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  1. Red_Light_Zone

    Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread
  2. Red_Light_Zone

    Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Nothing beyond the norm, but I believe that there's already a story like that on hentai foundry.
  3. Red_Light_Zone

    Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Which is why it never went anywhere.
  4. Red_Light_Zone

    Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    I actually had a Concept about shimoneta where, because he fails his entrance exams, someone else gets into the high school instead. This person being a closeted perv who knows how naive and ignorant other student’s are, and plans on abusing that to his advantage. But, like all my ideas, it never went anywhere.
  5. Red_Light_Zone

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    I actually like this idea a lot. Recently, I’ve been reading this story call The Spider by I’mjusttryingtofindmyway ( a story that involves a comic book fan from our world taking the roll of Peter Parker in a conglomerate universe that combined events from the movies, comics, and cartoons. Despite his struggles, he was able to not only solve most of Peter’s issues like finances and school by using his knowledge of the Marvel Mythos to his advantage, he became the face of the Avengers and the most popular hero through the use of social media. He was so popular, that when he blew up shield to stop Hydra during the events of Winter Soldier, he had legions of fans all trying to bust him out, and even General Ross, backed him up by letting him escape. My question is, how old is Spider-Man here? Is he in high school, college?
  6. Red_Light_Zone

    Naruto, Konoha High's Gigalo

    Okay, first of all, while you are right in some aspects, there is one thing that needs to be clear. This isn't a genderswap where everything is the same except it's rule 63 all over. No, society has changed because virtues and behaviors of the same people are completely different. For example if Harry Potter suddenly woke up and took the place of his alternate self, that scene in the GoF where the other schools are introduced to Hogwarts would play out very different. Ron (still a boy) would be very blushing and bashful around the French girls, likely too stunned to make a comment. While Hermonie (still a girl) would look at those hunky Hungarian hottie like nobodies business along with the rest of the girls. Rom would act more innocent to the idea of sex because he likely doesn't understand it (because he's still not that smart) and Hermonie would fully understand the concept of sex and likely wouldn't mind a good finger or two thinking about taking some certain foreigners to bed for a quickie. Does this make sense? Second, I get your challenge. Off the bat, it seems like a modern day setting with women more willing. And I like that! A guy using his charms as a service isn't something one typically sees in smut fiction now a days. I just wanted to use the idea of him becoming a gigolo because I already played around with him being a prostitute/slut in the new world. (Also because I didn't know there was a word for it till now, thanks for that.) Third, thanks for the input, I really appreciate it! You don't need to worry about any actual race play, the character is only supposed to be somewhere between tanned to "ambiguously brown" where he has dark skin but isn't strictly African American. For reference, think of Chad from Bleach, Katara/Korra from Avatar, and Brock from Pokemon. I'm still trying to make a solid personality for Daisuke Watanabe (his name may be changed). So far, he's a tough, silent, no nonsense type of guy who's internally an awkward nerd that tries to get by life without too much issue. When he gets teleported to Opposite Land, he isn't used to all of the attention and popularity he's getting all of a sudden. So? He tries to figure out the process and navigate through life living in this world. Soon, he figures out just how powerful he really is after realizing that he's been unintentionally becoming a gigolo for some of the richest members of this society? And becomes a much more carefree social butterfly while also gaining some sultry sugar mommas and side pussy to boot.
  7. Red_Light_Zone

