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  1. the acoustics in the sewers make good music sound bad Why?
  2. ^ sleep dep'd < also kinda so v will be an early riser
  3. Hot wax, of course, however, I can barely think now, thanks alot! Um..yeah, what kind of wax?
  4. ONe can only hope I'd opt for the spanking, though. Can't hardly miss with that method. How bout you?
  5. ^ thinks <'s an idiot < gnashes teeth with worry everyday. (Is THIS the day we end up in debtor's prison?) V familiar with such worry, but knows debtor's prison went the way of the dodo bird
  6. I LOVE flashbacks! You have to know that CSI wouldn't work at all without them!
  7. HA! So. Amazing what a few well-placed threats can do. I've got my eye on yous! Now change it back! I liked it!
  8. . <- ALRIGHT! WHO"S RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS! I can't tell if I should spank you or take your soul! (I think I already have that one.) and just for the record, I don't steal them, I take them. I'll hunt you down and taste your crunchy goodness if it's the last thing I do!
  9. that landlady has fire! Will Farrell is lame
  10. ^ has a higher regard of < than < deserves < no back up plan whatsoever <believes in "flying by the seat of the pants" <has been pouting for some time now. V probably has a plan though.
  11. made it! the dog barked, the dryer cycle ended, the phone rang and I started a stew. You are extremely lucky AMy
  12. Thwarted again! well, in that case, any of the moderators on this forum are excellent grammar nazis. I'm sure they will help you to the fullest extent of their abilities. (well, except for any artists, but we forgive them for that). As for me, I'll be watching you. I expect much improvement. Consider that publishing in RL requires very strict guidelines, and even the most perfect of works can be rejected for random reasons. Just because you decide to publish on the net doesn't mean those standards must languish like a dead skunk in the middle of the highway. (edit) cute baby!!! however, ahem, that doesn't sway my convictions in the least! *walks confidently away, then, once out of sight, melts against the doorjamb* (damn smiley babies! why are they so darn cute?)
  13. Their stomachs are small, and they have only a liquid diet. Fortunately they grow 3 times their birth weight in 6 months, so in a 24 hr period, they actually do sleep alot. Maybe they're related to cats. Um. Then they start making strange and then after that they're teething, so the no sleep part is okay. just sleep when they sleep...Oh, have I rambled? Ah, young souls are so sweet.... Why is that?
  14. not this time. Daz? (make the magic happen again!)
  15. ah, pity. I have. And she is/was a redhead. I have never um regretted the life I've led thus far
  16. Well then....*puts hand down from forehead at last* I won't take your soul....for now! However, I am now contemplating hunting down your grade 10 grammar teacher and giving her a good long spank.