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  1. Mother Superior Teresa, one of the greatest Slayers of the Undead produced by the Holy Order of Lileath, was pinned down and forced to receive the carnal attentions of Creatures of Lust and Corruption while her bound and defeated Sisters and Students watched. It was on that day, as the Mature Woman of the Church had her long-guarded virginity taken, that Mother Superior Teresa experienced her first orgasm. And soon there was next to nothing the once-pure woman wouldn’t do to experience such pleasure again, and again, and again. Premise; In a Fantasy Setting, Demons of Lust attack a Monastery that trained Cleric/Warrior Nuns. The Mother Superior, Teresa, was a famously successful and powerful Cleric before she retired from Adventuring to see to the training of the Next Generation. As it turns out she proves insanely vulnerable to the Lust Pantheon of Demons, having mostly only fought Undead. As a Mature Woman suddenly made aware of sex Teresa laments wasting decades as a virgin, leading her to retrieve a relic she took from a Vampire Count that can take her into the past (you could have it that she let her Sisters think she was going back to stop the attack). Now in the past, before she ever entered the Monastery, “Terri” plans to make sure her younger self never does, by making her extremely aware of how awesome sex is. By fucking her entire home village and making them do the same to Young Teresa. Note; The Age Requirement(s) for a Abbess is she must be at thirty-sixty and have eight-ten years of time as a Nun. Teresa was a virgin when she entered the Monastery, mid-teens to early twenties, and while Young Teresa has a big booty, the insane curves of Future Teresa came from constant exposure to the Healing and Fertility Prayers she used as a Cleric. So Future Teresa would be a hyper-curvy Cougar-GILF while Young Teresa is an athletic PAWG. What I’d like to see; Masturbation (Public and Private) Corruption Public Sex, Public Humiliation Loss of Chastity, Dignity, and a lot of Sexual Degradation Incest and Selfcest (up to you if Teresa has siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc, but definitely mother-daughter, father-daughter, and Terri-Teresa Demon Sex, Tentacle Sex, Monster Sex Bestiality (magical talking beasts and dumb animals) Gangbangs and Blowbangs Gloryholes Anal Sex and Rimjobs Pregnancy
  2. When Supercop Dynamite Johnson put Hector Troy away, the defeated Crimelord vowed he would get his revenge. Ten years into his sentence, Johnson’s baby sister, Ivy, became the Warden of Hector’s prison and tried to tease him, only for Hector to turn the tables on her and turn her into his bitch. Completing his twenty year sentence, he's unable to have his faceoff with Dynamite Johnson as the Supercop is in a coma. But… Dynamite Johnson has a wife and three daughters. There’s Johnson’s wife, Alotta, who runs a Police Academy where Dynamite Johnson’s youngest daughter, Lily, is the star student. The middle daughter, Daisy, is now the Chief of Police and the eldest, Pansy, became a Doctor so she can be close to her Daddy. Hector Troy wants his revenge and he’s going to get it. He's going to ruin Dynamite Johnson's women, and make sure that whenever the Supercop wakes up, he will know true despair. PREMISE A Criminal gets out of prison after a twenty year sentence and takes his revenge on the family of the man who put him away while the man in question is in a coma. HECTOR TROY a former Crimelord, now he's a man in his sixties. He’s in great shape for a man half his age, bald, but covered in silver-grey body hair, with an above-average size dick. (If you want to give him a monster cock, I’d love that. But if you’re writing realistic sizes, he should be a little longer than Dynamite Johnson, but much thicker) THE JOHNSONS Dynamite 70s, currently in a coma. Ivy late 40s, Dynamite's sister. The Warden of a Prison, she ended up becoming Hector’s whore and she turned her prison into a paradise for criminals. Alotta 50s, Dynamite's wife. A horny MILF who used to be Hector's best whore. She’s trying to keep her horny cunt from making her decisions, but it’s getting harder not to give in to her desires. Pansy early 40s, Dynamite’s daughter. Instead of joining the Police, she became a Doctor after her father went into a coma. Unknown to others, she’s a massive Daddy’s girl and has been sucking his dick while he’s in a coma. Daisy late 30s, Dynamite’s second daughter. She’s become the youngest person to become Chief of Police. She’s having an affair with her dad's old partner, a married man. Lily mid 20s, the youngest daughter of Dynamite Johnson. She wants to be a great Cop like her Dad, but she’s very gullible. I wanna see Blackmail, Corruption, Gangbangs, Anal, Impregnation, and an Epilogue where Dynamite wakes up to see his family turned into degenerate whores.
