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My mistake

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One of the stories I just posted “Morty’s Fun Time” doesn’t have any tags. I didn’t do this intentionally. There was a hiccup posting it when I didn’t put in a chapter tittle it refused to post, I added a chapter title but didn’t realize it had reset the tags I had selected. I tried to add tags and tried to delete it to repost with tags but neither worked. I will add tags as soon as I am able but didn’t want you thinking I purposely violated the TOS.

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We’re having a few hiccups with the fields, it seems, and it doesn’t appear to be possible to delete a story or a chapter, either.

Trust me, I’m aware that there are issues, and I’m not going to be growling at anyone while we’re doing the rollout and reopening. Of course, once we’re back to as normal as we ever get, I’ll be dining on miscreants once more. :lol:

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1 hour ago, Desiderius Price said:

IIRC… there are three points you can put the tags.  1) Summary, 2) Top of the story, 3) Top of the relevant chapter(s).

Actually, tags have their own field, which may or may not be working at the moment.

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