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  1. Bart and Lisa both was going to a camp and Homer and Marge was designing who was going to take Lisa to Jazz camp and Bart to Prank camp it ended up being Homer with Lisa and Marge with Bart during the flight the pilot revealed himself to be Sideshow Bob and jumped out of the plane hoping it'd kill Bart the only two to survive was Marge and Bart on a deserted island After a few months of them living on the island Marge had given up on being rescued and she had needs and the only man around was her son and Bart had already stopped seeing her as his mom and saw her as a woman so when she hinted she let him fuck her he took it Anything else is up to you
  2. The new Beths didn't follow Jerry and he left that night Summer and Morty walked in on them in the living room and Summer tryed to get them to stop and asked how they would feel if she and Morty decided to hook up and was shocked when she heard three voices saying they wouldn't mind Summer after looking at Morty for a minute decided that if this family is fucked up she might as go with it and as she was leading Morty away one of the Beths told them to do it in front of and the other said thats sounds so hot Your choice how long this story is and what else happens is up to you but at the end Jerry comes back begging for Beth to take him back only to find out the Beths are married and showed him the wedding photo which had Summer and Morty having sex in the background The P.O.V switchs between one of the Beths, Summer, or Morty
  3. T_B

    Danganronpa a glitch

    Ibuki was at the beach and was checking out Akane when the world around them became static and when it got back to normal Akane noticed that Ibuki had a dick and the two decided to go to one of their cottage and had sex after they was done Ibuki was upset because her dick disappeared and she couldn't use it more only to feel something hard rubbing against her and saw that Akane now had a dick and couldn't say no when Akane said it was her turn to try it out now
  4. Starts sometime before the second trial Aoi was relaxing in the bath when she saw Junko appeared and was shocked to see that she had a dick Junko told her that before this all started she met the ultimate scientist (she meant while they were going to Hope's Peak but made Aoi think she meant before going to Hope's Peak) and convinced Aoi that her one regret was that she died before being able to use her dick on any girl Aoi feeling bad for her offered her own body for Junko to use Junko happily took Aoi virginity (Aoi was actually a virgin but Junko wasn't using she fucked her sister and some other girls who was part of the remnants of despair) after cumming inside her Junko snuck away Aoi believing that she helped Junko past on made her glad until that night when she was in bed and felt her pussy being licked and saw Junko was the one doing it telling her she can't just abandon such a nice tight pussy and fucked her in her bed during random points Junko would appear before Aoi when she was alone and fucked her what I'd like to see is anal, Junko fucking Aoi breasts, and blow job Aoi doesn't tell people about Junko's ghost but does question Monokuma if he saw her doing anything weird on the cameras only to tell her that he knows she likes to pretend she's getting fucked but asked how she does the floating trick (when Junko is fucking her with her back up against a wall and her legs around Junko) your choice if Junko gets one more round before she gets executed or not but not Aoi finds out that she is pregnant your choice if is before or after the Las trial
  5. Morty has been caught masterbating by all of his family members and they all had different reactions his mom caught him masterbating in the shower and gave him some advice, his dad when he caught him watching porn downstairs late at night and offered to join him for father/son bonding which Morty told him go away, Rick caught him in Morty's own room Rick not caring that he walked in on him masterbating dragged him on an adventure, Summer caught him in the kitchen and was grossed out so Morty thought he learned how to not get caught He was home alone and saw a picture of his mom and sister in bikinis and couldn't help herself he took the picture and flipped a coin to decide which room he'll go to his parents or his sister's he was in Summer's room using her panties to masturbate to the picture when Summer walked in she saw Morty was using her underwear and had a picture of her and their mom Morty was expecting her to freak out again but to his surprise she just closed her door and locked them in Summer who just got done with a terrible date she was dressed sluty and was trying to get him to fuck her only for him to tell her that she wasn't hot enough for him and left and she told herself that the next man that finds her sexy she'll have sex with him so when she saw her brother masterbating to a picture of her with her underwear she decided to Morty was going to get lucky tonight Morty was trying to figure out how to get out Summer's room until she told her top of showing him her breast and dropped her skirt revealing her thong before laying on her bed telling Morty to join her after taking off her thong Morty saw Summer's shaved pussy and they fucked What all happens is up to you
  6. T_B