    Naruto, Konoha High's Gigalo

    I’m posting here and on HentaiHaven The story basically follows the rules of this old doujin here: ( where a young man ends up in a world where the gender virtues and sexual behaviors are inversed. So a man who sleeps around would be labeled a slut, while a women would be a stud. Men are much more insecure and emotional while women act more dominant and abrasive. This even extends to their sexual stamina, as a healthy man can only go 2-3 times a day, while a woman can get ready as soon as they want. In this story, the man that’s sent into this parallel paradise is this large, buff, muscular, and (importantly) dark-skinned young man. Due to his swole body and foreign features, people assume that he’s a delinquent at best, and affiliated with the yakuza at worst. This is despite the fact that he’s a respectable citizen with clean record. Still, he has a decent life, living alone in an apartment with the barest essentials (more on that later) But all that all changes one day when he wakes up to find that the world is… strange. Billboards and ads featuring scantily clad, gorgeous men are everywhere in the city of Satu (The fake Japanese city this takes place in). Women let their tits hang out like it’s no big deal. Entertainment, especially of the explicit nature, are tailored more to females and most porn involve sexy men being taken advantage of by gangs of bitches. But it doesn’t stop there. Due to this new world, the young man finds himself going from someone who people actively avoided at all costs to this tall, dark, crust covered drink of water everyone wants to sip out of. It’s overwhelming how the shift in popularity occured, but he eventually figures things out and how this world works. At first, he uses this popularity solely for sex with sexy colleagues and strangers. Taking some liberties from your challenge, he starts receiving money and gifts from the women he slept with, unintentionally becoming a Gigolo. And a damn good one considering his size and stamina has only ever been seen in Doujins of unrealistic proportions in this new world. Now fully aware of the power and influence he has, he carefully uses it to pound his way to a better life, and gets more than he bargained for. I wasn’t sure if I should make him a student in high school/college, or an office worker in his early 20s. Let me know what you think. Also, for reference of what the protagonist should look like, here’s some pictures to get the general idea. Your thoughts?
  8. Red_Light_Zone

    Naruto, Konoha High's Gigalo

    Would you like to know about it?
  9. Red_Light_Zone

    Naruto, Konoha High's Gigalo

    I’m actually in the process of writing something like this, but it’s an original story.
  10. Red_Light_Zone

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Hey, what's you progress with Toon Town Tumble? I really want to see more of what happens!
  11. Red_Light_Zone

    Harem of Villians Challenge

    I like the idea of Directer Steve Roger's trying to lead Shield while also "recruiting" reformed villainesses. How's about this. Hela, Goddess of death and ruler of Helheim, decides that she wants an heir, and since most of the as guardians are out (and Thor is family), Captain America is the perfect mortal to birth a new aspect of death seeing as he flirts with it 24/7. That, and the fact that even after all this time he's still a virgin, makes his metaphorical cherry all the more succulent for the goddess. Meanwhile, the captain is now a director of shield and has been trying to direct things, which is hard because shield has a history of letting loose top secret info. Plus, the lack of real action has made him increasingly angsty, so he wishes just for something to happe. He's suddenly teleported into Hela's chambers, who demands the captain to drop his pants and do the virticle splash page with her. Steve disagrees, but Hela ain't having that, so she curses him with the sexual stamina and mindset of a mad berserker. Surprise, surprise, the stress from work, his massive virgin gonads, and his superhuman clock are all enhanced by the curse, making him a sexfiend even Hela can't compete with. After the captain is satisfied and the goddess is reduced to a cum dump, she sends the captain back to midguard like nothing happened. However, the energies from Helheim along with Hela's magic linger in the normally good natured hero. Now, on the rare occasions he finds himself faced off against a villainess, and when they flirt with him, the curse of Hela kicks in and he becomes the carnal seeking beast once more. What do you think?
  12. How many forced feminization ideas have you made? I lost count.
  13. Red_Light_Zone

    Sex Magic

    Can he learn how to use it from the heroes?
  14. Red_Light_Zone

    Sex Magic

    So basically, a guy with an infinite universe's worth of rule-free, reality shaping magic dormant inside of him is targeted by magical characters in comics. And the best/only way for them to use this unlimited power is for him to release it via sexual gratification. That seem about right? Because if so, I have some questions.
  15. Red_Light_Zone

    Yandere twin challenge

    You can also have Delphini be the main rival. The canonical daughter of Voldemort that is obsessed with Harry who she believes to be a genius after meeting with him at a young age.