  3. What about a foursome where the father’s pound the other man’s daughter while the lesbian couple kiss?
  4. BEFORE THE MILLENNIUM PUZZLE IS SOLVED AND THE PHAOROH IS AWOKEN.. Solomon Muto is getting on in years and when given sole custody of his Grandson Yugi Muto, his memory goes a little funny and he starts treating her as his daughter Yumi instead. He forces Yugi to wear girls clothes, eat salad, and diet and exercise so lose weight and move her mass to more feminine locations. Solomon has Yugi attend school as a girl and conditions him into liking boys and slowly breaks him. He is forced to read books aimed at girls and forbidden from playing with his puzzles unless he does something suitably girly for Solomon. Solomon teaches him to call him Daddy instead of Grandpa, and reply only to the new girly name of Yumi. By the end of the story/time the Millennium Puzzle is solved, Yugi is the girly girl Yumi and has become one of the School Idols, instead of being bullied by Joey and Tristan, the two are trying to get her to date one of them as she is going to be a wonderful housewife one day. She helps Daddy Solomon around the house and cosplays as Duel Monstergirls at the game shop. Yugi must resist in the beginning before he is slowly broken and made into a submissive girl. By the time Solomon is kidnapped by Seto Kaiba for his Blue Eyes White Dragon, he has no trace of his former self left in him and is planning his wedding day. Must be drawn out and contain Solomon brainwashing him into his new role. You can add other feminine things Yugi is forced to do. Perhaps Tea started an illicit affair with Solomon and decides to be a good “Mommy” by training Yugi in how to be act sexual as Yumi. Teach him how to flirt and the role of girls in a relationship. Make Yugi feel like he’s weak and dainty, maybe using the fact Yugi had a crush on her and her relationship with Solomon to prove to Yugi that he could never be man enough for her. Can include BDSM type Punishment for non feminine behaviour and brainwashing. BONUS: And that is all before Seto Kaiba kidnaps Solomon Muto for his Blue Eyes White Dragon. Before Atem/Yami even enters Yugi/Yumi’s life. Now, with Yumi being so obviously a girly girl, Yami can’t really swap with Yumi like he did with the canonical Yugi. Maybe you want to do a “Doctor Jekyll and Sister Hyde” deal and Yami would just have to pretend to be Yumi’s cousin that keeps arriving to fight bad guys the second Yumi leaves to get him. Or, he sees how submissive she is, and just stands over her shoulder telling her what to do. While he doesn't remember his past, Yami could be thrilled to have submissive slavegirl who will do his bidding while he looks for answers, chaining her up and teasing her in their shared mindscape. He could either tease and humiliate her about her clitdick in the mindscape, or let her have a really pussy there so she can know what it feels like. Duellist Kingdom would play similar but different. Tea tormenting and degrading Yumi due to her missing Solomon’s dick, Joey taking on Duellists to prove himself to Yumi while Tristan shows off his Survival Skills.
  5. Sounds like the more he tears them apart, the less likely he would be to betray them to Voldemort. Maybe he becomes Harry’s Godfather after turning James against Sirius enough? With James pulling away from their friendship, maybe Sirius would throw himself into more fights to prove himself, eventually dying in some duel or another? Perhaps James still dies, but Lily survives? And maybe femHarry ends up dosed up on Love Potions so Peter can get a Mother-Daughter-Threesome?
