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Strange_idea's tmnt story outline/challenge

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no rape

No NTR, I’ve been told what it is and now I KNOW i don’t want it

No gore

 No bashing

No edgey nonsense

No downer endings or wanton character killing

Quality of writing is important to me, so if you try your hand please give it your best. I know you can make it interesting.

Character development

Story is king, erotica on it's own is not enough. Take your time ans build, the pauoff will be worth it.

Im more interested in character interaction and experimenting with relationship writing prefer to use erotoca to enhance, rather than making it the whole point. If you get burned out on such a story it's hard to enjoy after all.

No scat.... eww

Try and keep people in-character or a twist on the character

Make it as beleivable as possible, at least by internal logic


a reminder that i do intend to write at least a version of this story, but am completely okay with other’s trying their hand at it




 inspired by flick-the-theif’s or cochi’s on deviantart (they may or may not be the same guy) gendbend pics and some other scattered ones, either a male april or normal leonardo are the only male member of the cast of a not-outright-pornographic-but-still-sexually-charged version of tmnt 2012…. with some other versions thrown in here and there. 

one character would be male, every ither major character would be female and trying to get into their pants (or shell). If i go with leo, it's about a hero trying to focus on his mission while his enemies and sisters are drooling over him, if i go with april, its abou him investigating and winding up helping the turtles and being and awkward teenage boy while doing so (them being innocent to human ways. This method also has a female clone april to replace her now male self as resident boob queen), and if i go with karai, its about him being seduced to the right side by acxident because if all the cute girls. Either way, it'd be a modifeid, sexually charged retelling of tnmt 2012. With a ton of mythology gags. But i cant know more until i decide a lead.

Optional but not nessecary inclusions

Option one: April's older ajd younger designs are split into a pair of sisters, with the younger being jealous of the older's figure.

Option 2: A dimension X accident causes April to aborb traits from her alternate counterparts, giving her young form her adult breasts and hips, as well as skills. And possibly her mutant cat form (catwoman of channel 6) as a willing transformation. If male april is a lead, its a clone e perimentes on by krang.

option 3: If male April is the lead, a female clone april is formed and partnered with karai (the boobs to karai's rear, not that they completely lack the other), ala dani phantom, with an older clone formsd and trained as psychic mission control. There were more attempts but these were the survivors. Instability (or mutagen) causes the two to merge, same as option 2, as well as a cat.

currently, by popular vote leo ans male april are leading. Please feel free to vote and leave your argument why.



our possible leading men




Our ladies

The turtles



The foot




Cat april



 here’s what i’m going for…. twin aprils NSFW


Update: karai will also get her own clone. Based on her 2003 design 

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14 hours ago, WillowDarkling said:

Images are not allowed anywhere except for the Art Forum. And this is supposed to be a forum for discussing stories that are already written, or in the process of being written, not for challenges. 


Willow Darkling, forum moderator. 

Can i keep the links as references?

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Links are allowed, as long as you put some kind of a description before them to explain what they contain. It should be enough to put something like “Fully clothed” or “NSFW, partial/full nudity/revealing clothing” in the description and any other details you think could be necessary. We are still working out what exactly would be needed in a description of a link, but for now it’s enough to just mark it for NSFW – nudity content. 

As long as you are in the process of writing a story and intend to post it in the Archive, then it’s alright. 

Willow Darkling, forum moderator. 

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On 5/30/2018 at 4:32 AM, Strange_idea said:

And i aplogise but i am in the process of writing the story, as i said in my dislaimer. I just wanted feedback

This does not actually mean you can post entire chapters here in the forums looking for feedback. I know you haven’t, but we’ve had people do that, and I thought I’d just throw that out as well. :)

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