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  1. nick

    Ben 10 las Vegas

    I Could have them explore other Options. Like shower sex or something. i’ll keep it unmarked in case I ever return to it.
  2. nick

    Ben 10 las Vegas

    I hope you enjoy it @T_B feel free to request some more stuff once you take a read. you’re know what I can do and I can help fulfil more requests.
  3. nick

    Ben 10 las Vegas

    @T_B it’s uploaded. I left the tags complete and oneshot off in case you want it to continue.
  4. That is actually good to know. If i’m going to be honest I had an idea of bonnie from the pokémon X and Y series being groomed into a Slut I never put that thought to paper because I didn’t know if that was “legal”. as long as I label it correctly that thought can become an actual story. So if you see that on the site you know why. Most of my stories are tamed compared to other ones I’ve seen it’s why I try to stay away from the “rape” tag.but thank you for the reply.
  5. nick

    Ben 10 las Vegas

    You’re fine mate. i’m still writing that chapter I’m going to make a little longer than some of my other stuff. Really pan out their first experience. not necessarily turn Gwen into a “token slut” but more liking wanting the best experience feasible as her first One. since this would be her first time I’ll keep the “losing her virginity” talk as low as possible.
  6. Whenever my characters are under 13 I always hit the other tag and clarify some characters will be younger than normal. I’ve had a few ideas that might seem to extreme even for this site. that’s honestly what I love about this site long as you tag it properly you’re fine.
  7. That makes sense thank you. i try to keep my characters 12 and older but there is some I have where they’re a little under that and I do have that specified. I've noticed ages going as far as down as 6. they’re cartoons characters or not real so I understand why it goes that far. but i can understand why some readers don’t want to read that stuff. I avoid making the characters i use that young because for personal reasons. Not to get anyone in trouble but those stories where children as young as 6 are involved is allowed here? for future stories I just want to know if there’s an age “restriction” so i could adjust accordingly. I write my stories in a way where they have a age window. If that window needs to be shorter I can work with that… I apologise for the questions but I want to be sure.
  8. I hope that my stories using those tags aren’t against any terms and conditions. I can add extra disclaimers if needed.
  9. nick