  6. Professor Digory Kirke was the titular Magician’s Nephew and later owner of a Magic Wardrobe that acted as a doorway to Narnia. Having lived the life of a scholar and a bachelor, he had urges every now and again. Making use of a local whore whose exotic dark skin incited the lust of all the men who lived nearby, he thought nothing of letting her wander about his home after he’d finished with her. How was he to know she would be drawn to the wardrobe he’d made from a magic tree? The Whore finds herself in Narnia, a land of always winter. Talking animals find her and are almost dismissive of her. All alone and too old to be called a Daughter of Eve, she’s close to death when a sled stops near her and swoops her away to a castle. Queen Jadis, the White Queen, lets her hands glide over skin of the dark woman she found wandering lost in her lands. She can tell what kind of woman she is and is thrilled to have someone new to play with. I’m looking for a dark lesbian story set in Narnia. Part of me would like it if Jadis eventually softened towards the Whore, but feel free to go the cruel domina route if you prefer.
  7. Debuting in MK11, Kronika is the Titan of Time. She’s a bald bitch with time powers out to reset everything because NRS decided to reboot the timeline of the setting only a few years after they reset the timeline. Most of us have seen Time Travel and Time Stop Smut Stories. I would like to see someone write a story where instead of that dumb shit, Kronika is just this overpowered slut using her broken powers to get fucked every which way. Pornographic highlights across the NRS Timeline with Kronika joining in or arranging the events to happen (Jacqui and Cassie being so close in age because Kronika got the Cages and Briggs drunk and had a MMFFF fivesome) Sex Scenes with as many MK Kharacters as possible. Pounded by Torr while Ferra sits on her face, sucking Motaro’s dick, deflowering Shang Tsung before he became an evil soul-sucking wizard, etc. Have fun with the use of Time, it’s not like NRS kept her Time Powers consistent. Maybe as a finale, Kronika getting tagteamed by Liu Kang and Raiden. She feared the two of them uniting, because together they were the only ones who could break her?
  8. In the year 3000, the collapse of the US economy and the subsequent increase in crime rates leads to the rise of privatized prisons. One such prison is New Alcatraz Women’s Penitentiary, whose warden, Kandi Suxxx, earns profits from broadcasting "Death Race", a vehicular combat racing series, on the internet. Throughout the season, the female inmates of New Alcatraz battle each other in specially modified cars on a track cut into the grounds, with the goal of winning their freedom. Five Wins, you go free. Each Race is a three-day event, with sideshows of racers battling each other in their cars in vehicular gladiatorial combat. While there are more violent shows, Kandi’s show gets the big bucks because the racers drive their cars almost completely naked and are molested by their Navigators, the male Prison Officers. The racers who survive a race but fail to win get fucked by their Navigator, even more of a motivation for the racers to win. Racers are also expected to put on “cam shows” between races to get enough votes from the audience to enter the next race, and they can “sell dates” for upgrades for their vehicles. And since it’s the Year 3000… just like in the Busted song… some women have thee boobs. Alright, that’s your world. Plenty of room for lesbian prison sex, prison guards abusing the female inmates, women of questionable morals whoring themselves out to get a chance to win their freedom. There can be blood, violence, blackmail, etc. It’s up to you if your main girl is a hardened criminal or a poor victim of corruption, sent to the prison because of her skills behind the wheel.
