Guilty Or Not Guilty

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G/NG: stiffing a waiter/waitress on the tip because you were low on cash?

guilty; more than guilty;

as a rule I don't give tips unless the service is exceptional ;)

sometimes I break this rule but it's only sometimes;

g/ng: doing something wrong and shitfing the blame on someone else?

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Guilty. But I'm pretty sure all the photos were deleted, and if they weren't, they're crappy cell phone pics so I don't think you can tell it's me . . .

G/NG: of having unholy thoughts about a member of the clergy

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Simi-guilty. You regret it immediately afterwards, but years later, after the hormones have died down, you realize that you did the right thing because they were a chump.

G/NG: of knocking down someone's sand castle???

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To a certain sexual situation, or in general? Guilty on both counts.

G/NG: Masturbated using something from your bathtub or shower.

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