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  1. Red_Light_Zone

    Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Here's an idea. Perversions in Opposite World. (Based on a manga) Basically, an American foreigner goes to japan as a vacation and, to commemorate his fun time, buys a pornographic comicbook. The book itself was strange in that the rolls were reversed. Perverted women were now molestors andcinnocent men could become slutty. Before he knew it, he was actually socked into the comic. Now, the protagonist is in a doujin world where the attitude towards sex and the virtues of men and women are reversed. He must navigate through this world as a slut, trying to live day to day while getting gangbanged by random, degenerate women.
  2. Red_Light_Zone

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Well, if you want my personal opinion, I'd keep the lemon light and work on the man's current predicament. Seeing as how he's now a over exaggerated caricature of Masculine beauty made flesh, it'd be neat to the repercussions of that. Also, can you offer some advice to a man writing his own story?
  3. Red_Light_Zone

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    How's Toon Town Tumble?
  4. Red_Light_Zone

    Yandere twin challenge

    Yeah, not that I dont like the set up, but fem Draco rarely works. Plus, their are other Slytherin girls up for the job. Pansy, Astoria, and Daphne all make good rivals.
  5. Red_Light_Zone

    Yandere twin challenge

    I like it, I'd change some things. First, I'd make Harry three years older than his sister. He'd be in his fourth year while she's in first. Second, Harry, while not too liked by his family, is actually a powerful mage specifically for using real world science and math to apply to magic. This leads him to secretly develop a brand new magic system similar to Mage the Ascension. This allows him to make up spells on the fly since magic works purely off of knowledge and will power. Third, no fem Draco, but I would make Cho and Hermonie potential rivals, as well as other girls considering how talented harry is at magic. Is this fine?
  6. Red_Light_Zone

    body fusion ideas, discussion and rec.

    I like your idea...
  7. Red_Light_Zone

    Matt the Hero (Batman Beyond Challenge)

    Nice, but you should probsbly explain Matts powers for the people. Or give an outline at least.
  8. Red_Light_Zone

    Danny's Lady Drama

    Is it okay to make this in to a dating contest? Danny applying after saving Don from ghosts as DP and making sure he's safe in his human form. Don, being the greatful man he is, instantly accepts his application into the next TD. Danny is shocked to find its a dating contest and hes the bachelor. But Don tells him it was all in the forms gicen to Danny durring their first meeting. The girls could be most or all the girls from Total Drama, including dom TDRR ones like Kitty.
  9. Red_Light_Zone

    Straight Shota Story Ideas

    Oh cool. For me, I had the idea of combining several stories into one revolving around the prince. The first chapter is the busty knight saving the prince from the witch and a female Orc Bodyguard who wants to use his pure, holy healing semen to gain eternal youth and immortality. The Knight stops them but it’s too late to stop them. When it’s revealed that the Witch only wanted the boy’s semen and now needs it to survive (A la Repunzle’s hair in Tangled) the prince allows her to stay and become the kingdom’s sorcerous while the knight and orc become his personal bodyguards. The next revolves around the prince’s jealous older sister plotting his destruction. She sends an assassin to kill him, but the assassin can’t after witnessing an orgy between him and the girls. The assassin joins in, but can’t tell them who sent her because even she doesn’t know it was the princess in disguise. The third involves a dragon sent by the evil princess via smashing her eggs. The dragon is subdued by the Prince’s harem and the prince seduces the dragon and breeds her, making her a mother once again. Finally, the princess is caught in another scheme redhanded. She is then fucked by the prince and humiliated by the harem until she breaks. In the end, the prince has to do a right of passage by fucking his ultra-bust mother as a sign of manhood.
  10. Red_Light_Zone

    Straight Shota Story Ideas

    You can always make a new challenge here!
  11. Red_Light_Zone

    Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Is it a novel or a Manga?
  12. Red_Light_Zone

    Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    How so? Modeus was so fucked up, a telepath reading his mind committed suicide. He’s going to be struggling to handle All Might’s power as per cannon, but can handle it more due to training recommended by Tobi. Well, Irredeemable is a bleak story, so much so that it’s almost funny. But, we have to start somewhere. Plus it was the best start I could think of. You have something better in mind? Nope.
  13. Red_Light_Zone

    Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    My Irredeemable x MHA story takes place when Plutonian’s “parents” leave him in the end of time. Before they leave, leaving Plutonian to his fate, another being calling himself the “Red Man” comes and makes a wager with the giant alien beings. Have Plutonian be reborn in a new world where nearly everyone has superpowers and see if the irredeemable can be redeemed in his new life. They agree and Plutonian is then reduced to his previous state as a a psionic, hyper advanced probe. The Red Man then sends the probe down to Japan near a mother who just used her powers to kill the man that killed her family. Stricken with large amounts of grief over her dead husband child, these emotions overload the Probe like before and the probe then turns into a fully fleshed out human baby. The mother takes the baby as her own son and names him Tobi. This is the start of the Plutonian’s new life. But the Red Man wasn’t done, going back to the Earth of Irredeemable, he finds Modeus, tells him about what’s going on, and offers him to join Plutonian in the new world. Modeus hastily says yes, but Red Man never told him where Plutonian is, only that he’s been reborn. So it’s up to Modeus to find out where and who is Plutonian Red does give him a new body and a small laboratory to work with. And so, Modeus becomes MHA’s newest and most dangerous villain anyone has ever seen. On his quest to find the Plutonian, he tears up entire governments, kills and tortures heroes from nearly every country. and burned his legacy across the world, all in the span of two months. Modeus became the greatest villain known to mankind. And he doesn’t even have any powers (Their aware of) Sooner or later, the governments of the world try to figure out a solution to Modeus, and a new super-team comprised of incredibly powerful heroes from across the globe called the Paradigm come into play. They are successful in stopping Modues’ latest schemes. However Japan, never being attacked by Modeus, tells the team to never come here because they don’t need them, they have “The World’s #1 Hero” on their side. A week later, Modeus releases every criminal scum onto the street, cover highly populated areas in white phosphorous, and temporarily takes the powers of all of the most well known heroes, leaving the populous defenseless. Even All Might is helpless to stop them. When their powers finally do come back, All Might leads the heroes into a charge to finally stop the madness. But Modeus has one final trick up his sleeve. One final Phosphorous bomb on his own neighbor hood blows up and All might is helpless to stop as he’s watching people burning and dying around him. It ends with the mother of Tobi, on her knees still clutching her baby boy who’s sleeping soundly, perfectly healthy and blissfully unaware of what’s going on. She sees All Might and with her final breaths, begs the hero to save her son. her “Star Child” before becoming still. Modeus laughs maniacly in the background, taunting all might, but he is already aware of Tobi’s true origins. His quest is complete and he allows himself to be captured only to blow up the armored car. It’s then revealed that the Modeus that was captured was just an android and the real Modeus is still out their. Years pass and Modeus, now being adopted and raised by Toshinori, lives a happy life with his father. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, so many people already believe them to be related. He makes friends with Izuku, protecting him from Bakugo. The strangest thing is that even though he has overwhelming power, doctors can’t seem to find his quirk due to no extra toe bone. Tobi believes he has the same quirk as his father, but he can build up the power with seemingly no limits. However, he starts to get his old powers back after having nightmares of a beast killing innocent people (which is just him reliving the memories of his past life). The first time this happens, he flies into Toshinori’s arms crying. And Toshi replies “Your flying” not believing his son gaining new powers. This happens on a yearly basis until he gains all of his powers back. He still believes this is just his father’s quirk so he doesn’t have the invincible hair like his past self did. Some time later in his childhood, he meets Tsuyu and scares away some bullies picking on her. When asked why do this, his reply is “Because frogs are cute!” (Yeah this is a Plutonian/Froppy fic, I like Froppy, sue me.) When they are teens things go as expected. Tobi is popular due to being so powerful and his smarts, Izuku is his best friend/brother, and Bakugo is his self-appointed “rival”. Him and Froppy still hang out with Izuku also being their (But he’s well aware he’s the third wheel). When the sludge villain comes in, Izuku saves Bakugo as per canon, but Tobi gets the two of them out of there. He then takes out the villain with a single clap, getting praised for his abilities. When Izuku gets berated for him recklessly going in their. Tobi stops them and calls out they they couldn’t do anything before flying off at super sonic speeds. When he talks with All Might again, Tobi then reveals him to be his son, astounding Izuku to the point he faints. A few days later, a robot attacks that can seemingly adapt to any quirk thrown at it. All Might struggles against the robot until Tobi comes to save him. During the battle, All Might gets wounded and Tobi Calls out “Dad!” loud enough so others can hear him. When the robot is defeated. The public now knows Tobi and All Might are father and son, something they wanted to keep secret until he started attending UA.
  14. Red_Light_Zone

    Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Actually, Mine was him being reborn into the world of MHA. I’ll tell you about it in a minute. While I do believe it has it’s weight, it can’t apply to people like superman who has absurd control over their powers.
  15. Red_Light_Zone

    Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Yes! I thought I'd never meet another person who's read Irredeamable it's like my third favorite comic book series. I had an idea about a crossover between it and My Hero Acadamia for the longest time, but no onw has read the comic tonget a good idea.