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  1. was so excited for ‘history of the world part 2’ and then i saw it and i want my hour back watching it! no amount of celebs made it work! 

    Edit: so there are 4 more episodes out of the apparently 8 episodes of this and i still might watch the rest. hope it gets better 

    1. Wilde_Guess


      Hopefully the series gets better for you.  I’m not sure how much Mel Brooks was actually involved in the writing of the skits.  Critical response also seems to be “meh,” at least so far.

    2. kagome26isawsome


      saw the whole 4 episodes and yeah it was ‘meh’ they only had one nod to an old mel brooks movie and i wont give it away. lol

    3. darkrage6


      eh I thought it was funny

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