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  1. What if instead of marco getting stuck in the neverzone and growing up star did. She meets up with Brunzetta and they become lesbian lovers.
  2. When grodd finds out that catwoman is working as a double agent for batman he uses his mind control powers to turn selina into his little sex kitten.
  3. Ms_Sunshine

    Star vs The Forces of Evil: Rebel Princess

    Cant take all the credit for some of these ideas, the Ferguson idea i saw on another post and Gustav is from one of the better svtoe fics on aff. but its just crazy that marco basically bangs anything with legs, why not star.
  4. Ms_Sunshine

    Gotham TV show

    Its accrued to me that there is hardly any Gotham fics out there. Im thinking a story where Penguin becomes a crime boss and the sirens, Barbara, Tabitha and selina have to show their loyalty
  5. Ms_Sunshine

    Star vs The Forces of Evil: Rebel Princess

    well there is Rafael, Gustav, Jeremy, toffee, Ferguson maybe even some monsters like ludo or some of ludo’s army.
  6. Im thinking a story where star embraces her goth bad girl persona and decides to go all out a screw with whoever she wants. Kinda a reverse harem type story why should marco be the only one with a harem?