    Neptunia lovers swap

    Neptune and Noire are happily dating and are happy Nepgear and Uni is the same way but hearing their sisters having constant sex is awaking feelings in them so Nepgear and Uni asked Neptune and Noire if for one night be willing to do a partner swap Neptune and Noire wasn't sure what to do and after discussing with each other they decided to do it for their sisters Nepgear and Uni was happy the swap was happening until Neptune was taking Uni to her room and Noire was staying in Nepgear's room The next morning Neptune and Noire overheard their sisters talking about last night and how even though they were disappointed that they didn't get to be with their sisters they had fun that night Noire asked Uni if she was ok letting Neptune and Nepgear use her room confusing the two until Uni felt Noire hand on her ass and Neptune was groping Nepgear's breasts The first two chapters has to be NeptunexNoire and NepgearxUni with the the next two being NeptunexUni and NepgearxNoire when the next two being NeptunexNepgear and NoirexUni with the final chapter being an orgy between the 4
  7. It all started on my 15 birthday my dad always spent the day with us when it was mine, my sister, or mom's birthday but he usually have to work the late shift because of it After my 14 year old sister went to sleep my mom came to my room and asked if I really wanted to have sex with her for my birthday and after confirming I did mom told me that it was going to be one time and no one could ever know afew months later mom and dad was getting a divorce the reason is because mom after her dad died inherited their house next to a beach and mom wanted to move into and dad wanted to stay here after weeks of arguing they decided that they were going to get a divorce and if ether of them changed their mind they could get back together and if not they could meet other people Me and my sister had to choose which one we would like to be with I chose to be with mom my sister had a harder time choosing she would love to live by a beach but that means leaving her friends and the guy she had a crush on after a day of arguing with herself she chose to stay After a few days of mom asked me why I came with her I told her the truth it was because I was in love with her and always wanted to be with her mom then made a deal with me if I don't date or just meet some girl for sex by my 18th birthday we will become a couple I told her that I'll do it so she better not meet any other guys on my 18th birthday i kept my word and not meet any other girls and mom told me that she didn't think I'll do it and planned on meeting someone new after I gave up on her For a year me and mom was a couple and mom found out that dating me was lots of dates, cuddling (on the couch and in bed) and lots of sex she told me that she this is the most loved she felt not even when she was with my dad and was surprised that I proposed to her she said yes and we were having just got engaged sex my mom got a call from my sister she was crying because dad died and she didn't want to be there anymore and asked if she could move in Mom looked at me and told her she could but warned her that she had started seeing some last year and now planned on getting married after her call ended mom said that she hopes that she doesn't make things complicated when she got there me and mom did act differently we wanted to see we were in love before revealing our relationship and we wanted to see how long it'd take for her to figure it out That night she saw me and mom go to the same bedroom and thought we was just going to talk until she heard morning and spied on us the next morning she confronted us and was mom why she was cheating on her new man with me and all mom said was she wasn't and we revealed almost everything (my 15th birthday was the only thing we didn't tell her about) After a few weeks sister got used to me and mom being together and mom thinks its because she been watching and masterbating every time we had sex and mom told me that she always wanted to have a female sex friend but was always afraid to bring it up to dad for fear she'll take him away but she doesn't feel that way with her and asked if we should invite my sister to join us The mom has D cup breasts and after she started dating her son started shaving her pussy her name is up to you and the sister has C cup breasts and her name is up to you The people don't know that the main character and his mom was related after their move because he started calling her by her name after they made their deal and all they know about the sister is she is from a previous marriage and thats it
  8. One day I saw a house on fire I called the fire department but after the call I heard a little girl crying in the building I rushed in hoping so save her I managed to get her out unfortunately for me I wasn't as lucky and died I meant with 3 sexy women who claimed they were the goddesses of another world and asked if I would like to be reincarnated into it I was told I would lose all my memories and my stats would be random but I'll have a special skill of my choosing The skill I choose was the power of voice its a lets me convince others people to do things I want I decided to try it out on the goddesses and convinced them to let me get a better start by satisfying the three of them they told me that no one ever asked for what I'm asking for and said that they needed to discuss it after waiting for a few minutes one of them said that her and her sisters decided to take me of on my offer if I could satisfy all three of them my stats would have a huge boost and I'd get two extra special skills I thought I was going to be doing them one at a time but when I entered the room the other two was in bed naked as the third one was joining her sisters and told me to fuck them already by some miracle I managed to satisfy all three of them and I was sent to my new world When I was a child I knew things that I shouldn't know all because some how I kept my memories from my past life including me fucking the goddesses of this world however I learned that this world is wrong about them saying they are enemies who wants to kill the two imposter goddesses the monster goddesses and the demon goddesses I knew better than to say the truth because I'll probably be put to death My family was a noble family one of the more nicer of the noble families one day after I turned 18 my dad was killed I saw it was a another noble man waiting hes been trying to get my mom to leave us and become one of his wives and I realized that he grew tired of being nice and was now going to force mom to join him I killed all his mercenaries but before I could end