  9. Ariel Winter is an American actress and singer best known for playing the role of Alex Dunphy in the series Modern Family… and having a massive rack. Sadly, She underwent a breast reduction from 32F to 34D in 2015. She didn’t want to be disproportionate, so she kept a D cup because she didn’t want "to have a big butt and no boobs." The Challenge is thus; deciding that Ariel’s image as a bitch with big tits is too important, her Agent pays off the Plastic Surgeon. Instead of a reduction, Ariel is given breast enlargement surgery and a trip to a Hypnotherapist to make her believe she wanted bigger melons. It’s up to you if Hypnotism works in your story. If it doesn’t, then Ariel should find herself unable to convince people she wanted a reduction and her attempts to sue the Surgery should fail. If the Hypnotism works, it’d be hot to read about her Agent sending her for more appointments, editing her thoughts and feelings to suit their whims. Have fun
  10. An AU of the Aquaman 2018 Film Instead of Aquaman, Arthur Curry, it’s Aquawoman, Vivian Curry (You can pick a different name, I’m just using Vivian here as a placeholder and it’s the name of the Lady of the Lake). While King Orvax ignored Arthur, in this universe, he sent agents to the surface with the task of training Vivian to be a concubine for Orm. Somehow the agents and Vulko never run into one another and Vivian never brings it up until Vulko finally reveals that Vivian’s mother was sentenced to exile/death. In her sadness, she reveals all to the agents, who manage to turn it all around on Vivian and make her feel like it’s all her fault and get her to be even more submissive, even more eager to make up for everything. Orvax even gets a chance to sample his son’s future concubine, but dies before revealing these details to his son. Vivian has still become a superheroine, acting as Aquawoman to stop humanity despoiling the sea and fighting extra-terrestrial invasions. She is still touching herself to memories of the victory orgy at the end of Justice League when the events of the Aquaman movie kick off. From here, she could be her own hero, finding the Trident of Atlan and partnering with the Leviathan Karathen so she can be Queen of Atlantis and stop her brother’s warmongering. Made difficult by recordings of her training as a concubine convincing the denizens of the sea that she’s a braindead slut. or the training could have paid off and instead of dulling her brother, she happily sucks his dick and helps Orm turn out Mera. or maybe you have something else in mind, have fun.
  11. Anyone remember Shadow Raiders: War Planets? Nineties CGI series about various races who’d fought each other since forever overcoming their racial prejudices to survive against a Devourer of Worlds? Yes? No? The whole series is up on YouTube, so I’ll wait here… … Okay, so here’s the story idea; Femur, through extortion, blackmail, etc, fucks the women of Shadow Raiders. Lamprey – In later episodes, the heroes create personal forcefields so they can physically battle the servants of the Beast Planet, I see no problem with Lamprey having some method to stop her touch killing organic life. So during her scheme to get Femur to let her put up Beast Drone Platforms on Planet Bone, she could offer more… intimate benefits. “Princess Pyra”- I think it would be fun to replace Pyrus with a girl and see Femur corrupt the naïve Princess. Maybe it’s how eager to please she is that finally turns Femur against the Beast Generals? Princess Tekla- The first time Femur interacts with Tekla, she’s being possessed by Lamprey. Maybe Lamprey uses what she knows of the Emperor of Bone to get her to side with “Tekla”, only for it to tip the short, green, bastard off? And by the time Tekla regains control of her body, the Emperor has enough incriminating videos and photos to make the techno-organic Princess do his bidding. Jade- When she’s accused of murder, the Emperor of Bone offers her asylum while Graveheart and the others investigate. It’s not out of generosity, it’s so he can force her to ride his dick. She can’t do anything to stop him since if she does she gets taken to Planet Fire’s execution chamber. Lady Zera- aged up, still a brat, and just as naïve as Pyra, it’s her and Femur that end up on Planet Remora trying to evade the Beast General Blokk. And Femur is quick to remind her she owes him her life and word is that “Ice Fleas like her give the best head”. That’s some ideas to start. Being a Mainframe show from the nineties, the cast is not massive and grew over time, so OCs would be fun to see. Maybe the Last Plant of Planet Jungle that bonds with Femur becomes his partner in claiming women? Using it’s vines to bind the women while Femur pounds their holes? All this would lead to either it all blowing up in Femur’s face as the men discover who it is that’s seduced their women and cucked them, or maybe it works out swimmingly and Emperor Femur becomes leader of the Cluster with a harem of beautiful sluts.
