surmise, is restricted, and I would not be able to run that query myself. However, should you have a pressing concern about an individual story, I can do a manual correction, as I’ve offered.
  13. Guest

    Archive tag search.

    Problem is that there still a lot of them. Run tag search on any archive with -MM -MF -FF -FD and any other tag. As most stories have them, it will exclude majority of the ones with correctly used tags. Examples: Even first page will have a few if not majority of stories with punctuation in tags. Every such search returns at least 20 pages. At lest half of results have this problem. Correcting it manually will be time consuming. That’s why I suggested automated solution. There are already existing ones: But that requires direct access to databases and they must not be encrypted, so you might need to contact tech admin.
  14. Jefferey is at 9999 prints, oh the suspense of seeiing it rollover (like a car odometer...)

  15. Desiderius Price

    Count To Infinity

  16. Melrick

    Count To Infinity

  17. It seems that I can't log-in into my account! I triedmany times I'm pretty sure I have an accout! Help me please?
  18. Hi, I’m look for a fanfic, where Harry goes to a club, and loses his virginity to Draco. Draco owns a business, and his secutary gets rid of Harry’s letter, when he tried to let Draco know. Also, Harry’s parent are alive – I think his dad is a cop. Draco’s dad kills his mom m, because he knows Draco is having a kid – Malfoy line will continue, I think he set off a bomb. I think Severus punches Draco when he realizes it was him who impregnated Harry. Thank you in advance!
  19. Guest

    Billion Dollar Harem

    Hope the new chapter comes out soon.
  20. Yesterday
  21. BronxWench

    Archive tag search.

    We actually have run a query to remove commas and other punctuation. If you find a story with those punctuation marks, please link it so we can correct it manually.
  22. Guest

    Few Fuu lemons idea

    Hey, Determined! I know that writing sometimes take long, but I’m curious: How’s writing going?
  23. Anyone in pokemon fanfic make these stories.
  24. Chester57

    She is the One

    Here’s a few things I hope get answered— *What’s with the Hannigans? Are they going to separate? *What’s with Alan? Why did he stop bulking up? Something to do with Kelly? *What’s with Amanda? Is she still with Grant or maybe someone else? (Jack noticed how beautiful she looked.) I also hope that Jack runs into someone unexpected— maybe Belle or Jessica or even Brad? Or possibly his favorite phys-ed instructor, the delightful Ms. Cartwright?
  25. Guest

    Archive tag search.

    Tags that contain a slash will not turn up as search results due to the nature of the database. Yet it seems that A LOT of Stories have them. It shouldn’t be hard to write a simple script that searches database’s Content Tags for stuff like “*space*M/M*space*” and replaces it with “*space*MM*space*”. Script doesn't even needs to be a part of site’s engine. Running it just once will make search with these tags a lot more accurate.
  26. This sounds like something I might like. Will you give us a heads-up when it’s posted?
  27. InvidiaRed

    Committing Murder... Of Your Characters

    Ah yes. Here’s the greatest sex of your life… Now prepare to kiss the front end of a bus with failing brakes. I disagree it would be more mean spirited to not include any such thing would make that world more of one drowning in ennui and half empty.
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