him the law came he tried to say I attempted to kill him so I could get his property but thanks to my power of voice he was executed and his property was given to his wives and some went to me for the murder of my dad our servants It was just me and mom in that big house she asked me to sleep with her because she just watched her husband get killed in front of her as we was getting ready to sleep I saw her in a robe and told me that she usually slept naked and didn't have anything to sleep in and asked if I would be uncomfortable with her sleeping nude or if she should leave the robe on I told her I didn't mind and watched her drop her robe see her D cup breasts and shaved pussy made me hard after she got in bed I used my power of voice to convince her to become my lover the next day me and her made it official and she became my first wife Your choice on what else happens in this story Some of the other wifes are from the monster territory catgirl and from the demon territory a succubus as well as the three goddesses after they found out I kept my memories any other wifes are up to you
  9. When Byleth was young and first going through puberty Jeralt was lucky enough to have a female mercenary to explain everything to her but Byleth going through puberty was different when asked the mercenary about what grow on her the mercenary grabbed her own breast and and told her most men and some women loves them and never to be embarrassed about them and if she can wear something that show them off to distract an enemy Byleth never brought up the thing thing that grow on her but learned it was called a dick when she went to a bar with everyone else and heard a few drunken women taking about dick sizes of some of the men they slept with and she asked the female mercenary about what they was taking about For years Byleth ignored her dick under she became a teacher at Garreg Mach when she found out that there was a shower time and she and her students the Black Eagles was shower together when she walked in she saw not only the female Black Eagles but also Golden Deers and Blue Lions and Manuela was there and they all found out about her dick Manuela offer to study it and Edelgard told everyone that it Byleth's secret and that no one will tell A few days later Byleth and her female Black Eagles (the other girls wasn't allowed to come because rumors about Byleth's dick was spreading and Edelgard didn't know who talked) Manuela told everyone that Byleth's dick actually worked after testing a semen sample could even impregnate someone Byleth accidentally let it slip that Manuela gave her a handjob to get the sample by saying that she didn't know hands could feel so good and had to explain that after it grow and she found that other girls didn't have one she just ignored it Meanwhile in Rhea's room Rhea with a dick was fucking Flayn and cummed on her back and as they was laying her dick went back in her and Flayn told her about the rumors that Byleth and Rhea looked hopeful and Flayn asked if she could fuck her now and after Rhea said yes Flayn grow her own dick and fucked Rhea Byleth was giving Edelgard some tips to improve her fighting skills as they was resting Edelgard asked a question that been on her mind after she learned that Byleth had a dick she noticed it was always hard even in class and was wondering if that was normal Byleth looked away embarrassed and told her no that with so many sexy looking women she can't help it Edelgard made a decision Byleth got hard because of her and the others and she was going to take responsibility she pulled Byleth to Byleth's room and let Byleth fuck her she was happy giving Byleth her virginity was hoping that she was good enough for Byleth only to hear Byleth say that was the best thing she ever felt and remembered that Byleth said she ignored her dick and was a virgin as well For a few days Byleth and Edelgard was sneaking around having sex it wasn't until one day while fucking in the classroom did they see the other female Black Eagles in the doorway watching them Edelgard embarrassed about being so close kept going had to tell them that due to her and them that Byleth was always hard so she decided to help Byleth out but now Byleth always wants to fuck now After Edelgard fell asleep and Byleth put a blanket that she kept in there for moments like this she felt breasts on her back and lips on her dick Dorothea was behind her naked and Petra was sucking her dick Dorothea said that its not fair that Byleth would only fuck Edelgard and all of them will help her Byleth noticed that even Bernadetta was naked in the corner saying that she fine there waiting her turn When Edelgard woke up she saw Bernadetta getting fucked by Byleth and Dorothea next to her told her that they might need to recruit some other girls because Byleth haven't stopped once yet not long afterwards almost all the girls from the other houses joined the only one who didn't was Hilda and they were told that Hilda was the one that revealed Byleth's secret After Flayn joined the Black Eagles she had a plan seduce Byeth and find out if the rumors were true but was shocked to learn that Byleth was fucking her female students and just went along with it and found out that Byleth never put her dick away just put her clothes on over it and decided to ask Rhea about it after Rhea heard what Flayn said had a meeting with Byleth and told asked about her dick after Byleth told Rhea and Flayn the story about her dick Rhea revealed that it was wrong to ignore her dick because of it no being used for years (masturbation or sex) it would never go away Byleth was curious how Rhea knew that when she invited Byleth to her room as they was leaving Flayn asked if she can join Rhea just smiled and Flayn joined them Rhea make her dick appear and asked Byleth if she can fuck her and to her shock Byleth said no that she didn't want to have a dick put in her Flayn who also got naked asked if that means she was going to be double penetrated by them after they finish with Flayn Rhea was shocked to find out the moment her dick was gone Byleth was fucking her and as she was getting fucked she felt her ass getting filled by Flayn's dick When it got to the point where Sothis gave Byleth her power she said that before she disappears she wanted to have sex with Byleth as well Your choice what else happens Byleth loves all of her harem but knows if she had to only choose one to marry it would be Edelgard Female relatives of Sothis during puberty grow a dick and are told to use it Flayn for example when she grew her did her dad told her to have her mom help her with it until it was gone and Rhea used random women when she was growing up
  10. T_B

