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  1. How many forced feminization ideas have you made? I lost count.
  2. Red_Light_Zone

    Sex Magic

    Can he learn how to use it from the heroes?
  3. Red_Light_Zone

    Sex Magic

    So basically, a guy with an infinite universe's worth of rule-free, reality shaping magic dormant inside of him is targeted by magical characters in comics. And the best/only way for them to use this unlimited power is for him to release it via sexual gratification. That seem about right? Because if so, I have some questions.
  4. Red_Light_Zone

    Yandere twin challenge

    You can also have Delphini be the main rival. The canonical daughter of Voldemort that is obsessed with Harry who she believes to be a genius after meeting with him at a young age.
  5. Red_Light_Zone

    Dragon age: Acceptance Challenge

    Shouldn't this be in the videogame's section?
  6. Red_Light_Zone

    Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Here's an idea. Perversions in Opposite World. (Based on a manga) Basically, an American foreigner goes to japan as a vacation and, to commemorate his fun time, buys a pornographic comicbook. The book itself was strange in that the rolls were reversed. Perverted women were now molestors andcinnocent men could become slutty. Before he knew it, he was actually socked into the comic. Now, the protagonist is in a doujin world where the attitude towards sex and the virtues of men and women are reversed. He must navigate through this world as a slut, trying to live day to day while getting gangbanged by random, degenerate women.
  7. Red_Light_Zone

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    Well, if you want my personal opinion, I'd keep the lemon light and work on the man's current predicament. Seeing as how he's now a over exaggerated caricature of Masculine beauty made flesh, it'd be neat to the repercussions of that. Also, can you offer some advice to a man writing his own story?
  8. Red_Light_Zone

    Praetor's Discussion Thread

    How's Toon Town Tumble?
  9. Red_Light_Zone

    Yandere twin challenge

    Yeah, not that I dont like the set up, but fem Draco rarely works. Plus, their are other Slytherin girls up for the job. Pansy, Astoria, and Daphne all make good rivals.
  10. Red_Light_Zone

    Yandere twin challenge

    I like it, I'd change some things. First, I'd make Harry three years older than his sister. He'd be in his fourth year while she's in first. Second, Harry, while not too liked by his family, is actually a powerful mage specifically for using real world science and math to apply to magic. This leads him to secretly develop a brand new magic system similar to Mage the Ascension. This allows him to make up spells on the fly since magic works purely off of knowledge and will power. Third, no fem Draco, but I would make Cho and Hermonie potential rivals, as well as other girls considering how talented harry is at magic. Is this fine?
  11. Red_Light_Zone

    Matt the Hero (Batman Beyond Challenge)

    Nice, but you should probsbly explain Matts powers for the people. Or give an outline at least.
  12. Red_Light_Zone

    Danny's Lady Drama

    Is it okay to make this in to a dating contest? Danny applying after saving Don from ghosts as DP and making sure he's safe in his human form. Don, being the greatful man he is, instantly accepts his application into the next TD. Danny is shocked to find its a dating contest and hes the bachelor. But Don tells him it was all in the forms gicen to Danny durring their first meeting. The girls could be most or all the girls from Total Drama, including dom TDRR ones like Kitty.
  13. Red_Light_Zone

    Straight Shota Story Ideas

    Oh cool. For me, I had the idea of combining several stories into one revolving around the prince. The first chapter is the busty knight saving the prince from the witch and a female Orc Bodyguard who wants to use his pure, holy healing semen to gain eternal youth and immortality. The Knight stops them but it’s too late to stop them. When it’s revealed that the Witch only wanted the boy’s semen and now needs it to survive (A la Repunzle’s hair in Tangled) the prince allows her to stay and become the kingdom’s sorcerous while the knight and orc become his personal bodyguards. The next revolves around the prince’s jealous older sister plotting his destruction. She sends an assassin to kill him, but the assassin can’t after witnessing an orgy between him and the girls. The assassin joins in, but can’t tell them who sent her because even she doesn’t know it was the princess in disguise. The third involves a dragon sent by the evil princess via smashing her eggs. The dragon is subdued by the Prince’s harem and the prince seduces the dragon and breeds her, making her a mother once again. Finally, the princess is caught in another scheme redhanded. She is then fucked by the prince and humiliated by the harem until she breaks. In the end, the prince has to do a right of passage by fucking his ultra-bust mother as a sign of manhood.
  14. Red_Light_Zone

    Straight Shota Story Ideas

    You can always make a new challenge here!
  15. Red_Light_Zone

    Snake_King's Story Discussion Thread

    Is it a novel or a Manga?