    Ben 10 las Vegas

    Might want to press quote so I can get notifications… but it’s fine i can write this chapter right now. I’ll reply to this comment thread when it’s uploaded.
  10. I agree with you. I was 11 myself when I technically took SexEd. It was a two-week thing when I was in 5th and 6th grade. but it wasn’t an official class period until I was 14. Then they went into even more detail in health class when I was 15. We had an entire 2-month long lesson on the human vagina. And like half that on the human penis. Many adults believe that having sex at a young age requires assistance from the human body for Christ's sake. If you’re spending 2 months teaching 15-year olds about the human vagina and a mouth on the penis, they’re old enough to at the very least watch porn. There’s a reason why so many countries, and even some US states, have the legal age at 16. And it’s flexible depending on the situation.Like here in the US, if you’re 18 and you’re caught having sex with a 14-year old, in some states you will still be put in jail, but you won’t be put on a government list until you die. It also heavily depends on the 14-year-old and if they consented. In the US, you can testify on your own in court as young as 13. I’m not going to go completely into detail on this unless you want to discuss this privately. I think since by the time a 14-year old is well, 14, they would know what sex is and they would be going through puberty, A kid in my sex education class brought up a good point when I was 15 (10 years ago). Girls enter puberty when their bodies are ready to become mothers, right? Puberty enables the ability to become pregnant, right? Well, he brought up the question of why can’t the legal "age" be whenever a child enters puberty? As young as 9 might be, and like we both said, we still thought the stork dropped us through the chimney for another 2 years. (I knew the basics when I was 9, but that was because the older neighbour kids were passing out porn magazines to the younger kids.) They got caught eventually, but that magazine taught me things I wish I had learned from a teacher. Our sex education teacher didn’t dismiss the question, but she said that while a girl can get pregnant, it doesn’t mean she should get pregnant right out of puberty. It takes a few years for your body to prepare itself for pregnancy. He then asked a second question, as to why we can't lower the age of consent to 14 years old. since most high school students are sexually active. She didn't dismiss this question either. She instead explained that we Americans are stubborn people who don't like change. This goes back to when we were still under the British crown. While we might benefit from seeing a change like that, we probably won't live to see it. He made a very good point. If most 14-year-olds are having sex anyway, why not just let them do it legally? It helps prevent all the weirdness of parents walking in on them. And that extra 2 years of practising safe sex will actually help prevent fewer teen pregnancies. A main reason why a 9-year old shouldn’t get pregnant is because she’s still a child herself. She shouldn’t worry about feeding her own kids. She should be worrying about what’s half of 6/8 or something. A 9-year-old will most likely survive to term, but the baby will most likely not, leaving the child with significant mental trauma. Teen moms are forced to drop out of high school in order to take care of their kids because mom and dad don’t want to be 30 something year old grandparents. Imagine that strain on a 13-year old. She’ll have a 7th grade education at best and be forced to live as an adult. That extra year might not mean much now, but if sex education classes could roll back a year and by the time a child is 14, they would know with that extra year of sex education to practise safe sex. They use planned parenthood and all that nonsense until they graduate, so they can benefit from the experience. So by the time they want to become parents, they know how to be better ones. Would society benefit now from making 14 years old the legal age of consent? I do not know. I do know that the longer we force kids to wait before they’re allowed to have sex, the more they see the fake vail behind porn. So my personal belief is to let the individual choose when they are ready. No one knows them better than themselves, right? A transgender person is the first to figure out they are transgender, right? I don’t want 10 years to start fucking, but at least an age that makes sense for everyone and maybe makes sex more normal on TV. I'm not sure about full sex scenes necessarily, but more of the human body. If we teach children early on the difference between sex and what happens in porn, it won’t be needed as much as a learning method. If I had a dollar for every person I met on a porn site who claimed to be 12, 14, or even 9 years old, I would have far more money than I care to admit.
  11. Okay that’s good to know I never got a reply back on that other challenge so I’ll start this one maybe tomorrow. since you suggested they be Japanese or white they’re be white people living in Canada since Canada is weird as hell and uses both the queens english and the dialect us Americans use.not mention they use both metric and imperial so I can use both in tandem. It would be very hard to make them Japanese considering the fact that unless they’re Japanese American's they wouldn’t speak English very well or at all. Writing in third person is a lot easier so the story will be in that viewpoint. anything else just let me know.
  12. I’ve always found that 18 year old thing stupid. puberty kicks in a lot of thoughts. A lot of preteens or young teens in puberty watch porn and even read stuff here probably.i’m not saying change the age requirement but if your health teacher is teaching your 14 years old daughter about sex it’s not your fault if you catch her in the act. What really startles me is that my stories without the minor1 tag tend to get less views. And my PG-13 stories i’m lucky to get a thousand. my Ben 10 story got up to 25k views before wattpad deleted my account. which is pretty dam insane. My original horror story got like maybe 20 views. It shows you the type of content people prefer on the internet. if i get more views writing about a Tennyson 3 way in the original summer I'm going to write more content like it than actual legal adults. Do some twisted people use it as a way of imagining them as the characters? Yes that is most likely the answer however if it prevents real children from being hurt. I’ll write a 1000 chapters of 11 year gwen Tennyson. I don’t necessarily want to leave a mark as that minor story guy but at the same time anything else doesn’t receive traction. look at Goth Reaper they’re an artist who draws animated pictures and comics of under 18 characters preforming sexual acts. And they’ve been drawing that stuff for so long that they have fans and haters. Goth Reaper has made it clear that the characters involved are 18+ but only are drawn in child form and innocence for Immersion. That doesn’t stop haters from dismissing the fact that they look and behave like children. I can understand both arguments but at the end of the day they are fictional characters as Long as they’re not real or based off real people i don’t see a’s a way for people who are actually attracted to children to not harm them but still be happy at the end of the day. We shouldn’t give into those people but they’re only a fraction of our viewers.
  13. Hi…. It’s been 12 years and literally all but like 2 of my stories have minor stuff plus They’re cartoons so it’s actually legal.
  14. nick

    Ben 10 las Vegas

    It sounds simple enough. I’m assuming this will be in the original summer with their grandpa Max? When they’re 10/11? As two, 15-year-olds would definitely know what sex is. If that’s the case, I'll crank out this chapter pretty quickly. I’m thinking Gwen gives Ben a blowjob, and after a while of noticing how good it feels, he picks up Gwen and flips her so he can get his tongue up in her. And then, once they orgasm, Gwen instigates vaginal intercourse before ending with Ben pulling out and coming on her. I can’t leave the age anonymous as I need to know to properly tag it. This chapter can be uploaded tomorrow or Monday depending on what other requests I'm doing.
  15. I’m honestly confused as to why this request is in the first person. However, I believe I can make this work. I'm thinking of 12 total chapters, one for every month. I can easily shorten this if required. As far as age goes, my comfort zone is younger than most romances, but since you want a marriage, the two could be 17 when they meet and live in a county where 16 is the legal age of consent. I don't have the energy to write up a justification for why two 12-year-olds, for example, are having sex or getting married. I am open to that idea if it's not a negative factor. Just to let you know that I use a handful of AI text generators to help with the length of the sexual scenes. Most of the scenes are written with my brain, but the AI text generators help a lot. As for the actual sexual acts... What's on the table? And what's off it? I can write about a variety of sexual activities in one chapter. I know you most likely don't care, but I still prefer to ask this question: is there any specific racial background you want for these two characters? If not, then they will be whatever the majority is in their country. Speaking of which, if I may ask, which dialect of English do you speak or prefer? I am an American, but I chose to use Queen's English for a variety of reasons. If you prefer the English of your country or you don’t care, I can make either work. As for the length of each chapter, my average is between 1500 and 4500 words per chapter, but this can be increased if needed. For personal reasons, I won’t use "bondage, scat, piss, blood, or bestiality." i am mostly likely taking another request so if that happens to be the case I can have the first chapter written by Wednesday. It might be Thursday because I want to get one chapter out of my other stories before going on to writing these challenges.