    I'll bet

    Me and my mom like bets with each other one day we made a bet that if she wins I'll have to cook dinner for her and dad and when I was thinking of what I would get if I won I remembered the other day when my dad got drunk and was bragging to me how good mom was at cocksucking and I got curious if what he said was true Mom was confident she would win the bet agreed but unfortunately for her she lost she got mad and told me to go to my room and that she can't even be around me right now later that night mom came to my room and apologized about how she acted she raised me to always honor a promise and she knew she had a slim chance to lose but thought it wasn't going to happen but a bets a bet and told me to take my pants off and lay on my bed mom pulled her shirt off and took off her bra revealing her D cup breasts and was stunned when she saw my dick when I saw her staring at my dick I jokingly asked if I was bigger than dad I didn't expect her to say yes I found out that night dad wasn't kidding about her skills after she finished she went back to my sleeping dad a few days later in the morning mom made a bet one the was way obvious that she would win but me and her always take those bets with each other with me that if she wins I have to clean the house and be out for the night leaving her and dad alone on their anniversary I got to thinking about what to say I get we make these bets we always go and do something that would never happen so I said that if I won she'll have to have sex with me Not long after we shook on it mom got a call from dad apologizing saying that unfortunately he has to stay late at work tonight she said that it was fine but I saw her face was horrified after she hung up she told me that she ended up losing the bet and told me to come to her room after a hour When it was time I went to her room and found her wearing some sexy lingerie she told me that until I could fuck her until dad gets home tonight
  11. T_B

