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Star vs The Forces of Evil: Rebel Princess

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Rafael: Definitely. He’s a side of beef.

Gustav: Okay, yeah, I could see it.

Jeremy: It would be great if Star made him her little bitchboy.

Toffee: So I guess this story would predate his demise?

Ferguson: Oh, my. Well, I guess variety is the spice of life.

Ludo: Okay, drawing the line here. Not only is he small, stupid, and grotesque, but being an avian, he probably doesn’t even have a penis.

Other monsters: Hmm, how about that hunky minotaur-thing that Ms. Skullnik briefly dated? And there’s the giraffe guy (maybe it’s not just his neck that’s long), two-headed guy (maybe he has two dicks, too), and of course Spikeballs (come on, the name alone...).

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Cant take all the credit for some of these ideas, the Ferguson idea i saw on another post and Gustav is from one of the better svtoe fics on aff.  but its just crazy that marco basically bangs anything with legs, why not star.

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