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  1. It was hard to get in to, but by the end, I was laughing my guts out. The well tempered plot device snippet
  2. Altari

    How do you plan/organize your story?

    I do my best thinking in the car. I go through dialogue in my head while I drive. It kind of drones out the sound of screaming children... As far as planning..if it's a fanfic, those are just for fun, so I don't really plan. I just write as the mood strikes me. Sometimes I end up writing myself in a corner, but a few quick character deaths can take care of that. For my more serious, original fics I usually figure out where to start and where to end, then I wrote quick overviews of what happens. I currently have 30 pages of notes for the first section of one fic.
  3. Altari

    The Liger Syndrome

  4. Altari

    Beta please help!

  5. Altari

    Song lyrics?

    People used to do this on AnimeSpiral back in the day. New chapter, new song. My god, was it annoying.
  6. I'm sorry if I'm being anal, but I really HATE seeing a dozen AU stories in the M/F category when there is a perfectly accessible AU subcategory. If I wanted to read AU, I'd go there. If I want to read Cannon M/F fics, I go to M/F. Is there any way to enforce this, without leaving nasty comments to every author that does it?
  7. Altari

    What Are You Reading?

    At present, I'm in the middle of both American Gods by Neil Gaiman and Invasive Procedures by Orson Scott Card. I'm waiting on Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer to come out so I can devour it like the others.
  8. Altari

    Beta please help!

    Np, just send me an eMail altarilg [at] with the fics as attachments. I'll return them at some point this year.
  9. Altari

    First-hand experience

    There's always going to be an element of you in everything you write. Something that you'd enjoy, how you'd react to a situation, or even very minor things, like a particular object that has some meaning to you appearing in room description. But it's best if you don't "know" everything you're writing about, lest you create a fic that revolves around a fictionalized version of you.
  10. Altari

    I'm stumped on this.

    Any pure, harsh chemical on a brush could cause it. It depends on how large/deep/clean the burns are. I've gotten burns from ammonia before. Dry ice is probably your best bet, though.
  11. Altari

    Evaluate Samantha, Cameron

    I knew there would be issues with profiles. I really kind of hate doing them, anyway. There are many women out there are very "striking" that don't necessarily fall under the "beautiful" category. How I mean it is, she is more than simply "pleasant" looking, enough that people will take notice, but will not qualify, by any stretch, at beautiful. It's an "air" of an easy-going demeanor. He puts on a good show, but he isn't as friendly as he leads people to believe. The act of being "easy-going" is another aspect of his overbearing nature. This actually isn't true. Men are just as likely as women to respond well to an attractive man. Beautiful people, whether male or female, get their way more often than unattractive persons. That being said, I know I haven't set the bar low. These two characters have been flitting around my head for quite some time. They're both full of apparent contradictions and incompatibilities, but aren't we all? They've kind of taken on a life of their own in my brain, and I'm having trouble doing them justice through words.
  12. Altari

    Ugh, story block, not writer's block

    Sounds like you wrote yourself into a corner. Some writing corners are subtler than others. You have places you want to go, but just aren't sure how to get from here to there. Anyway, take a deep breath and...skip it. Don't do that part. Write a rough outline of how the conversation should go down, and move on. Eventually you'll find inspiration. At least, that's how I handle such corners.
  13. I've been bouncing this one around for a while and finally put the first chapter on paper. I need a beta who's good with English and loves to read. The fic, currently titled Wilderness, takes place in a post-apocolyptic northern Illinois. It's written in first-person present tense. There isn't any smut, and won't be anything blatant - although there will be allusions to m/f acts. The first chappie is more or less 3800 words and shouldn't take too long to read. Good betas should tell me when I deviate from present tense, point out sections that need refining and correct grammatical errors. S/he should also be willing to receive and return chappies as they come. I'm in no rush. Thanks! - Becky -
  14. Altari

    Beta please help!

    How long are they? I have another fic I'm beta-ing ATM but if they're [relatively] short I could read yours through for grammar/etc.
  15. Altari


    What about just Miss Name?