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  1. Is that the guy that talks about the Super-finger? Then oh yes... so very Guilty... Ever has a serious honest-to-god panic attack?
  2. Yep. Constantly. Thank god for those vacations in which friends & family go out of town, leaving me alone to do whatever the hell I want. Ever trick someone into buying you booze?
  3. Guilty. One time playing Secret Santa... where I forgot to buy a present. Luckily, the person I gave the present to didn't seem to notice XD Ever felt like you were just begging for attention?
  4. Not guilty, but that sounds fun Ever had to spend more than 5 hours a day on a bus, every day?
  5. Guilty. Whenever I feel like beating someone up, I also feel like bludgeoning them with whatever blunt object happens to be close by. Ever dreamt you made out with the most beautiful girl/guy you've ever seen, but when you wake up, you no longer remember Her/his face?
  6. Ermm... not sure... does walking around naked while humming counts? I'm going to go with Guilty. Ever felt like somebody just drained your will to live?
  7. Guilty. Frequently. Ever started laughing nervously and just couldn't stop?
  8. Guilty. Who hasn't? Ever dreamt you were surrounded by naked people, but nothing sexual happened?
  9. Not guilty, but a cousin of mine did... turns out it depends on how much of a klutz the cat is (or isn't) Ever suddenly miss an ex you broke up with a really long time ago?
  10. Not guilty... My girlfriend didn't want to, and I doubt that a video of me masturbating would be attractive to anyone. Ever wish you could transform into a cat?
  11. Guilty... Lots and lots of beer Ever have a dream marathon (more than five dreams, just one right after another)?
  12. Guilty... right after watching the ending of "Hannibal". Ever found out you're no longer attracted to boys (or girls)?
  13. Not guilty... don't know how to drive... Ever been so tired you can't feel your arms (or legs) anymore?
  14. Guilty... kind of risky, but really nice Ever attended a class while drunk or high?
  15. Guilty... although it wasn't even in a car, where one could at least try to hide... Ever felt like punching an ex on the face?