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Story Title: Harry Potter: The Netorare Chronicles

Chapter 1-3: Pettigrew’s Secret

  1. Start with Pettigrew feeling insecure (except for his prodigy like skills in runes), lead to the fact that he started watching james and lily have sex in his animagus form.
    1. One day he stole lilys panties while she and james were having sex.
      1. Panties were wet
      2. He cast stasis spell on them so they would last longer
      3. Jerked to them for an year
    2. Panties lose their fragrance, and he gets desperate for another pair
      1. When he tries to steal another one while she and james are sleeping, he sees her pussy, and nibbles on her clit
      2. She moans and scared, he runs away
      3. This instance inspires him to make lily his whore
    3. He starts by making lily a charmed bracelet for her birthday
      1. Gets dumbledoors help to make it protective (which will be his alibi)
        1. He will add his own ruins to it in secret using ink spelled like the marauders map (visible only to him)
        2. Using runes, he inspires lust keyed only to him
        3. It doesn’t just do that, but dampens lilys pleasure from any sexual act, unless its with him, while also making her aroused in his presence
      2. Overtime, lily gets frustrated at her lack of pleasure
        1. She will notice a certain attractiveness she now feels for Pettigrew
    4. Pettigrew will slowly start touching her
      1. Patting her thighs
      2. Holding her hands
    5. Lily will notice her reaction to him
      1. Suspicious, she will check herself for potions
        1. Wont find anything because runes are not potion
        2. Wont think to check bracelet as dumbledor claims a fair bit of the credit, plus no one expects that pettigrew is good at anything
    6. Lily will try to contain herself, but can’t
      1. Will masturbate to peter
      2. Peter, who is watching in rat form, will notice and quickly go out the room and come in without knocking
    7. First sex scene
      1. Only oral
      2. He will only smell lilys vagina through panties and lick her there
      3. Will convince her stress is not good for baby
    8. They will meet daily
    9. On third day, he will remove panties and attack her directly
    10. After 2 weeks, will slowly start to complain about his pleasure and get blowjob
      1. 69
    11. He will then progress until finally, month later, they will have sex
    12. After that, he will slowly make lily depraved
      1. He will constantly pleasure her until she needs release
        1. Stress of war and pregnancy not helping
      2. He will fuck her daily
      3. Infront of husband at dinner table
      4. While james is playing quidditch and he is in kitchen with lily
    13. Eventually, he will have her doing anal
    14. Epilogue
      1. Baby harry is born
      2. Lily and james are going into hiding
      3. Ends with lily convincing james to pick Pettigrew as secret keeper
        1. Intersperse scenes of lily and Pettigrew having sex

Chapters 3-6: Vernon’s Whore

  1. James dies during that night, but lily survives
    1. Dumbledore convinces her to move in with petunia for blood protection
    2. They go to privet drive
      1. Its nighttime
      2. Petunia makes a big deal but lets her stay
      3. Vernon stays silent except for directing looks at dumbledor and lily
      4. Hes very sharp, and says that if it will protect his family lily can stay
        1. Seems modest when he states his lack of a good job
        2. Says that if he could get a little help, he would be grateful
        3. Dumbledore agrees to give him money (quietly, lily doesn’t know)
      5. Lily, in grief, is distant and goes straight to sleep
      6. Next couple weeks move on with lily living with family
        1. She is stuck in a depression
        2. Vernon walks in on her feeding harry a lot
        3. He craves her and start making plans to get her
      7. He starts complaining about expenses
        1. Lily doesn’t know since she didn’t hear conversation between him and dumbledore
      8. Then, when lily is in bathroom, he takes advantage of her
        1. Rapes her
      9. Tells lily that she will pay him back for his hard work with her body
      10. Lily will stay silent since she isn’t safe anywhere else
        1. She has already been attacked on her way to diagon alley
        2. Dumbledore explained that with harry being heir of house potter, people won’t stand him being raised by muggleborn
        3. They will take harry away from her
        4. So she has stay away from sight and be protected, with dursley being ideal place
      11. Next day, Vernon will rape her while shes feeding harry
      12. Petunia will join in
        1. She is jealous and sibling rivalry comes into play
      13. Vernon will start whoring lily out to be promoted at grunnings
      14. One night, Vernon sees harry after he has fucked lily, and makes harry suck his cum out of his mothers pussy
      15. Harry gets a thing for sexual release and starts fucking petunia daily
        1. Petunia is happy that someone will pay attention to her
        2. She will see it as revenge since lily took Vernon from her and now she took harry from lily
      16. While harry is away at Hogwarts, Dudley hits puberty
        1. Lily is whored out to Dudley by Vernon
        2. Dudley fucks lily
        3. Gets his friends to fuck lily
      17. When harry comes back, he is furious but can only watch his mother be a whore as he fucks petunia

Chapters 7-8: Nymphadora Debauched

  1. Tonks falls in love with harry
    1. After Sirius dies
  2. She ends up marrying him to keep black fortune from Malfoy
    1. It makes her have sex sooner than she wanted in a new relationship, but shes okay with it
  3. Moves in with harry while at the dursleys
  4. Ends up being disappointed as harry is a quick shooter and hes small
  5. While in the shower, is interrupted by Dudley, who though chubby, has a huge cock
  6. She is raped, but ends up liking it since harry cant even make her orgasm
  7. Slowly starts cheating on harry with Dudley
  8. While family is eating, she is fingered by Dudley, while under the table, harry has her hands in his
  9. Becomes a whore for Dudley while harry has to go to sixth year, who then whores her out to his dad and friends
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Guest Guest

It's actually the plot as I was going to write it myself....but I started college and have to work full time to make tuition, so I don't have the time for it anymore

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It's actually the plot as I was going to write it myself....but I started college and have to work full time to make tuition, so I don't have the time for it anymore

Ahh, I see. So this is what a properly plotted story looks like? I always wondered! Well, g'luck finding someone to write it for you, since you've done all the donkey work hopefully someone will help out - I can't, some of the characters are a bit young for me, but presumably someone will!

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Guest harryhermy

Liked the plot only replace sirius with pettigrew, the netorare is always about best friends with the wife and i cant cleary see peter actually having the guts to do this ot the temper prone lily

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I would but the only names I recognize are dumbledore and Harry (Potter right?) so probably not a good candidate

In fact when I first read it I thought lillys panties were something with pictures of lillys on them... ;)

Sorry, still drinking my first bucket of coffee...still haven't drowned the sarcastic MF...(That's short for magusfang...ok, even I don't buy that :))

Edited by magusfang
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Guest John Smith

The Chapters 7-8 portion (Tonks) of the request seems incredibly similar to another story I’ve seen. “A Family Affair”, author by the name of Tenga on Ficwad.

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Guest Guest reader

There's an interactive story where some of the branch stories uses all or at least nearly all the detailed request. It's titled Harry potter: cuckold or something like that

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