The sexbot

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Jake is a 18 year old genius he looks are average except for his dick it was big  Jake tired of not having luck with the ladies decided to make a sexbot.

He made the sexbot to be able to merge with real women so he can control them and finally got any one he wanted he was thinking who should be his sexbot first test subject has he was thinking he saw his mom Ashley.

Some information about Ashley she is 37 years old long hair and D cup breasts and a shaved pussy (Jake learned of this aftter his sexbot goes in her) she also has the looks of a supermodel she and his dad are also happily married.

Jake decided that his mom would be the best test for his sexbot he fuck his mom for hours until he heard ether his dad or older sister (she's 19) came home after getting dressed and having Ashley get dressed he tried to get the sexbot out of his mom but couldn't he told her to act like normal and to sneak to his room/lab in the basement that night.

After examining her he learned that the sexbot completely merge with his mom and was impossible to remove it his mom will never be the same sure she'll have the same personality but the moment Jake gives her a command she'll leave his obedient sexbot even when not in sexbot mode she remembered what she been doing but not that Jake is controlling her she even stopped having sex with her husband (an order form Jake as he doesn't want to share his sexbot).

What happens next is up to you if you want Jake to make more sexbots you can 


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I’d almost suggest a more classic twist.  Instead of Jake seeking his mother out, he surreptitiously sells them (based on his dick, of course).  Unbeknownst to Jake, his mother, having marital issues with his father (or divorced and single), buys one and uses it.  Truth comes out...over a big family Christmas dinner?   Think we’ve got a holiday story for you to write, @T_B.

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5 hours ago, Strange_idea said:

Also, maybe he makes a few different models based on different body types, like top-heavy, bottom heavy etc. Thus after the first one he can have a few more people he knows get different kinds.

If who ever takes the challenge wants to do the he/she can

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