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  1. I'm kicking around an idea for a fic involving a couple of roommate villains. One is gruff and inclined to be cranky, the other's a smartmouth. Normally they don't get along. After being beaten by the heroes (again) they bond over several alcoholic beverages, piss/vomit on the heroes' house, and go home. One thing leads to another and they have sex. Problem is that they aren't the kind of couple who would snuggle there in the afterglow, nursing each others' hangovers with the power of sex (though Mr. Smartmouth might make a few cracks about doing so). Instead, Mr. Gruff is a bit of a bastard to Mr. Smartmouth, who gets upset. So what should I do to get Mr. Gruff to move past his own embarrassment (Mr. Smartmouth annoys the heck out of him, a lot) and maybe wind up going for round two? Or is it acceptable to end the story with Mr. Smartmouth feeling angry and confused while Mr. Gruff pretends nothing happened?
  2. Kettle

    Gross yet Hot

    About half of my fanfics are non-consensual (I don't mark them as rape because one party is usually under orders to pleasure the other, rather than there being any violence involved) and the one I'm currently writing is teetering on the edge of full-blown rape. I think it doesn't bother me because the characters involved in the non-con fics are in a very particular environment where no-one looks out for anyone else and their leader is a megalomaniac who forged his army through fear - everyone's half-expecting to be raped and sex is about dominating the other person. But as far as I'm concerned in real life anything "non-consensual" is rape.
  3. okay you need help and i say this as someone who writes robot porn
  4. ...Spamming people's review page is annoying and malicious but you can't seriously compare it to rape! of people or animals! That's just way, way out of proportion.
  5. ...dude. That is a seriously fucked up thing to say.
  6. Uh, yeah they do. See every G1 episode ever. Also the 07 movie. Edit to clarify: If you mean that the gender differences between Transformers probably aren't there to facilitate procreation, therefore it's unlikely that they have a "default" orientation of heterosexual and it's incorrect to assume that they have similar taboos around homosexuality to ours and that males only turn to males for sexual relief because there are so few females, I agree with you. But they're definitely created either male or female.
  7. I'm pleased with all my fics, but I think Blue Alert is my best work so far. I feel like I really nailed the characterisation, kept it light and wrote a decent lead-up to the sex. I'd like to see more Transformers sex-fic that's lighter and even funny. I know I've written some dark and twisted stuff but it'd be nice to see something a little different on the front page of the section.
  8. My planning isn't as complex because I only write smutty one-shots, but usually what happens is I'll get an idea in my head along the lines of "Character A and Character B doing [sex act]". Then I'll consider the personalities of Character A and Character B and their canonical relationship, and figure out under what circumstances they'd be performing [sex act]. This will also tell me if I need to write a preamble to the act itself to explain how and why they're together. For instance, in "Stud" I could jump straight into the action because Megatron is the kind of character who would force himself on his partner and no further explanation is needed. In "Help Me, Bumblebee", I needed more exposition because there were differences in rank between the characters and other obstacles to be negotiated before they could get together. This is where it sometimes falls apart, because if I can't get A and B together in a believeable way, I don't see the point in continuing - sure it's smut, but that doesn't mean it can't be in-character, canon-friendly smut. If I can get them together in a way that makes sense, I start considering how A and B would feel, what they'd be thinking, what dialogue is necessary etc. Then I start writing from the beginning. If I get stuck I jump forward and write the next bit, and come back to the part I skipped. Sometimes I need to rewrite things, sometimes I need to lose an unnecessary plot point, and sometimes I have to abandon the story and try something else. When it's all done I read it over again, checking that the dialogue sounds all right and seeing if it's as hot when it's written down as it was in my head. Sometimes I need to add little finishing touches, or scrap some lines that don't flow. When everything's good to go, I publish.
  9. I write Transformer porn where the TFs have "human-like" genitalia but are still robots, ie their vehicle parts don't "come off" to reveal a more android-like robot underneath like in most fics where they have penises. So when I get a review telling me that a fic was sexy and hot and yay for me for remembering that they're robots and have engines and sensors etc., that's rewarding. Because then I know that I nailed it!
  10. How will we know if someone doesn't follow Rule 2?
  11. I'm writing a fic where the main character is at a party, it's crowded, the music's loud and whatever he's drinking is having a slightly hallucinogenic effect. Because he's tripping, he's disoriented and he starts to "lose time" - like one minute he's heaving his guts out in a crowded room, then he's in a quiet corridor with another guy, then he's on somebody's bed with someone else on top of him and he doesn't really know how he got from one place to the other. The fic's inspired by a particular song and I was thinking of marking the sudden jumps in location with one or two lines from the song in question. Could this work or is including song lyrics something that should always be avoided?
  12. You know, now that I am writing something that's just "in that moment" I'm really enjoying it. I'm dropping little hints to [female character]'s motivation to keep the readers guessing ([male character] is kinda just along for the ride - not that he's complaining ). Is she upset? Is she lonely? Is she mad at someone? Was she hot for [male character] all along? Can her usual love interest not do it right? Is she just drunk and horny?
  13. Oh man, I just got a brilliant one for Blue Alert - This is the kind of review that makes me want to write more. It's like review crack. I WANT MORE AND SO I WILL WRITE MORE