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  1. Dunno why my mind came up with this quote, it was there when I woke up...still, be good starter for a story.


    After 38 years of marriage, I’m proud to say that my wife is still a virgin.

    1. Wilde_Guess


      ...or an opening joke from a Borscht Belt comedy routine.  Did you ever visit the Catskills in the ‘60s through the ‘80s?  Or, maybe you’re just channeling Rodney Dangerfield or Henny Youngman?  In my mind’s ear, I can hear either man saying exactly that on stage.

      You could use the quote to open an Al Czervik based Caddyshack fan-fiction.


    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      It’s provocative to say the least.  Maybe the man’s an idiot?  Maybe the man’s saying his wife’s too ugly to fuck?  Maybe she’s refusing his advances?  (And sneakily bopping his sister instead.)  Maybe he’s fitted a chastity belt onto her?  Number of reasons go through my head, which is about as interesting to the fact the mind spat that out yesterday morning as I woke up.

    3. Wilde_Guess


      Option two would definitely be up Youngman’s alley.

      Meanwhile, I’ve been stuck with a Suzanne Vega earworm for the past several hours.  And, there’s nothing I can do do do duh do do do duh about it.  Not kidding about the earworm, though.


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