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New arcade installed


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Okay, for those of you who like to use it, if you could leave a comment to this topic should you run into issues with a particular game, that'd be great.

What I'd need is the following-

Name of Game - error

Some of them are not keeping score (I think I have most of those moved already), and I'm sure there's a few that don't work. What'll happen then, is first I'll try and reinstall it, and then if that doesn't work, the game will be deleted until I can find a better download.

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Doctor Who Monster Match Infinite - won't add score, black screens after game play.

Castlevania - no instructions, returns you to forum main index, no score keeping.

Logical Dominos - score does not submit

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So, now that I'm becoming used to the install interface, I've noticed that some of the games will load with no scorekeeping option after install. It does no good to manually set 'em, as there's something wrong with the .tar file itself.

So if you see a game appear in the menu while I'm installing, and all of a sudden it's NOT there, it's because after I went to edit properties and put it in a category, I would've seen this problem and then deleted that particular game.

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