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Avatar - The Last Airbender: Adult Version Challenge

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NBasically, this challenge is of a retelling of certain episodes of Avatar, with the adding of smut scenes in them (kinda like Kataangfanficer's Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Lost Script Pages, minus m/m slash, and more huge breasts, asses and cocks)

Requeriments (Some ideas shamelessly stolen from inspired by Tonberry101's Avatar (Straight Shota) topic):

  • Aang: He’s either the same age he is in the show or he’s much older. He has one added detail: he has an extremely thick 20 inch cock. However, since huge dicks is/was something common between airbenders, he doesn’t understand why the girls he fucks are so shocked by the size of it. When he has sex with a woman with a really tight pussy or ass, he goes into Avatar state, which causes him to become very rough during sex
  • Katara:. She has a huge bubble butt. During the trip, she wears clothes similiar to the ones in this fan art, and her swimsuit Is based on this fanart. Breast size reference: Beshine
  • Korra: Rather than Sokka, Katara’s older “brother” is Korra from The Legend of Korra (and just like Katara, she's a waterbender in training). She also has a big butt, but it's not as big as Katara’s, much to her jealousy. Her swimsuit looks like this. Breast size reference: Maxi Mounds
  • Toph: She has a bubble butt just as huge as Katara’s. During the trip, she wears clothes similar to the ones in this fanart. Breast size reference: Mistress Rhiannon
  • Poppy (Toph's mother): She seduces and has sex with Aang because she feels unsatisfied with her husband. Breast size reference: Penelope Black Diamond
  • Ursa: Rather than Ozai, the Firelord is Ursa. She wants to capture the Avatar not just because he might stop her from dominating the four nations, but because she also wants to keep him as a sex slave. Breast size reference: Minka
  • Kya: Rather than Kya (Sokka and Katara's mom), it was Hakoda (Sokka and Katara's dad) who was killed by a fire nation soldier while Kya became the leader of the water tribe army during the war. When she finds out about her daughters having sex with Aang, she decides to join them since she hadn’t have sex ever since she entered the war. She has a bubble butt even bigger than Katara's. Breast size reference: Casey James
  • Zuko: He has a thick 18 inch cock.
  • Asami: She’s a private bodyguard of Zuko, who also has sex with him occasionally. She has a pear-shaped figure. Breast size reference: Kayla Kleevage
  • Suki and the other Kyoshi Warriors: Rather than the full body kimonos, they wear pasties that cover their nipples and their vaginas. Just like how in the original show she has a relationship with Sokka, Suki has a relationship with Korra and when they have sex for the first time, they're joined by Aang and Katara. Breast size reference: Deena Duos
  • Kyoshi and Yangchen: When Aang encounters Kyoshi and/or Yangchen during his Avatar State, he has sex with them. Breast size reference: Plenty UpTopp (Kyoshi) and SaRenna Lee (Yangchen)
  • June: Like the show, she’s hired to try and capture Aang. She manages to captures him, and decides to have sex with him. Breast size reference: Cindy Fulsom
  • Jin: She and Zuko have sex during their date. Breast size reference: Lolo Ferrari
  • Azula , Mai and Ty Lee: Azula also has an incestuous relationship with Zuko. Mai and Ty Lee also have a relationship with him, and later they also one with Aang when they change sides. Breast size references: Amy Anderssen (Azula), Mandy Mountjoy (Mai) and Vicky Little (Ty Lee)
  • Princess Yue: Just like she had a relationship with Sokka, she has a relationship with Korra. When they have sex, they’re joined by Aang and Katara. Breast size reference: Zena Fulsom
  • Song: She has sex with Zuko when she attempts to convince him to let her join him on his trip. Breast size reference: Melonie Tipps
  • On Ji:. She visits Aang during his detention after his fight with Hide, and she starts seducing him until they start having sex. Breast size reference: Lisa Lipps
  • Smellerbee: She appears to have a flat chest and a petite figure, but taking off her armour reveals that she has big breasts, an hourglass figure and a big bubble butt. Breast size reference: Chelsea Charms
  • Meng: She has very wide hips. Breast size reference: Leanna Lovelace
  • NO pegging, no watersports, no scat, no bdsm, no rape, no futa, no pregnant sex
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