    My lustful academia

    My mom has a quirk that lets her read minds and my dad has a quirk that lets him influence people my quirk lets me mind control people I never thought to use it for personal gain or becoming a hero until one day I decided I was going to use my quirk to help my sexual needs not much just getting my female classmates to give me an occasional handjob or blowjob But before I could start my mom had read my mind and tried to have my dad influence me so for revenge I had my dad's boss give him a promotion that would keep him out of state and made him ok with not coming back and for my mom she became my sex slave Then one day I saw all might talking to a green hair guy and saw him change and told him that he had an quirk that can be passed on so I made my decision I made the green hair guy forget what he just heard and leave and had all might give me his quirk When I got into UA high school I met a girl named Ochako and used my mind control quirk to fuck her and made her my girlfriend When I found out that my class 1-A is full of Hotties I decided to make a harem The harem is Ochako as girlfriend The girls of class 1-A as lovers Mom as a sex slave Any other female characters is up to you I'd like it if there are threesomes and the girls of the harem having lesbian sex with each other
  12. T_B

    Ben 10 las Vegas

    Shower sex I didn't think of that the only thing I could think of is them doing it in a public place but I wouldn't think they would do that right away
  13. T_B

    Ben 10 las Vegas

    I enjoyed it not sure what else you could do in the story
  14. T_B

    Ben 10 las Vegas

    Sorry I thought I did hit the quote button
  15. T_B

    Ben 10 las Vegas

    I didn't say anything about the age increase someone wanted to make it in the alien force time and have them be super innocent or if they wanted to do it during the original to me it doesn't matter Thats good I'm excited to see it
  16. T_B

    My other half

    Its in first person because I'm not the best at writing and It was the easiest for me to put it that way its not required 12 chapters are good For the racial background maybe Japanese or White I'm american not sure how much different Queen's English is For the word count do what feels right to you That's ok I'm not a fan of those tags Ok just let me know when you get a the first chapter up
  17. Me my mom and dad had moved to a new city the house is a two story and it was cheap after we moved in we found out a 17 year old girl was killed in the house she had her boyfriend over and they was about to have sex when her dad caught them she was accidentally knocked down the stairs by her dad and broke her neck That night I felt something sucking on my dick as I slept I saw that my sheets looked like someone was under them but when I pulled them off I just saw my dick until I cummed and saw my cum floating before disappearing because I could say anything it felt like someone was riding my dick and then I heard a woman say "Why can't I feel it" and she kept repeating as she emptied my balls For a week that was my nights I haven't told anyone about it because I doubted anyone would believe me but after a week she didn't come I thought she was gone but the next day my mom was acting different she was rushing dad out like she couldn't stand the sight of him when he went for their usual goodbye kiss she moved out of the was she then told me that she wanted me in my room and she'll be there in a minute When she came in she was wearing some sexy lingerie and she said now she'll finally be able to taste and feel that dick making me realize that the ghost is possessing my mom I asked why she's in my mom she said she accidentally found herself in this milf yesterday and found out that she feels every thing she feels and now she going to finally have sex with a body as she was coming to me I asked her why she didn't do my dad and she said two reasons one she doesn't like older men and two she hates dads because hers ended up killing her So I ended fucking her in she did want me to wear a condom so I planned on pulling out when I needed to cum but she always had me cum inside after a few hours we both was exhausted and she came out of my mom and I could see her she gave me a kiss and said thanks for the great "first time" and disappeared I heard my door open and closed and saw that my mom had left I believed it was going to be awkward around each other for a bit but when I saw her later she was acting normal The next day after mom gave dad his kiss goodbye she walked to me on the couch sat on my lap and pulled me into a kiss and Asked if I would prefer to fuck her here my room or hers shocking me she told me that she remembered everything that ghost did and she even told me that she never got fucked that good before and its not going to be the last
  18. We met on a dating app we had alot of same likes and even had the same birthday our relationship quickly grew we even had sex on the first date after a year me and her was engaged and she's pregnant we decided to let our family know the good news at the same time and when my mom and her dad saw each other the night became awkward They told us that they used to date and was going to get married but a fight broke them up and they decided to each take one of their new born twins so me, the love of my life, my step-dad, her step-mom (your choice if there any siblings or not) just found out me and my twin sister have been dating for a year they even know that we been having sex Me and my sister told them that we needed a minute and went to our room we talked about what we should do after a few minutes we went back to our family and told them that we were getting married and she was pregnant After our families left we decided to see if our sex life would feel any different now that we know we are twins and we discovered that it felt better then ever After the first date its up to you on what you want to show during the year The mom and dad didn't realize that they was their other child under they saw each other again
  19. T_B

