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  1. – Vampire’s Kiss. Chapter 30 – Unreachable Sin part 16
  2. – Vampire’s Kiss. Chapter 29 – Unreachable Sin part 15
  3. And last chapter is here ^^ So, Chapter 5:
  4. New chapter! So, chapter 4th is here~
  5. Author: Mina-chan95 Title: Cursed Memories Summary: [Based on Curse of Darkness game and manga] It seems after Isaac impatiently waiting for Hector's return to the castle, his former ally finally arrives. However, why exactly once been best friends have become sworn enemies? Read and find out. Fandom: Castlevania, Castlevania Curse of Darkness Characters: Isaac Lafaroze, Hector (Castlevania) Warnings: Angst NoSex Violence WIP Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered story URL: Review Reply thread: Alright, bois and gals, I finally decided to add a humble contribution to the series, which made me grew into the current person. So, yeah, apparently, Mina is silently lurking in Castlevania fandom for more than a decade? xD Yet only after long years and training my writing, I felt a bit more confident. However, instead of making something for Dawn of Sorrow, which was my very first -vania and which introduced to Castlevania back in the day I've decided to go with Curse of Darkness. Even so, when I tried CoD for the first time, I was honestly scared of Isaac and covered my eyes (''why that man wore nothing!? I don't wanna fight a naked man! Please, wear normal clothes! '' - this is was my first reaction x'D oh dear, back in the day that was the most hardcore things to handle) But it seems that as time went, I got use to that outfit, and it seems that I wanted to learn more about this character. So, it seems that folks making fics from Hector's perspective, that's why I wanted to try to make some character justice for Isaac and kinda partially make something opposing these fics ( So, thanks to Helendorf's stories and her CoD fics, I wanted to make something from Isaac's POV.) Besides, even after recently re-watching all game cutscenes (ENG and JP versions), re-reading the manga and twice fact-check, I could see a lot of potential for Isaac. Anyway, this my first -vania fic, so, please, let me know, if I'm not too off (Sorry for sounding as an inexperienced and beginner writer - -'''') And, of course, Enjoy!
  6. Author: Mina-chan95 Title: Under the Demon's Sweet Spell Summary: [Bonus chapter of Vampire's Kiss] Nearly 2 years have passed since incubus Orochi lives together with one certain brunette. However, this fluffy silver-head already has prepared something special for Shingo... [This story was made for 2021 April 8th aka Shingo's b-day] Fandom: King of Fighters Characters: Shingo Yabuki, Orochi Warnings: COMPLETE MM NoSex Oneshot WAFF Solo story or chaptered story: Solo story URL: Review Reply thread: Okay, it seems that this nerd finally decided to show ye boi some attention and care. However, I'm not sure whenever a spin-off one-shot of Vampire's Kiss can be counted as a b-day present - -' So, this chapter takes place 2 years after Orochi-sama was saved by Shingo ( ) It seems that also for a while I'm gonna make a small break from this fandom and finally work on Castlevania Curse of Darkness fic. Yup, in best case, I may return in May with continuing my current KOF projects. Anyway, today is a special day ^^ Yup, it's ye boi Shingo's b-day! So, let's see what awaits him this time, shall we? And as always, Enjoy!~
  7. Author: Mina-chan95 Title: About That Kind of Desire... Summary: [A sequel to Hot Cocoa at Dark Night, (but can be read as stand alone too)] Tonight Orochi visits one certain redhead's dreams to give a serious talk and punish him. However, even at the darkest moment like this, there was that ray of sunshine by Iori's side, who was ready to vanish any darkness... [This was written for 2021/03/25 a.k.a. Yagami's B-day] Fandom: King of Fighters Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Orochi Warnings: Angst COMPLETE HC MM NoSex Oneshot WAFF Solo story or chaptered story: Solo story URL: Review Reply thread: Awwright!~ It seems that this very special day in the year has finally arrived it ! ^^ However, this year instead of romantic trip or procedure decided to add something based on our folklore. Yup, all this time I was worried whenever I gonna kicked out, blocked or silently executed by making something like this(Boi, it's better to prepare for the worst case scenario just in case. So...) Anyway, long story short, since the old days when our ancestors were pagans, we worship Sun Goddess Saule and the other gods and goddess. And of course, Saule and her sacred pet Zaltys (aka the grass-snake or also called serpent) were unseparable in our faith. As the Sun was known for being a fire heart and associated with motherly love and warmth, serpents were kept as pets, who protected the household's in which they lived fortune and well-being. It was forbidden to harm or kill these beautiful, wise and clever creatures, because you would get a bad fortune and die (Just what kind of heart-cold beast you need to be to hate them?!). There were even sayings that if you help or listen to a grass-snake, you will be rewarded for your honesty and hard-work, however, deceive Saule's sacred pet or harm it, and you will be greeted with a terrible fate... More important, even out Sun crests always pictured with serpents. Yup, on each sunbeam there was a crawling grass-snake. Because both - Sun and grass-snakes are associated with vitality, fertility and well-being of the family. A-anyway, since last year's 12.12 project, which Miau have made, I noticed the similarities about our local folklore as well. So, I've decided to make a deeper research. And thus, this is a result. I hope that you would enjoy it! Inspired by Late Autumn Sun [English] by miauneko. Fanart made by Miau:
  8. Chapter 3 is out today ^^ :
  9. – Vampire’s Kiss chapter 28: Innocent Sorrow part 5 of 5. Introducing new character – Goeniko, along with explaining how vampire!Kyo got a new ability.
  10. – Vampire’s Kiss chapter 27: Innocent Sorrow part 4 of 5
  11. – Vampire’s Kiss chapter 26: Innocent Sorrow part 3 of 5
  12. – Vampire’s Kiss chapter 25: Innocent Sorrow part 2
  13. *siiigh*~ So, after this more or less frustrating month and a week lasting writer-block, Mina rises again once in a hundred years to publish new chapters xD. Dear, you can’t just post 11k. word chapter...So, I had to divide it and edit everything and starting today gonna start a small daily posting until Vampire Killer reaches the 28th chapter. Yup, 5 new chapters and this is the newest one. Aand of course, giving vampire!Kyo his own backstory. Vampire’s Kiss – Chapter 24: Innocent Sorrow part 1 of 5.
  14. Aaad chapter 2 is out ^^ :
  15. Author: Mina-chan95 Title: About That Kind of Desire... Summary: [Sequel to Perishing Little Flame on Winding Road]. Kyo seem to be concerned about the unexpected presence of one pesky redhead, who seemed to be in some deep trouble. So, this brunette simply follows him just to find out what it was all about... Feedback: Feedback and constructive criticism much appreciated. Fandom: King of Fighters Characters: Kyo Kusanagi, Kusanagi, Kyo-1, Kyo-2, Iori Yagami (Hinted Kyo x Iori) Genres: Warnings: Complete HC Other Violence Angst Solo story or chaptered story: Chaptered URL: Review Reply thread: Alright, new year – new project. So, how this nerd starts a year? Of course, by bringing back clones and dat angy boi KUSANAGI. *sigh* had idea for this since the end of last year tho, but now ity seems that instead of planned darkfic torture one-shot, this might become a serial project involving clones’ family drama...again xD A-anyway, I’m grateful for anyone who have a free minute to check my stuff. So, thank you for the support as always ^^