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  1. The brain has limited uses. Why?
  2. Because otherwise, the brain is worthless. Why?
  3. ^ should stop playing silly games and finish her story.
  4. You have to think when others can't do it for you. Why?
  5. We are the Champions -- in my pants.
  6. I could use that. *pokes with a hot glue gun*
  7. Funner -- when you are having more fun than fun can express.
  8. ^ should read <'s story. It is a work in progress
  9. "Be careful... I am a really bad sillybugger!"--- Aldatariel
  10. Shirotaka

    I Am...

    I am recovering from a breif stomach virus.
  11. They are afraid to fall. Why?
  12. Shirotaka

    If I Were...

    I would play with yarn all day. If i were a ball of yarn..
  13. the opposite of ignorance. Man who run in front of car...
  14. I have. I have never spent the night at the house of someone I didn't like.
  15. Not Guilty. G/NG spends all thier time online.
  16. ^ should fight for her muse back < comments on work, but only to himself. V Spends all his/her time watchign TV or being online