    Ben 10 las Vegas

    While in Las Vegas Ben and Gwen ended up going down a alley and saw a woman giving a man a blowjob then having sex and made them want to try it so they go back to their hotel Gwen started to give Ben a blowjob as she was doing that Ben was wondering if he should do it to her as well so he turned her and they started to 69 and then they had sex
  20. T_B

    bonding weekend

    Takes place a few weeks after Maternal Instincts Danny accidentally walked in on Maddie when she was showering and couldn't help but watch her and masterbate to her afterwards Maddie noticed that Danny was avoiding her decided to go on another trip with him to bond again When they got to the hotel she told him that she got one room for them it was supposed to have two beds but ended up with one queen size bed Maddie tried to figure out what was the reason Danny has been avoiding her and after a few minutes she got him to confess to watching her in the shower she started to tell him that wasn't a big deal when he also said he masterbated to her as well Maddie was curious if Danny really found her sexually attractive left and bought sexy lingerie and got back an hour later charged into her new lingerie after coming out she saw Danny staring at her and noticed his erection the two of them couldn't help themselves and ended up fucking afterwards they started talking about what just happened and to Danny's shock Maddie told him that if Danny if he wanted they could sneak around around when they get home but for now to enjoy the rest of their weekend trip
  21. T_B

    Akari's love

    Akari fell for Irida the first moment she saw her and after she completed what Arceus asked of her she decided to confess Irida felt the same way and led Akari to if in the village Akari's home or at the pearl clan her own home and the two had sex A week into their relationship (your choice if you want to show what happens during that week is up to you) when a new force appears its a group of women who hate men (both people and pokemon) and plans to wipe them out and have a utopia of just women Akari tried to reason with them and was taken Irida worked hard to find out were her girlfriend was and when she found her she went in alone to save her Akari was saved but she was forever charged she told Irida that the women injected something into her and some of the women started talking turns raping her Irida tried to comfort her girlfriend only to feel something poking her Akari looked away embarrassed and pulled her pants off show her girlfriend that she now has a dick and feeling Irida turned her on Irida not sure what to do due to she only ever been with Akari let Akari led Akari lust was at a all time high and Irida felt like she needed help because she and Akari found that the stuff that Akari was injected with was an experiment on a drug that they make to let women who take it keep the dick but it makes them have near uncontrollable lust (the one they use now works only for a few hours) and considered considered an failure Akari was lucky enough to have some control of her lust show Irida told Akari that if she needs sexual pleasure and she not around to have some fun with another woman Women who Akari has sex with while she tries to defeat the amazon's are Her girlfriend Irida Mai Arezu Palina Charm Clover Coin Her female Gardevoir Her female Lopunny Her lilligant Any one else is up to you
  22. T_B

