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  1. If you are trying to upload someone else’s stories, this is forbidden. If you are trying to adopt someone else’s stories, there is a procedure. Yes, adoption of story requires permissions. If you are trying to use someone else’s characters, you need permission. You may NOT upload someone else’s work, even if permission is granted. We are not affiliated with FFN. We do not look kindly upon anyone taking stories that do not belong to them and posting them here.
  2. pittwitch

    BashfulScribe's Written Works

    @BashfulScribeAgain, there was no staff action regarding your account. Anything done to your account was not done by AFF staff. There was no sitewide server breach or failure that would explain a single account being affected.
  3. pittwitch

    How Did You Find Fanfiction?

    I so loved the Figg’s stories too! She is sorely missed.
  4. pittwitch

    BashfulScribe's Written Works

    Bronx is a wonderful person to have here! I’m so glad you have copies of your works. Definitely reset your account!
  5. pittwitch

    How Did You Find Fanfiction?

    I am thoroughly enjoying all the stories!
  6. pittwitch

    BashfulScribe's Written Works

    Please let the staff know what you uncover. This was not done by the staff.
  7. In a burst of nostalgia, I tried to find my way back to the first ever “net” fanfiction I read. I chanced upon it after my little ones were asleep and I couldn’t manage that feat as well. A google search on Severus Snape led me to SnapeCast which then had featured fictions. This was LONG before all the books were out. The one that trapped me involved a piano playing Snape who actually managed to lead the children to safety in the fiction’s version of the final battle. I can’t remember the title. I can’t find it again. But I began to wonder about my fellow AFF members. How did you fall down the rabbit hole?
  8. pittwitch

    Delete account

    email the details to: tos_team@adult-fanfiction.org User name Email used to register Do NOT post your email in forum.
  9. pittwitch

    I want to delete my account

    email the details: tos_team@adult-fanfiction.org user name email used to register Do NOT post your email on the forums.
  10. pittwitch

    Sci-fi fic

    I always let the IRL Scary know when someone is looking for Nomads, or other stories, just as a bit of a “Hey, you know this is good when,” pat on the back with the hope that maybe, just maybe someday, Scary will write again.
  11. pittwitch

    Sci-fi fic

    Scary/Willow pulled her work from the internet. It’s not up anymore. Nomads of Trilos was such a good story too. Maybe someday ...
  12. pittwitch

    Ghost's Dilemma: Book 2 of the Witch's Apprentice

    No, now, you have to park your ass in a chair and write the 3rd book! Pretty please?
  13. Escaped the hospital just in time for vacation.  C y’all real soon!

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    2. BronxWench


      What the heck happened???

    3. JayDee


      Asking the important question there! I hope you’re doing ok pittwitch, and I’ll stop imagining an escape in the style of Leeloo at the start of Fifth Element.

    4. kagome26isawsome


      hope you are alright Pittwitch!

  14. Really, it takes a LOT to push me over the edge.  I’m (((this))) close.  Teenagers.  Bah!


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    2. pittwitch


      Must not kill of your own spawn, eh?


    3. Desiderius Price

      Desiderius Price

      @pittwitch Other people tend to get upset when you do, not to mention the paperwork.

    4. BronxWench


      :yes: There’s always paperwork, and so much of it!  @Desiderius Price is right about that.