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  1. Is it bad when I’ve kinda stopped keeping track of my story’s body count?

    1. Wilde_Guess


      If you’re writing fanfiction, I guess it depends on the fictional world you’re writing in.  If you’re writing in Elfen Lied or Game of Thrones, it’s understandable.  If you’re writing in My Little Pony or Sponge Bob Square Pants, not so much.  If you’re writing in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, that’s one hell of a way to not run a railroad!

      Fun non-factoid one:  Post TV series, Sponge Bob tried to get a job as a contraceptive sponge.  But, he was too big-headed, and he just didn’t fit in.

      Fun non-factoid two:  Thomas the Tank Engine and the original Steely Dan were erected in the same British Locomotive Works in the twilight days of the Second World War.  William Burroughs and William Audrey have spent vast fortunes to cover this up.

    2. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood would be equally disturbing.

      Nah, my Harry Potter fanfic is gaining a body count.  And on this rewrite, I realize I’m adding to that count.


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