    Lust jusu

    The characters can be the original ages or they can be Shippuden ages Naruto learned a second jusu from the Scroll of seals he couldn't read the name because it has faded the next day he used the lust jusu and thought it failed he ran into Hinata who couldn't control herself and told Naruto that she loves him and asked if he'll go out with her Naruto was shocked but agreed after the date Hinata told Naruto that she wants him to fuck her and the two loses their virginity to each other The following days was sex filled for them and Hinata noticed that women was looking at her Naruto differently now when to was time to find out the teams Sakura and Ino had tried to ask Sasuke out but he turned them both down and they blamed the other they saw Naruto and couldn't control themselves and threw themselves at him Naruto tried to resist them and not cheat on Hinata Hinata ended up catching Sakura and Ino giving Naruto a double blowjob she forced them away from him and started having sex with him in front of them The team that Naruto has Hinata and Sakura with Kurenai during training Hinata does her best to keep Sakura from Naruto and Kurenai has to keep herself thinking of Asuma around Naruto After about 2 weeks Hinata comes to an agreement with Sakura and Ino she'll let them become join her and Naruto's relationship but they have to be their side chick they agree and Hinata has them prove it by satisfying her now as the girls was having a threesome Naruto was meeting with Kurenai who couldn't resist any longer and has sex with him Any other woman that join the harem is up to you The lust jusu makes it so every member of the opposite sex to want the caster of there are multiple users then anyone under the effect is immune to the effect because it only works on the once they have sex with the caster meaning Hinata, Sakura, Ino, and Kurenai can't be affected by anyone else who use it if a female used it Naruto wouldn't be effected by her and she wouldn't be effected by him do to the jusu can't effect one who use it Hinata is the number one and the other girls in the harem can have sex with the other girls in Naruto and Hinata's harem
  23. T_B

    Danny's girl

    Takes place during Maternal Instincts Maddie (who wasn't wearingthe Fenton specter deflector) and Danny started to bond in the woods and was trying to fall asleep but Danny was having trouble because of his sexy milf of a mom was next to him in her underwear (she said sleeping in her jumpsuit was uncomfortable) Maddie noticed that Danny wasn't going to sleep and asked him what was wrong Danny told her that he's having a hard time falling asleep she told him that she'll do everything that she could to help him go to sleep Danny told her that she's not going to want to she then noticed his erection and realized why he can't sleep she looked Danny in the eyes and told him he can't tell anyone what she's about to do especially your father Maddie pulled down Danny's pants and started to give him a blowjob after swallowing his cum Maddie thought that they was done after all the only other man she been with was Jack and after he cums he's done but she noticed that Danny's dick was still hard after debating with herself she told Danny as she took off her underwear that it was going to be a one time thing and had then had sex with Danny As they was flying back in the helicopter they was talking about the trip and Danny told her that his favorite part was the woods Maddie smiled at him turned auto pilot on and told him that that was her favorite to and started to have sex on the return trip
  24. You are a 18 year old guy who got offered to test an experimental drug you and everyone was in rooms by Yourself and as you leave you overheard that the drug was considered a failure and all but you showed side-effects one guy got nipples on his forehead a woman became very very hairy another man got breasts and anther lost his sight and the last one you heard was woman got horny and is currently trying to get people (male and female) to fuck her in an orgy I was allowed to leave because I had no side-effects at least that what they thought as I was got home i saw my neighbor leaving for work and his wife kissing him bye when she saw me she came to talk to me like she always does (about her she's a milf and I saw her at a party my mom threw even drunk she refused to cheat when a guy tried to get her to let him fuck her) as we was talk I noticed that she was acting funny she asked me if I could follow her she wanted my help with something she lead me to her bedroom and took off her clothes and asked me to fuck her I couldn't resist When I got home I passed my mom and sister I told them that I was going to take a shower as I was showering the door opened and my 19 year old sister came in and relocked the door she joined me in the shower and had me fuck her when I got to my room my naked my 37 year old milf of a mom was on my bed and said fuck until your dad gets home just like the neighbor and my sister i couldn't resist and started fucking her Later that night my door opened and both my mom and sister came in wearing nothing but lingerie they said that they was going to sneak in and found out that both was doing the same thing and decided to cum together and started to kiss each other before joining me on my bed any thing else that happens is up to you the side-effects that he was he is releasing a pharammones that makes women horny and wants to have sex with him no matter what and it increases his sex drive the reason they thought he had no side-effects was because the scientists who was checking on him was male
  25. After Timmy became a judge for the Miss Dimmsdale pageant his mom decided to let him fuck her to get his vote