Danny Phantom Adult Version Challenge

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Just like my other “adult version challenges, this challenge is of an smutty retelling of a cartoon, in this case Danny Phantom:

  • Danny: He gains a muscular figure and a huge 20 inch dick after he gains his powers.
  • Sam: She has a very voluptuous body. She hides their true size by wearing cotton wrap in her chest as well as wearing baggy clothes to hide her body’s voluptuousness, as she doesn’t want to be ogled by the school jocks, and because she’s embarrassed by their size. Despite this, she’s jealous when Danny shows interest in other women with big breasts. When Danny finds out about their true size, he gives her the confidence to be herself, leading into her dressing more fittingly for her body. Breast size reference: Penelope Black Diamond
  • Jazz: She has been attracted to Danny for some time. She spies on her brother having sex with Sam, and she starts masturbating to it. She gets caught by the two, leading into her joining them. Breast size reference: Ariane Saint Amour
  • Maddie: When she’s not wearing her spandex uniform, she’s wearing these clothes. She’s dissatisfied with her husband and constantly seeks company of other men, but they also leave her desiring more. She becomes attracted to her son after she sees her how developed he became when he gained his powers. Breast size reference: Chelsea Charms
  • As expected, many girls from school become jealous of Sam’s body after she becomes more confident and changes the way she dresses, including Paulina, Star and Valerie. Desiree overhears them wishing they had bodies similar to Sam, and she grants it, resulting in the three gaining big breasts and voluptuous bodies as well. Breast size references: Miosotis Claribel (Valerie), Maxi Mounds (Star) and Mistress Rhiannon (Paulina)
  • Sam’s mother Pamela: Breast size reference: Brooke Blue
  • Vid: Breast size reference: Bianca Beauchamp
  • Dani: At first she’s a child like in the show, but when Danny and Valerie re-stabilize her body, she gains a teen body just like them, which includes a curvy body. Breast size reference: Amy Anderssen
  • Penelope Spectra: When Danny reveals that he know she’s a ghost, she convinces him not to expose her by having sex with him, during which she finds out that having sex with him is enough to keep her young. Breast size reference: Teddi Barrett
  • Desiree: Just like Spectra, she disguises herself as a teacher at Danny’s school so she can grant any wish she hears from the students. Unsurprisingly to her, most of them are from her male coworkers and her male students (and even some of her female coworkers and female students) wishing they could fuck her. When she’s wearing her disguise, her breasts become slightly smaller, but still pretty large. When Danny confronts her about her being a ghost, she reveals her true appearance as well as her back story. Feeling sorry for her, especially after she says how she’s forced to grant any wish she hears which has lead to her being sexually used by both humans and ghosts alike, Danny wishes that she has a say in which wishes to grant. Touched, Desiree kisses him, leading into them having sex. When she’s surprised by the size of his dick, Danny makes a joke about her not expecting a “geek” like him being this hung. She however admits that in her experience, the nerdy and geeky types were always the ones with the biggest dicks, while the jocks were the ones that were average to small. Breast size reference: Beshine
  • Ember: Breast size reference: Casey James
  • Kitty: Breast size reference: SaRenna Lee
  • Lydia: Breast size reference: Kayla Kleevage
  • Pandora: She wears bikini armor. Breast size reference: Vicky Little
  • Princess Dorathea: Her mother used to be a kind woman who actually treated her well. However this started to change when Dorathea entered puberty. Whereas her mother had a flat chest and a petite body, Dorathea gained big breasts and a curvy body. She started to attract the attention of a lot of men in their kingdom, much to her mother’s jealousy. Despite this, her mother still treated her well, but Dora could tell that she was starting to resent her. She finally snapped when she found out that even her own husband was lusting after their own daughter. Breast size reference: Tiffany Towers

Other plot ideas:

  • As a reference to this drawing by Shonuff44 (which itself is a reference to a scene from the remake of The Nutty Professor) there’s a scene where Desiree, while teaching her class while wearing a black sweater instead of a white shirt, accidentally erases part of what she’s written on the chalkboard due to her chest touching the board.
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The ghost girls, ember, desiree etc, aren't ONLY ghosts.

The setting takes place at a university instead of a high school and the accident is much bigger, occuring in the middle of campus. However, while danny ia the first to be afectes, he's not the only one. All ghosts are actually halfas formed when a ghostly entity unleashed by the accident latches onto a host, merging with them ans trying to take over. Danny's eithsr failed right away or is biding it's time, but ember and the others were original students he knew and had varying levels of connection with who became "halfa's" themselves.

E.g ember used to be a music student who loved teasing him

Spectra was an actual and very sincere counicller and struggles with her new urges and the voice telling her to indulge

Sam is being slowly overtaken by undergrowth's ofdshoot and doesn't know

Desiree could be a dance sudenr or model OR a pudgy shy girl with rotten luck to shy to talk to her crush, danny, who suddenly finds her wishes being granted out of knowhere.

Lydia is an antisocial art student and tatoo artist, or a live model.

Each of them is possesed by the right spirit to make them a half-ghost version of what they are in the show which tries to overtake them in it's appearance but is thwarted by danny.... so they retreat into the girls mind and try subtly influincing them or talking them into things.

This process also changes their form, making them much curvier and lets them 'go ghost' at will. And since there's only ONE acceptable half-ghost around the girls go looking for their man's secret identity.

This lets you play with the superhero thing by giving the ghost girls 'secret identities', play with the established and add some twists and mysteries, adds some weight to relationships, gives a nice conflict and problem to solve, lets you write body growing scenes and allows you to solve a bunch of the problems with them not being technically alive.

You can also mix established characters like dash and skulker or even throw curveballs like making maddie or sam or  danny himself the 'vlad' figure.

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Granted I’ve never watched the show so the suggestions I could offer are limited, but if Desiree was posing as a teacher, perhaps the class she taught could be health class, and when the sex ed portion of said subject came up, she could do a demonstration on ‘proper technique’, picking Danny as her partner?

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49 minutes ago, Jwsponky said:

Granted I’ve never watched the show so the suggestions I could offer are limited, but if Desiree was posing as a teacher, perhaps the class she taught could be health class, and when the sex ed portion of said subject came up, she could do a demonstration on ‘proper technique’, picking Danny as her partner?

It has potential, but it's a bit generic. No 'desiree' in there besides sensuality and ALL the ghosts are sensual here.

The reason i was suggesting desiree be a very shy, un-desiree girl is so SHE could be the one getting her wishes granted and you can play her as a shy, scared and approachable girl beig turned into classic desiree, which i feel is a character you can do more with.

Mixing your and my suggestions, you could have her accidentally make a wish in health class that brings the above scenario to life as a sort of living fantasy which danny has to go along with then figure out what just happened.

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Meh, as I said, never watched the show, just read the challenge out of curiosity, and am merely assuming that Desiree is the genie that was in a scene I briefly saw when I tuned into the show by accident because I hit the wrong button while changing the channel.

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another ghost you might want to have cameo. in the casper film there was this woman named carrigan crittenden who was the main villain, died and came back as a ghost. her ghost for is apparently quite popular, and if you want a different main villain or female Vlad-analogue she might be useful.

i’m not sure what setting you have, but she could be stirring up old ghosts or just trying to take advantage of them for financial gain.

Alternatively she could be the financial backer of the fentons so they’ll get rid of or collect all the ghosts for her, either so she can find something, seize all the land in amnity park or use their ectoplasm to live forever or something.

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