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  1. Shirotaka

    I had a dream!

    Last night I dreamt I was J.D. from Scrubs and the hospital was a giant coed football game. Carla tackled me so hard I went through a wall. Woke up when I hit the ground.
  2. Shirotaka

    Guilty Or Not Guilty

    Blue Team is not a game! G/NG Has a secret attack force similar to Blue Team.
  3. Shirotaka

    Make up your own word thread

    Stank -- having more than just a simple stinky smell
  4. Shirotaka

    Poke the Peron Below You!

    Maybe I can use these to fix some of those old sweatpants.. *pokes with a pair of used chopsticks*
  5. Shirotaka

    Person above you game

    ^ has reviewed <'s story.
  6. Shirotaka

    I Am No Longer Allowed To...

    I am no longer allowed to spend all night playing Bejeweled 2 instead of sleeping.
  7. Shirotaka

    Chuck something at the next person

    *wakes up in a foreign land, catches the broom and hops on to fly back home* *chucks an empty laundry hamper*
  8. Shirotaka

    The Outrageous Claim Thread

    I invented passion.
  9. Shirotaka

    Alphabet...whoever's A Picks The Theme

    X: N/A Y: Yellowwood
  10. Shirotaka

    I Have Never....

    Neither have I, I tend to stay up all night and eat all the food. I have never stopped reading halfway through anything.
  11. Shirotaka

    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Sweet Emotion -- Aerosmith
  12. Shirotaka

    The in my pants game

    Sweet Emotion -- in my pants.
  13. Shirotaka

    Five words

    cucumber looked in the soft
  14. Shirotaka

    Movie Quote games!

    Nope, but close, this movie was made into one of the more popular arcade fighter video games.
  15. Shirotaka

    The People Above And Below You

    ^ knows <'s dirty little secret < has ordered blue team to take down ^ V will not warn ^ of the impending attack.
  16. Shirotaka

    The Why Game

    Because life is so dull and boring. Why?
  17. Shirotaka

    Count To Infinity

  18. Shirotaka

    The Outrageous Claim Thread

    I invented forums.
  19. Shirotaka

    Person above you game

    ^ has not insulted < because < ends up in a different state every year or so.. Arizona right now.
  20. Shirotaka

    The Why Game

    Creation cuts into your slacking around time. Why?
  21. Shirotaka

    Person above you game

    ^ should go find her muse and beat them until they straighten up..
  22. Shirotaka

    The Why Game

    Because they spend too much time watching bad TV. Why?
  23. Shirotaka

    The Outrageous Claim Thread

    I made the first can of soup.