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  1. Hide_My_Sins

    Ben 10 challenge

    I would love to write this one, but I’m too busy with other works.
  2. Hide_My_Sins

    Pokemon equestria girls: hoenn adventure

    Could other characters join?
  3. Hide_My_Sins

    The sexbot

    I don’t see a sexbot, but more of a sexchip. Something he puts on someone to control them.
  4. Hide_My_Sins

    I'm a mob boss

    I can see a lot in this story.
  5. Hide_My_Sins

    Inagalactic pet

    I like this one. I could see throwing in a few maids/servants in as well. Have Jake end up become the new king.
  6. Hide_My_Sins

    Twins and mom competition

    Can he knock them all up?
  7. Hide_My_Sins

    Brandon's Hos

    awesomenessman will be taking over Brandon’s Hos for the deration of the stories.
  8. Hide_My_Sins

    Matt the Hero (Batman Beyond Challenge)

    Do it have to be only Max, or can Terry join sex as well?
  9. Hide_My_Sins

    Straight Shota Story Ideas

    Yeah, sure, go ahead and write it when/if you can. I would be sure to read it.
  10. You know, you could use Batman, or should I say Batboy. Think about it. Batman get hits with something that causes him to become a little boy again, but with his adult cock.
  11. Hide_My_Sins

    Straight Shota Story Ideas

    It’s not that. The idea I had for the story is this. The female knight goes off to save the prince from an old hag witch that kidnapped him. She gets captured by the witch and is imprisoned. While in prison, she finds the witch is not a beautiful, busty, bubble butt woman that is a MILF now. The prince is fine, and she learns that he was kidnapped but ran away with the witch., after she was banished from the kingdom. The witch was his caretaker, because his father, the king, is a douse. While hiding out, the witch found a way to make a young potion by using the prince’s royal blood. After it worked, they soon learned that they can product keep each other young forever by his seaman and her milk. The knight joins in, and the three live happily ever after. By either building their own kingdom, or dethroning the king.
  12. Hide_My_Sins

    The tapes

    I could see the son buying a headcam and using that. You could also have the story entirely in the point of view of the father.
  13. Hide_My_Sins

    Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Maybe Jaune’s semblance only effects those that have romantic feelings for him. That way Nora is not effected. Nora may like Jaune as a teammate and friend, but not as a lover.
  14. Hide_My_Sins

    Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    I would like to see some Jasmine x Aladdin x Sadira OT3 stories.
  15. Hide_My_Sins


    I read the first chapter and enjoyed it. I can’t wait to see how Raven’s and BB’s relationship goes throughout the story.