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  1. jojo

    look for a story

    ya i have been what to read it again and i just cant find it
  2. jojo

    New Harry Cuck Stories??
  3. jojo

    look for a story

    i don't remember much naruto was tony stark great great grandson and he was iron man in the story
  4. jojo


    help with find this story harry potter was in love with his twin brother and they have sex in the fanfiction
  5. The whore Mrs. Potter - MrGrindelwald
  6. jojo

    Trying to find an old smut fic
  7. jojo

    Crossover Cuckold

    Guest Necroperidot can I ask how the story coming
  8. jojo

    Crossover Cuckold

    plz post a link here Guest Necroperidot
  9. jojo

    Crossover Cuckold

    Guest Necroperidot I ope you take to write this I think it will be a hot story
  10. jojo

    [Request] Naruko captured by Gato in Wave

    I was hope to read it
  11. jojo

    naruto crossover

    is this the story you are talk about
  12. jojo

    boruto's shame.

    can you send a link