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3Plus,3Plus - Threesomes/Moresomes, any combination
ABDL, ABDL - Adult Baby Diaper Lover
Abortion,Abortion - medical termination of a pregnancy
Abuse,Abuse - Abuse of any character, such as child abuse
AFFO, AFFO - Story is found ONLY on adult-fanfiction.org
Ageplay, Ageplay - Age based play
Anal,Anal - Anal sex
Angst,Angst - Torment, anguish
Anthro,Anthro - Anthropomorphic/Furries/Furry/Plushy/Plushophiles
BDSM,BDSM - Bondage & Discipline/Domination & Submission/Sadism & Masochism
Beast,Beast - Bestiality
Bi,Bi - Bisexuality
Bigotry,Bigotry - Bigotry
B-Mod,B-Mod - Body modification - piercing, tattooing, scarification, etc.
Bond,Bond - Bondage
BP,BP - Blood Play
CBT,CBT - Cock/Ball Torture
ChallengeFic,ChallengeFic - Story written in response to a challenge
COMPLETE,COMPLETE - Story is now 100% completed
Contro, Contro - Controversial content even for adults.
CR,CR - corruption
Ds,Ds - Dominance/submission
Dom,Dom - Male or Female Domination
DP,DP - Double Penetration
Exhib,Exhib - Exhibitionism
FF,FF - Femmeslash
Fet,Fet - Fetish
Fingering,Fingering - manual manipulation of the clitoris, vagina, vulva or anus
Fist,Fist - Fisting
FD,FD - Futanari/Dickgirls
GB, GB - Gender Bender (a canon character whose sex is changed for the story)
HC,HC - Hurt/Comfort
HJ,HJ - Hand Job (manual stimulation of one partner's penis)
Herm,Herm - Hermaphrodite
Hum,Hum - Humanoid (not anthro or xeno)
Humil,Humil - Humiliation
Inc,Inc - Incest
loli,loli - Lolita, loli, lolicon (anime specific)
MBP, MBP - menstrual blood play
MC,MC - Mind Control
MF,MF - Het
MM,MM - Slash
Ms,Ms - Master/slave relationship
MCD,MCD - Main Character Death
MiCD,MiCD - Minor Character Death
Minor1,Minor1 - Minor involved (Pedophilia, under 14)
Minor2,Minor2 - Minor involved (Under legal age for sex, 14 to 18)
MPreg,MPreg - Male Pregnancy
Nec,Nec - Necrophilia
NonFic,Nonfic - Non Fiction
NoSex,NoSex - No Sexual Content
OC,OC - Original Character
Oneshot,Oneshot - Oneshot story
Oral,Oral - Oral sex
Other,Other - Other (any warning not covered in this list)
Parody,Parody - Parody (Note ALL parodies must be approved by original author)
Peg,Peg - A woman giving a man anal sex using a strap-on dildo
Preg,Preg - Pregnancy
PWP,PWP - Porn without Plot/Point
Racist,Racist - Racism
Rape,Rape - where one of the characters is sexually assaulted
Rim,Rim - Rimming (To perform anilingus on)
SandM,SandM - Sadism/Masochism
Scat,Scat - Poop Play
SH,SH - Sexual Harassment
Shouta,Shouta - describes an attraction to young boys, or an individual with such an attraction - Anime Specific Code
SI,SI - Self-Insertion (Mary Sue, etc.)
Slave,Slave - Slavery
Solo,Solo - Masturbation
Spank,Spank - Spanking
TBDL, TBDL - Teen Baby Diaper Lover
Tent,Tent - Tentacles
TF,TF - Transformation (biological, physical, etc)
Tort,Tort - Torture
Toys,Toys - Sexual toys (vibrators, dildos, etc)
Trans,Trans - Transgender, Transsexual or Transvestite (cross-dresser)
UST,UST - Unresolved Sexual Tension
Violence,Violence - Story contains violence/blood/gore/etc.
Voy,Voy - Voyeurism
WAFF,WAFF - Warm and Fuzzy Feeling - Anime Specific Code
WD,WD - Wet Dream or ejaculation while asleep
WIP,WIP - Work In Progress
WS,WS - Water-sports, urine play
Xeno,Xeno - Xenophilia (Sex with Aliens)
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Something to keep in mind regarding story codes (also known as 'tags'). When you're uploading your story, you're required to include the appropriate codes (such as m/f, m/m, oral, etc), which get added to the end of the summary field. The potential problem is that the summary field accepts a maximum of 240 characters, so if you have a long summary for your story, you might run out of room to include all of your story codes. The answer is to simply manually type them into the header part of your story, after the title information and before the story begins. AFF has a limit of 600 words for author's notes per chapter, but story codes aren't included in that count, so add all that are appropriate.

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