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  1. Chapter count for The Woman in the Statue is being changed again, this time to 11 chapters.  This isn’t because I’ve added a ton more story or anything; it’s just a matter of word count.  For instance, even after splitting Chapter 10 into 10 and 11, what I have of the final chapter is still over 11,000 words, and I am not done.

    Of course, I wouldn’t be posting this just to say that.  Ok, so...*deep breath*

    I will be posting Chapter 10 of 11 of WitS one week from today.  That chapter is done (and JayDee’s already seen it) so that won’t be a problem.  One week after that, Chapter 11 goes up, and we finally finish this.

    Full disclosure: I’m terrified.  Fingers crossed, everyone!

    1. JayDee


      ...not long now! Been a heck of a ride.

    2. Thundercloud


      The “’s alive moment...” when you finally have posted the full story.

      I totally understand what you are coming from, knowing that you finally has tossed the dice so to say for a particular story is scary. I am so very much looking forward to reading the ending.