  12. Not much comes up about Minas Itil/Morgul in the LotR books outside of it being a location that some of the Fellowship pass on their Quest. Before it fell, Minas Ithil housed a Palantír, which they called “the Ithil-stone”, and the first White Tree of Gondor. If you’ve played the Shadow of Mordor games, then you’ll remember defending the place as Talion, only for the General of the City, Castamir, to betray his people in the hopes of the Armies of Mordor to let his daughter leave unmolested. Let’s see something more… lewd. Rather than a retread of Denethor, corrupted by the Palantir, I’d like to see the daughter be corrupted and perverted by the whispers of the Witch King through the Palantir. For her to establish a secret cult among the aristocracy that smuggles in servants of Sauron in and out of Minas Ithil for their decadent and perverted parties. As the worship of Sauron and Melkor grows, the Darkness leads to newer cruelties, more degrading acts. I leave it up to the Writer whether the Fall of Minas Ithil comes from the Daughter betraying her Father when the Armies of the Witch King arrive, or if she inherits her Father’s position and just opens the doors for her Lord and Master. Check the Shadow of Mordor wiki for some variety, but don’t feel like you have to write the story with Castamir, Idril, or Baranor. Make your own Gondorians if you want. Things I want to see; Women fucking Orcs, Goblins, Uruks, and Trolls. Women fucking Ghuls, Wargs, Caragors, and Graugs. Rough Lesbian fucking. Cult-worship Cock-worship Interspecies Impregnation Incest. Things I’d like to see; The Daughter using the Palantir to get fucked by the Wraith of Sauron. The Daughter celebrating the Witch King’s conquest of Minas Ithil by getting gangbanged by all of The Nine. Bonus points if you include their horses and fell beasts. The Daughter keeping her Father alive so he can see everything Fall. Bonus points if one of the scenes is her playing with his dick with her foot. Sauron granting her an extended life so she’s still around at the time of the Fellowship. By this point, she’s The Whore of Minas Morgul, the most debauched woman in all of Middle-Earth. The Daughter trying to seduce those who gaze into other Palantir. Saruman, Denethor, even Pippin. Aragorn uses Denethor’s Palantir to goad Sauron to send his forces out in the books, so he’s fair game too. Surviving the Fall of Sauron. After the war, Aragorn (as King Elessar) counseled Faramir to make his abode in Emyn Arnen southeast of Minas Tirith, in Ithilien, and decreed that Minas Ithil in the Morgul Vale, despoiled by its years as Minas Morgul, be forbidden to enter until some way to purify it be made available. For 'although it might in time come to be made clean, no man might dwell there for many long years'. In truth, on arriving in that place, King Elessar and his Men were too enthralled by the nasty whore that spreads her legs for man and beast alike to ever seek to bring about her end. The Daughter, and her daughters, and their daughters, all enjoy the company of so-called pure and devout men. They sneak away from their wives and seek fulfilment with her. Have Fun!
  13. When Peter realises that his new Black Costume is alive, he swings off to tear it off. But in this universe, the Symbiote takes something more with it. “Peter looks down to see a body he doesn’t recognise; a curvy brunette stood in a church wearing nothing but his boxers. He… she… was now a woman?!” The Symbiote still bonds with Eddie Brock, still gives the Photographer the true identity of Spider-Man, still gives him Spider-Man’s powers, still makes Spider-Man unable to detect Eddie/Venom with his Spider-Sense, but now his presence causes a spike of arousal in the Genderbent Wallcrawler. And should the new Villain make physical contact with the new Spider-Woman, he can make alterations. Blonde, blue eyes, bigger butt, bigger bust, shorter, taller, etc. Can Peter stop this new villain and restore his manhood? Or will she become Eddie’s new girlfriend?
  14. That. Sounds. Fucking. Amazing! Maybe in the past, Hiruzen thought Tsunade couldn’t suck a dick to save her life. And while she doesn’t remember that night, some part of her does and so she became “The Legendary Sucker” for Hiruzen. Could also be fun if “Orochihime” used her undead resurrection jutsu to revive the 1st and 2nd Hokages as twin sisters for Hiruzen to play with.
  15. Very hot. Hiruzen’s harem grows and people get a very slutty NaruHina.